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Naruto 512 Raw Spoilers and Predcitions

Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tail are up!!

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Naruto 512 (English)

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by: Ohana - 2 Ch

Chapter Summary

512 the truth of zetsu!

Bee chases after the scroll shark but to no avail.
Gai is lying down. That makes naruto worry. There are beaten sharks all over the ground.
naruto touches Gai and Gai is agonized.
'The aftereffect of 8 gates is hurting him' says Yamato.
Naruto at once takes his hand off of Gai and Gai is in pain. 'Gently does it! gently!!' says Yamato.
'The Water prison jutsu hindered me from corresponding quite a bit.' Says Bees friend(Motoi?). He writes a letter and calls up a bird.
The bird flies with the letter.
'We must move naruto and bee!' Says the crow user from konoha (Aoba?)
Bee comes back. 'off luck~, fucka~♪ '
'We'll keep Naruto and bee in this island. the island is not on the map. Its none other than a moving fortress.'

Gai's kuchiyose turtle is talking with a huge turtle.
'Its a giant turtle kumogakure has kept from ancient times. (the island bee n naruto stay is the back on the turtle.)
'And naruto was told that this (mission) is a research on the ecosystem of this island. Moving from the island would cast doubts about that.' says Bees friend.

'I'll go to 9b and 8bs. Its an opportunity to win your confidence in me. The first hokage is also a target for my experiments. if no, zetsu's body will do.' Says Kabuchi.
'You seem to have investigated many things.' Says madara.
'Kisames info tells that the strength of the Allied Forces is eighty thousand, While our main force is this Zetsu, isnt it?
The materials I gathered for my study and my knowledge can strengthen Zetsu further. If you take me to there.'
'When u fetch me 9b ill give you a zetsu body. Follow me.' says Madara.
He opens the door and there is Gedo Mazo...passing it they go down the stairs.
Kabuchi: this is...
Madara: it is. This is alive.
From the wall Hashirama 'slimily' appears.
Madara: this is the first hokage, Hashirama Senju. That said, this is merely a body cultured from the cells i snatched from the guy. It doesnt have the mind.

At the headquarters of the Allies. There are lots of shinobis.
Tuchikage : who'd have thought our info would be leaked at this point.
Tunade: whats about the island? Its movability isnt in itself a guarantee of safety.
Raikage: its hidden in clouds. At any rate the enemy cant find it.
Gaara: however, Kisame must have located the coordinates on the map. Even when it moves, Theyd search every nook and cranny for it.
Kifune(the head of iron samurais):We shall send reinforcements. just a few as theres no point in moving a big party to be obvious to the enemy.

The water is dripping. a cave?
Kabuchi: this is magnificent.
Madara: there are also demerits. To create this much, I had to use some chakra inside of Mazo id rather retain as intact as possible. A setback of 10b resurrection means a delay to my plan.
Kabuchi: About how many are these?
Madara: approx a 100 thousand they are. (all white Zetsus packed bolt upright.)

Tsuchikage: (regarding the reinforcement) im going!!
Gaara stops him.
'My lower back is blah blah blah' Tsuchikage goes yea and nay.
'You can travel fast on Sand.' Says Gaara.

Kabuchi: anyhoo, you can chill out.
Kabuchi gets on a Daydara's bird alongside Daydara.

On the eve of the Great War. Power thirsty Kabuto is closing in.
End of the chap.

(Kabuto seems to head narutos with Daidara. Daydara hasnt said a word yet tho.)
512 The truth behind Zetsu!

Bee had chased after the shark carrying the scroll, but had failed to catch up with it.
Guy has collapsed. Naruto is worried, and there are dead sharks all around.
Guy faints in agony when Naruto touches him.
Yamato: It's the pain of the after-effects of using the eight gates.
Naruto quickly lets go, hurting Guy further.
Yamato: Carefully! Carefully!!
The information had gotten wet within the Mizurou no Jutsu (water prison), so making contact had to be delayed. Bee's friend writes the letter and sends out the bird, which flies off holding the letter.
Aoba: We have to move Naruto and Bee somewhere else!
Bee returns: It didn't work~ that rascal~♪
Naruto and Bee are to stay on this island, because it is not on any maps
This island is a moving fortress.

