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Naruto 491 RAW Spoilers and Predictions

One Piece 581 English (17-Pages) is up! Enjoy!!

Naruto 491
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Naruto 491 RAW
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491: Jinchuriki Confinement!!

Aiming to control the Kyubi!!

Scroll Frog: Here! Open your mouth wider!!
Naruto with tears streaming down his face: Why from the mouth...this is gross~
Scroll Frog: Do you want to store this or not!?
Fukusaku kicks the scroll frog into Naruto's mouth.

Naruto: Uogh~
Fukusaku: OK, it's in! From here you should be heading back to Konoha!
Naruto: I should start searching for the octopus huh...where in the world is this octopus? Some sort of hint would have been nice.

Prophet Frog: I can't say for sure but, there is a solitary island...a paradise of living things people can't approach...seems like a fun resort I could live at.
Naruto imagines a paradise of sorts.

Prophet Frog: There the octopus should assist you...anyhow, that's some sort of guidance yeah.
Naruto: Alright!
Fukusaku: Then we'll return with that.

Naruto returns inside Ichiraku Ramen.
2 Ninja eating there are surprised.
Naruto: Ah!...I'm back...

Ichiraku's Old Man: Where were you!? You quickly disappeared I thought, and now you've suddenly appeared again!
Naruto: I guess so.
Ninja A: Ooh! Naruto huh!
Naruto: ?
Ninja B: I didn't think I would meet you in a place like this! Please, can I have your autograph! I was wondering if you could write it out to my kid. He's your fan.

Naruto: ...autograph...?
Ninja A: Konoha's Hero. The boy who made a miracle happen. Uzumaki Naruto! Please write one for me too!
Naruto: ...

Ninja A: ...what's wrong? Don't want to do it?
Naruto: No... I guess I'm just not used to this...autographing for one.

Ichiraku's Old Man: (...Only recently has he become this boy of miracles...but only until recently was it the's crazy to think)
Ichiraku's Old Man: Before you start signing, what can I get started for you?
Ninja A: Ah...A...
Naruto: Finally, time to eat!

3 days following the Raikage's summons.
Assembly in the lightning country.

Tsuchikage and unknown escort.
Hokage is with Shikaku.
Mifune is with that Hage guy.
Mizukage is with Ao.

Kazekage is with Temari.
Raikage is with his secretary.

Raikage: That was fast everyone...
Kazekage: This is an urgent issue after all.

Tsuchikage: But Tsunade-dono...everything is well with you? You've taken the opportunity to make yourself out to be young again, you oldie.
Tsunade: I should say the same for you Twin Scales gramps!!

Mizukage: Now that this Danzou matter has been set aside, I'm relieved you've returned as Hokage Tsunade-sama.
Mifune: Greetings can be done after. I apologize, but we need to begin the meeting immediately.

Mifune: Firtly, information concerning the jinchuriki of the Hachibi and the well as the enemy's stronghold and war power.
Tsunade: One of ours has seem to located what looks to be the enemy's stronghold. However this could be a trap...we have no choice but to gather more information.

Raikage: Myself as well. I've formed a scouting party to gather information on that location. We need to quickly check with each nation's information.
Mizukage: In that case, let's put structure a group to unify all this information together.
Tsuchikage: That's a good idea! So...where are we hiding the jinchuriki?

Tsunade: Hide!?
Raikage: What is it!?
Tsunade: Naruto and Bee are great strengths for us!! What would we have them do in concealment!??

Tsuchikage: I also thought the same but, those two are what this war is revolving around. We've considered letting them head out with our forces, but it's been decided at the previous meeting.

Tsunade: The enemy is Uchiha Madara! We can't spare any potential is manpower. There won't be a second chance at victory if we mess up now. We should combine all our military strength---

Kazekage: This is a war about protecting those two. We can't just have it that way on the basis of what the Hokage wants. It's majority rules.
Tsunade: This youngster! Like Naruto.

Kazekage: I know what you're thinking concerning Naruto... but it would be rash to do this just for the purpose of being that's why it is how it is.
Tsunade: ...

