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Naruto 507 Spoilers and Predictions

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Naruto 507 (English)

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507 - The Fake Existence.

Naruto's little quip about Guy was difficult to translate. It probably wasn't written correctly in japanese in the first place, so i just winged something. Don't take it to seriously
Kisame's shark tries to absorb the chakra of Hirudora, but Hirudora isn't made of chakra.

Guy: "Roar!! Youth!"

The shark and tiger collide

Not far away:
Yamato: "Guy-san's Hachimon TonkĊ art... Hirudora!"
Naruto: "Hirudora...? What, does Guy-sensei give a discount on mushy naming senses while selling his fresh youth stuff?"

Yamato: "The force of Hirudora spreads out over a vast range! If you don't brace yourself...!"
A powerful wind arrives where Yamato and co. are.

Kisame collapses. Guy stands above him. Guy has the scroll (with the information) in his left hand.
Kisame is worn out: "Was that a Ki attack just now?"
Guy has white eyes: "Hirudora is taijutsu, not ninjutsu." He explains about Hirudora.
Kisame moves and Guy punches him in the stomach. Kisame coughs up blood. He loses conciousness.
Scene change:
Kisame: He's tied to a what appears to be an execution platform (like a gallows). In such a way that he cannot move his hands and neck.
Konoha's crow user (probably Aoba) tries to get information from Kisame's memory in a way similar to Inoichi.

Kisame has a flashback~~
His comrades invite him to eat with them, but Kisame refuses.
Seeing this, his comrades are like "Whatever~~~"

Kisame is on a mission to deliver a code. He comes across Ibiki.
Kisame annihilated all his comrades. It's better if he alone has the code.
If the others get caught and talk, they would be killed.

Then we get to the Fourth Mizukage.
Kisame asks him whether he's an enemy or a friend.
From behind him, Madara appears...
Madara manipulated the Fourth Mizukage.

Then Kisame regains consciousness and to make sure no information can be retrieved, he bites off his own tongue, committing suicide.
Kisame's sharks are absorbed by the Hydra. Hydra is no chakra.
(Kisame's sharks attempt to absorb Noon Tiger's chakra. But Noon Tiger is not made up of chakra.)
Guy : Howl ! Youth !

Tiger and Shark are clashing.
Just near.

Yamato : Guy's Hachimon Tonkou's technique ! It's the Noon Tiger !
Naruto : Noon Tiger ? It's just like him naming techniques for discounts sales or something.

Yamato : The Noon Tiger's range is huge. He must stand firm !
(Yamato: Noon Tiger's strength is far-reaching. Stand firm (to Naruto).
A gust blows through Yamato's whereabouts.)

Kisame falls on the ground. Guy is standing above him. Guy haves a scroll in his left hand.
Kisame is all beaten up. "That was a like a Air Bullet, that attack."

Guy haves white eyes. Noon Tiger is no Ninjutsu, it's Taijutsu. He explains about Noon Tiger.

Kisame tries to moves but Guy punch his guts. Kisame vomits blood. Kisame lose consciousness.
Kisame : You're just like a torturer. Just so I can't move.
Aoba comes and just like Ino's father, he tries to get info out of him.

Kisame's past.


Kisame refuses to have lunch with his friends.
When they see this they're all like "Geez, whatever."

Kisame's mission is it to deliver a password. He meets Ibiki.
Kisame killed all his friends so he would be the only one knowing the password.
Since if they're catched and they talk, they're killed.

And comes The Fourth Mizukage.

Kisame asks if he's a ally or a foe.

And behind him, there is madara.

Madara manipulates the 4th Mizukage.


Kisame regain consciousness.
For him to no reveal any crucial intelligence. Kisame commits suicide by biting his own tongue.
by: The Special One

Naruto 507: Wonder Gate Unleashed, Gai and Kisame’s Fight Reaches Its Conclusion

(The scene starts off focusing on Kisame, who is prepping his giant shark missile.)

