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Naruto 509 Raw Spoilers and Predictions

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Hi Guys, Zetsu-san here, just to let you know about this
Naruto Shippuden Movie 4
I would recommend watching if you already haven't done so
(we finally get to see Yondaime in action!)

by: NF

Naruto 509 - The Bridge to Peace

Madara listens to Konan's reasons for her betrayal (of Akatsuki). He says he didn't expect that Naruto was worth so much.

Konan says hostilely, "Because he is the light, and holds the flower of hope for everyone."
Madara: "The fact that you are still wearing those clothes (Akatsuki uniform) despite fighting me tells me that you still cling to Akatsuki."

Konan: "Akatsuki was created by Yahiko, the red clouds on their uniform symbolise the rain of blood that fell during war in Amegakure, and just because you came aboard Akatsuki, it doesn't make it yours - it's our symbol of justice"

Konan continues: "The Rinnegan was bestowed upon Nagato of Amegakure, it is not yours, but his eyes are this country's, and this village's treasure"
Madara lets Konan's paper shuriken pass through his body, "This will be the end, so I'll tell you"
"The one who induced Yahiko to set up the Akatsuki was me. The one who gave Nagato the Rinnegan was also me. That's why it's only right to ask for them to be returned to me"
The two begin their battle as Konan says that if Madara were to get his hands on it, all sorts of things would happen.

Konan doesn't let hi materialised body escape by attacking with a large number of paper attacks.
Madara notices that she has something planned and decides to take her on, trying to suck Konan up when he has a chance.
However Konan has mixed some exploding tags among the paper, intending to kill the both of them.

-flashback starts-
When Akatsuki was founded? Konan reports to Yahiko that their members have been defeated.
Yahiko and Nagato are both injured and bandaged.
There are numerous other minor members present apart from Yahiko, Nagato and Konan.
Nagato says that he will go out to recce in the afternoon, but Yahiko says "I'll go, so rest, don't strain yourself"
He continues, "Nagato is pivotal to Akatsuki and is the man who will change the world. So just give all your worries to Nagato"
Konan: "The same goes for you, everyone loves you and thus follows you, just like with Nagato"
A while later, Yahiko responds "He is the man who will become the bridge to peace. My role is to become a pillar of support to that bridge"

Yahiko murmurs, "This country is still crying, and I now want to save this country which I once hated for always crying, that's how I feel deep down. I just can't leave this country alone because it's a crybaby just like me," and he leaves.
Konan, Nagato and the other members see him off, Nagato says, "The one who will be the bridge to peace is him, his very purpose will form the bridge"

"We'll believe in Yahiko, let's go everyone!" he commands, before following after Yahiko.
The flashback ends with Konan's monologue of determination "I will become the pillar of support to the two bridges formed by Yahiko and Nagato"
The exploded paper and cloth are scattered about. We see a little of Madara's face as his mask has broken. He has also lost his right arm.

He says to Konan who is right before him, seemingly not with as many injuries, "I underestimated you, after all you were also once a member of Akatsuki."
"You intended to explode the both of us, but thanks to the fact that I sucked in a little of the explosion, both of us are safe"

In response to Madara's question if she's exhausted her secret plans, Konan says that she has a question for Madara. "Do you know why you were betrayed by us?"
Madara: Who knows?

Konan uses secret arts as she yells "You are darkness, a flower can only wilt in a world without light!"
The lake? sea? all becomes paper, and spreads just like the Red Sea did for Moses, and she tries to drop Madara into it... next chapter!
A secret art to protect Nagato... Seal him into a sea of paper!!
Here's the short spoiler.

Weeee, Konan really does great.
She messes Madara up.

You still can't see his face.
But about half of the mask has been destroyed.

What you can see is a guy with short hair.
He looks really young (I think/It seems)

Bridge to peace (trans: chapter title?)

Madara asks Konan the reason for her betrayal. Is Naruto really worth it?
Konan says Naruto is the light, the flower of hope for everyone.
Konan is hostile towards Madara.
Madara: Fighting with me wearing that cloak, does it mean you still can't let go.
Konan: Yahiko created the Akatsuki. The red clouds on this cloak are the symbol of the rain of blood that poured down in Amegakure during the war. Even if you had taken over the Akatsuki, this cloak still represents our justice. It's not yours. The Rinnegan was activated by Nagato in Amegakure, it's not yours either. His eyes are the precious asset of this country, of this village.

Madara: It's I who made Yahiko create the Akatsuki. It's I who gave Rinnegan to Nagato. It's only right that I take them back. All I have to do now is capture you.

