Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Sixth Hokage

The actual sixth hokage is Naruto Uzumaki. Who will then marry Sakura Haruno.

The Akatsuki Leader Is The Fourth Hokage

The Akatsuki leader is the fourth hokage! After sealing the Nine-Tailed Fox in his own son(Naruto) he used a jutsu to form his body into Pein(akatsuki leader).

Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha, the founder of the Uchiha clan! He is one of the statues at the Vally of The End and was defeated there by the first hokage. He was expected to be dead but now it is thought that he is the one who sent the Nine-Tailed Fox to the Hidden Leaf Village to destroy it however it ended up being sealed inside Naruto, and he may still be alive.

Naruto's Dark Future

As everyone knows, Naruto is the son of the fourth hokage who then later became the akatsuki leader. However if the fourth hokage dies while leading the akatsuki Naruto would become the new Akatsuki leader,

Ansems Back!

In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep the bad guy infact is Ansem. In Kingdom Hearts 1 it may have looked like Ansem was gonE for good but he actualy was traped like Riku and King Micky beond the door in the Realm of Darkness.

Kakashi's Sharingon

Kakashi got his sharingon from Obito, who was trained by the fourth hokage with Rin and Kakashi. Kakashi got his sharingon on an ambu mission when an enemy ninja sliced his eye out. Then Obito was hit by an enemy ninja's earth style jutsu and crushed by a bulder. He then gave Kakashi his left eye. Obito was thought to have died there but he didn't. He actualy joined the akatsuki and changed his name to Tobi.

Roxas Returns

In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Roxas returns which means Sora turned ito a heartless. The other two Knights are unknown exept for the fact that they are all nobodies.

Naruto Sazuki

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Naruto 516 Raw Spoilers and Predictions

Naruto Manga 392

This Manga starts off with itachi suffering from the effects of susano walks slowly to sasuke. Sasuke backs down with fear of what will happen. As itachi going for sasuke's eyes he dint pluck it out instead he touched sasuke forehead like what he always did when they were younger. Afterthat, Itachi collapses.

Is This The Climax of the battle? well find out in the next manga.