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Naruto 503 (English)

One Piece (English 19-Pages) & Bleach (19-Pages) are up!
Naruto 503 (English)
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Naruto 503 (English)

One Piece (English 19-Pages) & Bleach (19-Pages) are up!
Naruto 503 (English)
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Naruto 503 Raw Spoilers and Predictions

One Piece (English 19-Pages) & Bleach (19-Pages) are up!
Naruto 503 (English)
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by: Ohana - 2Ch / staticstep - NF

503: Minato's Shiki Fuujin!!

Madara is hit by Minato's Rasengan. Minato uses this oppertunity to put the Hiraishin mark on Madara's body. Madara's left hand is injured.

Madara leaves, but using the marking, Minato immediately stabs him with a kunai. Minato places a contract seal on Madara. With this contract seal, Madara cannot call on the Nine-Tails any more.

The Sharingan patterns in the Nine-Tails' eyes dissappear.

IrukaMama is wounded and protecting Iruka.
IrukaPapa: "run away."
Iruka: "I have to stay with mummy and daddy~~~"
Konoha is being destroyed. The Nine-Tails goes outside of Konoha. First the Sandaime, then everyone else attacks.

Madara says "Somehow the Nine-Tails will be mine," while teleporting away.

Iruka is taken away by an unknown jounin.

KurenaiPapa persuades Kurenai, Kakashi, and Guy with the same things the Nidaime said to Danzou and Hiruzen.

The Nine-Tails spits out a Cero, but Minato summons Gamabunta.

Minato talks about how Kushina can supressing the Nine-Tails, if only for a little while, and uses his space-time ninjutsu to move far away.
Sounensuki says (12:39):
The place he jumped to is where Naruto and Kushina are.
Minato: "I'm starting to run out of chakra."
Kushina: "I'll lay down my life to capture the Nine-Tails with my chains."
Naruto cries.
Kushina resolves herself. "I'll drag the Nine-Tails with me into death."

Minato confesses his love.
Kushina confesses her love.

Minato cries.
Minato's resolve is different from Kushina's. He uses her chakra to create a Hakke Fuuin, so she can meet Naruto again. He's going to use Shiki Fuujin on the Nine-Tails.

Kushina is stopped.
Minato will seal only half of the Nine-Tails inside of himself and will seal the other half inside Naruto with the Hakke Fuuin.

This child will open up the future. After all, he is our son.

He makes the hand seals. Shiki Fuujin!!
Apparently Minato cannot seal the entire Kyūbi inside himself for physical and strategic purposes
It gives no reason why he only sealed half in Naruto, though
rasengan explodes. Madara steps back. Regenerating the Left hand?
minato however, already having put a marking somewhere on madaras body draws up to him on a jyutsu again.
minato however, having put a marking somewhere on madaras body already draws up to him on a jyutsu again.
he puts a contract seal (a seal that makes/annuls a deal?) madara, which makes 9b free from madara and regain its usual eyes.

Irukas mother on the brink of death worries about iruka
Iruks father goes 'u leave mother to me and run away'
'I don't wanna leave alone. I defend mum' says iruka.
'Dont be puffed up, kid. Its parents duty to protect their kids!' cries the father.

the third ponders where minato is. with other shinobis he drives 9b out of the village and sets about further attacks(/and moreover, goes on the offence.)

Madara disappears saying '9b will be mine eventually'
'the feel... he doesnt say it for a joke (/he means it)'...says minato

the rasengan works against the masked man.
The fourth makes sure he’s dead then quickly runs toward the village.
The masked man suddenly forms with a tree juice(sry English sucks.but I can comfirm u tat this ability has something to do with zetsu.)
the masked man appears behind the fourth and the fourth is shocked.
The third hokage stops kyuubi by using a doton jutsu.
Kakashi and a group of anbu is ready to attack.
Gai,chouji’s father and shikamaru’s father is also ready to attack.