Mifune: Before it even becomes a problem of war potential...the five kages must be on the same page for victory to even be a possibility.
Shikaku: I agree with them.
Tsunade: Ch...Fine...

Tsuchikage: Your horrid mouth is in good health too...proof you've gotten better.
Raikage: The place where we hide the Hachibi and Kyubi needs to be decided. There's no objection, right, Hokage?

Tsunade: I understand...let's carry on!
Raikage:Hm...we are thinking of a hiding place....the best place. It is only appropriate that it be in the Hidden Cloud, considering it is a place untouched by Akatsuki. It's an island where Bee and I have trained.

Naruto and Yamato on a boat.
Yamato: Hm, no octopus...
Naruto: This is a top secret mission from the prophet sage to go to this solitary island of paradise. As the prophecy states.
Yamato: ( seems he hasn't noticed yet.)
Cloud Ninja A: Please make preparations as we are approaching shore.

Konoha Ninja: Oo, I can see the island!
Naruto: It's really here!

They arrive at the island.
There's only stone, bone, and dead things...

Naruto: Huh...paradise...?
Cloud Ninja A: It's like Konoha's Forest of Death...this is a little more extreme but safe...there's nothing else alive here...except for one...

Yamato: Except for one?
Naruto: What about this is paradise!! That idiot sage!!
Cloud Ninja A: The thing that lives on this beach...
Naruto: ! A!! An octopus tentacle!! The octopus!! Please guide me!
Yamato: Naruto...this is...

It's a squid!!

Naruto: Eh!?
Cloud Ninja: It's here!! I was trying to say if you should be aware of this, but it's here now-!
Yamato, Konoha Ninja: What!!!

Naruto: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...
Yamato: Even without counting the tentacles you should be able to tell by just looking, Naruto!

Naruto: But just to make sure...squid have 10, and octopus has 8...
The squid grabs Naruto.
Naruto: Uwwa!
Yamato: Naruto!!

The Hachibi seizes the squid.
Bee: Squid are beneath me, they are below me!!

Ninja: What's this- another ones here and it's talking-!!
Ninja: It's nothing!
Naruto: 4, 5, 6, 7,'s an octopus!! This time it's an octopus!!

Yamato: Octopus...huh?
Cloud Ninja: Killer Bee-sama!!
Yamato: Killer Bee? Then..this...
Bee: You're late brat!!

Encounter! The start of sequester with the Hachibi!!

The end.
Cover is Bee
491 The confinment of the Jinchuuriki

The scroll toad enters Naruto's mouth (It seems the image is nice)
Fukasaku forces it in.

Elder toad says octopi (that's the english plural for octopus, right?) live in paradise (not sure about this)

Fukasaku returns Naruto to Konoha's Ichiraku ramen
Ichiraku's old man is startled by Naruto's sudden appearence
A Konoha ninja asks Naruto for an autograph

There is a reunion between the five Kage and Mifune (from the samurai country) in an unidentifyed country
TN - from the raw it's Kumogakure
It's a reunion about the war

Naruto and Yamato ride a (ninja) boat in Lightning Country
They are headed for a place to where Raikage sent them
It looks like Onigashima (like it has been said in posts above)

Cloud Ninja "It's like the Shi no mori (forest of death) that you have in Konoha"

Naruto heard it was like paradise...

A giant squid attacks them, but they don't know if it's a squid or an octopus.
Naruto starts counting its tentacles.

Bee appears and defeats the Squid with its Bijuu form.

by Nja - 2Ch
translation by: Shounensuki - NF

Naruto returns to Konoha with the key frog stored in his mouth.
When he returns to Ichiraku Ramen, he is asked for an autograph by a ninja, because his son is a fan.
Naruto feels awkward, but the old man of Ichiraku also appreciates Naruto.

At the Kage conference, Tsunade is furious at the other Kage, who want to protect B and Naruto and not let them enter the war.
(She thinks something like if we lose the war ebcause we didn't sent those two in, wouldn't it all be meaningless)
However, the Tsuchikage and Kazekage calm her, saying it was an agreement reached after a majority rule.
So the two will be sheltered on something that looks like Onigashima in the Land of Lightning, where the Akatsuki can't come.
Naruto expected a paradise, but becomes dejected when he sees the island.

