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Naruto 499 (English)

Naruto 499
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Naruto 499 (English)

Naruto 499
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Naruto 499, Naruto 500, Naruto 501, Naruto 499 Raw, Naruto 499 Confirmed Spoiler, Naruto Manga 499, Naruto 499 English, Naruto 499 Read Online, Naruto 499 OneManga, Naruto 499 Narutocentral, Naruto 499 Narutofan, Naruto 499 Mangahelpers, Naruto 499 Raw Spoilers, Naruto 499 Spoilers, Naruto 499 Predictions, Naruto 490 English, Naruto 490 Confirmed Spoilers

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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Naruto 499 Raw Spoilers and Predictions

Naruto 499
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by: Ohana - 2Ch / NF

Naruto feels very secure/relieved/comforted/reassured by Kushinas words of love.
And as his happiness the words brought strengthens him, the negative feelings of 9b falls.
Kushina gives Naruto a boost saying 'My chakra wont last so long, so, you do it now!'

Naruto goes shadow clones and attacks 9b with the super rasen multiple times gan (rasen-cho-taren-gan), ie every clone throws a rasengan.
9b, although being damaged, drowns out some of the clones with the hands. Kushina knocks the raging 9b down with her chain(s).

Then naruto goes sage mode and flings the sage art gigantic rasen multipletimes gan (cho-oodama-rasen-taren-gan).
Furthermore, he makes an attack with a huge shuriken. by it only 9bs body is blown off and 9bs chakra is absorbed to Naruto.
After the absorption narutos body becomes like the state of plasma ? (as in 'plasma display'?) and shows the seal.
Regardless of having the most of its chakra taken off, 9b still produces the big dark ball from the mouth.
Naruto while being amazed by that, places his hand on the centre of the seal on the tummy and makes a movement like closing the key.
Many torii fall down on 9b from above and repress 9b to shut it up in the cell again.
9b goes 'remember, i'll get back at you', to which Naruto replies 'Sorry, 9b, but I wont treat ya bad, so... wait for a little while.'

'Well done!' says Kushina. 'mum, ur now....' Naruto tries to say and gets interrupted by her saying 'now I can finally go to Minatos place'.
Hearing that naruto droops his head. 'Before I go, I gonna tell you the facts of the incident that happened 16 yrs ago when you were born.' says Kushina.
"I am your predecessor jinchuriki of 9b. Let me start off with this...."

naruto sucks kyubi out.

He looks like plasma at this point.

Kushina says she was the old kyubi host and that she will tell naruto about what happened the night he was born.

So expect "kyubi gaiden" next time.

kyubi gets trapped by these. naruto says "sorry kyubi, but don't worry I won't do anything bad to you, and it won't be lfor ong, so just hang on."

According to Ohana's spoiler, Kushina was the previous Kyuubi Jinchuuriki.
Naruto succeeds in overcoming the Kyuubi with Sage Mode.

Next week Kishi is taking a break.
Kushina doesn't dissapear yet.
Kyuubi says "Rokudou Sennin's...?" as he dissapears.
naruto successfully takes 9b in.
9b on disappearing (says) 'rikudou sages......!?' and vanishes.

kushina: now i can finally see minato. ill tell you the facts i am a previous jinchuriki.....

no chap next week
kushina hasnt gone away yet

just as being sealed, 9b (says) 'rikudou sages......!?' and vanishes.
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Hi Guys, Zetsu-san here, just to let you know about this
Naruto Shippuden Movie 4
I would recommend watching if you already haven't done so
(we finally get to see Yondaime in action!)
by: Egyptian

Naruto 499: The Organge Hokage is Born!!
Also read The Egyptian's Naruto 500 Prediction

Kushina: HAHAHA I like that one Naruto!!
Naruto: Mom I want to tell you something.
Kushina: Anything Honey!

Naruto: I used to feel upset and sad that I had no parents, and the kyuubi being sealed inside me, made it worse for me because everyone in the village hated me and they all avoided me because of fear or hate, since I had this beast inside me.

Kushina: I know what you went through Naruto and I am soo proud of my little boy being able to overcome all the hate that you had to deal with all your life!! So you know what I think!.

Naruto: What?

Kushina: I think that beating this dumb fox is a piece of cake for the Orange Hokage!!!,, Think about it my son, How did you turn out after being hated and feared by the village all your life and only recently where they able to accept you?? You have inherited your parents will of Fire, and if you can change the feelings of everyone in the village from Hate to Love? Then you can beat this fox, and next I even have faith that you can change the heart of that Sasuke child who appeared infront of the Fox's Prison a few years ago!.

Naruto: You saw that too Mom!

Kushina: I may not be able to be apart of your life but I keep a close eye on your life Naruto, and I see that the type of person you are, will completely change this world!!.