Danzou appears behind konoha
minato hits the rasengan on madara
at the same time puts a hiraishin marking on madaras body
madara got wounded in the left hand

madarae although he gets off, soon gets stabbed by minto with kunai via the marking.
minato puts a contract sealing on madara. With the contract sealing 9b stops obeying madara.

the sharingan marks disappears from 9bs eyes.

iruka-mama gets injured protecting iruka
iruka papa 'run away!' (to iruka)
iruka is like 'no, unless with dad and mum ~~~~'

konoha is falling apart.
9b goes out of the village.
with the third in the lead everyone attacks.

madara dysons(fade) out with a parting shot ie '9b will be mine eventually'

iruka is taken away by some jyonin.

kurenais papa persuades kurenai kakashi and gai. Of things like the 2nd said to danzo hiruzen n co.

9b tries to breath the chakra ball and minato summons gamabunta

minato asks bunta to hold in 9b for a short while and on time-n-space ninjyutsu

to the place where naruto n kushina are

minato s running short of chakra.
kushina although breathing very feebly brings out the chains and captures 9b
narutos cries
kushina is decided in her mind and says shes gonna take 9b with her and die.

minato makes confession of love (to kushina)
kushina makes confession of love (to minato)

minato cries in tears

the determination of minato becomes different from kushinas.
kushinas chakra is for the reunion with naruto. into hakke fuin
9bs chakra is to be shikifuujined

kushina tells him not to.
minato is sealing half of 9b into himself
And the other half into naruto with hakke fuin.

he(naruto) will open up the future.
because hes our son no matter what, you know.

and makes the seal

503 : Minato's Shiki Fuujin !

Minato managed to hit Madara with Rasengan.
And he manages to mark Madara with a Hiraishin Tag.
Madara's left hand is wounded.

Madara tries to remove the tag but the kunai wound is deep.
Madara removes the Kunai and stabs Minato with it.

Minato use Keiyaku Fuuin on Madara. As a result, Madara can't control Kyuubi anymore.

The Sharingan type motion disappear from Kyuubi's eyes.

Iruka's mother is seen. She protects Iruka from attack.
Iruka's father is running away.

Iruka : "Father and mother are still fighting ..."

Konoha is on the verge of being destroyed.

Kyuubi is going outside Konoha.

Sandaime goes on the offensive.

Madara says "The Kyuubi will be mine sooner or later."

Iruka is removed from the battlefield by a jounin.

Kurenai's father, Kakashi, Kurenai, are talking to Gai. Like when Nidaime was talking to Hiruzen and Danzou.

Kyuubi fires a Cero ( LOL ), Minato summons Gamabunta

Minato talks to Kushina about sealing the Kyuubi again. Using a Space/Time Ninjutsu, to moves him far, far away.

Minato appears where Naruto and Kushina are.

Minato is out of chakra.

Kushina uses "Chakra chains of doom" to capture Kyuubi.

Naruto is crying from all the commotion.

Kushina is dead serious about dealing with the Kyuubi to gain some time.

Minato and Kushina goes on a love confession.

Minato cries ( Like fater, like son )

Kushina uses her chakra to she can meet Naruto someday and use a 8 Divination Seal Type on Naruto.

While Minato will Shiki Fuujin.

Kushina stops.

Minato will seal only half of the Kyuubi in himself.
And then seal all of it on Naruto's 8 Divination Seal.

This kid will open up the future for us. He's our kid after all.

Minato makes the hand signs !
Shiki Fuujin !


Iruka's parents.
Kurenai's father.

Never saw them before.

Kurenai haves the same eyes as her father.

Minato never had the time to talk to Sandaime.
In the end, Hiruzen was irrevelant to the battle.

So you mean when Minato do the Shiki Fuujin ...
Minato and Kushina dies ?

Near the corpses of his parents, Naruto is left crying ... alone.

Just when Kushina reminds Naruto of this.
He cries again.

Naruto 502 Discussion / Analysis
by: P. Banks

Wow! Seeing the 4th Hokage fight is INCREDIBLE. The most astonishing part of his fight with the masked man had to be when he was able to combine a rasengan with his thunder-god technique while running in order to hit him. He really was an incredible fighter.

Questions this chapter raised for me:

1. If the masked man is Tobi, which seems to be the dominant theory, how could he have survived for all these years?

2. Something that just dawned on me: I haven't seen this masked man use any of the Uchiha techniques. Why is that? I know that he stated that he had been weakened, but he seems to be able to use the space-time jutsu at will. So why haven't we seen a single Uchiha technique yet?

