Saturday, 23 January 2010

Featured Reader: PHANTOM

Featured Contributor of the Week: PHANTOM

Real name: Phantom (Obviously I am kidding) Josh
Age: Not saying :P
Bournemouth, Dorset, UK

Will pretty much talk to anyone about anything (within reason lol!!), have an interest in Bleach (the manga/Anime I must stress), Law & order (TV Series), international affairs and Movies in general.

(In Character)

Tell me more about yourself:
The name is Phantom, just Phantom. I have no real ambitions, dreams or aspirations, these are mine to know.

What are your strengths as a Ninja?
Well, I can walk through walls and no I am not related to Uchiha, Madara for the last time, hate that guy's guts, assuming he still has any. Affinity to Wind and water similar to Naruto but to a higher degree.

Favourite Character
Apart from Anko, which goes without saying, it would be a toss up between Naruto and Kekashi for second place

What is your opinion on Danzo?
Danzo, should quite honestly give up and let the new generation take over, the old decrepit fool, is only going to get himself get his butt whooped by Itachi et al.

Have any opinion on those who say Hinata is useless?
Yes, they are idiots to say the least.

Itachi Evil or not?
I would say not at this stage, but with Itachi who knows.

What is your Rank?
Bit rude, oh you mean my Ninja rank, well, don't like to bragg, Jounin of a small village, far, far, away from Konoha.

Any predictions on what is on the horizon for Naruto and the rest of the Ninja world?
1) Naruto finding out who his mother was.
2) Naruto surpassing Sage mode
3) Sasuke losing his sight
4) Naruto and Sasuke reconcile after the former manages to find Itachi's eyes and help Sasuke gain his sight back and new abilities
5) Naruto stops being a dunce and actually notices Hinata ( as in she doesn't have to almost die in front of him to get a reaction from Konoha's number one knucklehead)
6) Sakura finds a way to revive Tsunade.
7) Danzou is eliminated
8) The Kyubi actually starts to assist Naruto after finally realising that assisting Naruto is in his own interest.
9) Madara's plan fails and Naruto becomes the new sage of the six paths.
10) Lee and Gai actually make sense ( tough ask I know lol!!!)
11) Kakashi finds some new literature or starts his own as being the Scarecrow chronicles?

I know most of them are probably either daft, insane or just plain idiotic, but heck I can dream :)

If you had to choose between Anko, Sakura or Hinata as a member of your team who would you choose?
Well, to be honest, I would say Anko, she has more experience as a Ninja and is not likely to kill me with one punch if any something wrong, not that it wouldn't really hurt. :)

Any view on Ten-Ten?
A good ninja, a weapons specialist, put it this way, those who bash Ten-ten are going be getting some serious payback.

Kakashi for next Hokage, good or bad idea?
Of course, good idea, may keep him away from that questionable material ::coughs:: He is a keen strategist, expert at tracking and knows thousands of ninja abilities as well as having the Sharingan eye.

Konoha Motto
"Do unto others that you would others to do to you, but at all times, respect the might of ANKO!! (Ok, I like Anko!! :) )

Behind close doors
Negotiator between the sparring individuals which are on C-Box (Sensei-Q and Son of Naruto mainly lol :P)