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Komik Naruto 466 Bahasa Indonesia

Komik Naruto 466 Bahasa Indonesia

Download Naruto Manga Chapter 466 Bahasa Indonesia

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Naruto 467 RAW Spoilers and Predictions

Naruto 467: Declaration of War
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READ THIS!!! Naruto 467 Made Really Funny!!!
abridged version by: Numinous
photoshop by: Numinous

Ten-Tailed Jinchuuriki
(The Moon's Eye Plan)

Naruto 467
Declaration of War

[Insert text: Sakura heads after Naruto...!!]
Sai: Once we reach the Iron Country... / ...I trust you will be able to handle the search for Naruto...... Kiba.
Kiba: Sure thing! // *sigh*...
Lee: Is something wrong?
Kiba: Ino just sat there crying the whole time, but Sakura looks so determined... // I don't know what she's gonna say to Naruto once we find him... / ......but I'd bet you anything this is gonna get pretty damn awkward.
Lee: ......I think Sakura-san has her own ideas of how to handle this situation.
Kiba: Still... I know missions are always carried out in a four-man cell... / ...but when it comes to tracking, it's pretty much all on my back... And what's more... / ...since Sai insists this has gotta be top-secret... it's down to me to make sure we're not being tracked by Root, and all...

#467: Declaration of War
[Insert text: As all shinobi must do... /// ...they live out their days clashing blades. // Until a new age comes...]

[Side text: Naruto's feelings in turmoil...]
Innkeeper: What the heck do you call this, eh?! // You shinobi are all the same!
Yamato: W... We're very sorry... // I'll fix it right up myself...
Kakashi: ......
Flashback!Tobi: Sasuke bears all the hatred of his Uchiha clan... / ...and he means to wield that curse of hatred against the world. // It is his greatest weapon, his greatest friend... and his greatest power: hatred. // That is Sasuke's Way of the Ninja!!

Flashback!Tobi: It was Sasuke himself who made that choice.
Naruto: ......... // Ugh... // There's nothing for it but to meet him face-to-face.

Raikage: It appears that just as Shii said, the Hokage has fled!
Tsuchikage: Yes... thanks to Sasuke.
Tobi: !
Raikage: ?!!

Raikage: I have no interest in hearing the twisted plans of Akatsuki! // I cannot understand you people!
Karin: !! // (Sasuke...!!)

Raikage: Hand Sasuke over!
Tobi: First you listen to my explanation. // I may comply, depending on your answer.
Tsuchikage: Let's be calm about this, Raikage. / Let's hear what he has to say, and make our decisions then.
Raikage: Tch...!
Karin: !
Tobi: Heal Sasuke up for me...
Karin: Aaaghhhh!
Kankurou: That must be Madara's ability...
Temari: Looks like time-space ninjutsu.
Karin: ?!

Karin: ......Where am I?
Tobi: Now, then... it looks like you're all ready to listen. / ......Ladies and gentlemen.
Gaara: Why is it that you seek to win Sasuke over?
Tobi: A Sharingan that can activate even Susanoo is a rarity... / I wouldn't want to let a nice pair of eyes like that slip through my fingers. // In fact, I wanted to give him the opportunity to train them up further in combat with the Five Kages... / It was I who sent him here. // I would have liked to have him weaken you to the point where I could take you hostage, as well... / ...but it looks like that was too much to expect.
Mizukage: Hostage? ...For what purpose?!
Tobi: Just to ensure that the Mooneye Operation plays out smoothly.
Tsuchikage: It certainly is a shock to hear that Uchiha Madara still lives... // But why would a man of your calibre resort to these roundabout tactics? / Surely with your power, you could accomplish anything you want.

Tobi: The wounds from my battle with the First Hokage, Hashirama, were too deep... right now, I am powerless. / I am nothing more than an empty shell of my former self.
Shii: So this "operation"... is for the purpose of returning you to your former self...?
Tobi: Well... that is one way of putting it... / But that is not all that it entails.
Mifune: What are you plotting?! // What exactly is this "Mooneye Operation"?!
Tobi: ......... // I would like to take my time with this tale. If you don't mind, I'll just take a seat.
Kankurou: We're asking you what this plan of yours is!
Gaara: ?

Tobi: To have everything become one with me! // I mean to achieve a "complete form", in which all is united.
Everyone: ......?!

Tsuchikage: One with you......? / All united...? / What does that mean?!
Tobi: There is a stone monument passed down amongst the Uchiha for generations. / Even now, it lies beneath the village of Konoha. // Upon it are recorded the secrets left to us by the Rikudou Sennin. // Without our eyes, it is impossible to read. / What's more, the Mangekyou Sharingan can decode more than the Sharingan, and the Rinnegan still more than that.
Tsuchikage: Now this is starting to get ridiculous. / The Rikudou Sennin...?!
Tobi: I speak the truth. The Sennin existed. // And he left us this monument.
Raikage: Enough of this dawdling! // What has the Rikudou Sennin got to do with this plan of yours?!
Shii: !
Darui: !

Tobi: Do you know why it is that he became the stuff of legend, worshipped by the shinobi world almost like a God? // Therein lies the connection between that man and my goal.
Mizukage: ...Uchiha Madara... You possess the Mangekyou Sharingan, and Akatsuki also possessed a man with the Rinnegan. // You must know everything that is inscribed there.
Tsuchikage: Let's hear it.
Tobi: The Rikudou Sennin saved the world. // Saved it from a monster......
Gaara: A monster...?
Tobi: Gaara... you once played home to but a portion of that monster. // The monster in question was the fused form of all the Bijuu... / ...a being possessed of the ultimate chakra...

Tobi: The Juubi.
[TN: "Ten-Tails" =p]
Gaara: ?!
Temari: Surely the Bijuu's tails only go up to nine!
Tobi: As I said... / is the fused form of all the Bijuu.

Tobi: The Ichibi through Kyuubi are nothing more than beings created from the divided chakra of the Juubi... // By the Rikudou Sennin, of course.
Kankurou: I don't like the way this is going... / This is why Akatsuki are gathering the Bijuu...?
Tobi: The Rikudou Sennin developed a certain ninjutsu in order to protect the world from the Juubi... / Even now, that ninjutsu is being quietly passed down... the seal that creates a Jinchuuriki. Yes... the Rikudou Sennin...... // ...was the Juubi Jinchuuriki. / In order to suppress its power, he sealed the Juubi into his own body. // As the man who freed the world from the terrible Juubi, the Sennin was worshipped like a God by the people. // But the Juubi's chakra was so massive and so foul that if the Jinchuuriki were to die, it would escape the seal and terrorise the world once more. / Fearing this, upon his deathbed, the Rikudou Sennin used the last of his power to divide the Juubi's chakra into nine portions and scatter them across the world's surface. // And with that Chakra removed, its actual body was sealed away and blasted into the sky, where its power could not reach. // It became the moon.
Darui: This is all just too immense... Can a human being really accomplish a thing like that?
Tobi: As the Jinchuuriki of the Juubi, the Rikudou Sennin... / ...was already beyond what we would call "human".
Mifune: So you are gathering those nine pieces of scattered Chakra... / ...that is to say, all the Bijuu, in an attempt to gain that beyond-human power for yourself. // But what do you mean to do with that power?
Tobi: I will restore the Juubi! / And I will become the Juubi Jinchuuriki myself. // Using its power, I will magnify the power of my eyes to the ultimate level... / ...and activate a certain jutsu.
Tsuchikage: A "certain jutsu"?! // What jutsu is that?! / What are you trying to achieve?!
Tobi: A massive-scale genjutsu, reflecting my own eyes from the moon's surface. // The Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Tobi: I will cast my genjutsu upon all humans living upon the Earth's surface! // Controlling all of humanity within that genjutsu, I will become one with the world!
Everyone: !!!
Tobi: It will be a world without hatred or conflict. / Everything will be one with me; everything united. // That is my "Mooneye Operation".

Raikage: To hell with that!! // I won't give the world to the likes of you!!
Gaara: A peace born of illusion is nothing more than a lie. / Peace only holds meaning if it is created in reality.
Mizukage: What do you expect us to find in such a world?! / It would be devoid of hope, devoid of dreams! Nothing more than running from reality!
Tsuchikage: So you mean to unite the world... / That sounds similar to what Danzou was saying earlier... // But it sounds to me rather than "uniting the world", both of you simply want to take it for yourselves.
Tobi: Hahaha... Well, do you Five Kages think you can do any better? / Surely you should all have realised by now... // There is no such thing as hope! // The concept of hope is nothing more than giving up. A word that holds no true meaning.

Tobi: Now, hand over the remaining Hachibi and Kyuubi... / ...and cooperate with my operation. // Otherwise, war will be upon us.
Gaara: War...?
Raikage: The Hachibi...? // ...What is the meaning of this?! You already took...!
Tobi: We failed in the recovery of the Hachibi; he escaped from our grasp... // He has achieved true perfection as a Jinchuuriki and a shinobi... as might be expected of your own brother.
Darui: Ahhh... I knew it... I had a feeling it would be something like this...
Shii: *sigh*...
Raikage: That ingrateful little...!! / He used this whole damned affair to run away from the village and have fun somewhere on his own?!!! // Unforgivable! Oh, he'll taste my Iron Claw!!

