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Fairy Tail 198 (English) is up!!
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Naruto 508 (English)
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Full Summary

508: How a Shinobi Dies

Kisame lets out a shout as he removes the restraining device and uses the Mizurou no Jutsu (water prison)

Everyone is flustered
Within the water prison, Kisame does a Kuchiyose but is beginning to lose consciousness.

From here, it's a flashback to when Kisame first met Itachi

Kisame: (It's just as you said, Itachi-san)
From today onwards, I'm the one who's going to be teamed with you. Once a Kirigakure (hidden mist) Seven Ninja Swordsman
Hoshigaki Kisame... Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Itachi listens silently

In spite of this, Kisame continues smoothly: The feeling of having killed your kinsmen isn't quite something you can put in words, now is it~

Itachi: You've done your homework, haven't you. I can tell you intend to understand me better, but how about yourself?
Coming here after getting lost in the mist... You're just a thug who hasn't decided where he wants to go. Am I wrong?

Kisame props Samehada on Itachi's shoulder
Kisame: Let me tell you something nice. This applies to the shark species too~~~
Sharks eat each other while in their mothers' stomachs. They kill their comrades. Henceforth, you are my comrade within Akatsuki. Please be on your guard. To me...

Itachi's eyes are in Mangekyou-mode: Right back at you...

Kisame unsheaths Samehada: Let's get along with each other so we won't end up as each other's final opponent.

Itachi: Be prepared with the knowledge that the one person who got along with me, died a worthy death

Kisame: In that case, that means neither of us are worthy humans, doesn't it?

Itachi: No, we are not fish. We are humans. We do not know what kind of human we are until we taste our last.
We are made to realise what we are at the time of our death. Don't you think death is like that?
Back to the present time.
The shark that was Kuchiyose-d is on a rampage.

Kisame: (Itachi-san, it seems that I really am... Not a worthless human, huh?)

The Kuchiyose-d shark eats Kisame.

Everyone is dumbfounded

Aoba: He was very much weakened. That was the path he tread knowing he couldn't escape from us.
Yamato: To think that this was the way the mysterious individual Hoshigaki Kisame died...
Bee's friend: Is he really dead?
Samehada seems lonely
Bee pets Samehada
Naruto: But, he did it because he didn't want to give any information on his comrades to us, his enemies. Think about Nagato. Even within Akatsuki, there are people who act with their comrades in mind (dattebayo!)
Guy: (placing a hand on Naruto's shoulder) He was remarkable, although he was an enemy! A shinobi's way of life is determined by the way he dies!
Hoshigaki Kisame, I will never forget you for as long as I live!

A seal is performed to validate the scroll containing the information. The booby trap is set off. A bunch of sharks appear.
One of them holds the scroll in his mouth and heads to sea.

Rain is falling in Amegakure (hidden rain)
Madara sits on a rock by the water: Rinnegan... It looks like you aren't going to obediently tell me where you hid Nagato.

Konan: I knew you would come to me. I've been waiting... To kill you

Madara: You won't go easy on me just because we were once comrades... Great.
Kisame, with the talk about the type of sharks who eat each other in the maternal belly, refers to cannibalism with immature form of fishes
(traslator notes - simply put, sometimes it happens that the more developed shark devours the eggs of his brothers).
Kisame tells Itachi to be careful because since he's his comrades, he could eat him. He tells him he could do the same thing he has done to his last partners.

On the other hand, Itachi says: I'm not a fish (shark). I'm a human.

The meaning was unclear? Sorry for the criptic way it had been expressed with.
by: Mincedmeat

Naruto 508: Final Act

(Been a while since I wrote a prediction for my fellow Naruto fans anyway here goes)

Kisame has broken free of his restraints after biting his own tongue to prevent Aoba from probing his mind with his Jutsu. Splinters fall as Kisame stands with his legs spread and his arms hanging low to the ground as he coughs up a large amount of blood and begins looking up at Naruto and the rest of the Shinobi surrounding him.

Kisame: Tch! Looks like this is the end of the lies. (Begins to laugh and coughs out another mouthful of blood)

Guy-Sensei: You want another dose of YOUTH?!
Bee: Yea you want some youth, Shut your mouth before I knock out ya tooth.

Naruto, Bee and others take a fighting stance whilst Kisame struggles to stand and looks up again in his vision everything has gone blurry. Suddenly his hands move into a flurry of seals.

Kisame: Water Release Raging Tsunami!