Kisame: (in thought) “Simple-minded beast, that’s all he is. It was already too late, the moment I put that scroll into the mouth of my summoned shark, even now, it has probably already transported its self to the relay station. It was a clever trick, mixing my summoned shark amongst my man eating sharks.”

(Kisame’s jutsu has finished preparation, and fire’s off a large, Great White equivalent, chakra type missile at fast velocities towards Gai, however, without a second wasted, the projectile is instantly pulverized by a large claw, belonging to the Afternoon Tiger. Kisame is amazed and tries to gather more chakra to fire off another missile using the casing around him. instantly, Gai, who is incased in his large chakra shaped Tiger, appears in front of Kisame, who is still engulfed in his shark casing.)

Kisame (in thought): “Too fast, I can't get off another shot!”

(Immediately, the large shark and tiger lock jaws with each other as bursting waves of chakra rattles the water from the impact. Without even realizing it, Gai has moved from his position inside his armored tiger, to inside Kisame’s guard, as the armored tiger vanishes.)

Kisame (in thought): “Shit…”

(The panel then focuses on both of Gai’s palms being forced out of Kisame’s back. The scene then cuts to the front, Gai pulls his hands out as the scene switches to the recent past which reveals his palms to have been shrouded in pale chakra, shaped in the likeness of tiger paws prior to tearing into Kisame’s torso.

The scene switches back to the present as the armored shark fades into the water as Kisame is sinking to the bottom of the sea. Gai emerges from the water, up to his waist and takes a breath, close up on Gai’s face shows that blood is trickling down his nose, mouth, and ears. Gai looks into the reflection beaconing off of the water and also notices that his skin is splitting above his forehead and near his cheeks.)

Gai (in thought): “Youth… Am I really getting-?” (Gai then takes a dip back into the water and searches for the scroll. The scene switches over to Kisame, he is continuing to sink, blood is flowing out of his two huge hole like wounds.)

Kisame (in thought): “Beaten by that brainless ape, miserable.” (The scene switches to the distance past, a young Kisame, who looks like a pale human, is dressed in the casual Mist attire with katana hanging off his back. He stands amongst many other figures, whose faces aren’t shown due to obscuring. They all then face each other and pull out Kunai, swords, and prepare handseals. The scene focuses on Kisame’s face, he has a grin that stretches from ear to ear. Scene then cuts to after the battle, Kisame has multiple shuriken lodge into his legs and arms, he has a Kunai in each shoulder. Kisame is also covered in cuts and drenched in blood. He stands amongst the slaughtered men, the last one standing. The scene switches over to outside the Mizugakure HQ, the entrance is guarded by two guards, who are dressed in cloaks with their faces being unimportant; though their hoods hang off.)

Guard 1: “You look a mess, how dare you approach the lord in your condition?”
Guard 2: “You ruffian, Hoshigaki, get lost or I’ll kill you where you stand, cretin!”
Kisame: “Tell the Mizukage that I’m ready for the compatibility testing. I’m going to be the wielder of Samehada!”

(Both of them are blown away in shock.)
Guard 1: “WHAT!?”
Guard2: “That’s impossible! How did a low-life like you survive the-”

Kisame: “It’ll be best that you two tell him as soon as possible, I want to get the treatment done by morning. If I’m not contacted by then, well, I’ll take your failure as reason enough for your deaths.”

(Kisame cracks a slight smile much to the annoyance of the guards. The scene then switches to some years down the line, Kisame, Sasori, Zetsu, Orochimaru, Konan, and Pain are all in Akatuski uniforms and surrounding the new member, Uchiha Itachi.)

Pain: “Welcome to the unit, Uchiha Itachi!”

Konan: “Hmph!”

Light Zetsu: “Oh, just like Tob-“

Dark Zetsu: “QUIET YOU FOOL…”

Orochimaru (in thought): “A runt, an Uchiha runt, Pain won’t fret if a kid like him ends up missing; he is just a kid… Perfect…”

Sasori: “I don’t like that look of his, it’s too condescending. Leader, I’m not certain both of us will live.”