Gaara: I will not hand Uzumaki Naruto to you.
Mizukage: I concur!
Tsuchikage: What say you, Raikage?
Raikage: I will not hand my brother to this man!
Tobi: I may have no power myself...... but I have the power of the Bijuu I have thus far collected. // You have no hope of victory.
Gaara: We will not abandon hope.
Tobi: Very well... // In that case, I hereby declare... the Fourth Ninja World War.
[Insert text: The World War finally begins!!]
by: Nja-2Ch/ vered, Shounensuki-NF

Part 1:

The front cover of the Jump issue is of Naruto eating Ichiraku Ramen.

In color to celebrate October 10 as Naruto's birthday and the series' 10th anniversary.

Sai: After we enter the Iron Country, for Naruto, Kiba
Kiba: Understood!
Sakura is quiet/faithful.
Kiba: Ha...
Lee: What's going on?

Kiba: Ino just cried back there, yet Sakura and her resolve...I don't know if she's going to cut it off with Naruto but, the mood has definitely become awkward.

Lee: ...Sakura must be thinking about a lot of things I can imagine.
Kiba: However with 4 people as 1 me, this is supposed to be a basic search mission, however, in secret, these are Sai's orders...leave it to my nose to track Root.

Color cover featuring Madara, Kimimaro, Kabuto, Orochimaru, Kakuzu, Itachi, Kisame, Deidara, Haku, Zabuza, Naruto, Sakura, Gaara, Kakashi, Jiraiya, and Sai.

On the Cover
Blades clashing everyday, guide the Shinobi's deeds. And also welcome a new age.

Chapter 467: Declaration of War

Naruto's thoughts are now...

Innkeeper: What the hell did you guys do here! It's because of this SHinobi are...!
Yamato: So...sorry I will make sure to fix it...

The snow falling, Naruto is on the roof. Kakashi watches him.
Naruto recalls Madara's words.

Madara: Sasuke is burdened with all the hate of the Uchiha...he intends to strike the world with this hate. Hatred is his greatest weapon, greatest friend...and greatest strength. This is Sasuke's nindo (way of the ninja). Sasuke himself has chosen this.

Naruto: There's nothing left to do but to directly confront Sasuke.

Part 2:

There's a picture of white Zetsu's head from an opening in a hole.

Raikage: It's as Shii has seen, the Hokage seems to have run for it!
Tsuchikage: Yeah, it's Sasuke's fault.
Madara: !

The Raikage punches Madara.
Raikage: !!?

The punch connected but Madara's mask vanishes like a whirpool with Sasuke getting sucked in with it.

Raikage: Akatsuki's plan...there's no way I'll understand/approve!

Karin is surprised to see them disappear and thinks (!! Sasuke...!!)

Raikage: Return Sasuke!
Madara: Then listen first to what I have to say.

Tsuchikage: Calm down a little Raikage, let's just listen.
Raikage: Chi...

Madara goes to Karin's side. Madara: Restore Sasuke...
Karin gets sucked in.

Kankuro: This is Madara's ability huh...
Temari: Space/time ninjutsu huh.

Karin (!?)
Karin is in some space/time secluded room with Sasuke. Kind of like where the white Ichigo from Bleach comes out. The room is lined by and made up of boxes. That's how it looks.

Karin: ...this place is?

Madara: Now...It seems like you guys are ready to pay attention...Gentlemen.
Gaara: Why did have Sasuke do this?

Madara: I wanted to awaken his Sharingan's "Susano'o"... I need to stock up on good eyes. His fight with the 5 Kages and sending him here was like my way of training a pupil. I had thought he could weaken the 5 Kages for me to take hostage but it seems that was overdoing it.

Mizukage: Hostage?...What could you possibly want from that!?

Madara: Like I said, it's to securely carry on my Eye of the Moon plan.

Tsuchi kage: For real? It's surprising that Uchiha Madara is still alive but, why then if you're him? Why such a roundabout way of doing things? With your power you should be able to do as you wish.

Part 3

Madara: My fight with the Shodaime Hokage left me deeply wounded...the way I am now, I have no power. So to speak I am merely existing as a shell.

Shii: You...So is this plan to restore yourself to the way you were...?
Madara: could say that...but not just that.
Mifune: What are you scheming!? What then is this Eye of the Moon plan!?
Madara: I want to take my time talking about please sit down.

Madara sits. (Haha)

Kankuro: What kind of plan are you going to share with us?

Madara raises his index finger
Gaara: ?

Madara: I will become one with everything! I will unify all and obtain the perfect body.

Everyone: ...!?
Tsuchikage: Become one...? Unify all...? What is this!?

Madara: There's a stone monument that has been passed down for generations to the Uchiha. Even now, close to Konoha, the Rikudo Sennin once wrote about a secret there. Unless your eye is capable, with the Sharingan, Mangekyou Sharingan, Rinnegan, you will be unable to read and decipher its contents as well as increasing them.

Tsuchikage: This story has become like a fable, with the Rikudo Sennin and all...
Madara: This is the truth, he lived. And he left that stone monument.
Raikage: This talk is straying! How does the Rikudo Sennin related to your plan!?

Everyone: ?

Part 4

Madara: How did this legend among shinobi, become revered like a god. Do you know?

Mizukage: ...Uchiha, an Akatsuki weilding the Mangekyou Sharingan, and a companion with the must also know of its entirety right.
Tsuchikage: Lets listen.
Madara: He once created this world, from that monster...
Gaara: Monster...?

Madara: Gaara...a part of that monster was sealed in you. It is the the aggregation of all the biju. The being possessing the greatest chakra, the Jyubi (ten tails).

There's a picture of the Jyubi but it only has 1 eye.
It's eye has the Mangekyou Sharingan.
The figure/shape is similar to the Kyubi.

Gaara: !?
Temari: Aren't there only 9 biju!?

Madara: I said didn't I?...It's a culmination of all the biju. From the Ichibi to the Kyubi, the Jyubi's chakra was dispersed by the Rikudo Sennin.

Kankuro: This story has gone Akatsuki has been collecting the biju for...

Madara: The Rikudo Sennin protected the world from the Jyubi, and a ninjutsu was developed to to so. The mystery of that ninjutsu has been passed on even today, the system to seal Jinchuriki. That's right, the Rikudo Sennin was the Jinchuriki of the Jyubi. In order to suppress the Jyubi, he sealed it into his own body. The Rikudo Sennin save the world from the Jyubi inflicting pain on the people as was praised like a god. But if he died, the seal would break and would release the Jyubi back into the world. Fearful of that, he used the greatest power and split the Jyubi into 9 parts. They were split and separated across the land. And to make the Jyubi's power unobtainable, the chakra from the Jyubi's body was extracted, and he flew into the sky to seal its body and it became the moon.

Darui: This story is too huge...can a human really do this?
Madara: By becoming the Jinchuriki of the Jyubi, the Rikudo Sennin, has already moved beyond us as a peer.

Mifune: You...those 9 separate chakras...I understand you intend to collect the biju to obtain this inhuman power but, what do you intend to do with this power?

Madara: Revive the Jyubi! And then as the Jyubi's Jinchuriki, I'll use this power to make my eye stronger, and to activate a jutsu.

Tsuchikage: A jutsu!? What are you talking about!? What is it you intend to do!?

Part 5

Madara: I will project the greatest genjutsu on the moon, Mugen Tsukiyomi (Infinite Tsukiyomi)...All people living on this planet will be put in my genjutsu! I will control everyone with this genjutsu and unify this world.

Everyone: !!!

Madara: A world without ill feeling or strife. Everything will become one with me. Unify all. This is my Eye of the Moon plan.

Raikage: Stop messing around!! I won't hand over the world to someone like you!!
Gaara: Decieved by a peace only in illusion. There's meaning to (our) actions in the real world.

Tsuchikage: Unify the world huh...It's true Danzo said the same thing however, you say you want to make the world one, but all I hear is you wanting the world for yourself.

Madara: Kukuku...I see, Do you see what you 5 Kage are doing and saying? You al must certainly understand...that there is no hope! Hope is like giving's just a word to cover up reality. Hand over the remaining Hachibi and Kyubi. If you don't cooperate, this will mean war.

Gaara: War...?
Raikage: Hachibi...? ....What do you mean? Don't you guys...!

Madara: The capture of the Hachibi was a failure and he escaped....As a Jinchuriki, he's a perfect shinobi...despite being your younger brother.

Raikage is pissed...his facial expression is funny (to Ohana)

Darui: thought...for him to do something like that...
Shii: Ha..

Raikage: That idiot!! To leave the village and go play!!!!
Gaara: I won't hand over Uzumaki Naruto.
Mizukage: I won't either!
Tsuchikage: And you Raikage?
Raikage: Of course I won't hand over my younger brother!
Madara: I don't have any power but...until now I have collected biju and none of you have any chance of winning.
Gaara: I won't abandon hope.

Madara: Fine... I proclaim a declaration of the 4th Great Ninja War from here on out.