While on a boat, a giant squid swoops down on Naruto, who is facing Yamato.
B, while in his Bijuu form, repels the squid.
Naruto: "Oh! Could that be the squid that is supposed to show me the way?!"
B: "Well aintcha late."

The end

-The Onigashima is an island featured in the tale of MomotarĊ. It is an island infested with oni, mythical Japanese ogre-like creatures

This chapter's all talk...

Naruto is returned home.
He's back in ichiraku ramen where other shinobi are at his side, a young boy recognizes him and asks for his autograph. Naruto blushes. The owner, too, is proud of him.

The hokages argue about what to do w/ naruto and bee.
Tsunade angrily argues that sheltering them is a waste. "What's the point if we lose the war? Weren't they for that purpose?"
Unfortunately, she loses to majority vote.
It is decided to shelter them in Cloud Country, the one place akatsuki haven't shown up from. The exact location is Oganjima (island of demons, from japanese folklore)

Nartuo was picturing paradise, but is sorely disappointed.
Naruto is with Yamato on a boat when they're attacked by a giant squid, but are saved by Bee's sudden transformation.

Naruto - "Oh, so YOU'RE the octopus I needed to find?"
Bee - "You're late, bro"

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by: The Special One

Naruto 491: Setting Out!

(The scene is at Kumogakure, Raikage prepares to send word about the joint army’s meeting.)

Unnamed chick attendant: Raikage-sama, where should be the rendezvous point?

Raikage: The Fire Country. The Fire Country is situated smack dab in the middle, as in, it is surrounded by all of the great shinobi nations.

Unnamed male attendant: Makes sense lord, and the amount of time it takes for Suna, Kumo, Kiri, and Iwa’s troops to arrive into the Fire country is around three days for each nation’s troops.

Raikage: That’s precisely why I chose the locale in the first place.

Unnamed chick attendant: I’m not sure if Konoha would accept us, even though you’re the commander of the allied forces, there’s still bad blood between Konoha and Kumogakure. I’m not sure if they’d be as accepting Raikage-sama.

Raikage: *Snicker* Idiot, don’t you think I know that?! If my sources are correct, there’s an abandoned city somewhere off the outskirts of Konoha, which also houses a huge armory. It was a base used by the Uchiha during the past wars. If we agree to set up the meeting there, all is fine. Now get on with sending word to the other villages! I gotta get our troops geared up before we set out!
(Both attendants stand up and salute Raikage.)

Both attendants: YES SIR!

(The Scene switches over to Konoha. The War planning session is currently still underway. The panel focuses on the three small tables in use by Tsunade, Koharu, and Homura.)

Koharu: Do we have a solution to combat the Bijuu Uchiha Madara plans to execute on us?

Tsunade: I would say fight fire with fire but- (She gets cut off.)

Homura: NOO! Uzumaki is not to have a say on the battle field! (Close up on the Tsunade, Kakashi, Yamato, Shikamaru and the other people attending the session, shows their unease regarding that answer. The panel focuses back on the elders and Tsunade’s talk.)

Tsunade: *sigh* Let me finish next time. After hearing what happened with Naruto when he almost transformed into the Kyuubi, I’ve also had my doubts about using such a risky and untested power. (Tsunade rests her head on her fist in indecisiveness) But still… YAMATO! (He gets up and rushes to the tables.)

Yamato: Yes, Lady-Sama!

Tsunade: Can you still, somewhat control the Kyuubi’s chakra?

(Homura and Koharu are angered but Tsunade raises her hand as to say, “I got this.”)

Yamato: Well, as you know, I’m nothing like the 1st, so without the crystal dangling around Naruto’s neck, it pretty much goes without saying that I won’t be of much use in that regard.

Tsunade: Hmm… Stay here Yamato. Shikaku, Shikamaru! Up here now!

(Shikaku and Shikamaru rush up to the tables.)

Shikaku: We’re at your service.

Shikamaru: Yes?

Tsunade: If the Bijuu are masses of chakra given form, shouldn’t they also casts shadows, big ones at that?