The fight begins.
konan tries to use exploding tags to attack's a kind of jutsu that the user and the victim dies together.madara loses his right arm but manage to teleport the explosion away.some flashback of konan,yahiko and nagato.madara says tat madara gave nagato the rinnegan.(wTF?) and he told yahiko to create akatsuki(WTF.i have no idea.)

konan says madara is the dark tat is why everyone stays away from him.the chapter ends with konan using a fuiin jutsu.
she says konan is really strong.madara sucks.

madara's mask is broken in half.
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by: ShiverX

Naruto 509-510 Prediction:

Konan and Tobi stare at each other.

A thunder flashes as Tobi appears behind Konan in an instant. She turns just in time to lock arms with him as his is forcefully launched at her head. Stopping his arm and locking it with her own she stands eyes to eye with the former member of Akatsuki.

"You have quite the speed Konan" Tobi's voice is spiteful.

"You are not so slow yourself" Konan clenches her teeth as she struggles to hold on to Tobis arms."

"You haven't seen nothing yet.." Tobi whispers in an amused voice and disappears right in front of Konan's eyes.

Right that instant Tobi reappears above Konan and she barely dodges his strike. She jumps to the side as he strikes the water splashing it all over the place. In the corner of her eye she loses sight of him again as he vanishes from the water. "He is too fast for normal battle" she thinks to herself as she starts to initiate step two in her plan.

Forcing a large amount of chakra to her feet she bursts forward leaving a paper clone that is instantly impaled by Toby's hand from behind through the clones neck. Paper is flying everywhere. Forming a seal with her hands, " Paper Tomb no Jutsu!"
The paper clone closes around the hand impaling it and deforms around Tobi's body, slowly starting to trap and crush him. "That will slow him down" She whispers as she continues to rush towards her goal.

Jumping the last meters she reaches the border of the city, just before the beach. She feels her clone crumbling around nothing and turns around on the spot facing Toby and the now useless paper.

"Do you think the city barrier will stop me?" Tobi appears in front of Konan so fast the mind struggles not to accept the notion that he was always there.

He launches out at her once more, but she almost pre-empts him and simultaneously blocks his arms locking them to her own, again standing face to face with her enemy.

"Impressive Konan" Tobi's voice still seems amused. "To think you had such reactive speed and what impressive abilities to read your opponent. Or am I just that obvious?"

Konan smiles at Tobi, "Either your obvious or I'm just fast enough to handle you."
Tobi shifts his weight forward a little so that his face comes closer to Konan.

"Not fast enough I'm afraid. I don't need to strike you. In fact to make contact was all I ever needed!" Tobi's mask start to twist as he begins sucking Konan into his realm....

There is more!! Continue reading HERE
by: The Egyptian

Naruto 509: Konan's Deadly Art!!

Madara: I will give you one last chance!! Give me the location of Nagato's body Or else I will force it out of you!!

Konan: Nagato warned me about this possible outcome, But you underestimate truly what Nagato was capable of!!.

The rain clears and the sun shines through to reveal Two fierce Shinobi about to clash, For one of them, it will be the last!!

Madara: No matter,
( Madara warps to Konan's side and grabs her arm, only to realize she is only a paper clone, As the clone disperses into hunderds of shreds of paper, they All harden themselves like steel and strike Madaras position)

Madara: You will have to be faster than that if you want to impale my body!!.

Konan: ( Nagato, Thank you for giving me your gift to use against Madara, You always wanted to keep me out of harms way so I hope this works!!)

Madara: Konan, I see you hiding in the water, I would prefer a battle above water if you dont mind!!

Nagato's conversation with Konan:

Nagato: Konan, When I die, I need you to be aware of Madara!!
Konan: Please dont speak like this Nagato!!

Nagato: You have to be prepared for the worst, I feel my end draws near and with Madara involved He will desire my eyes!! But he must never have them!! I fear the worst when it comes to him!!

Konan: What should I do if it comes down to this?

Nagato: I will implant the most dangerous technique these eyes have opened to me, into your eyes!! But keep in mind You must look into both of Madara's eyes to make sure the technique is a success!!

Konan: you never told me of such a technique? what is it capable of ?

Nagato: Just like how I can bring life back , I can forceably take it out and seal it within my eyes. This technique will allow you to literally suck the remaining Life force out of Madara when you lock eyes with both of his eyes!! No matter if he is made solid or intangable the technique is perfect and it is the perfect jutsu to use against his abilities!!.

Konan: What if he tries to use Tsuykyomi on me!!,

Nagato: Do not fear, with my ocular powers inside you, Not even Madara's strongest genjutsu can fool you!!.

Back to the fight:

Konan: As you wish Madara!! ( I must find a way to remove his mask so I can see both his eyes!!, but for now let me engage him!!

Konan: Come attack me if you dare!!