Pain: “You’ll live because I say so.”

Kisame: “A brat with a chip on his shoulder huh! Hey kid, lighten up a bit ehh?” (Kisame walks over to Itachi and touches his shoulder, however, Itachi activates sharingan quickly and pushes Kisame’s hand to the side and withdraws his short-sword and places it near Kisame’s neck as Kisame leads backwards and pulls out Samehada and quickly slashes downwards with one hand, however, Itachi appears to Kisame’s side and prepares to thrust but Pain immediately pops in the middle disarms Itachi by smacking the blade out of his hand, Kisame grins, however, Pain stares Kisame down with those frightening Rinnegan looking eyes..)

Kisame: “Shessh, what did I do? I just tried to give him a warm welcome and he went berserk.”
Pain: “Don’t mess around, he almost killed you.”

Kisame: “That squirt? He’s strong, I’ll give him that, but I was just going easy on him, relax.” (Orochimaru licks his lips while staring at Itachi.)

Pain: “Learn to get along, from now on, the two of you will be paired together as Itachi’s skills are a great foil to your own.”

Kisame: “Watcha tryin to say boss, that you don’t like how I do my job?”
Konan: “That’s exactly it.”
Kisame: “Who asked you, woman?”

(Orochimaru bursts out into laughter.)

Orochimaru: “Ku, ku, ku, ku! At least it’s never boring here.”

Pain: “Kisame, you’re one of the best here, but you’re too reckless with your chakra and you aren’t level headed enough. A guy like Itachi will lead to many fewer suspicions about us.” (The scene then switches over to more years down the line. Itachi and Kisame are in an area which is being overly hit with rain. The 4 tailed host is under a tree, collapsed. Kisame glances over at Itachi.)

Kisame (in thought): “Still, the same look… Even after all those years, I haven’t seen this guy joke around…” (Itachi notices Kisame’s stare and calls him on it.)

Itachi: “What is it?”
Kisame: “Ha, ha… It’s nothing… But seriously, what’s the deal?”
Itachi: “Hmm?”

Kisame: “Your face, it’s always plain, un-lively… Are you not enjoying what you do?”
Itachi: “I kill because I have to, not because I like to. Those who constantly smile are doing so to conceal their deepest regrets they’ve made in their lives. The only time when smiling really matters, is before one dies. No one will save face to lie to their selves to the grave. Can you honestly tell me that you can smile after all the things you’ve done?”

(The scene switches back to the present. Kisame goes into thought.)

Kisame: (in thought) “I heard Itachi smiled before he died… That’s good, wish I could have seen it… Can I really do it, in the end?” (Kisame notices that Gai is swimming aimlessly amongst the abyss of water. Kisame then touches his wounds.) Silly, that ridiculous host’s chakra allowed me to recover this much, but it’ll be only good for-…” (Kisame starts making handseals, a man eating shark quietly forms. Kisame extends his hand as the shark stealthily swims closer and closer towards Gai’s location. Gai turns around and is instantly bitten in his right side by a man eating shark and locks on tightly to his body.)

Gai (in thought): “I thought he was dead?” (Blood flows out of Gai’s mouth, however, the shark then dissipates as Gai floats through the water in pain and agony as the water turns to a dark hue. Gai spews up blood but hasn’t died yet as bubbles expel from him. Kisame’s monologue then appears.)

Kisame: “Every time I kill someone with my own hands, a deep sensation wells up inside. It was happiness. I was happy that it wasn’t me.” (The scene focuses on Kisame’s face, which holds a grin that stretches from ear to ear.)

[The man who only achieved satisfaction through killing others, a deranged shark creature, named Hoshigaki Kisame.]

(The scene switches over to Yamato and Naruto, they are running across the water towards Gai’s position.)

Naruto 508: Will Naruto and Yamato save Gai from falling victim to the vast waters?
by: jeanericuser

Naruto 507: "A Beast's Final Farewell"

Kisame and Gai immediately rush head long towards each other. Kisame smiles as their two chakra manifestations collide. Gai is staring face to face with kisame as the heads of the two beasts collide. Suddenly gai's version begins to fade away.