(The light turns on in their heads.)

Shikaku: That’s true.

Shikamaru: But, the chakra to be able to manipulate something of that size is beyond comprehension. I don’t think the two of us will be able to hack it, especially if there are more of them.

Shikaku: Think a little harder son…

Shikamaru: The entire Nara clan?

Yamato: You’ve thought a lot about this hmm, Lady Tsunade.

Tsunade: That’s where you come in Captain Yamato.

Yamato: But I already said-

Tsunade: If you can stall a Bijuu just long enough for the Nara clan to capture it with their Kage Mane, we can develop a strategy with the other allied forces to take the Bijuu out one by one!

Yamato (in thought): Well, it’s not like I’m controlling them fully. I just hope it’ll work out…

Homura (in thought): Hmm, she got brains after all.)

Kokura (in thought): Can’t say I was expecting that.

Tsunade: It’ll take all we have when we put in our attack, but Shikamaru, I trust you can find a way for all this to work.

Shikaku: Uh oh! You’re on the spot, try not to choke eh?

Shikamaru: What a drag, a slouch like me being this important in my first war. I hope our family listens to me but, I’ll see what I can do!

(Immediately an unnamed shinobi barges into the meeting room.)

Tsunade: What is it? It better be important for you to interrupt us.

Unnamed shinobi: It is, it is! Anko’s team has successfully sent us word on Kabuto’s whereabouts!

Tsunade: That’s good and all, but- (She gets cut off.)

Unnamed shinobi: He was seen with Uchiha Madara, and we believe to have found his base of operation! (Everyone in the room is all in up roar and is discussing the matter amongst themselves.)

Tsunade: Are you serious?!

(Immediately another shinobi barges in, he has a scroll in his arms.)

Tsunde: More shocking news ehh?

Another unnamed shinobi: It was from Kumogakure’s fastest messenger bird! It’s from the Raikage! There is to be a meeting with the joint army in three day’s time. Well, I’ll just hand you the transcript. (He walks over and hands it to Tsunade.)



(The next panel focuses on Kakashi.)

Kakashi (in thought): After nearly two decades, war again.

(The scene switches over to the streets of Konoha. Naruto is walking the streets.)

Naruto (in thought): Hmm, if what grampa and that super-sized sage said about the Octopus being a beast like the Kyuubi, then that Octopus must be the Cloud Jinchuuriki. He’s the only one who escaped capture, well that’s what Gaara said… I’m thinking I’ll have to be close to him, since Gaara said he’d make sure me and that cloud jinchuuriki won’t enter battle. Well, I guess that’s my teacher. I wish I would have came to that point earlier before being asked to be sent here, but I had to get my gear anyway. Well I guess I'll go have another word with super sized sage... (Naruto then rubs his stomach.)

That scroll carrying frog said as long as I don’t perform the seal breaking handsigns, the 4th’s seal should still be intact. But I’m still kinda worried. But what an experience, that scroll carrying toad just shoved himself down my throat. What the hell was that about? (Kakashi appears out of some spoke behind Naruto, Naruto turns around.)

Naruto: Kakashi Sensei?

Kakashi: There you are Naruto!

Naruto: Is something wrong?

Kakashi: I have a lot to tell you, let’s take a walk, shall we?

Naruto: Umm, sure…

(The scene switches over to inside Madara’s Lair. Kabuto is in a cell by himself, sitting at a table.)

Kabuto (in thought): Hopefully those Konoha hounds picked up on my trail. This will make finding us a lot easier. The sooner this war can end, the sooner I can have Uchiha Sasuke at my beck and call…

Naruto 491: The Allied Forces
by: Sensei-Q

Naruto 491: ‘The Two Snakes Meet Again’

“Anko’s fatal decision! An old friend comes by…!’’
Anko: Come on, let’s go and see from nearby.
Jounin: What if we get ambushed?
Anko: As we approach the hideout, keep skimming the area with your Byakugan.