At last, a world war begins!

The coloured cover is two pages wide and has Zabuza, Haku, and all the dead Akatsuki members!

Sakura is getting ready to set out to the Land of Iron. Three people are going, it seems: Sakura, Kiba, and Lee.

Well, to the conference room:
The Raikage uses a momentary oppertunity to attack Sasuke on Madara's shoulder, but [Madara uses] a space-time ninjutsu to send Sasuke somewhere else.
[He] orders Karin to give [Sasuke] medical treatment and sends her away too

From here, the conversation starts:
Gaara: "Why did you make Sasuke come here!?"
Madara: "I sent him here because it's very valuable [to me] that he activate his eyes all the way up to Susanoo. I also planned for him to bring you Five Kage down and imprison you, but it seems that was hopeless yet."
Here ends the conversation about Sasuke
"My goal is to rule the world. I've wished this for a long time."
Tsuchikage: "In your case, you should be able to do that by yourself, right?"
Madara: "My body was too gravely injured in the fight against the First, Hashirama. I don't have such power left."
Someone: "Why are you collecting the Tailed Beasts?"
To the story about the Eye of the Moon Plan:
The origin of the current Tailed Beasts is that they are born from a single Ten-Tails. Temari or Kankurou: "Shouldn't there be only nine Tailed Beasts?"
Madara: "Long ago, the Sage of the Six Paths saved the world from the Ten-Tails, but because the beast's power was so great, the Sage put the demonic power inside his own body, making himself a jinchuuriki. Then, he created the Moon and sealed the Ten-Tails' body there. (the story was much longer, but I can't remember the rest) Then, as his own death approached, he divided the power into nine pieces..."
I'm sorry, but I'm telling it extremely simplified
Madara: "[My goal is to] revive the Ten-Tails and become its jinchuuriki, project an infinite Tsukuyomi on the Moon, and so rule all of mankind, thus I will create a world without strife."
Mizukage: "This world has no place for such a dream or hope"
Madara: "Right now, it's neither hope nor anything. Hurry up and hand over the Eight-Tails and Nine-Tails."

To be continued
That's the entire long spoiler
Raikage: "The Eight-Tails!? Bee is still alive?"
Madara: "The capture of the Eight-Tails was a failure. Despite being your younger brother, he is a truly splendid shinobi."
Raikage: "What the hell! I'll bet he took this opportunity to go play somewhere else!! When he comes back, I'll Iron Claw¹ him!!!"
C, Darui: "Something like that was probably what he was thinking about..."

Gaara: "I won't hand over Uzumaki Naruto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Tsuchikage: "Raikage, what about you?" "Of course I won't hand him over!!!!!"
Madara: "Are you okay with a breakdown? If it comes down to war, I don't think you guys will have a great chance of success against the Tailed Beasts"

Gaara: "I won't throw away my dream!!"

Madara: "All right then, I hereby declare the Fourth Great Ninja World War!!"

The end 

¹ Iron Claw (鉄のツメ, Aian Kurō). Probably a technique or something.
That's the smaller spoiler


The origin of the current Tailed Beasts is that they are born from a single Ten-Tails. Temari or Kankurou: "Shouldn't there be only nine Tailed Beasts?"
Madara: Long ago, the Sage of the Six Paths saved the world from the Ten-Tails, but because the beast's power was so great, the Sage put the demonic power inside his own body, making himself a jinchuuriki. Then, he created the moon and sealed the Ten-Tails' body there. (the story was much longer, but I can't remember the rest) Then, as his own death approached, he divided the power into nine pieces...
Madara: "[My goal is to] revive the Ten-Tails and become its jinchuuriki, project an infinite Tsukuyomi on the Moon, and so rule all of mankind, thus I will create a world without strife."
Mizukage: "This world has no place for such a dream or hope"
Madara: "Right now, it's neither hope nor anything. Hurry up and hand over the Eight-Tails and Nine-Tails."
it seems the nine Bijuu stem from a single Ten-Tailed Beast
The Rikudou saved the Earth from this beast by sealing its power inside himself and sealing its body in the moon
by: Numinous
posted: 02 Oct 09

Naruto 467: Hesitation
Also read next chapter prediction:
Naruto 468: The Shadow of Eternity

(Madara Scene)
Madara: Since I'll come clean about myself, I guess I won't needing this.(he puts Sasuke on the floor and takes off his mask, revealing his face) Zetsu, take him. (White Zetsu grabs Sasuke and disappears with him)

(Naruto Scene)
(Yamato has fixed the roof; Naruto wanders in the room; Kakashi and Yamato are sitted, staring at Naruto)
Kakashi: You need to calm down. Since Madara left, you didn't stop wandering.
Naruto: How can I be calm when that guy is plotting something with Sasuke?! We need to find Sasuke before Madara makes his move!
Yamato: Naruto, you know Sasuke won't comply with that. Like he said, he severed all the bonds he had in the past.
Naruto: But not me! I'll find Sasuke and bring him back home, even if it takes my whole life to do it!
Yamato: Naruto.
Naruto: First, we got to go to the summit and talk with the Kage to forgive Sasuke!
Kakashi: Do you even listened to the Raikage? It's not their affair, so they won't listen, or even worse, they might find themselves offended and war might rage in. Besides, we already are in the risk of being considered missing-nin, we got to be careful.
Yamato: Kakashi-senpai is right, Naruto. (sounds of fight are heard) What's this? (everyone rushes to the window; they see Danzou and his guards from afar, against Ao)
Kakashi: Danzou? What he's doing here, fighting?
Yamato: Something's wrong. (Naruto jumps from the window to the ground)
Yamato & Kakashi: Naruto! (they follow him)

(Danzou Scene)
(Danzou and his guards are close to Ao; Ao is injured and on his knees)
Danzou: Any last words?
Ao: Even if I die, don't think you'll get away with it. The Mizukage will hunt you down. and the Raikage, too.
Danzou: Hmph, what a disgrace. (wood sprouts from the ground and restrains Danzou and his guards)
Danzou: (thinking) Mokuton? That means. (Naruto approaches with Kakashi and Yamato; still thinking) So, Sai betrayed me. I'll dispose of him later.
Naruto: What's happening here?
Ao: (thinking) His chakra is out of the charts. Is he. the Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki? (talking) The Hokage was mind controlling the moderator of the Summit and, in top of that, he ran away when the Akatsuki invaded the building.
Naruto: Akatsuki?!
Ao: Yes. Uchiha Sasuke was the one.
Kakashi: Oh boy.
Naruto: We got to go there, before the other Kages kill him!
Kakashi: Naruto, please, don't rush things.
Naruto: But.!
Kakashi: You go there and then what? What you'll do?
Yamato: Kakashi-senpai is right, we need to think before we act.
Ao: Excuse me, but the Hokage must return to the summit, to answer for his actions.
Danzou: Hmpf, again with the accusations...
Ao: Since you have such a formidable restraining jutsu, I'd be glad if you join me, to escort the Hokage back to the Summit.
Naruto: Of course!
Yamato: It seems we don't have a choice.
Kakashi: And, Danzou. (uncovers his sharingan) I'll keep an eye on you.
Danzou: Hmpf. we'll talk later about your little escapade.
Naruto: .
Kakashi: (to Ao) Can you walk?
Ao: Yes, but now. let's return.

(Madara Scene)
Raikage: You think we'll sit here and let you speak? (rushes towards Madara) I don't think so! (punches Madara, but Raikage's fist passes through him) What the hell?
Gaara: (thinking) The attack passed right though him!
Madara: Please don't interrupt me. (he steps back; Karin tries to escape, but is stopped by Choujuurou and Akatsuchi)
Raikage: You'll pay for what Akatsuki did to my brother!
Madara: If you listen to what I have to say, I'll tell you what happened to your brother.
Raikage: I don't trust you!
Shii: Raikage-sama!
Raikage: What now, Shii? Don't you see the situation?
Shii: I know, but his chakra isn't changing. He speaks the truth.
Raikage: What?! You got to be kidding me!
Shii: Unfortunatly, I am not.
Tsuchikage: (thinking) Since taijutsu doesn't work with him. (speaking) Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu! (the cube of energy engulfs Madara) Got him!
Madara: (appears behind Tsuchikage) I thought I was clear when I said "don't interrupt me".
Mizukage: (thinking) How did he..?
Madara: Now that I notice, the Hokage is missing. shall we wait for him?

