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Naruto 487 (English)

Naruto 487 (English)

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Naruto 487 (English)

Naruto 487 (English)

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Naruto 487, Naruto 488, Naruto 489, Naruto 490, Naruto 491, Naruto 492, Naruto 493, Naruto 494, Naruto 495, Naruto 496, Naruto 487 OneManga, Naruto 487 Narutocentral, Naruto 487 Narutofan, Naruto 487 Mangahelpers, Naruto 487 RAW, Naruto 487 Spoilers, Naruto 487 Predictions, Naruto 487 English, Naruto 487 Confirmed Spoilers

Friday, 12 March 2010

Naruto 487 RAW Spoilers and Predictions

by: Nja - 2Ch / NF - Shounensuki

Sasuke recognises Naruto and from now on, he will consider killing (defeating?) Naruto his number 1 [priority]. He heads back with Madara, having decided to transplant Itachi's eyes.

As expected, Kisame is no half work
edit-Kisame infiltrated the Lightning Country within the Samehada, so he can capture the Eight-Tails now that he's alone, as he agreed with Madara during their previous conversation. What was killed was a clone created by Zetsu's technique that was used as a substitute to feign [Kisame's] death.

Finally, we see Kabutomaru setting out to some country. I don't know which one, but he was finally able to become familiar with his body. He uses the White Snake to kill some country's ninja.

It ends with this.
Sasuke's number one priority is to kill Naruto.
Madara tells Sasuke that Itachi's eye can using
Kisame is alive
Kisame is in lightning country?
Hachibi is dancing and rapping and uses a racist term (shocked) Hachibi uses NIJI technique at white Zetsu
Before Madara arrived he decided to tell Zetsu to pretend to be Kisame and used a bunshin to die as Kisame's body (fake death of Kisame) It looked as though Kisame was dead
Finally Kabutomaru appears in an country somwehere, not sure which country
Kabuto is the power of the white snake (orochimaru will rebirth)

Status: Prediction
By: Mincedmeat

Naruto 487:

Cover: Naruto vs Sasuke the battle to come..... (Cover has Team 7 standing together like their photo only as they are now)

(Sasuke and naruto stare off)
(Sasuke smiling)
Sasuke: I’m looking forward to it

(Naruto doing his goofy grin) Me too Sasuke...until then
Madara: Let’s go Sasuke you need rest
Sasuke: Hmph.. let’s go then

(Sakura thinking) .....Sasuke
Madara swirls out with Sasuke, while Zetsu sinks into the wall behind them.
(Zetsu as he sinks into the wall) See you soon kyuubi
(Naruto stares at Zetsu who has disappeared)
(Kakashi thinking) Damn you Madara!!

(Naruto turns around rubbing his head again smiling)
Naruto: looks like he got away again ....huh you guys (Shrugs shoulders) Oh well I’m done chasing him and you heard him he said he would return to the village to fight me.

(Kakashi with his version of the goofy grin)
Kakashi: Naruto what am I going to do with you?

(Sakura still teary)
Sakura: Did you mean what you just said Naruto do you really plan to die?

(Naruto walks over to Sakura and place his hand on her shoulder)
Naruto: Did you see his face when I said we were still friends?

(Sakura hugs in close to Naruto)
Sakura: Naruto you have to become Hokage it’s all you’ve ever said you wanted

(Naruto looks into the at the evening sunset and it has Minato and Jiraiya looking down on him)
Naruto: I will

(Sasuke is resting against a wall at the Akatsuki hideout)
Madara: Did you kill that girl like I said to?

(Sasuke thinks back)
Sasuke: Yeah.... I killed her.

(Madara turns around and begins walking away)

(Madara thinking and has his squinted little evil eye) I’m not as foolish as I may seem (and continues to walk away)

(Sasuke looks at the evening sunset and see’s Itachi)

Naruto & Sasuke: Soon Sasuke/Naruto

The decision has been made Naruto vs Sasuke two top ninja’s, two rivals, two friends and two destinies.
Next Issue: Naruto 488
by: Lone Wolf

Naruto 487: The Prelude Of The End

Sasuke looks down. His hair covering the blood stained eyes... One small tear makes its way to the water under his feet.

Sakura: Sasuke... He's...
Kakashi: Crying...
Naruto: ...
Madara: Let's go Sasuke...

Madara grabs Sasuke's arm. Howover he slaps Madara's arm.

Sasuke: Don't touch me!
Madara: You're in no condition of fighting... Do you want all your effort to be in vein...?

Sasuke slowly stands on his feet not taking eye from the water underneath.

Naruto: What do you say Sasuke...?!

Sasuke sees his own reflection on the water which changes to a smiling Itachi.

Sasuke: Naruto...
Naruto: ?!
Sasuke: I won't lie... I still consider you my friend... But there's no place for weaklings with friends in this world. Even my brother was forced to kill his best friend... Next time we see each other, we'll fight the fight of our lives...

Sasuke looks at Naruto straight in the eyes.

Sasuke: Next time... I'll kill you.
Naruto: I'll be waiting for that... Sasuke

Naruto smiles and so does Sasuke.

Sasuke: Madara let's go... I need Itachi's eyes.
Madara: Finally...

Kakashi: NARUTO! You're letting Sasuke and Madara go?! They'll attack Konoha and as the Hokage I won't lose this chance to kill them... Forgive me Naruto.
Sakura: Kakashi-Sensei...

Kakashi activates the Mangekyou Sharingan, aiming for Madara and Sasuke. The Uchiha's look at him.

Naruto: I'm the one who's sorry...