Gai thinking: "What the? How can this be? Im tiring way too quickly."
Kisame: "Once again you have failed strange beast. In your efforts to beat me you forgot one rule."
Gai thinking: "What is that around his neck?!"

Kisame has a shard of samehada around his neck. Gai watches as kisame rushes towards him at lightning fast speed. Gai eyes widen in shock.

Kisame: "Never underestimate me!"
Gai: "?!"

Kisame rushes forward and stabs Gai in the chest with a kunai. Kisame smiles evily at Gai coughs up blood and falls to the water below. Gai slowly starts to sink as blood flows rapidly from gai wound. Dark Zetsu appears from the water near gai's position and looks up at kisame as he lands.

Dark Zetsu: "I received your message. Looks like you have been busy."
Kisame: "The infiltration was a success. I have acquired all the necessary information about the defenses of kumogokure."
Dark Zetsu: "Then I guess the attack plan is a go."

Gai looks up from under the water as he sees Zetsu and Kisame leave. Gai swims towards the beach underwater. Gai is laying on the beach when he hears someone coming. Gai opens his eyes to see naruto looking down at him along with yamoto. Gai tries to get up but collapses he yells in pain.

Naruto: "Stay still your cut is too deep for you to move. I will get a medic here immediately."
Gai: "Naru....Sorr....I failed to get him."
Naruto: "Yamoto get that healer here as fast as you can!"
Yamoto: "Right! Just keep him awake naruto!"

Yamoto runs off while naruto cradles gai's head.

Gai: "Naruto I over her heard kisame talking to someone. They are going to attack kumogokure soon. Mussstt warn them."
Naruto: "Gai don't talk the medic is almost here."

Gai smiles as naruto starts to cry. Gai puts his hand on naruto's shoulder.

Gai: "Tell Lee Im sorry. I should have told him he was my son."
Naruto: "Gai. Gai!"

Gai's arm falls of naruto's shoulder as he slumps over giving off his last breath. Naruto starts to cry as he remembers Gai's smile. Naruto flashes back to remembering gai and lee compete against each other. Naruto clenches his fist in anger.

Naruto: "Rest in piece old friend. I promise you your sacrifice will not have been in vain."

Naruto gets up as Yamoto arrives with some of the killer bee, motoi, some guards, and a medic. Naruto shakes his head as they look down at the dead gai.
Naruto: "We need to get off this island immediately."

Naruto 509: "The Journey Home Begins"

by: SIlverblade VI

Naruto 506: Noon Tiger and Giant Shark Missile Makes an Epic Clash

Guy Might sends his fist thrashing against Kisame's Suiton knocking it back at him at full force. Kisame is swept away by the water and makes multiple Mizu Bunshin.

Kisame: This beast has became a more greater beast. However.....

Guy: ITS OVER!!!

Guy darts forth in a linear path splitting the water into two with immense speed. His chakras are growing stronger by the second.

Kisame: HE'S FAST!!!

Guy ricochets through the crowd of Mizu bunshin and then his left heel meets Kisame's Jawline.

Kisame: !!!
Kisame is sent flying, but his figure is dissolved into water.
Guy: TCH!!!

Kisame is behind Guy hiding in one of his sharks.

Guy: I Know! *Thinking: I don't have much time*

*Guy Dives into the water and gyrates his figure at a rapid rate of speed. A whirlpool of water begins to form with rapid currents. Guy Notices one of Kisame's sharks.

Guy rockets forth, thrusting a fist into the Shark which bursts into water with Kisame taking flight.

Kisame is in mid air. He comments on how powerful Guy is.

Guy springs from the water into midair to meet Kisame. He greets Kisame with a violent fist into the abdomen which causes an uproar of vital fluids and the scroll itself to erupt from Kisame's mouth.

Kisame is knocked back into the water under critical condition..

Guy lands back into the water. He becomes a bit exhausted.