(Naruto Scene)
(Naruto and co arrives at the outskirts of the Summit's building)
Kakashi: Look at this mess.
Naruto: (thinking) What happened to you, Sasuke?
Kurotsuchi: (appearing from beneath the pillars ruins; thinking) Oof, for a moment there, I thought I was a goner. (Kakashi grabs her hand)
Kakashi: Are you alright?
Kurotsuchi: I think so.
Ao: You're from Iwagakure, right? As the fight stopped?
Kurotsuchi: I don't know, I was hidden in the pillars, watching the battle between the Raikage and Uchiha Sasuke, and that Sasuke guy destroyed the pillars, and if it wasn't for my Underground Move Jutsu I think I would die in there!
Naruto: You know where Sasuke is?
Kurotsuchi: I think he went inside the Summit's building.
Naruto: Let's go!
(they enter the Summit's room; everyone stares at them)
Tsuchikage: (thinking) Who are those two? One looks like the White Fang, the other reminds me of the Yellow Flash.
Raikage: (thinking) It's that brat from before.
Gaara: Naruto.
Karin: (thinking) So that's Naruto.
Madara: You sure took your sweet time, Hokage. And glad you could make it, Naruto.
Ao: (thinking) Another Sharingan user, they just keep coming.
Danzou: (thinking) His face. Madara.
Naruto: What the hell are you doing here? Where's Sasuke?!
Madara: Sorry, but Sasuke already left the building.
Naruto: You!!!
Madara: My, my, my, don't be so hasty. Grab a seat and listen to what I have to say.

Next Chapter: The Shadow of Eternity
Also read next chapter prediction:
Naruto 468: The Shadow of Eternity

by: The Special One

-Madara speaks out to the Kages

(Everyone is blown out of their minds.) “Why is everyone looking at me like that? I’m not a ghost; I’m live and in the flesh,” said the Joking Madara. “The only sharingan inhabitating Mizugakure… So, it was you controlling the 4th Mizukage, Yugura,” said the groaning Mizukage. (Everyone takes notice to Raikage’s veins on his forehead. Zetsu reforms and appear next to Madara.)

“When you see all of the Kage like this, it kinda makes you shake a little,” though Karin.

“Are you sure about this,” asked Zetsu. “Don’t worry, its fine,” said Madara.

“Heh, looks like the ruffian is about to start mothing off to this big wig,” said the grinning Tsuchikage. (He nudges Akatushki as in a sign to bring in humor. Raikage points his finger at Danzou.)

“Akatuski garbage I can’t understand a word you’re talkin about. Though judgement on you will arrive at a later date but, if you don’t leave Sasuke here and tell me the location of Killer Bee, don’t think you’ll just walk away,” said Raikage. “This is The Uchiha Madara, it would be wise Raikage not to urge him,” said Tsuchikage. “Mind your damn business,” yelled Raikage.

“Idiot, no respect for elders don’t know how whipper snappers like you become Kage anyway,” mumbled Tsuchikage. “I can’t leave Sasuke here unfortunately,” said Madara.

“THE FUCK YOU CAN,” yelled Raikage. “I can however, tell you about your brother’s situation, but on one condition,” said Madara. “Depending on your answer I might accept,” said Raikage. “You listen to what I have to say, we have a deal,” asked Madara. (Raikage closes his eyes and pictures Killer Bee.)
“Hmm,” grunted Raikage. “The Boss seems to have calmed down,” said Darui. “This guy’s chakra, It’s dark, like Sasuke’s no, his is even more sinister,” thought Shii.

“Uchiha Madara, so he really exists,” thought Mifune. “Now that I have your undivided attention, I’d like to proceed with explaining the Eye of the Moon Project,” said Madara. (The Scene switches to an area somewhere in the land of Iron. Aoi has caught up to Danzou’s group. )

“That’s as far as you go Hokage,” said Aoi. “We’re away from the Summit, you’re under no obligation to restrain me,” said Danzou. “Nice try, but your crimes at the Summit will not go unpunished,” said Aoi. “Is that so? Fu, Torune,” yelled Danzou. “Sir,” said Fu. “We’ll kill him,” said Torune. (Aoi makes a handseal and activates Byakugan.) “I’m no pushover, as I’ve fought a powerful Uchiha like Shisui, I can handle a cheap imitation,” said Aoi.

“How does your body react to the Byakugan,” asked Danzou. “So that’s your game,” smirked Aoi. “Fu, Torune, make sure you don’t destroy his corpse, we’ll need to run some tests,” said Danzou.

(The Scene Switches to a hut out some where in the land of Iron, it appears as though the hut as been reconstructed by Yamato’s wood release. Naruto lays around on mat, while Yamato and Kakashi walk into the room to greet Naruto.)

“Naruto, you’ve been like that for an hour; is everything alright with you,” asked Kakashi. “I’m fine, it’s, I’ve just been thinking about what Madara said and about Sasuke,” said Naruto. “Naruto, there is something you have to,” said Yamato before getting cut off. “I’m never giving up! The moment I give up on Sasuke, is the moment I give up on being a shinobi. If I can’t save one person, just one person.. One of the people closest to me; I can never speak of peace among people,” said Naruto.

(Yamato sighs.) “Naruto, have you considered that he has filled his heart with so much hate that he has no more room for anything else,” said Yamato. “Yamato,” mumbled Kakashi. “I don’t care who it is, no life is born hating! Something inspired that hate, and I will make it my goal to defend against that hatred,” said Naruto.

“It’s hopeless,” sighed Yamato. “He’s naïve though, that one tracked mind saved our village; maybe in due time he really could,” said Kakashi. (Naruto stands up.) “So, you’re ready to leave for home,” asked
Kakashi. “No, I’m heading for the Kage Summit,” said Naruto. “But Naruto, it’ll be more of the same, you could end up putting our village in a hot spot with your pressing concerns. These are the kage, they don’t have the time to listen to you, besides, we are already in breach of national and global law, not only will Danzou be displeased, but the other nations will consider it an embarrassment on Konoha’s part,” said Yamato.

“I’m going to ask them to forgive Sasuke,” said Naruto. “Are you listening to a damn word I say! Kakashi, he’s your student, straighten him out,” said Yamato. “Naruto, this is much bigger than your feeligns here, you have to weigh the village’s saftey over Sasuke’s at this point,” said Kakashi. “I can’t, because I made a promise to Itachi that I’d save both Sasuke and the village, and I don’t break my promisses,” said Naruto.

(Both Kakashi and Yamato Sighs.) “I’ll tell them about Nagato and how Madara used Akatuski to control him, and if that doesn’t work I’ll beg and scream until my voice runs out,” smiled Naruto.

“This isn’t the behavior of a typical shinobi,” smiled Yamato. “Maybe so, but Naruto is not a typical shinobi,” said the smilling Kakashi.

(The Scene Switches back to the Summit, the Kages are again in shock after hearing Madara’s plans.)

“WHY? What do you have against us,” yelled Tsuchikage. “You 5 great nations are nothing but saps who has forgotten their ways. How is the world going to flurish? Without wars and squabbles between nations, the people will starve. How can a land who has only been known to flurish for generations survive on anything else? The purpose of ninjutsu is to exact one’s skills on the opposing side. Gain pieces to establish one’s wealth. It is survival of the fittest, that is how the world is run and that is how funds are gained. Raikage, you should know this better than anyone one else,” said Madara.

“DON’T LUMP ME TOGETHET WITH YOU CONSPRICAL GOONS,” yelled Raikage. “The times have changed, even Raikage has to adapt to the rules or, be globally charged eventually; disarmament is slow, but soon, a new age of peace will arrive,” said Tsuchikage. “No! Ninjutsu was brought into this world to establish peace, without it, we’d be powerless humans unable to change the world as we see it,” said Madara. “Who instilled such power in you to make those choices,” asked Gaara. “God has guided his hand down through us and gave us the chakras to fight and protect what we hold dear with higher powers. That is what it means to have ninjutsu create peace, that is the purpose for ninjutsu. Now, with
the Eye of the Moon, I will show this world why the Uchiha should command true and ultimate peace,” said Madara.

“So that’s why you are using the kid,” said Mizukage. “Raikage, your brother is as powerful as you think he is; Sasuke botched it, but that doesn’t mean we have given up on looking for him,” said Madara. “Fuck, he escaped and didn’t come back,” yelled Raikage.

“Farewell my little kiddies,” said Madara. “Wait don’t leave me, and what about Juugo and Suigetsu,” questioned Karin. (With his sharingan he opens up a swirl like portal, Karin runs in, and then he goes inside; Zetsu makes a zu, zu, zu sound as he melts into the earth and leaves as well.) “He’s gone,” said Darui. “Sir, we’re sorry,” said Shii. “Instead of worrying about it, we should piece together what we know about the project,” said Mizukage.

“He said something about using the Mangekyou’s Sharingan to open up a spiritual realm connected to the moon in order to control the Bijuu,” said Tsuchikage. “From our reports from Konoha, it was said that Itachi used a Mangekyou genjutsu called Tsukuyomi to control time and space inside the mind of an individual,” said Shii.

“Hmm! The Bijuu are masses of chakra in a beast like manifestation,” said Raikage. “And performing such a genjutsu on a being with no actual physical form can make them incorporal,” said Shii.

“Why is that,” asked Kankuro. “Genjutsu extends the shinobi’s chakra flow into the victim’s brain, therefore controlling the victim’s mental chakra, which is linked to the five senses. Since a Bijuu is nothing but chakra in physical form, the Mangekyou can control the Bijuu’s original form which is chakra and can seal it within an unreachable plain only known to the Mangekyou Sharingan user,” said Shii.

“Impossible, certainly there’s a cost for such power,” said Tsuchikage. “There has to be, no shinobi without the Mangekyou Sharingan can cast it, but it must exert some for penalty,” said Shii.