3. I was unaware that the second hokage could also use space time jutsu! I wonder what else we'll find out about this mysterious hokage? Besides one anime appearance during the Orochimaru vs. 3rd Hokage fight, we don't know much about him.

4. Also, I wonder what negative effects space time jutsu have on the user? They're incredibly powerful and useful, but as we know, in the Naruto world, the stronger a jutsu is, the more adverse the side-effects (i.e. Mangekyo Sharingan on Kakashi, Susanoo on Sasuke, 6 Path's technique on Nagato, and Wind-infused rasengan on Naruto before he learned sage mode)

So guys what do you think?? Start posting you comments below... and enjoy reading the predictions too!
by: The Egyptian

Naruto 504: The Fated Battle Against the Kyuubi!

Minato: Lets finish you off now!
( as Minato goes in for the kill with his Kunai, the Masked min becomes intangible again)

MaskedNin: You got lucky with your Rasengan, But that wont happen again!! Ahhhhh My back!! Damn you 4th Hokage!! you may have stopped me but the Kyuubi will see too it that Konoha is Destroyed!!

Minato: You would like that wouldnt you!!! I will stop the Kyuubi just like how I stopped you, But remember this Battle!! You may think you are powerful!! But even I was able to lay in a blow against you!! Your not as tough as you think! So beware that the next generation will be even more lethal than myself and we will do everything possible to protect our families!!
( with that last threat, Minato teleports back to Konoha to confront the Kyuubi and become the Legend he was always ment to be)

Masked Man: Damn him!!! how could I leave out something sooo important as not to notice his Kunai he first threw as a diversion!! ( I was too reckless, all my waiting for this moment and I got too excited at the leafs desctruction! , Minato took my eagerness to finish the fight early and waited for my attack, knowing that I would become solid as I went to grab and teleport him!!! He timed it perfectly!! he is well deserving of the title Yellow Flash!!)

First the first hokage defeats me and now the 4th Hokage beats me at my own technique!! Im getting tired of being beaten by Hokages!!!

Masked Man: Ahhhhh my BACK!! ... I dont want to get hit by another one of those blasted Rasengans!!! they HURT!! Well now that im in bad shape , I need to leave to recover, With any luck the kyuubi will kill everyone, But Im Dreaming for that!!! maybe I should start taking my time and thinking about my Moon's Eye Plan, I will need a strong group to help me with the sealing of the beasts though!, Time for some scouting!!

Next on Naruto:
The begininng of Akatsuki is on its way with Madara's Defeat by Konoha's Yellow Flash!!!

by: The Special One

Naruto 503: Against All Odds!

(Emphasis on Minato crashing the Rasengan onto Tobi’s backside is placed. After the Rasengan fades, Minato notices that whitish liquid is oozing from of the spiraling wound like imprint on Tobi’s back. Minato dips his fingers into the discharge and lifts it up and studies it.)

Minato: “Is this even blood?” (Minato then shakes his fingers to rid himself of the strange liquid. Minato then glances at Tobi’s mask.)

Minato (in thought): “Based on what I’ve seen today, his skill set matches the history books. But he’d have to of been a geezer if he lived today. It’s best I get a conformation on who he was.” (Minato takes off Tobi’s mask however we aren’t shown who it is because the camera focuses from an obscured angle.)

Minato: “?!” [We see the back of Tobi until otherwise stated.]

(Before Minato can react, Tobi head butts Minato in the face, stunning him. Tobi quickly withdraws a Kunai from his cloak and impales the right hand of Minato. Disgruntled and disoriented, he is unable to counter as Tobi snatches Minato’s signature Kunai from his left hand and uses it to impale both of Minato’s hands together as the Kunai sticking through his right hand reaches through his left and vice versa due to Tobi clamping both of Minato’s hands together.)

Minato: “*grunt*.” (Minato tries to pulls his hands apart but more blood gushes out.)
Minato (in thought): “How can he still be alive? So he just sat there and played possum…” (Tobi picks up his mask and slips it back on.) [Ok, we now can face Tobi.]

Tobi: “What will you do now? Without your hands you can’t use your jutsu, now you’re as good as mine.” (Tobi rushes forward with a flying thrust kick, Minato somehow slips out of the way to avoid it but as Tobi lands he sidekicks Minato in the side, causing him to slide across the ground.)