Naruto: Thanks Mom, Let me out so I can go put a leash on this Fox of mine!!.
Kushina: Smiles , Make the Bloody Habanero Proud!!!!

Kyuubi: GRRRRR ROOOOAAAAAR , You brat, You cant do anything yourself!!
Naruto: I have parents who love me and I will take all the help I can because I have people who care about me!!

Kyuubi: You think because you had a little chat with your mommy, You can defeat Mee!!!
Naruto: I am the product of Konaha's Yellow Flash and the Bloody Red Habenero!!, You are now dealing with the soon to be Orange Hokage, So get ready to be my Pet, BELIEVE IT!!!

Kyuubi: (This brat is giving off a strange chakra?? I have never felt this before) What is wrong with you Naruto?

Kushina: Grab the Kyuubi's Chakra and pull it all out this time Naruto, You can do it now without letting his Mind influencing you!!

Kyuubi: Where is the brat? he vanished??

Naruto: Im right here!! (Naruto appears right over the Kyuubi's head and starts pulling!!)

Kyuubi: You want my chakra that badly huh!! Lets see if you can handle it all then!!!
(the Kyuubis Chakra as well as its mind goes into Naruto)
Naruto: Ahhh that hurts!!!
(YamiNaruto: I hate them still!!,
GoodNaruto: Yes I know, but our Mom believes in us, She died for us to defeat the Kyuubi and I need your help to make Mom proud of us!)
(The left side of Naruto's face begins to smile and the hate that Naruto once had Truly fades away and becomes part of Naruto)

Kyuubi: What Just happened!! His hate has completely subsided!!
(Naruto Now pushes back the Hateful Will of the Kyuubi but keeps dragging out the Chakra)
Kyuubi: How Dare you Brat!!! You cannot Push my Mind out of my Chakra!!! I belong with my chakra!!!! ROOOOAAAARRRR

Kushina: Thats my Orange Hokage!! You have made the Bloody Red Habanero Proud Naruto!!
Naruto: Thank you Mom, I couldnt have done it without you!
Kushina: Always Remember your Father and I will be apart of your life and you will never be alone!!

Naruto Emerges Victorious over the Kyuubi and as he says farewell to his mother, He greets Yamato and Killer Bee as the second Perfect Jinchuuriki!!!!!
by: Nerdy SkyWalker

Naruto 499: A Way to Make Amends

Kushina looks over Naruto with the same emotion she acquired after witnessing Minato’s heroic behaviour.

Kushina: I really couldn’t of asked for a better child, Naruto. You’ve made me and your father proud. If only our family could’ve seen you grow. They’d have been dancing around the whole village until dawn.

Naruto: Hehe, I’m just so happy I got to meet you mom!

Kushina: *huge smile across her face* I just hope that one day you remember me and your dad didn’t die in vain and that we did it for your safety.

Naruto: *that big grin on his face is still there lol* Mom, even if you had a chance to leave me, I’d still forgive you, now that I know how what my mother is like I can proudly say that I wouldn’t want to have any other mother in the world.

Kushina: *blushing* That’s like.. something your dad would say.

(Bee & Yamato scene)
Bee: Yoo Yama-tomato This is my chance to get into his mind dattebayo. *places hand on Naruto’s shoulders*

The panel shows Bee entering his mind and then notices the Kyuubi chained up.
Bee: =] You aint lookin’ so tough now bro!
Bee becomes aware that Naruto isn’t anywhere to be seen and retreats back to reality.

(Naruto scene)
Kushina: btw Naruto, there is something I’ve been wanting to tell you.. I’ve been itching to tell you. Sit down… before I give you one more punch. *sakura fake smile*

Back in the old days during the Third Get Shinobi World War, me and your dad were assigned a very top secret S-rank mission.

Naruto, amazed by his mother’s words turns serious and gives his full attention to her.

Kushina: *flashbacks of the past, Kushina and Minato being told about the task* We were told to spy on the village elders as they were accused of being treacherous in the past. Sarutobi gave us leaked info from Kirigakure telling us that those two sons of.. well you get my drift *nervous laugh* forgot you were my son there for a minute :P

Naruto, lost for words, stares into his mother’s eyes as he is reminded of Sakura used to stare at Sasuke.

Kushina: Those two.. I can never forgive them!! They betrayed our village and yet somehow managed to cover up their tracks plus deceiving Hiruzen as well..

Naruto: What did they do??

Kushina: *biting her lip in anxiety* They leaked out ninja intel to Iwagakure and have been having secret meetings with the Tsuchikage himself!

Last page shows the two elders and Tsuchikage standing together with Konoha and Iwagakure in the background.
by: Tribulation

Naruto: Granny Tsunade and Master Jiraiya even Sakura-Chan calles me Knuckle-head ninja.
Kushina: Whose's your sensei ?