Water begins to slowly seep out of Kisames body before he suddenly begins to pour into a huge amount of raging water that shoots out in all directions slowly enveloping the entire island.

Naruto: !!!
Bee: !!!
Yamato: Wood Release Wood Locking Wall!

A dome shape wall quickly appears in front of Yamato, Naruto and the others; Splitting the wild rushing water leaving a small space of dry land for them to stand as the water rushes from the spiked island into the surrounding sea whilst dragging some of the wildlife into the water with it.

Motoi: Where’d he go?
Naruto: He turned into water!

Gai Sensei kicks one of the small puddles left on the ground scattering water into the air.

Naruto looks around and realizes Bee isn’t around.
Naruto: Where’d Octo-Dude go?
Yamato: !!!
Motoi: !!!

Bee has been washed half way to the other side of the island and is unconscious on the ground. Zetsu appears from the earth a few feet away.

White Zetsu: Lost another member of our family.
Dark Zetsu: Get over it! Kisame accomplished his mission either way.
White Zetsu: I know but I always like Kisame.

Madara Warps in close behind Zetsu and walks over to Killer Bee and Samehada.

Madara: Indeed Kisame was a great loss But now we have the Hachibi and we are only one small step away from realizing my “Moon’s Eye Plan”

Skips back to Naruto who’s in Sage mode scanning the island for Bee; suddenly opens his eyes wide with a look of anger.

Naruto: !!!
Yamato: What is it Naruto?
Naruto: Its Madara and that Aloe guy and they’ve got Octo-dude

Two Kumo-nin come rushing out and appear in front of Naruto and the others.

Kumo-nin: The island has been Infiltrated.
Motoi: We Know!

Skips back to Madara.
Madara: C’mon let’s get going.

Dark Zetsu: It’s going to take forever to seal the Hachibi with just the two of us.

Madara: Not to worry I already have that accounted for.
White Zetsu: Meet you back at the hideout.
Madara: Yeah.

Zetsu merges back into the earth and disappears leaving Madara alone with Bee when Naruto and Gai-Sensei appear.

Madara: Would love to stay and argue with you but world domination is at hand.

Naruto: You’re the reason my MOM AND DAD DIED!!!!!
Madara: !!!

Naruto: I know everything about what happened sixteen years ago and I will never forgive you.

Madara begins to warp out with Bee.
Madara: It doesn’t matter anymore Naruto the pieces to this puzzle are almost gathered and once it’s together the world will be mine.

Madara disappears with Bee as Motoi and the others appear.
Motoi: Bee-San!!!!

All the ninjas stand around the empty area with melancholic looks on their faces as Motoi grasped at the ground where Bee had been laying.

Skips to a Prison cell in Kumogakure where kid Jugo is tied to a wall by his hands, feet and neck.

Jugo: Where are you SASUKEEEE???

Suigetsu is in a cell opposite to him chained by his arms which have ration chakra running through them preventing him from liquidising .

Suigetsu: Oi Jugo shut the hell up would you your endless screaming is getting on my nerves.
Jugo: You shut up or I will kill you!
Suigetsu: Tch! This is all Sasuke’s fault.

Suddenly Madara warps into his Cell and is carrying a Kumo-nin bearing keys.

Suigetsu and Jugo: !!!
Madara: So who wants to get out of here and come see Sasuke?
by: ManChild

Naruto 508: The Return of Madara!

Kisame: hehehehe, you foolish ninja think that I can be defeated so easily. I AM KISAME! I AM THE STRONGEST OF THE SEVEN SWORDSMEN OF THE MIST! NO ONE CAN COMPARE TO MY POWER!
Everyone has shocked looked on their faces.

Bee(in thought) : He bit his tounge to to stop the mind reader from reading his mind. Man these Akatsuki are hardcore.
Guy: Are you sure you want another fight? Surrender now or you will be killed.
Kisame: Hehehehe, chumps like you dont even deserve to be in my presence. Samehada, come here.
(samehada jumps of bee's back and is caught my kisame)
Naruto: We wont let you escape.
Kisame: We'll see about that. (he screams) MADARA!!!!

Madara: (to sasuke) you have become well accustomed to your new eyes. but you still need a little more rest. Tommorow i'll teach you the basics of teleportation.
Sasuke: Im going to Konoha now.
Madara: You still dont seem to understand the limitation of your power. You will not be able to control it.
Sasuke: We will see.
Madara: I forbid you to leave until I return. I have some bussiness to attend to.
Sasuke: All right, Madara.