Kisame can barely stand..
Kisame: I'll have to use a forbidden jutsu.

A huge Shark-Dragon appears before Guy.

Naruto 508: The Conclusion of Guy vs Kisame
by: The Freak 55

Naruto 507: The Gate of Wonder!

(Gai’s afternoon tiger collides with Kisame’s shark missle there’s a massive explosion of water. Gai stands on all fours with the massive tiger-shaped cloak of chakra around him)

Gai: (in thought) if I can’t finish him soon I will have to open the final gate.

Kisame: It seems that he has become even more of a beast now; (thinking) I need to stall him for 5 more minutes to get that scroll to zetsu. Well it seems that that to beat a rare beast like you I must become one as well!

Gai: ??

(Kisame fuses with samehada to the monstrous form like against Bee and rushes towards Gai, who quickly avoids the strike at lightning speed, kisame is shocked)

Gai: TAKE THIS!!! (Gai throws a punch with the tiger paw chakra around it, kisame counters with his elbow fin, they both go flying)

Kisame: (struggles to steady himself, he looks down at his arm it’s badly burned with lacerations all over it) Amazing even though he attacked with a chakra powered punch the sheer concentration of the chakra I couldn’t absorb it I better make sure that he doesn’t punch me like that again.

(four minutes left)

(We see naruto and yamato flicker to the location of bee motoi and aoba, naruto is not in RS mode with the splint on his ankle still)

Yamato: what happened here?!?!

Bee: that shark dude along with green leaf went that way.

Motoi: You have to hurry he’s trying to get a scroll off the island and escape, it they get out of the barrier, we’re done for.

Naruto: all-right! Lets go!

Yamato: naruto your ankle is still injured and..(is interrupted and shocked to see naruto is in RS mode with a fully healed ankle)

Naruto: not now we have to go (they flicker off panel)

(three minutes left)

(Gai and kisame are about 100 yds apart from each other panting heavily, kisame is bloodied and bruised all over from just trying to avoid Gai’s punches. Gai is sweating profusely quickly the tiger cloak around him reduced to half it’s size)

Gai: (thinking) Damn my chakra is fading fast it’s already half-way gone, I may have to release the eighth gate, (he quickly has a flashback to when he was training Lee)

Lee: the eight gates? Whats that?

Gai: the gates are points along the chakra pathways in a ninja’s body that allow him to unleash the full potential of his body at a cost.

Lee: cost?

Gai: that’s right the damage to your body increases with each gate you open until….

Lee: until…?

Gai: (serious look) the eighth gate

Lee: what happens then?

Gai: All the energy your body can release at one time comes out, your body it put at its maximum operating ability, until you die!!

Lee: Die!!!!

Gai: that’s why it can only be used in a situation where you must sacrifice your life for the greater good, in order to defeat a very powerful foe that you otherwise could not.

Lee: YES GAI SENSEI!! (flashback ends)

Gai: I can’t give up yet! I must show Lee that I can defeat this powerful a foe without resorting to that technique! Prepare yourself for the power of youth!!

(Gai rushes at him still on all fours, they clash again)

(two minutes left)

Kisame: water release: typhoon dragon shark missile! (a twisting dragon-shark forms from the water and heads straight at gai)

Gai: Konoha senpu! (the blaze of his kick destroys the missile, where we see from above kisame lunges at him with his razor sharp fins pointed downward at gai, he quickly reacts by sending a barrage of punches at kisame, as kisame rolls along the ground a high speed until he slams into a rock and steadies himself)

(one minute left)

Kisame: (blood flowing from his mouth and from the cuts all over him, he coughs up a massive amount of blood) well this appears to be my limit.

Gai: (the tiger cloak is right around his body now as it has shrunk again, to about the size of naruto’s cloak. it’s fading slightly) It looks like this next exchange….

Gai and kisame: WILL SETTLE IT!!!!!

