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Ironside Prediction: Naruto 471 (The Clash of Swordsmen)

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Naruto 471: The Clash of Swordsmen
by: Ironside

(Kirabi vs. Kisame)
Kirabi and Kisame start off in deadlock of swords.
Kisame's Samehada will transform into a four-legged creature.
Kirabi will channel his bijiu's chakara into his swords to engage Kisame (Like the Chidori)
Samehada interferes and starts draining Kirabi's cloak of his Biju Chakra.

(Ao & Danzo Scene)
Ao is trapped inside the puppet as Danzo & co arrive
Danzo orders his men to bring Ao to a secret medical facility of the ROOT

(Naruto, Kakashi, and Yamato Scene)
Naruto Re-enters Sage mode to find clues to Sasukes whereabouts
Naruto detects Sasukes chakra signature at the former Kage meeting
Naruto, Kakashi, and Yamato head to the kage meeting to search for a lead.

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(Sakura, Kiba, and Lee Scene)
Sakura asks Kiba to find Sasukes Scent
Kiba detects a scent very similar to Sasuke's moving away from their position
Sakura rushes off in pursuit with Kiba and Lee following

(Madara, Karin, Sasuke Scene)
Madara orders Karin to extract Sasuke's eyes
Karin hesitates and refuses
Madara threatens that she will be disposed of if she does not do as he says and will find someone else to do it

(Naruto & co Scene)
Naruto, Kakashi, and Yamato arrive at the summit
As they look around for possible clues they find Sugietsu and Juugo
Naruto goes into Sage Mode and demands to know where Sasuke is

(Sakura, Lee, Kiba Scene)
Sakura investigates the possible scent of Sasuke stumbles upon Danzo and his men.
Danzo's men quickly react and capture Kiba and Lee
Danzo gives Sakura an ultimatium remove Ao's Byakugan and transplant it into him or Danzo will execute Kiba and Lee

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(Kirabi vs. Kisame Scene)
Kirabi surrounds himself in an Raiton shield (like the Raikage) and begins to move too fast for Kisame
The Samehada begins to transform again.

The Next Chapter: Bijiu vs Bijiu the Power of Thunder and Steel!

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