The turtle that Guy kuchiyose-d is talking to a huge turtle
It is a giant turtle that was being kept by Kumogakure since a very long time ago (the island Naruto and Bee are on is on the turtle's back)

Bee's friend: Furthermore, we've told Naruto about a survey on the ecology on this island. He would suspect something if we were to move him from the island.

Kabutomaru: I will be the one to go to where the Kyuubi and Hachibi are. This is a good chance for you to come to trust me. Shodai Hokage is also one of the targets for my experiments. If that's no good, then Zetsu's body is fine too.
Madara: It seems you've been doing your homework.
Kabutomaru: According to Kisame's intel, the allied forces amount to 80,000 ninjas. But the vital part of our troops is this Zetsu, correct? With the research materials and knowledge that I've gathered, I can certainly make Zetsu even stronger. If you bring me there, that is.
Madara: If you come back with the Kyuubi, I'll give you one Zetsu. Follow me.
When he opens the door, Gedou Mazou is... Coming down the stairs in front of them.
Kabutomaru: This is
Madara: Thats right, this thing is alive.
Hashirama is coming out of the wall with a nume~ (TN: this is an SFX. can't think of an equivalent)
Madara: This is Shodai Hokage Senju Hashirama. Of course, it's nothing more than the cultivation of living cells I'd stolen from him. It doesn't have a consciousness.

Allied troops headquarters. There are a ton of shinobi present.
Tsuchikage: To think that the fact that we had come here had been leaked...
Tsunade: What are we going to do about the island? Even though it's an island that can move locations, I can't relax about it
Raikage: It can't be seen in the clouds. The enemy won't be able to find it in the first place
Gaara: But Kisame must have indicated the location of the island on a map. Even if it moves, they will look everywhere to find it

Kifune: We should send reinforcements. Just a few, as there would be no meaning to it should the enemy discover them because they move in a large group.

Water is dripping... A cave?
Kabutomaru: This is amazing
Madara: But there is also a risk. In order to create something like this, I had to use the chakra from within Mazou, and I want to preserve that as much as possible. The further away the revival of the Juubi is, that just means I need to delay my plan further.
Kabutomaru: How many are there here?
Madara: Roughly 100,000. (They are all white Zetsus, all standing upright)

Tsuchikage: I will go (as reinforcements)!!
Gaara stops him
Tsuchikage cannot do anything since his back is always hurting
Gaara says that it'll be faster if he travels via his sand.

Kabutomaru: Well, you all just take your time
He boards one of Deidara's birds, Deidara is beside him.

Right before the big battle. Kabuto draws near seeking power!!
The end.
It appears they are heading to where Bee and Naruto are. Deidara hasn't spoken yet.

This week's chapter seems interesting.
I just saw some pages but, there are a LOT of zetsu's ( At least 100k ).

It seems Hashirama is alive !!! O_o

Kabuchimaru says he will go himself capture the Kyuubi.

Masashi Kishimoto, creator of NARUTO
gave us this manga this week:

Karakuri One Shot (Chapter 1)

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by: SilverbladeVI

Naruto 512: The War Begins

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Naruto 513: War

Madara: What does it say?

Zetsu: Well. It says that the two hosts are on an island in the lightning country. Elite ninja are guarding the area. It also says that Naruto has gained control of the nine tailed fox.
Madara: This is going to be fun.

-Madara clenches his fan and raises it upwards.
Madara: I haven't felt alive in a long time. Time to loosen up. But first plan of action.
Madara: Zetsu you keep on the look out. Kabuto you attack the hidden rock. As for me. I'll speak to Sasuke.

Madara warps to Sasuke's location.
Sasuke is about to set out to Konoha.

Madara: How are you feeling Sasuke?
Sasuke: Good. Konoha shall have a taste of my pain.