-The Kumogakure meeting has ended, they all stand up and leave.-
Raikage: Bee, let’s go!
Killerbee: Aight, lemme get my fish sword, kay?
Raikage: That sword belonged to an Akatsuki member! Don’t trust it!
Killerbee: Relax, bro! It likes me.
Hachibi: …(Bee, something’s not right about this sword)…
Bee: (!) (Wadda ya mean?)
Hachibi: …(There’s more than just the sword)…
Bee: (And by that ya mean…!)

-As Tobi and Kabuto step into the hideout…-
Kabuto: ! *stops*
Tobi: What is it?
Kabuto: We’ve been followed.
Tobi: (!)
Kabuto: Looks like it’s my old friend Anko… *smiles*
Tobi: I’ll take care of-
Kabuto: I’ll do it.. I’d love to see her face again.. I want her to die by my hands…
Tobi: Your call.. Make it quick.

Jounin: Someone’s coming!
Anko: Prepare for battle. *They stop and form a triangle formation*
Anko: Who’s there! Show yourself at once!
Jounin: This is impossible… It can’t be…
Anko: What are you seeing?
Jounin: Someone who should’ve been dead a long time ago…
Anko: Who is it?!
Jounin: i..i…It’s…


-Naruto has signed the contract and is ready to do it!-
Scroll Frog: Naruto, it’s time for you to learn the Jutsu Minato left behind for you to learn.
Naruto: …I’m ready.
Scroll Frog: This is something only you can do, because it’s a Kekkei Genkai.
Naruto: Huh? I have a bloodline limit?
Scroll Frog: Yes. You have a bloodline limit. And a very special one too. The Uchiha’s Sharingan bloodline is inferior to yours..
Naruto: ?

“Who is this person that should’ve been dead a long time ago? What is Naruto’s Kekkei Genkai?’’
Find out in the next chapter…
Naruto 492: ‘Ambush! Snake vs Snake!’

Naruto 491: A Chance Encounter

Naruto is reading through a scroll while the others look at ancient scrolls. A toad suddenly appears and looks at Naruto with a smile.
Toad: "I found him. You are looking for the 8 tails bijuu."
Naruto: "Eight tails?"
Fukusaku: "That would make sense but are you certain?"
Toad: "Yes the 8 tailed bijuu is an octopus type creature. I have confirmed it myself in the ancient library. The eight tales is definately the one we are looking for."
Fukusaku: "Where is the 8 tails bijuu currently located?"
Toad: "It is currently sealed within a jinchuriki. The jinchuriki is currently in a small cave just outside the cloud village."
Naruto flashes back to meeting Raikage.
Raikage: "A ninja should not be so quick to bow before another. Ninjas respect actions and strength. There should be not compromise between ninjas."
Naruto thinking: "Than I know now what I must do."
Naruto: "Can you teleport me to the cloud village and to their leader?"
Toad: "I will try but I can not be sure exactly on where you will appear exactly."
Fukusaku smiles and hands Naruto a bag.
Fukusaku: "Wear this. I think your Jiraiya would have been proud to see you wearing the garb he once wore as a toad sage."
Naruto: "Thank you."
Naruto is then shown standing in front of all the Toads of Myobuzokan who have come to see Naruto off. Naruto is wearing the same outfit as Jiraiya.
Fukusaku: "Good luck Naruto. I hope this meeting bodes well for you."
Ma Toad: "I have a lunch ready and packed for you."
Naruto: "No thanks. You guys have a dinner on me."
Gamakichi: "Good luck Naruto."
Naruto: "Ok teleport me to the cloud village."

Naruto vanishes in a puff of smoke while the toads look on smiling as Naruto vanishes. Raikage is sitting in front of the war council with many ninjas sitting in front of him writing down notes at tables.

Raikage: "Division 17 your mission will consist of investigating section 15 otherwise known as.."

Suddenly an explosion of smoke occurs and Naruto appears standing in front of Raikage who has an angry look on his face while the others are shocked at what they have just seen. Raikage stands up fuming with anger.

Raikage: "What the! How did he get in here?! Guards seize him! You should not have come here young boy!"
Naruto thinking: "Damn it! This is bad. There goes the element of surprise."