Tobi: “You still have those inhuman reflexes, but without your hands your sense of balance is way off.” (Tobi rubs the injury on his back.)

Tobi (in thought): “To think I’d be injured this badly, but I’ll end things now.” (The scene switches over to the village. Konoha is barricaded in a huge cage by Enma’s shape shifting ability. In the distance, on the outskirts of Konoha, Sarutobi faces off against the Kyuubit. It seems Sarutobi has managed to force the Kyuubi away from the village. Behind Sarutobi are two elite Anbu and a med ninja. One of the Anbu is carrying an urn.)

Anbu 1: “3rd, how’s your stamina holding up?”
Anbu 2: “Should we assist you?”
Med nin: “Should I heal you? You used a lot of chakra getting the fox out of the village?”

Sarutobi: “Neither, I’m not ready to turn in the towel, not yet.”
Sarutobi (in thought): “Heh, heh, heh. I’m surprisingly calm, even against the Kyuubi. Seeing that Namikaze go off to fight lit some of those dying fires from my youth; alright, it’s time this old coot shows these kids something cool.”

(Sarutobi makes the shadow clone jutsu handseal and produces two shadow clones, one on each side. As the Kyuubi swipes down near their location, the anbu and the med ninja leaps away. Each of the Sarutobies pops some smoke. As the smoke clears, one Sarutobi is runs up the Kyuubi’s right arm, while another is runs up the left.

Another is on top of the Kyuubis head. They each pull out a tag with unique markings on them. They each place them on the corresponding locations, jumps off, lands onto the ground and make a handseal. Sealing encryptions appear and restrains the Kyuubi with use of strange markings, disabling the Kyuubi's movement. The scene switches over to a lone Sarutobi who rushes to the Anbu’s location. He gets there, much to the shock of the others.)

Anbu 1: “What, why are you here?”

Sarutobi: “The Kyuubi doesn’t realize a thing. In the smoke I actually created another shadow clone in my place. I came back here to fetch the urn.” (The scene switches back to the Kyuubi, Sarutobi and the aide arrive to where the Kyuubi is bind down by shadow clones. Sarutobi readies the urn as the aide in back are amazed at Sarutobi’s ability to subdue the beast)

Anbu 1: “Spectacular… Minato-Sama is the best new thing Konoha has to offer, but the 3rd hasn’t slacked off with age either.”
Anbu 2: “This is something for the record books.”

(Sarutobi sits the urn down, makes a handseal and then shouts a phrase.)

Sarutobi: “Ok Fox! BEGONE!” (Sarutobi is attempting to seal the Fox within the urn, it is apparently working as Sarutobi sweats heavily.”

Sarutobi (in thought): “Despite putting on a strong face, I’ve already exhausted so much of my chakra. Splitting my chakra into four, using that sealing technique, and trapping the Kyuubi within the urn, it’s likely this will wear me out.” (Not a second sooner Tobi appears, smashes the urn and then warps away, much to the shock of Sarutobi. Sarutobi falls to his knees in defeat.)

Sarutobi: “NO, WHAT HAPPENED!” (Sarutobi turns to face to Anbu and the med ninja only to find that they are dead. The shadow clones restraining the Kyuubi can’t do it anymore as Sarutobi’s chakra takes a dip. The shadow clones vanish and the Kyuubi prepares to smash the defeated Sarutobi however, in the blink of an eye, Minato appears and takes Sarutobi to satey, somewhere in the barricaded Konoha.)

Minato (in thought): "Thank goodness the 3rd kept one of my Kunai."
Sarutobi: “Minato?” (Minato’s hands are bloody and torn up.)
Minato: “You protected the village from the Kyuubi, you’re still a hero old man.”
Sarutobi: “The Fox, I didn’t stop the fox, it’s still on a rampage.”

Minato: “Leave the Fox to me. You did all you could, now it’s time I do all I can. I’m the Hokage now, so I know what it is that must be done.” (Sarutobi looks into Minato’s face and sees the faces of all the previous Hokages. The scene switches over to Tobi, who is rushing away.)

Tobi (in thought): “That was all I could do. I’ve used up almost all of my chakra with controlling the Kyuubi and going head to head with the 4th. I was reckless. But at least, it’s the 4th’s job now to weather the storm. A parting gift from yours truly.”