Gai: AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! (all the chakra from his cloak forms around his fist in the shape of a tigers head)

Kisame: AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! (his arms forms into a mutated shark head with spiraling water around it

(they connect with a massive explosion we see them driven into the ground about 30ft apart, gai’s chakra is gone he’s barely conscious, kisame is in the same condition, we can only see their faces)

Kisame: well it seems the shark got away….GUAHHHHH! (coughs up blood violently we see an overhead shot with his left arm and most of his chest on that side blown away completely) This is it huh my beast of an opponent?

Gai: (barely conscious has a moderate to large gash on his right side) damn it! I couldn’t stop that shark, and now I can’t even open that final gate now anyway. My youth wasn’t enough Lee I’m sorry I have failed (he begins to pass out he see’s Lee Smiling giving the thumbs up, until it fades to black)

Kisame: (looks at guy) who would’ve thought he would be the one to kill me, no matter my final mission was a succ…..(!!!!!!!!!!!!)

( we see the shark thrown into the ground 10 ft from kisame it splashes into water revealing the scroll. Kisame reaches feebly for the scroll until we see a flash of light in front of him)

Naruto: (in RS mode picks up the scroll) looking for this??

Kisame: !!!!!!!!! impossible!

(yamato catches up panting from going full speed)

Yamato: huh….you….got…it?

Naruto: yeah yamato sensei here (tosses the scroll to yamato, looks over to gai)

Naruto: !!!!! Bushy-brow sensei!!! (he walks over to the crater he’s in) His life force is fading fast we need to get him to granny tsunade right away!!!

(we are now in one of the akatsuki HQ where madara walks into a private room, where there is a small shrine with ten fingers on it like gedo, there are three flames on it, one begins to flicker and snuff out)

Madara: !!!! (Zetsu appears)

Zetsu: zuzuzuzuzuzuzu whats up?

Madara: our plans have slightly changed…kisame is dead, I didn’t want to do this but we need the man power now…bring me sasuke…and kabuto.


What are madara’s plans now that kisame is dead? How will naruto get Gai to safety

Naruto 508: Changing Plans!!
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Naruto 506 (English)
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by: Silverblade VI

Naruto 507: Naruto vs Kisame
Also read previous chapter prediction Naruto 506)

Naruto darts towards Kisame and sends his fist thundering against his jaw, sending the guy tumbling backwards.

Kisame then counters with a blast of water. However, Naruto doesn't take damage from it and uses a Oodama Rasengan. Kisame is hit with the Rasengan, but recovers from it very quickly.

Kisame then creates a couple of water spouts to destroy the island. Naruto then enters Kyuubi Mode.
Killerbee: Naruto. He's going to absorb your chakra...
Naruto: I know.

Naruto creates a couple of shadow clones.
Kisame: You're going to feed me.
Naruto: Heh.

All the clones then attack with speed. But then Samehada's skin begins to react the to potency of Naruto's chakra. The skin begin to become sharp as knives. Kisame then bombards through the stampede of clones and head straight for Naruto. Getting in close range of Naruto. The samehada skin absorbs Naruto's Kyuubi chakra from a distance.

Kisame impales Naruto, but it was a clone.
Kisame: !!

Another Naruto ambushes Kisame with a Oodama Rasenshuriken. The explosion is so powerful that Kisame and Samehada are ripped apart.

Kisame is covered in blood..
Kisame: Dammit.....

Madara appears: Uzumaki Naruto. You are quite troublesome. Kabuto appears..
Yamato: Akatsuki!!!

Killerbee: Damn. Naruto is a BEAST from the EAST.
Motoi: Darn it..

Naruto: I'll take the both of you on.

Kabuto: No. *smirks* *EDO TENSEI*
Kabuto summons

Nagato, Itachi, Deidara, Kakuzu, Hidan, Sasori and some Unknown Akatsuki member.

Madara: I'm leaving to join Sasuke help exterminate Konoha elders.
Bee, Yamato and Guy: We're going to help you Naruto..

-Scene switches to Sasuke-

Sasuke has the Rinnesharingan.
Sasuke: Konoha, I'm coming back.

Naruto 508: War
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