“Well at the meantime, we need to settle this meeting,” said Tsuchikage. “Where’s Hokage,” asked Raikage. “He escaped, one of my men took off looking for him,” said Mizukage. (Raikage grinds his teeth.

“Arggh, you have to be shitin me. Well let’s hurry it up, we need to find my brother, I have a feeling I might be needing him,” yelled Raikage.

Next Chapter: Ending Matters at the Summit
by: Vengeance

Summit Meeting Area
Raikage: Well spit it out already! What did you want to tell us?

Madara gives Sasuke to Karin.

Madara: Be useful for once & slit your wrist for Sasuke. Don't worry I'll have Zetsu heal your wounds later however your blood is more potent than Zetsu's spore jutsu. I want Sasuke awake for this.

Karin: Ye...s sr...

Karin slits her wrist & places it over Sasuke's mouth. As the first few drops hit his lips Sasuke wakes up & bites down on Karin as she screams with pleasure.

Mizukage: That little bitch stole my boy toy!

Raikage: Boy toy?! Shut up you crazy cougar!

Sasuke: Whats... going on...

Karin: Madara saved you from Tschukage's attack.

Madara: Ok if everyone is done bickering I will begin.

Raikage: Grrrr..

Madara: Since the foundation of Konoha the balance of power has been disrupted within the shinobi world. These times of peace have made all your pathetic villages weak. To think you all actually call yourselves kages when your abilities are surpassed by mere children.

Raikage: That's it you're fucking dead!

Raikage rushes at Madara & goes in for the infamous uber elbow but passes right threw him.

Raikage: WTF?!?! Do you think this is a fucking game!

Madara: Quite fool I'm not done!

Raikage appears behind Madara & tries to kick him but Madara vanishes & reappears behind Raikage & drop kicks him in the back sending the Raikage flying into a wall.

Madara: Katon, Gouryuuka no jutsu!!!

As Raikage starts to stand he's hit by Madara's Gouryuuka & is knocked down again.

Darui: Raikage-sama!!!

Darui tries to help the Raikage but is stopped by Gaara's sand.

Gaara: I'm sorry Darui but you're just no match for this man. I don't think any of us are...

Raikage stands back up.

Raikage: Ha... is that the best you could do!!!

Madara: Fine have it your way.

Raikage rushes Madara again while Madara vanishes. Raikage looks around the room confused.

Tschukage: Hehehe... this is amusing.

Mizukage: Tschukage this isn't funny. Raikage calm down we need to formulate a strategy this is Uchiha Madara we're dealing with!

Raikage: Just stay out of my way bitch. Where the fuck did he go!

Madara: Hey meathead I'm up here!!!

Madara can be seen standing on the ceiling. Raikage looks up & is hit by Madara's mask. Everyone looks up with shock as Madara's face is revealed show a large scar on the side of his face.

Madara: Allow me to show you my true power!

Outside Summit Area
Aoi: thinking: Damn they're fast.

Danzou: This is far enough let's stop here. Fuu & Torune take care of our little problem.

Fuu/Torune: Yes lord Danzou

Fuu & Torune turn around & get in a fighting stance while Danzou stands back.

Danzou: This is your only warning. Stop following me now or your life ends here.

Aoi: The summit isn't over yet & you need to answer for your crimes!

Danzou: Have it your way.

Danzou beats his cane into the ground as Fuu & Torune rush Aoi from both sides & attacks. Aoi dodges both hits by grabbing their arms & smacking them into each other. Aoi does a couple of back flips & get's in his fighting stance.

Fuu: Katon, Dai Endan no jutsu!

Torune: Fuuton, Dai Oroshi no jutsu!

The two attacks combine into one massive fireball.

Aoi: Suiton Baku Suishouha no jutsu!

Aoi vomits up water which overwhelms the massive fireball. Danzou steps in front of Fuu & Torune & cuts the suiton to the side using a powerful Fuuton.

Danzou: I guess I'll have to get involved.

Danzou reveals his sharingan.

Wooden House
Naruto: Why did you leave me Sasuke why why! Come back to the side of light. The dark side is only filled with sadness & hate. Come back to Konoha so we could make the lovin!

Yamato: I think he's lost it Kakashi.

Kakashi: *sighs* He tends to do this allot but it's ok it just makes Sakura fair game.

Yamato: Kakashi you didn't!? Did you... how was it?

Kakashi: Tsunade was better (thinking: sorry Jiraiya)

Sounds of fighting can be heard from outside.

Yamato: WTF was that?

Naruto, Yamato, & Kakashi run outside & follow the sounds of fighting. They come across Danzou kicking Aoi to the floor walking up to him with a sword drawn.

Kakashi: Something isn't right Danzou should be at the summit. Yamato stop him now.

Wood wraps around Danzou's body as he puts the sword to Aoi's throat.

Danzou: Mokuton this can only be...

Danzou looks over at Naruto, Kakashi, & Yamato & thinks: Sai betrayed me.

Kakashi: Danzou what is the meaning of this? Why are you attacking Aoi of the hidden mist & why aren't you at the summit?

Aoi thinking: That's sharingan Kakashi!

Danzou: This doesn't concern you Kakashi. Go back to Konoha now before I have all of you executed for your betrayal.

Kakashi: Aoi come here. Fuu & Tourne don't try anything funny.

Aoi walks over to Kakashi.

Aoi: Kakashi this man is in breach of international law. He tried to use sharingan genjutsu to manipulate Mafune for his own selfish ends.

Kakashi: Sharingan!

Kakashi looks over at Danzou's eye.

Aoi: What's worse is Akatsuki attacked the summit & Danzou ran off once he saw the opportunity.

Naruto: Sasuke...

Aoi: Yes that's the one! How did you know.

Naruto: He went there to kill Danzou.

Aoi: I see... There was also another one pale white face kind of looked like half a man. But the Raikage killed him on the spot then went chasing after Sasuke.

Naruto: I think he means Alovera!

Kakashi: Wait when you say half a man as in the dark half wasn't there?

Aoi: Dark half?

Kakashi: Let me take a wild guess & say that this half a man tolled you Sasuke was at the summit.

Aoi: Yes.

Kakashi: It was a trap to lure Sasuke into fighting the Kages.

Naruto: Damn that Madara!

Aoi: I'm sure by now the situation has been handled.

Naruto: What do you mean handled?

Aoi: Look I know it's hard to accept but there's no way in hell Sasuke could overcome those 4 great Kages on his own.

Kakashi: I wouldn't underestimate the power of Uchiha Madara. This is all a part of his plan. & you Danzou you simply ran like a coward to protect your own arse.

Danzou: It was the best move I could make.

Kakashi: It was your only move. The alternative was to die by Sasuke's hand or be executed by the Kages. Do you realize that your actions may start another shinobi war? As top jounin of Konoha I see you as unfit to lead. I will bring Uzumaki Naruto to the summit to speak on behalf of Konoha. Summoning jutsu!

Kakashi writes down a note

Kakashi: Give this letter to Shukaku he'll know what to do. Ok Yamato you can let him go.

Danzou is set free.

Danzou: Kakashi... I won't forget this

Kakashi: Your time is over you're not even officially the Hokage anyway. It's obvious at this point that you manipulated the Dumi(whatever) as well to even gain such a position. Fuu & Torune I order you two to return to Konoha. We'll keep watch over Danzou & return with him to the summit.

Fuu: Danzou isn't going anywhere with you.

Danzou: Fuu enough do as he says.

Summit Meeting Area

Sasuke thinking: So that's the power of PMS

Raikage is seen badly damaged & half awake

Madara: As I was saying, Konoha's ideals of everlasting peace will cause the downfall of all of your nations. This is a tactic used since the villages foundation. Hashirama manipulated the Uchiha into an alliance which first triggered the need for unification from other rival clans which lead to large scale wars with an increase in the deaths of innocents. The Rain village is a prime example of the result of unified war. Time had passed & the other nations grew weaker & also bowed their heads to Konoha.

Tschukage: This was inevitable. The Senju & Uchiha working together was just to much for any nation to withstand.

Raikage: Speak for yourself old man!

Tschukage: Hey Raikage what happened to your arm anyway?

Madara: Enough with the bickering. A time came when Konoha no longer needed to rely on the power of the Uchiha. They became weak in these times of peace which ultimately lead to their demise. Sasuke however is a true Uchiha unlike the pretender generation that was wiped out. Sasuke came here seeking the head of Danzou for the sake of the Uchiha's pride.

Gaara: What does pride have to do with it? Why would Sasuke want to kill Danzou? What does he have to gain from it?

Madara: Because of Konoha's dark little secret. Because of the truth behind the destruction of the Uchiha.

Tschukage: Ha! I thought so.

Raikage: What's so funny Yoda!

Tschukage: I know thinking is a hard concept for you to grasp but out of the 5 Kage's which one of us isn't here?

Raikage: You don't mean!

Madara: Exactly, Danzou ordered Uchiha Itachi to assassinate the Uchiha because he feared the Uchiha would revolt against the Senju. Sasuke joined Akatsuki in the hopes to gain enough power to wipe Konoha off the map.