The guards inch closer towards Naruto while Shii who is sitting in the front row looks at Naruto with a curious look. Naruto goes into sage mode and draws out a huge amount of sage energy. Shii's eyes widen in shock as he sees Naruto's chakra skyrocket. The guards jump on him all at once and then suddenly are all sent exploding away with some crashing against the walls and tables of ninjas.

Shii thinking: "His chakra is insane! How can so much chakra exist in one person?!"
Raikage thinking: "Typical strength of a jinchuriki but nothing as skilled as my brother. I will end this right now myself and claim the kyubi for my own."

Raikage charges up raiton armor, pushes his table asside, and charges into to strike Naruto with a raiton powered punch. Naruto easily dodges the punch and slams his fist into the belly of Raikage. Raikage falls over grabbing his stomach in agony as he looks up at Naruto in shock. He sees on Naruto's face a flashback of the fourth hokage and his eyes bulge as he stares in shock.

Fourth Hokage in Raikage's Flashback: "If you fight only for yourself and do not learn to agree to the ideas of others and respect the wishes of others you will never survive the ninja war."
Raikage: "It can't be! The resemblence is uncanny!"
Naruto: "I did not come here to fight you or be dismissed away like some child!"

Raikage slowly tries to get up while looking at Naruto but still stumbles in pain from the hit to the stomach.

Raikage: "Why did you come here?"
Naruto: "I came here to make a trade. An exchange of information. You brother holds the key for me to control the full power of the kyubi."
Raikage: "And what exactly are you willing to give to us in return?"
Naruto: "The means to strike at the heart of akatsuki and Madara Uchiha, the home base of akatsuki and the weaknesses of Sasuke and Madara Uchiha."

Raikage smiles and stands up. He offers naruto his hands who shakes it while looking up at him.
Raikage: "I accept on behalf of the cloud village."
Raikage thinking: "Perhaps maybe I was wrong about this boy. Maybe this brat will be of use in the war effort."

Killer Bee is shown sitting in a cave meditating while his chakra surges around him.

Naruto 492: War Planning
by: Tobi

Naruto 491: Preparations for War!

Scene is Tsunade’s office.
Tsunade is stuffing her face.

Messanger-nin: Hokage-sama! Message from Kumogakure, the meeting of the joint army is in three days!
Tsunade: Fee fays!
Shizune (face palms): Tsunade-sama, don’t talk with your mouth full!
Tsunade: That Raikage, always rushing into things. Right, get me Kakashi!
Shizune: But, Tsunade-sama

Kakashi: Well, its such a relief I don’t have to be Hokage.
Tsunade: Sorry Kakashi, but you have no time to celebrate. I’m officially appointing you the new leader of Root. I want you, Sai, and Tenzo to reorganize the group and integrate them with the Hokage’s ANBU in preparation for war.

Kakashi (looking sullen) : Um, wouldn’t that be more suitable for the ANBU leader?
Tsunade: The Anbu leader is away on a mission. We don’t have time to wait and I think despite who your teachers were, ROOT will respect you.

Kakashi: Fine, but this will take all my time, I’m leaving Naruto to you.
Kakashi vanishes.

(flashback ends)
Tsunade: Ur right, I forgot. Send for Shikamaru instead.
Shizune: You heard the Hokage!

Messanger-nin: R- right! (vanishes)

Scene change to Madara’s cave. We can see the Gedo Maza
Kabuto: I see, so that’s your plan.
Tobi: Once Kisame’s done, we’ll use your, ah, “friends” to extract the eight-tails.

Kabuto: And while the extraction goes on Sasuke will capture the Nine-tails?
Tobi: Yes.

Zetsu appears from the ground, he is complete again (Zuzuzu).
Zetsu Dark: Are you sure Sasuke can handle Naruto?
Zetsu Light: You’ve already underestimated him once. Not to mention Sasuke’s success rate.

Tobi: I do not think Sasuke will fail this time. He did kill Danzo.
Kabuto: So Danzo’s dead, Sasuke has improved…

Zetsu Light: So what’s with snake dick?
Zetsu Dark: Would you watch your mouth? However he has a point Tobi.

Tobi: Kabuto has demonstrated that his power would be useful in our struggle.