Naruto: Kakashi
Kushina: Your father was Kakashi's sensei.

Naruto: Cool! Master Jiraiya was my father's sensei.
Kushina: Do you have some one you love?
Naruto: welll. *embarassed*

Kushina: What about the Sakura-chan you mention?
Naruto:; She have a big forehead but it makes me want to kiss it. She has pink hair.

Kushina: Say that to her and whose your best friend?
Naruto: Sasuke Uchiha but he became a criminal but Sakura-chan has a crush on him.

Kushina: *Giggles* I'd guess you have the same taste in girls like your father.
Naruto: I'd guess I do.

*The both laugh*

Naruto: I'd know that my sensei's sensei was my dad and I'd know that my dad's sensei was Master Jiraiya. I'd know that Master Jiraiya's sensei was the Third Hogake but who was your Sensei mom?

Kushina: My sensei was Lady Tsunade. Naruto tell Tsunade-sensei I'm glad that she'd took my place as the first female hogake.

Naruto: Thanks mom but Now That I know my parents history with each other and thanks for the advice for Sakura-Chan.

Kushina: It's time to make us proud Naruto. Now you'll see us in your dreams from now on. Also tell Sakura that we approved of her. So before I go Love always defeats the hatred.

Kyuubi: How? The accursed Kushina!
Naruto: Don't said that about my mother.
Kyuubi: Your mother? First The Fourth is your father and now your mother is Kushina?
Naruto defeats the Kyuubi.

Outside of Naruto's mind and body.

Killer Bee: How did you stop it?
Naruto: My mother.
Yamato: You met her?
Killer Bee: Who was she?

Naruto: My father was the Yellow Flash and my mother was Bloody Habanero!
Killer Bee: Did you sad that Bloody Habanero was your mother?

Naruto: Don't worried I'd don't hate you cause the cloud ninja got my parents together and a cloud ninja is teaching me how to become a Jinnuuriki.

*Naruto smiles*

Next chapter Jinnuuriki sparing
by: NerdySkywalker

Naruto 499:
Naruto 499: Teamwork

The Will of Fire burns strongly as the self-proclaimed Orange Hokage faces the Nine-tailed fox once again

Kyuubi: What the devil is this?? GRRR *big chakra blast making sakura’s punch look like a walk in the park* =D

Kushina: That’s not gonna work this time sonny.

Kyuubi: Sonny? Take these chains off so I can rip your long hair off that insufferable head of yours!!

Naruto: I don’t think it’ll work that way anymore Kyuubi, I’m sick of all your demands. For once your going to listen to me!

Kyuubi: Listen kid, this woman is not what you think she is-

The Nine-tails is suddenly interrupted by Naruto who has turned Kyuubi mode.


Kushina: *Smirks*.. That hot-blooded temper.. He couldn’t of got it from anyone else other than me. *smiles and blushes*

Naruto! I wont be able to restrain him for much longer, now’s your chance to finish him once and for all! This was your father’s dying wish…

The Kyuubi eyes start to fade away while a new eye pattern forms within Naruto’s pupils.

Naruto: Arghhhh!!! My eyes they’re burning… HELP ME MOMM!!

As Naruto is clutching his eyes in pain, Kushina has already formed hand signs to summon something… What could she be planning?!

In the corner of the Naruto’s mind, the nine-tails notices a sudden change in Naruto’s chakra. It’s as if his chakra become fierce and possessive and became dense.

A puff of smoke comes into sight seconds after the hand sign was performed.

Unknown voice: Naruto, its been too long.. hasn’t it?

Kushina: *smiling* Not even going to thank the person who summoned you huh? Typical Uchiha clansmen..

With Naruto clutching his eyes, his ears have become slightly heightened. As he hears the name Uchiha he suddenly stops moving around and starts to sweat rapidly.

The puff of smoke starts to disappear and the distinct marking around this man’s puzzling face is being uncovered.

He makes his way towards Naruto and removes his hands away from his eyes.

Uchiha: It’s alright Naruto. This’ll ease the pain *one-hand jutsu… he puts Naruto to sleep*

Kushina: Do you think this is wise?

Uchiha: Oh I think so, this will help my brother on the path of righteousness.

The last page of the chapter is Itachi standing solemnly without the Akatsuki robes with Naruto lying helplessly on his shoulder.

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Naruto 499, Naruto 500, Naruto 501, Naruto 499 Raw, Naruto 499 Confirmed Spoiler, Naruto Manga 499, Naruto 499 English, Naruto 499 Read Online, Naruto 499 OneManga, Naruto 499 Narutocentral, Naruto 499 Narutofan, Naruto 499 Mangahelpers, Naruto 499 Raw Spoilers, Naruto 499 Spoilers, Naruto 499 Predictions, Naruto 490 English, Naruto 490 Confirmed Spoilers