Karin: Sasuke

Sasuke looks away from Karin in shame

Karin thinking: You lied to us, you said you only wanted to kill Danzou & the elders.

Madara: Our organization has gathered 7 of the Buuji. Unfortunately Sasuke failed in the capture of Kirabi but that little mistake will soon be corrected. As we speak Hoshigaki Kisame is searching for Kirabi.

Choujuru thinking: Kisame sama!

Raikage thinking: Kirabi's alive!

Madara: Because of his failure Sasuke was sent here to remind you of what most of you have forgotten. You're all warriors it is your right to command by show of strength! Yet you're willing accept concepts of peace & jump threw hoops for political fat cats who get rich off of your blood! Who among you are willing to overthrow the figure heads of your respective nations that call for disarment?

Tschukage: Ha I like this guy I'm in!

Mizukage: Well you know where I stand Madara-sama!

Gaara/Raikage: WTF?!

Madara: Let's talk about the eye of the moon...
by: killerrabbit9

Madara: What I need you to understand is that the fight with Sasuke was a lesson for me and for you.
Raikage: What are you talking about?
Madara: For me, I wanted to know how strong he's gotten and for you to understand how weak you are.

Chapter 467 How Weak You Are

Tsuchikage: Weak? But he was defeated easily.

Madara: I never said you knew your weakness yet. Have you noticed I've appeared to you while Konoha is absent? This is not a coincidence.

Garra: As allies of the Leaf, the Sand will make sure they know every detail of what occurs here.

Madara: We will see.. Are you aware that over the last 16 years Konoha has been developing a deadly weapon capable of destroying an entire village in the blink of an eye?

Garra: !

Mizukage: And I thought my village was the untrustworthy one. We were that close to giving Konoha power. So what is this weapon?

Madara: Not what, who. 16 years ago as you may know Konoha was attacked by the Nine-tailed fox. The Hokage at the time erroneously believed the fox was controlled by someone else and in defense of whoever could control such a power began construction of the weapon.

Garra: (starting to figure it out) You're wrong-

Madara: Listen first, argue later! The Hokage gave up his life to create this weapon, by sealing up the Nine-tailed fox in his infant son.

Garra: No!

Zetsu, this time assisted by his black half binds Garra and his siblings.

Madara: As you can see, the Sand has already fallen prey to the weapon. The son of the Fourth Hokage (Mizukage: ! And blinks) not only possesses destructive physical powers but also destructive powers of persuasion which make even the most decent genjutsu pale in comparison. My most recent protégé, possessor of the legendary rinnegan, the eyes of the Sage of the Six Paths, the eyes that control life and death, the architect of and leader of Akatsuki, was defeated by this weapon. First he lost his body and then his mind! Truly a dangerous power.

Mizukage: And we wasted our time going after that idiot on your shoulder.

Raikage: Enough of this crap! The Cloud does not worry. We have our own power-

Madara: You speak of the Eight-tails? The man who faked his own death and betrayed his own brother just to for freedom?

Raikage: (Angry but starting to cry) What are you talking about?
Madara: The truth. Even I was fooled.

Black Zetsu: Its true..

White Zetsu: … the little octopussy ran away!

Raikage: (grieving) My brother.. what have I done?

Madara: Don't worry, I sent my man after him, one of your old sharks Mizukage, Hoshigaki Kisame.

Mizukage: Kisame

Chojuro: Big brother...

Madara: He will keep him safe from Konoha's weapon. Now that you understand your situation I need to know one thing before I can proceed with telling you about my plan, the eye of the moon plan. Answer this question, will you join me to defeat Konoha, to destroy their weapon?

Darui: We just got a report about Konoha, its been completely destroyed, I don't understand what the threat is.

Madara: The weapon convinced my protégé to use his final jutsu to revive everyone in the village. The people of Konoha possess the will of fire, regardless of the state of their village they are still a threat, and the weapon still lives.

Raikage: Fine then.

Tsuchikage: (thinking: for the time being I'll agree to learn about this plan) Heh, we're in.

Madara: (looks at Garra) I'm getting a distinct “no” from you, for the moment you will abstain.

Mizukage: (thinking: what a situation, for now I have no choice, sorry old friend) We will agree.

Madara: Very well, the tale begins when I fought the first Hokage....

Back to Naruto

Naruto is standing in thought, Kakashi and Yamato are standing with him.

There's a knock at the door.

It opens.

Sakura: Naruto!!

Naruto: Sakura!?

Sakura: When I heard the noise and saw the roof caved in...

Shikamaru and Hinata walk in.

Kakashi: Shikamaru whats going on?

Shikamaru: Its not my call.

Naruto: Sakura, I thought I told you not to worry about me, I'll get Sasuke.

Sakura: Naruto that's what I'm here about.

Hinata: Please, listen to her.

Back to Kages

Mizukage: What a fairy tale.

Tsuchikage: Yet I believe it.

Madara: So you see in order to defeat Konoha we must use their own blood against them. That is me. When I am complete I will be the weapon to counter Konoha's weapon.

Sasuke: What rubbish!

The Sasuke on Madara turns into Zetsu goo.

Madara: I see, why don't you come with me.

Sasuke: Why should I follow such a deranged madman? As if Naruto poses any threat to anybody.

Madara: His power has grown since you last fought him and will continue to grow.

Sasuke: Tsk! Power is nothing to do with it. You don't know Naruto. He would never be a weapon and never be controlled. Go against him and he will fight you. Whether he'd win, who cares? I'll beat him anyway.

Madara: Did you listen to a word I said?

Sasuke: I will not make your mistakes.

Madara: (smiling) Then you will fight him?

What is Madara's true plan? Next time: Naruto's Decision
by: jeanericuser

Hmm is it just me or is it odd that all of you have similar predictions. Here is a slightly different approach to the prediction.

Madara is standing in the room looking at the Kages. Sasuke is barely alive and Karin is crying over him. Madara moves back a step and looks at all of them.

Madara: "Now that I have your attention its time I told you the reason akatsuki has existed and our plan: The eye of the moon."
Raikage: "..."
Madara: "Unfortunately this is not the proper setting for you all to learn this."
Darui: "What the? Don't look into his eyes!"

Madara instantly traps all the kages and their subordinates as well as mifune in a shared Tsukyama. They all awaken to find themselves trapped on what looks like a barren dead version of the ninja world. The fields are shown with nothing but graves as far as the eye can see. Forests are reduced to endless fields of stumps. A village is shown burned out with bodies of people strewn through out the streets.

Raikage: "What the? Where the hell are we?!"
Mizukage: "Its some kind of genjutsu."
Madara: "Very good Mizukage."
Tsuchikage: "Damn Uchiha. It figures madara would do something like this to us."
Madara: "This as you all have noticed by now is genjutsu but not like genjutsu you have encountered before. In here time has no meaning."
Gara: "Why have you brought us to this particular setting?"
Madara: "This is the future you all have set if you continue your actions you have taken thus far."
Raikage: "The only actions we have taken thus far is to try to fight against the attacks you have made on all our villages."
Madara: "That is the point. You all have thus far reacted with aggression instead of asking why this is happening. Now I will tell you why and an offer I have for you."

Sasuke wakes up and sees sakura looking over him.
Sasuke: "Sakura?"
Sasukes eyes begin to clear up and he sees its actually karin.
Karin: "What? Sasuke thank goodness you are still alive!"
Sasuke tries to get up and sees that everyone in the room has collapsed. Madara is staring at them all. Sasuke looks with shock at madara.
Sasuke: "What happened to them?"
Karin: "Some kind of powerful shared genjutsu. They are all unconscious now."
Sasuke: "Then lets finish this right now."
Sasuke tries to walk towards raikage but stumbles to the ground.
Madara: "Easy sasuke. You endured much at the hands of the kages besides we do not want to wake them just yet."
Sasuke draws out his sword and prepares to stab raikage.
Madara: "The eye of the moon plan has now been activated. If all goes as planned than this whole disaster will actually serve to our benefit."

Madara is then shown back inside the genjutsu. The hokages and their subordinates are all shown standing with shocked looks on their faces.
Madara: "So who here is willing to take up my offer? If not you will spend an eternity on this dead world until your physical body is dead."
Mizukage: "My village and I will never accept such an offer. The last time akatsuki had control over our village was one of the worst in our history. I will never allow that to happen again."
Garaa: "I will never allow that either. I myself was once a jinchuriki and I know what can happen when they are used that way. I will not allow this to happen."
Raikage: "I think I speak for all of my people and the rest of us here when I tell you this right now, we will never serve you! Never!"

Raikage charges at Madara and passes through him.

Madara: "So be it. I will leave you all on this dead world until you change your minds. When you feel you are ready to consider my offer you need only whisper my name and I will come to you."
Raikage: "Madara!"

The world begins to pan out little by little until it is revealed to be a sharingan eye. The eye of madara. Madara turns to look at sasuke and karin.

Madara: "The kages seem to be stubborn for now but we will see if time changes their opinions after a while."
Sasuke: "But how do you know they will accept your offer?"
Madara: "That is of little importance right now. Our more important concern is leaving this village and finding the 8 tails and then once we have the 8 tails we will begin our plans to capture the kyubi."