Sasuke turns his head towards Madara and reveals his eternal mangekyou sharingan.
Madara: Take care of those tools outside the base. They been watching us for days.
Sasuke: Don't give me orders.
Madara: ...Child.
Madara vanishes

- Scene switches to Outside the base -
Kakashi: Okay. Prepare to make a move.
Shino: !!! Someone is coming from out the base.

Sasuke emerges from the base.
Sauske looks around and spots several of ninja.
Kakashi: This is going to get dangerous.

Sauske: Kakashi and my ex-comrades... You all will be crushed.
Kakashi: NOW!!!

A slew of exploding tags and a stream of suiton, fuuton and katon bombards Sauske into a huge explosion. However, Sauske uses a full Susanoo.

Sasuke: Losers.
Kakashi: !!!!

- Scene switches to the Island -
Naruto and Bee are exhausted from training.
Madara appears

Madara: Both of you are coming with me.
Killerbee: Yo. Nine-o. Lets get this weirdo.
Naruto: !! Madara.
Killerbee and Naruto strikes their battle pose.
Madara's EMS and Rinnen'gan is shown.

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Naruto 513: War
by: Jericho

Continuation of Naruto Prediction 511

Naruto 512: Return

We see Sasuke's back in the foreground, Madara is standing in front of the Shrine Konan used to trick him. He is still without an arm.

Sasuke shouts: "You are as much responsible as the Konoha elders! they were your clan not people you destroy because their ancestors didn't agree with you!"
A full picture of Sasuke has him in a modified version of the outfit he wore After training with Kakashi. Close up of his face is in several different panels. They all show his EMS!

Madara: "No, it can't be, how?"

We see that in 1st panel both eyes look like Itachi's MS, 2nd panel both eyes are like Kakashi's MS, 3rd Panel is like Old school Madara's MS, 4th Panel is Sasuke's MS and finally the last panel is like his brother's(Madara's) MS. They are constantly changing as Sasuke is standing there.

Sasuke: "How? How did i surpass you?" he does that evil laugh "You are nothing. Itachi was right, a shell of your former self."

Madara: "This is not what you want to do, I am Madara Uchiha! I am your beginning, I can be your end."
He suddenly teleports, warping faster than we have seen before.

Sasuke smiles with Madara brother MS showing. Madara is shown coming out of the hole.

a close up of Madaras partially shown face. His eyes are big as if shocked.

We see Sasuke's hand around Madara's neck he caught him soon as he came out!

Madara thinking: {dammit, i was trying to strike to soon, but how did he know?"
" Sasuke, release me. I don't want to kill you. I want to help you get true vengeance.'

Sasuke looks him directly in his eyes with Madara's MS. :"Want to kill me? You can't kill me!"
He throws Madara down as he lands he goes thru a warp hole. he comes out near the water he and Konan fought.

Madara;{This isn't good, i haven't been able to get back to heal and my chakra is too low to jump all the way back to base right now. He tried to put me in a Genjutsu, but i know more of the Sharinghan than he.}

A warp hole opens a few feet from him. it is Sasuke!

Madara:{Dammit i was afraid of this, those designs means he has the UNIQUE Ms jutsu that comes with each, but how?}

Sasuke: " This isn't going to be as much fun with you having just one arm. Zetsu!"

Sasuke turns his head left at the shore
"Come give your master part of your body so he will have no excuse to why he fell before me!"

Zetsu comes out of the ground: "How did he know?"
He goes over to Madara and Zetsu is blocking the view of Madara's Body but as he moves away we see a new arm.

Madara: "Now boy i will teach you who is the strongest Uchiha!"

He makes signs while he is jumping to the left As he does many kunai fly from his direction towards Sasuke.
Sasuke smiles and we see Itachi's MS:"nice try!"
Black flames ignite the kunai all turning to ash before they reach him.

Madara lands and crouches on the ground hit puts his palm on the ground: "Legendary Warrior, body, sword and armor summoning jutsu!"