Naruto 504: Minato Confronts the Kyuubi
by: Konoha_Yellow_Flash

Naruto 503: Tobi vs Minato

*minatos rasengan lands on tobi with epic ferocity*

Minato thinking: "whats going on?? Theres not even a wound from my rasengan". Its as if......" So thats his power. He can not only used recomposition to harden his body like steel, but his ability to allow himself as well as objects to pass through must come from a level of decompositions thats unheard of. A Doton of that level, who is this guy really?? Its known the uchihas true affinity is to fire yet this guy is clearly a doton user....."

*Tobi appears behind minato*
Tobi: "u dropped ur gaurd to analyse my jutsu, Big mistake flash"

*minato uses the FTG again, but appears right back infront of tobi*
Minato: "But how???

*minato looks down to see tobi holding his special kunai he just used*
Minato thinking: "he used my own jutsu against me!!!!!!!!!!!"

*tobi sucks up minato into his demision*
Tobi: "and now that hes out of the way I can continue my attack on konaha"

Minato inside tobi deminsion: "Where am I??? This must be his demision he uses for his T/S jutsu.

Minato thinking to himself: "this guy can see through everything I do then counter. Hes good!! Ive never fought anyone like him. And since my rasengan has no effect on his body and even the level 2 Flying thunder god jutsu wont work again.... I have no choice. Ill have to try LEVEL 3.... But its not perfected. And its going to take alot of chakra just to summon myself out of this demision so it has to work.....and the only way to even be able to touch is will Ill have to resummon myslef again.... This will take almost everything I have"

*tobis watching the kyuubi reak havoc on konaha till suddenly minato appears and trys to attacl him, but tobi stabs minato with his own kunai then sucks minato back intohis demision*
Tobi thinking: "Ive already gathered all ur kunai so I know everywhere u will appear...."

*resummons himself from tobis demision to the kunai directly infront of tobi*
Tobi: "really now, ur the yellow flash of konaha and this is all u can do. Pathetic...... Ur jutsu wont work on me again..."

Minato: "Ur jutsu wont work on u like it did before. However, this ones on a whole other LEVEL..."
Tobi: "Ive gathered all ur kunai so no matter what u do Ill see it comming"
Minato: "Whoever said I only needed kunai"
Tobi: ????

Tobi looks down onto his chest" WHAT!!! A seal....but when did he mark me???
Tobi realising: "So, he showed back up and took my kunai attack on purpose then let me suck him back into my deminsion, all too just be able to mark me with his seal. So, he figured out yet another one of my weaknesses??

No matter, ill still see him comming, it wont work...........
Minato: Thunder Element (ranton=wind+lightning).....
Tobi: WHAT!!! A Thunder element jutsu?????
Minato: "Gods Furry...."

*Just as minato claps his hands into the thunder element seal tobi ignites in a bright light.......*

Tobi in 7 different pieces thinking as he scatters across the battle field: "He was able to summon a elemental ninjutsu directly onto to me, his target, by tagging me with the same seal he uses on those special kunai.....
So the taking my hit to tag me...... making me believe he could only use the kunai.......It was all for this attack........ I UDERESTIMATED THIS GUY......"

Minato Panting out of brethe: Ur finished. I knew I needed a raiton jutsu to pierce that steel like body of urs to be able to actually damage u. However, I knew u would see my thunder element jutsu comming from a mile away and just decompose ur self to a gas like state which would only make my jutsu pass through u. So, I just used my FTG to cover that distance and make sure my thunder jutsu would hit....and since its thunder which can pierce or cut anything.......ur body harding would fail and thus, u fell to pieces on me madara... *minato snickers*

Tobi appearing behind minato in the shadows: "interesting...."
*minato turns around in horror to find tobi somehow unharmed and the peices he once was disappeared*
Minato: "but how....Even if I destroy ur body u can still.....????
Tobi: "dont ever underestimate the uchiha....and the true power of the SG....My power....."

As a blast from konaha lights the sky and the shadows tobi is in his face is revealed to minato as hes says: "MADARA UCHIHAS POWER!!!!!!!"


Next chapter: Whats left for the next generation
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