Madara teleports to Kisame

Naruto: (in kyuubi mode) I don't sense Madara nearby
Madara: Behind you.
Everyone turns around in shock
Naruto: This guy has no evil inside him at all.
Kisame : Madara, i need chakra.
Madara: I gave you the samaheda for exactly that purpose. You are still too weak. We will leave now.
Madara (to naruto): It seems that you have gained control of the Nine-Tails. But you are still too weak against the Sharingan.
Naruto: OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!(in anger)
Naruto uses super speed and head butts madara.
Madara: Damn! he's fast!
Naruto: What do you think of my power now?
Madara (slowly gets up): Sasuke will destroy konoha soon.
Naruto: What?
Madara: He's headed to the village right now
Yamato: No! Not again this cant happen again!

Madara takes kisame and teleports out

Naruto: Im going to konoha now.
naruto uses super speed and dissapeares

Bee: Better go help him.
Bee turns into 8-tails and uses superspeed and dissapears too.


Will naruto and bee make it in time to stop sasuke?
Naruto 509: The Race to Konoha
by: jeanericuser

Naruto 508: A Lesson in Fear

Kisame charges forward and immediately grabs for the ninja trying to read his brain. Before anyone can stop him he instantly snaps the ninja's neck. Naruto charges headlong towards kisame.

Naruto: "You will pay for what you have done!"

Kisame reaches a kunai from the dead ninja's belt and stabs Naruto in the stomach. Naruto falls over in pain as he struggles to move. Yamoto and all the others are shocked.

Yamoto: "Naruto!"

Killer bee charges forward with samehada but kisame catches the edge of the blade and deflects it into the air. Kisame punches killer bee hard in the stomach and he leans over in pain. Kisame catches samehada and slashes Killer bee in the back. Killer bee smiles as the others flee in terror except for guy who looks at Kisame with a terrified look. Kisame smiles as he walks toward guy with a blood drenched samehada. Unknown to him another person is watching him from the shadows behind a tree.

Shadowy figure thinking: "Its working. Looks like he has accepted the illusion for now."

Kisame is smiling with blood pouring from his mouth while Naruto and the others looks at kisame's face with disgust.

Naruto: "What happened? What did you do to kisame?"
Ninja: "I noticed he was starting to repel the mind probe so instead I converted it into a genjutsu induced coma similar to tsukyama."
Yamoto: "What is happening in his mind right now?"
Ninja: "He is killing you all as we speak."

Naruto looks at Kisame as he continues to sit in the restraints.

Naruto: "So what are we gonna do with him?"
Motoi: "I will send word to Raikage immediately for Kisame to be picked up. His interrogation as well as eventually his execution will be of the highest priority obviously to many of the villages."
Naruto: "Good. He deserves it for what he has done."

The others are looking down at Kisame as he still continues to smile while oblivious to what is going on around him. On a distant tree top several dozen feet away Zetsu is watching them as they look down at kisame.

Zetsu light: "So are we gonna save his but again or what?"
Zetsu dark: "Sadly we can't this time. He is too well guarded. For now he is on his own."
Zetsu light: "At least he did not leave us empty handed."

Zetsu light lifts up the scroll to examine it.

Zetsu light: "Its a good thing that Kisame dispatched another scroll before guy got to him. This information on the defenses of kumogokure should prove useful."
Zetsu dark: "Indeed. We had best bring this away before they can detect us."

Zetsu slowly disappears into the tree as we view it from the reflection of a bird's eye. The reflection changes as we now see it as the eye of a young ninja with a sand ninja headband. He runs as fast as he can through a tunnel. As the exhausted ninja stops to breath leaning against a wall a few kunai hit the wall just inches from his head. He gasps in shock as someone moves towards him in the distance. He smiles as he pulls the kunai from the wall.

Young Ninja: "Take this!"

The young ninja tosses the kunai at the figure who just in a flicker seems to disappear. The ninja eyes widen as he sees the figure vanish.

Young Ninja: "Where are you?!"
Voice: "Right behind you."

The young ninja gasps as a sword goes right through his chest from behind causing him to cough up blood as he seems to be supported only by the blade. From behind the shadows the face of sasuke is shown with a new sharingan. Sasuke looks over in the distance as Madara is looking on.

Madara: "Nice work sasuke."

Naruto 509: Shadowy Killers of the Night
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Naruto 507 (English)

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