Naruto is shown heading away from the iron country with kakashi and Yamoto.

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Kakashi 's Face Revealed!!
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Sasu-Saku and Naru-Hina

by: Numinous
posted: 25 Sept 2009

Naruto 467:Resolve

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(Sasuke Scene)
(Sasuke is on the ground, the Raikage is kicking his stomach; Shii and Gaara are in the room)

Raikage: I’ll teach you to not mess with the Raikage! (Sasuke spews some blood)
Karin: SASUKE!!! (she struggles, but Choujuurou won’t budge)

Raikage: You think you can kill my brother and break into this meeting without paying the consequences, did ya, punk?!
Sasuke: (thinking) His brother?! Does he mean… the Hachibi’s Jinchuuriki?

Karin: We didn’t kill him! He got away!
Raikage: Lies! If he got away, he’d return to Kumogakure! (continues to beat Sasuke)

Shii: Raikage-sama, another of the Akatsuki is coming in this direction. The beastly one, by the chakra.
Tsuchikage: More Akatsuki? When this is going to end?

Raikage: All of you, take care of him. I got this prick under control.
Tsuchikage: (thinking) He must think he’s the boss of us all. (talking) I’ll take care of him, don’t worry.
Akatsuchi: What about your back, Tsuchikage-sama?

Tsuchikage: The Akatsuki pain me more than my back at this moment! (reaches the entrance left by the Raikage with Akatsuchi; Juugo appears) Now! (Akatsuchi stands in the way of Juugo, while the Tsuchikage slips between Juugo’s legs)

Tsuchikage & Akatsuchi: Doton Kekkai: Dorou Doumu! *(Juugo is trapped inside a dome of earth and rocks; their palms touch the outside of the dome)

Juugo: Let me out! (starts to punch, but the dome self-regenerates)

Tsuchikage: It’s no use, kid.

Karin: But we didn’t killed the Hachibi’s Jinchuuriki, I swear!

Raikage: You think I trust in an Akatsuki’s word?

Juugo: (thinking) Damn, I can only here mumbles from here…

Shii: But, Raikage-sama…

Raikage: What?!

Shii: Her chakra isn’t changing. She’s speaks the truth.

Karin: See? I’m not lying!

Raikage: What the hell, Shii?!

Shii: I know what they did to Yugito can’t be forgiven, but nonetheless I can’t oppose to the truth.

Raikage: Hmmm… I don’t care, this prick will pay for what Akatsuki has done to Kumogakure! (Raikage tries to kick once again Sasuke, but Gaara’s sand appears between them)

Gaara: That’s enough, Raikage.

Raikage: You’re stoping me again?

Gaara: I know someone who’ll deal better with Sasuke than any of us.

Raikage: You don’t mean that brat that begged for this fraud’s life?!

Sasuke: (thinking) What?!

Gaara: By what you say, he must be Naruto.

Raikage: That’s the whiney brat’s name!

*Earth Release Barrier: Earth Prison Dome of Magnificent Nothingness

more spoilers and predictions

(Naruto Scene)
(Yamato is fixing the roof; Naruto is still inside the wooden cage)

Naruto: But we got to find Sasuke!

Kakashi: That’s exactly what Madara wants you to do. You can’t rush things like crazy, you got to think first. (sounds of a battle are heard)

Naruto: What’s this?
Yamato: It seems like a bunch of people fighting each other.
Naruto: Who are they?

Yamato: (tries to see more clearly) It seems… Danzou and two more people… probably his guards, against… Kankurou and Temari… and more two people, I can’t recognize them.

Kakashi: What are they doing here, so far from the Summit?
Naruto: Who cares? We got to go there!
Kakashi: Guess you’re right.
Naruto: Yes!!!
Yamato: But, Kakashi-senpai...

(Danzou Scene)

(Darui parries with Fuu; Kankurou’s Sasori puppet and Ao parry with Torune; Danzou, with the Sharingan uncovered performs the Rat, Serpent, Horse and Dog hand seals, takes a deep breath and exhales in Temari’s direction)

Temari: Daikamaitachi no Jutsu! * (swings her fan, nullifying Danzou’s Jutsu)
Danzou: (thinking) This is taking too long… (performs the Ram, Horse and Serpent handseals)

Fuu: Danzou-sama, look out! (Wood that sprouts from the ground and restrains everyone’s wrists and ankles)
Danzou: (thinking) Mokuton? That means… (Naruto approaches with Kakashi and Yamato)

Temari: Isn’t that…
Kankurou: Naruto!
Danzou: (thinking) So, Sai betrayed me. I’ll dispose of him later.

Naruto: What are you guys doing here? And why are you fighting?

Ao: (thinking) His chakra is out of the charts. Is he… the Kyuubi’s Jinchuuriki? (talking) The Hokage was mind controlling the moderator of the Summit, and in top of that, he ran away when the Akatsuki invaded the building.

Naruto: Akatsuki?!
Ao: Yes, Uchiha Sasuke was the one.
Kakashi: Oh boy…

Naruto: We got to go there, before the other Kages kill him!
Kakashi: I already told you, don’t rush things.

Naruto: But…!
Kakashi: You go there and then what? What you’ll do?
Yamato: Kakashi-senpai is right, we need to think before we act.

Ao: Excuse me, but the Hokage must return to the summit to answer his actions.
Danzou: Hmmmpf, again with the accusations...
Ao: Since you have such a formidable restraining jutsu, I’d be glad if you join us.

Naruto: Of course!

Yamato: It seems we don’t have a choice.
Kakashi: And, Danzou… (uncovers his sharingan) I’ll keep an eye on you.

Ao: (thinking) Another Sharingan user, they just keep coming… (talking) Well, now that’s all clear, let’s return.

*Great Sickle Weasel Technique

more spoilers and predictions

(Sasuke Scene)
(Everyone’s quiet; Sasuke is coughing blood)

Karin: (thinking) His chakra is so weak at this moment. What’ll happen to you, Sasuke?! What’ll happen to us?!

Raikage: Are you supposed to stay here waiting for the Hokage or that Naruto brat? And do nothing about this Uchiha punk?

Mifune: Don’t worry, if they delay, I’ll make sure Sasuke will be put in a secured cell, along with the other members of his team.

Raikage: Well, your samurai didn’t do sh*t when they approached him, so what’s the use?!
Mifune: Please, mind your mouth.

Raikage: I’d trust more that silly old gnome to guard them than your samurai!

Tsuchikage: Hey!
Mifune: Please…

Raikage: Don’t come with “please”, enough with the words, show me action! (a warp appears behind Sasuke, from it appears the upper half of Madara) What the hell?

Mizukage: Another Akatsuki?
Gaara: This is bad! (Gaara’s sand rush towards Madara)

Madara: I’ll be taking care of him. (grabs Sasuke) By the way, I’m Madara, nice to meet you! (Dark Zetsu appears a little farther, rejoining with White Zetsu)

Raikage: (thinking) Madara? Uchiha Madara?
Tsuchikage: (thinking) They just appear from thin air!

Dark Zetsu: How are you feeling?
White Zetsu: My neck hurts a lot.

Madara: Now I’ll go, bye! (Madara, Sasuke and Zetsu disappear, before Gaara’s sand reaches Madara)

Next Chapter: The Decision of a Lifetime

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by: Numinous

Naruto 467:Challenge

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(Madara Scene)

Madara: (thinking) So Naruto has arrived. Good.

(Taka Scene)
Suigetsu: Who’s that guy?!
Karin: (thinking) His chakra… is like that Jinchuuriki! So intense…
Juugo: He must be Naruto…

Suigetsu: What, the guy who defeated Pain? No wonder he destroyed Susano’o so easily!
Karin: And his chakra is just extraordinaire!
Juugo: I wonder… what he’ll do with Sasuke…

(Shii Scene)
Shii: (thinking) What is this chakra?! Is like Kirabi, but it’s not his… the Kyuubi’s Jinchuuriki? I must haste, hold on, Raikage-sama!

(Summit Scene)
Fuu: Danzou-sama, Naruto has arrived.
Danzou: (thinking) So Sai has betrayed me… no matter, I’ll dispose of him later.

Ao: So you know who’ s chakra is this? You mind to tell us who he is?
Danzou: Uzumaki Naruto, the Kyuubi’s Jinchuuriki.

Mizukage: He’s here, with an Akatsuki on the loose?
Danzou: I left instructions in Konoha to not let him leave the village…

Tsuchikage: It seems that even your village doesn’t go with your face, Hokage.
Danzou: Mind your tongue, Tsuchikage!
Tsuchikage: Oh, poor fragile Hokage, don’t tell him the truth or he might break like a glass!
Mifune: Please, Tsuchikage, we’re not here for provocations.
Tsuchikage: Hmpff…
(Naruto & Sasuke Scene)
Raikage: (thinking) He’s that brat from earlier… (talking) Hey, that Uchiha is mine! (Gaara’s sand grabs the Raikage’s arm) What the hell?
Gaara: Let Naruto with him, please.
Raikage: Grr… fine. But if doesn’t do anything, I’m going!