Zetsu Light: But can we trust him? brought to u by
Zetsu Dark: That reminds me, some Konoha-nin are near, apparently they followed a trail of corpses…

Tobi: Kabuto, would you initiate our partnership? Take out the trash.
Kabuto: I never agreed to take orders…but one of them interests me. She has been following me for some time. You see I needed some witnesses in case you declined my offer, but now.. (eyes turn really evil) THEY ARE USELESS! (laughs and slithers away).

Tobi: Zetsu, tell me about Kisame.
Zetsu Dark: He successfully infiltrated the cloud village.
Zetsu Light: Only with my help!
Tobi: Good, send a message to him, he is to act as quickly as possible!
Zetsu Light: Wait I thought you wanted him to act slowly and carefully.

Tobi: I changed my mind, Naruto is still incomplete. I want to reduce the chance of them meeting. If Naruto became a complete Jinchuriki, even Sasuke would have trouble.

Zetsu Dark: Good point, oh and one more thing..

Scene change to Tsunade
Shikamaru walks in.

Tsunade: Shikamaru, I hope you’re prepared!
Shikamaru: Prepared? For what? (thinking) Something really troublesome is about to happen.
Tsunade: I have here two lists: one of our Ninja squads and one of every foreign squad. I want you to match up the squads. One squad from each village, into groups of 20 ninja. That’s an order from your Hokage!

Shikamaru: Um, I’m not familiar with most of these foreign squads.
Tsunade: I’ve already thought of that. I’ve selected a foreign kunoichi to work with you. She’s familiar with many foreign squads.

The door opens. We see a familiar form in shadow. (I’ll give you three guesses)
Scene change to Naruto.
Naruto takes his hand of the scroll.

Naruto (thinking) : I hope this was the right…
Gerotama goes down Naruto’s throat.
Naruto (coughing) : What was that?

Fukasaku: Don’t worry, Gero is a special toad which lives inside the belly of the user, fer extra protection.
Naruto: Right, I just hope when I summon him he comes out the same way and not out my…
Shima: Naruto! There’s a lady present!

Naruto (thinking) : Some lady.. brought to u by scholarization.wordpress
Fukasaku: Ma! Send him home, he needs to be with his village as they prepare for war.

Naruto: Wait, I thought you would train me.
Fukasaku: Na! You’re on your own with the Kyuubi. But we’ll look for an Octopus for ya!
Shima: If you ever want to eat again, let me know!

Naruto (grossed out) poofs away.
Elder Sage Toad: I think I forgot something.
Fukasaku: Not again.
Elder Sage Toad: Who was that again?

Shima: Uzumaki Naruto you old fart!
Elder Sage: Uzumaki…

Scene change to Naruto in Konoha.
Naruto is back in front of Ichiraku’s.
Naruto (thinking) : I really don’t wanna eat Granny Toad’s cooking again.

Teuchi: Hey, Naruto! Where did you go?
Naruto: Ramen! Yes, huh arrgh. (Naruto collapses)
Naruto is in his mind.
Naruto: What.. why am I here?
Kyuubi: So the time has come…

Naruto turns to face Kyuubi. Gerotama is also there.

Gerotama: This is not how its supposed to happen.
Naruto: Don’t worry Gero, I’m not going to let him have his way anymore.

Kyuubi (laughing hysterically): Ha, ha, ha, ha. Who do you think you are?
Naruto: Uzumaki Naruto, the Sage of Mount Myobokuzan! (thinking) That sounded so cool!
Kyuubi: Really? Is that all? What about “Son of the Fourth Hokage” or “Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi”? Or…
Naruto: Or? What do you mean or?
Kyuubi: You don’t know who you really are do you? I called you to make a deal. I’ll tell you a few secrets about you, and if you still want to have control of my power, I’ll give it to you. I’ll completely suppress my will. (thinking) But I don’t think you’ll want to.

Gero: What is he… Naruto think about this!
Naruto: I don’t really understand where you’re going with this but I really need your power. Its a deal!

What will the Kyuubi tell Naruto? How will Anko do against Kabuto?

Naruto 492: Reorganization!
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