Madara: ( That is a lethal attack!! She most likely has used her water element to cause her paper jutsu to be clear and translucent so I cannot see where it is, and she knows not to attack me until I try and attack her!! )

Madara: You think a paper cut can harm me!! ( Madara teleports again to Konan's side, and just before he can grab her, the translucent paper does not aim for his body, But it all goes to knocking of Madara's Mask!!!)

Madara: WHAT??

Konan: Nagato, I will make you proud!!!!, Give me your life now !!!!!

Madara: What is this, You have Nagato's Rinnengan!!! What technique is this I feel myself losing Life, NOOOOOO...


Madara: This cant be , I need to stop this NOW!!!, ( Madara Activates his version of Susanoo and A Huge Monster that looks more like a Devil with Horns Erupts to try and disrupt the Life being drawn from Madara. But instead the Rinnengan Sucks in Susanoo into the eyes and continues on the life force of Madara!!.)

Madara: AHHHH I cant even Teleport out of this Jutsu!! Your Blasted Rinnengan is keeping locked in here!!!
( Finally resulting in Madara falling over dead!!!!)

Konan: Finally !! Maybe this will bring peace to the world now!!

As silences falls, Suddenly!!!.......

Madara: Did you like that version Konan?

Konan: WHAT!!! NOOO HOW CAN THIS BE!!!! ( all of that was a GENJUTSU!! IMPOSSIBLE!!)

Madara: I was there when Nagato implanted that Dangerous technique into your eyes, and I learned the basics of the technique while he was implanting into your eyes, and soo it took me a few months to devise a way around it but since I saw the technique being created , These eyes of mine were able to see everything!!.

But now that I have been inside your brain, I know exactly where to find Nagato, and I no longer need you alive!!.

Madara: AMATERASU!!!

Konan: Nooooo!!!! ahhhhhh

Next Naruto 510
by: Sensei-Q

Naruto 509 - 'Angel Interrogation'

*Konan and Tobi are standing still in the middle of the rain*
Tobi: Are you going to tell me where you hid him, or do I have to get you to talk with force, hmm?
*Konan has a serious look on her face, but seconds later she has a smirk on her face*
Tobi: Fine, have it your way, woman.. *Tobi jumps off of the broken pipe and runs towards Konan with his arms stretched*

Konan: Here goes noth- *Konan's stomach is pierced by Tobi's fist before she is able to finish her sentence*

Tobi: Now, tell me where he is, or I'll make sure to stab through a vital organ this time, *Tobi said with a threatening voice*.

Konan: You fool, I'll never tell you anyway..*disperses into paper*
Tobi: You bitch.. *turns around to see Konan up in the sky with paper wings on her back*

Konan: For someone with a Sharingan, you're tracking skills are amateurish. That being said, it's time to finish you off.
Tobi: Heh, well then. Show me what you got..!
~Epic Shippuuden OST~
*Konan's wings change shape into much bigger and aerodynamic wings as she flies towards Tobi with great speed and spinning in the process*

Tobi: That won't work on me, I seemed to have overestimated your tactical skills.
*Konan flies through his body into the water, and Tobi solidifies his body again*
Tobi: Why would such a linear attack work on me *he said as he turned around*
Konan: -Linear, you say? *Konan jumps out quickly, surprising Tobi and leaving him vulnerable for a split-second*
Tobi: (Shit!) *jumps away, but is kicked down immediately by Konan's paper-clone which was hovering in the sky all along*

*The real Konan jumps back up from the water and pushes a Fuujin tag against the falling Tobi's mask right above the eye hole, causing Tobi to make a reverse salto because of the force of impact*
Konan: Nagato told me everything about, "Madara".

Tobi: *Struggles to stand up* You don't know what you're talking about, you silly woman.. *tries to pull off the Fuujin Tag but can't*

Konan: That Tag contains sealed sunlight. You're a shell of your former self. The First Hokage humiliated you. He not only defeated you, but he also "banished" you from what we call 'daylight'. He sealed you and your eye into Darkness, where you belonged in the first place.
For years you've experimented with the seal, resulting in great pain and slow deaths. The DNA you lend from that plant creature won't help you this time. You're going to die right here and now.
If I release the Fuujin, the sunlight will trigger the seal the First Hokage placed on your left eye.

Tobi: W-Wait, Konan, we can work this out. Remove the Tag and I'll leave you for good.
Konan: I'm not a controllable fool, this is your end.

*Konan makes a 'Ram' handsign*

Tobi: Wait, you bitch!!!

*The seal on Tobi's mask starts to glow&lighten up*

Konan: And now; Relea-!!!

*Konan is pierced from the back, through her heart by a lightning spear*

Naruto 510 - Least Expected

Hi Guys, Zetsu-san here, just to let you know about this
Naruto Shippuden Movie 4
I would recommend watching if you already haven't done so
(we finally get to see Yondaime in action!)
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