Sasuke looking a little confused:
We see Madara looking and Dressed the exact way he did on fighting the 1st and carrying the sword as well.

Madara with his face and hair that he had in the flash backs.

Sasuke: "What is this, this means nothing you change your appearance and cloths. I am NOT intimidated."

Madara(his speech bubble is different indicating a unique change in his voice)
"I am Madara Uchiha, You boy have the gall to raise those eyes at me!"

Sasuke gets in a stance but says nothing.

Madara with EMS:" You have forced my subordinate to summon me, Now he is in the void he travels thru. Sasuke, You will not live past this day!"

Madara runs strait towards Sasuke with his sword out;
Sasuke :" You Fool!" He has Itachi eyes. Black flames spark in front of madara as if he is protected.
Sasuke: "what?!" is eyes change to Madara's BRo. He begins to got thru warp hole soon as Madara reaches him.

Madara reaching into the warp hole: "No child, there is no escape."
He slams sasuke down. He raises his sword to run him thru.

Sasuke eyes change to his own ms. The aura of the mystic warrior begins to appear.

Madara looks at him his EMS starts to spin within his eyes.The aura dissipates.

"I told you boy you will not live past this day!
Just as the sword goes down, we see Sasuke with fear on his face then Blood splatters across his closed eyes.

Madara is has a huge python wrapped around him. The blood splatter was Madara stabbing the snake that has part of it's body draped over Sasuke.

Madara: " You had to summon to a snake to protect you boy?

Kabuto: "No, that would be my summon."

Madara:"I see then you to will die for your interference!"

Kabuto: "We had a deal remember, if you kill him or me who will help you?Zetsu?"

Zetsu is watching from afar. Dark:"Smart ass." white:"shhh"

Madara slicing the snake off his body: "I made No such deal with you. I do not need you to get whats rightfully mine! I tire of doing this HIS way i am here to claim My village and the last two bijuu!"

Sasuke warps thru the ground and comes up a few feet away from Kabuto.

Madara: "you can not run child i will kill you for your disrespect and you for your interference!" Pointing at Kabuto

Kabuto looking past him but talking to him(Madara): "you might want to hold off on killing us. At least til they leave.
Madara turns his head to see Naruto, KB, Yamato, Guy and Leaf ninja in the distance coming towards them on the Toads and Turtle summons.

Madara with his ems it stops spinning, he is grinning:"oh this is good, very good. the last 2 bijuu reside in those two. i shall enjoy this!"

Naruto on the turtle rushing towards their location with company right behind him. "Looks like we got a fight on our hands, that snake Kabuto is there and ..." he stops talking.

Yamato:"Naruto if this is.."

Naruto interrupts: "NO i vowed to make peace i must be prepared to fight ANYONE that stands in the way of it!"

we see a forest. Kakashi, Neji, Shikamaru, and Pikkun(the little dog summons) are jumping thru the trees with Pikkun leading the way.

Kakashi:"don't look so down Shikamaru,lady Tsunade picked all of us to go to the united village meeting to discuss some plan ahead strategy. You and Neji are now ranked among the best of Konoha."

Shikamaru:" That's fine and all but i was really planning on relaxing before the fighting actually started. What a drag."

Neji with Bykugan active: "careful there is strong chakra emitting from a few meters ahead. Seems to be one person"

Pikkun;"yeah I'm starting to smell them...wait, my nose must be playing tricks on me."

Kkashi 'what is it old friend?"

Pikkun stops they all stop behind him.

Pikkun:"I haven't smelled that since we were pups Kakashi!"

Kakashi: "what? what i sit.?"

A voice from off screen:"It is me, I am sorry to break my word."

Kakashi eye is big with Surprise.

It is and adult woman with a Leaf protector on her head dressed like sakura but her outfit is black with blue accents.

She continues:" but i must tell you, the TRUTH about Madara!"

Kakashi: "RIN?!"

Next: Will Madara really take the Bijuus and kill Kabuto an d Sasuke? Why is Rin alive?!

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