Naruto: (holding Sasuke by the cloak’s collar, with tears on his eyes) What the hell are you doing, Sasuke?!
Sasuke: Getting… my revenge…

Naruto: Aren’t you tired of revenge, Sasuke? You killed your brother, wasn’t that enough?! Why don’t you stop, Sasuke, why?!

Sasuke: You still don’t get it… do you?!
Naruto: Of course I don’t! I don’t understand you anymore!

Sasuke: That’s because you don’t know what I know! You can’t imagine what I’m feeling now, to know your whole life was a lie!

Naruto: (punches Sasuke) Do you even consider the pain I went through in my childhood? I know well your pain, so don’t say I don’t know! But your hatred will solve nothing!

Sasuke: You’re so naïve to think like that…

Naruto: I don’t care if I’m naïve or not, I just know revenge isn’t the answer! Revenge was what made Itachi murder the Uchiha clan, revenge was what made Nagato destroy Konoha!

Sasuke: Konoha was destroyed?! So I don’t need to destroy it anymore…

Naruto: (punches Sasuke again) Do you even listen to yourself anymore?! Why do you want your hometown ruined so badly?

Sasuke: All of them must pay for what they did to the Uchiha clan! Specially the elders and Danzou!

Naruto: Danzou… he might have ordered the Uchiha genocide and set Nagato and you on the path of revenge, but revenge is not the answer!

Sasuke: And let him walk free, after he blamed the Uchiha for the Kyuubi’s attack?!
Naruto: Uh? But it was…
Madara: (appears in a vortex) Enough with the talk! The time for the challenge hasn’t come!

Naruto: YOU!!!
Raikage: Who’s that guy?
Gaara: Beats me…

Sasuke: Leave me alone, Madara, I got this covered!
Raikage: Madara? Uchiha Madara?!
Gaara: This is bad! (Gaara’s sand rushes towards Madara)

Madara: Enough is enough! (sends a blast to Naruto, who defends with his arms, leaving Sasuke’s collar; grabs Sasuke) I’ll take this… yoink! (disappears in a vortex, before Gaara’s sand reaches him)

Naruto: (opens his arms, seeing that Sasuke’s gone) SASUKE!!!

(Kirabi Scene)

(Walking in the forest)
Kirabi: Oh yeah, oh yo, Kirabi da master is goin’ to Konoha to master some Uchiha butt, oh yeah, oh yo!!!

Hachibi: (in Kirabi’s mind) You still suck at rapping.
Kirabi: Oh, chill up, Bully, don’t get so cranky!

Hachibi: Why do I even bother… so, you still think that Sharingan guy is in Konoha?
Kirabi: Oh yeah!

Hachibi: But he’s an Akatsuki, don’t you think he’s somewhere else than Konoha?
Kirabi: Geez, way to ruin the mood, Bull! Can’t I do some sightseeing? Besides, the dudes in Konoha must know about that Sharingan dude.

Hachibi: If you say so…

(Kisame Scene)

(Kisame is seated on a rock; Dark Zetsu appears)
Dark Zetsu: Didn’t found the Hachibi’s Jinchuuriki yet?

Kisame: I found him, but the problem is that he’ s headed to Konoha, and I’m not in the mood to pick a fight with them, specially that Maito Gai, he’s such a pain in the ass…

Dark Zetsu: Still sore about last time? (Kisame stares at him coldly) Err… so what you’ll do about the Jinchuuriki?

Kisame: I’ll just wait for him to leave Konoha, and then he’ll taste my Samehada!

(Anko Scene)

(Anko’s jumping through the trees)

Anko: (thinking) The last information says he’s moving north… what is Kabuto up to? Wait… someone’s here! (searches her pouch and throws a kunai with a paper bomb attached, that explodes in the nearest tree; talking) Show yourself, rat!

Terai: (reveals himself, with his white cloak and ANBU mask) Impressive, nothing short of Orochimaru’s student…

Anko: (thinking) An ANBU? (talking) What business has ANBU with me?

Terai: I don’t represent the ANBU, I’m here in Danzou-sama’s behalf. His orders for you are to give all the data gathered about Kabuto to me and to withdraw immediately from this mission.

Anko: Too bad I don’t work for Danzou, I only answer to the Hokage, Tsunade-sama!
Terai: Danzou-sama is the appointed Sixth Hokage, you have to work for him.

Anko: What?! Is this a charade? No way Danzou is the Hokage!
Terai: Now do as I ordered.

Anko: (grabs a kunai from her pouch and licks it) And if I say no?!
Terai: Danzou-sama didn’t say you had to be alive to give the data…

Next Chapter: The Inconvenient Truth

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by: woo

An unexpected twist...

Naruto – Chapter (Unknown) - “Changes”

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Naruto emerges with the eyes of the toad sage.

Sasuke – What power...(Thinking) – Naruto... You go this far for me... to bring me back. Itachi... You were a true ninja, believing in Konoha.


Sasuke remembers his brother and all the praise he's receiving and the high hopes their father had for both of them. He remembers Itachi's eyes. He remembers how the name Uchiha was well known through out Konoha and the ninja world. He sees in his mind faintly his mother, his father and Itachi as they slowly walk towards him becoming more clear. (shed's tears)

Sasuke charges towards Naruto, he throws a punch, Naruto catches it. He does a roundhouse, Naruto dodges.

Sasuke – Lions Barrage!

Naruto gets hit but is revealed to be a mirage made from the wind and water.

Sasuke (Performs a series of handseals) – RELEASE! (A strong shockwave is sent from Sasuke).

Naruto senses that Sasuke's chakra has changed.

Naruto – Sage Mode! Double Rasengan!

Sasuke – Chidori! Raikiri! (each in Sasuke's hand)


Naruto is sent flying into Hashirama's statue

Sasuke is panting. Naruto falls towards the ground.

Naruto – ugh! (Cries) AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

Explosion, smoke covering Naruto. The wind blows revealing Naruto in 6 tails.

Sasuke – What's this chakra? It's different from the last we fought... this is not the kyuubi's powers... Wait... (Sharingan!) (Sasuke see three different chakra's mixing together within Naruto)

Naruto (in a deep voice) – We will not end this fight just yet... (opens his eyes and roars Naruto's chakra color changed to an aqua green with kyuubi, and sage eyes infused)

(Back to Madara and Zetsu W/B)

Zetsu (White) – Hohohohoho! Naruto and Sasuke What a fight this is going to be

Zetsu (Black) – I want to fight....

Madara (Sharingan!) - What powerful chakra..... Naruto has really learned to control his emotions.... Sasuke.... Your chakra is different... What did you do?

(Back to Naruto and Sasuke)

Naruto (Breathing in the air) – Wind Release – Rasenshuriken! (Shoots it out of his mouth)

Sasuke – Dammit! ( Kamui! The Rasenshuriken is warped and teleported)

Naruto – Was that Kakashi-Sensei's Kamui?

Sasuke charges towards Naruto in Mangekyo eyes. Naruto lunges forth.


Naruto is fighting Sasuke using his tails as arms to attack Sasuke.

Sasuke – Fire Release/ Lightning Release – Rage of the Gods ( Sasuke shoots out Thunder from his mouth with a spiral tunnel of flame)

Naruto – Safe Art Demon Release – Menacing Spear! ( 6th tail kyuubi Naruto shoots out a Spear with kyuubi chakra and Sage chakra absorbing the element wind, water and lightning and shoots it out at Sasuke's Rage of the Gods)

Rage of the Gods was overpowered.

Sasuke – Kamui!

Sasuke is seen panting holding his left arm and his eye's bleeding.... and with the bones of Susanoo protecting him. Kamui was used too late but he managed to lessen the impact with Susanno

Naruto is seen standing still. His demon fox cloak is changing color. He's absorbing the lightning and water and using his wind element to alter his fox cloak.

Sasuke and Naruto – We need to end this!

Sasuke – Hmm... Naruto...?

Naruto – Sasuke...?

Sasuke – (Mangekyo!)

Naruto – Where am I? (looks around)

Sasuke – This is Tsukiyomi, the genjutsu of Mangekyo. Who would've thought you would be the one I would be forced to use it on....?

Naruto – (In a different voice) Tsukiyomi? (Sharingan is activated)

Sasuke – This Chakra...

Naruto breaks free from Tsukiyomi.

Sasuke – What just happened? No matter!

Sasuke summons Susanoo (This version is different, wearing old Uchiha battle armor, it wields the mangekyo eyes of itachi...)

Sasuke charges forth (Thinking that Susanoo will follow)

Naruto with Sharingan, Sage and Kyuubi eyes prepares for impact. When suddenly a voice speaks.

??? - You've lost your way... Little Brother....

Sasuke is Shocked 8O.

Naruto – Little Brother...?

Susanoo's form is changing, it shrinks into Itachi.

He activates his Mangekyo and take both Naruto and Sasuke into Tsukiyomi.

Itachi – Time for me to have a chat with you two... Naruto... and Sasuke

Sasuke is shocked with tears in his eyes.

Chapter End...

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