Naruto punches Kakashi in the guts putting him unconscious before he could use the Mangekyou. Naruto holds Kakashi on the shoulder and look backwards at Sasuke who started to be teleported by Madara.

Naruto: See ya next time Sasuke-Teme...
Sasuke: See ya... Dobe.

Madara, Sasuke and Zetsu disappears.

Sakura: Naruto! What... What are you doing?!

Naruto walks at Sakura and gives her Kakashi. He cups her chin with his hand and kisses her forehead, Sakura blushes.

Naruto: Take him back to Konoha... And tell everyone that I'm sorry...
Sakura: W... What do you mean with that...?
Naruto: I've just attacked the Hokage... Besides I need to train and there's only one person who can do it now.
Sakura: You're leaving... Again...?
Naruto: Goodbye Sakura-chan...

Naruto turns his back and starts to walk away.

Sakura: Please Naruto... Don't go... I beg you...

Naruto takes his headband from his pocket and trows it at Sakura.

Naruto: Take it... It's for you, a gift from the one who always loved you.

Sakura grabs it, as tear drops land on the iron of the headband. A whirlind of leaves swirls around Naruto and he disappears.

Sakura: NARUTO!!

The End
Next Chapter: I Can see!
by: Musica

(Madara, Zetsu and Sasuke's scene)

Madara : Come on Sasuke... we have to go now..!! (His eyes are changing...they don't have the hatred)
Sasuke : Hn...!! *turns around towards Madara* (Naruto.....)
Sasuke : *Slightly turning his head* (We will meet again but the next time it will be different)
Madara : Zetsu... go and find your black half and i will see you at our place (This 9-tails boy.... he almost changed Sasuke's mind... looks like i got here on time)
*Zetsu disappears into the surrounding while Madara teleports Sasuke into a swirl*

(Kakashi, Sakura and Naruto's scene)

Naruto : SASUKE...!!!!! Sasuke.... i will save you *Looking down in despair*
Sakura : *Tears still rolling* Naruto.... i believe in you... you will save Sasuke... (Naruto... Thank you)
Kakashi : Naruto....Sakura... you have seen with your eyes what he has become.... Well, i can't let things be the way they are....
Naruto : But Kaka-sensei... I still can *interuptted by Kakashi*
Kakashi : Naruto.... Sasuke has fallen into darkness... he has the burden of his clan's hatred on his shoulders.... Only death can save him now....
Sakura : Kakashi-sensei...!! if Sasuke ca *interrupted by Naruto*
Naruto : Sakura-chan.... if he has that burden on his shoulders.... then what Kaka-sensei said is right....
Sakura : *Looks shock*
Kakashi : What are you going to do now Naruto?
Naruto : *looking down* I.....I.... *Looks up and smile at Sakura* I will believe just like how my father believe in Itachi believed in me... how Kaka-sensei believes in me... Believe that one day... i will rid this Ninja world of the cycle of hatred and bring Sasuke back.....
Sakura : *Smiling* Naruto....
Kakashi : *Picturing Jiraiya and Minato with the same smile* (Naruto... you have brought their teachings into yourself.... their guts to never give up is within you*
Kakashi : Then as Acting Hokage.... I order both of you to go back to Konoha with me and we will train for the war which is coming and to bring our comrade back. *Smiling with eyes close (kakashi style)*
Sakura & Naruto : Hai...!! Hokage-Sama *Smiling at each other*

*Suddenly Sai appear from nowhere and.....*
Sai : Can i join this conversation...?
Naruto : Sai... you scared the hell out of me...!!
Sakura : idiot...!!
Sai :*Smiling* You got me good Sakura

*Yamato, Lee and Kiba appeared ignoring the Team 7 arguing*

Yamato : Senpai...what happened?
Kakashi : We met an old friend....
Lee : (Sasuke-kun....)
Kiba :(Dammit... we were too late)
Yamato : So what happens now....?
Kakashi : Listen up....!!
*Sakura, Sai and Naruto Stopped pulling each others cheeks*
Kakashi : We are going back to Konoha.... We have to prepare for what is coming next....
*Everyone stares at Kakashi*
Kakashi : Lets save whatever left that is precious to us.
*Everyone nods*
Kakashi : Sakura... please bring her back with us *looking at Karin* she will be a lot of help.

*Everyone jumps aways except Naruto. Clenching his fist he said...
Naruto : Sasuke.... we will meet again.... *Jumps away to go with the rest*

What is next for Konoha? Chapter 488 : The war preparations
by: State of Naruto

Kakaski: (thinking) i don't think so naruto the first opportunity i get to end Sasuke's life I'm taking it, but with Madara here its a little more complication

Naruto: You still don't consider me as your equal
Sasuke: I will never acknowledge you who lets friendship get in the way of your goal's, no friend, no friendship is going to stop me for annihilating the leaf !!!!!

Naruto: so you still view me as your friend than
Sasuke: that's right, idiot you just keep on dreaming

Kakashi (thinking) i don't have time for this talking i know what must be done for the village and Naruto its long pass the time for you to move on with your life Kakashi than *activates Mangakyou sharingan * targeting Sasuke with kamui

Madara: ((takes Notice of this, )) than uses time space teleporting in front Kakashi in a blink of an eye removes Kakashi's Mangakyou sharingan BO OF !!!
((replacement jutsu))

Madara: a decoy so he could attack Sasuke
Naruto: (with an intense look on his face) Sensei what are you doing !!!!

(Instantly the real Kakashi reappears in water directly below Sasuke's feet )
Kakashi: attacks from the water with a kunai

Sasuke: swiftly jumps into the air dodging Kakashi's blow (than performs an hand sign **snake → ram → monkey → boar → horse → tiger Great fireball no jutsu** )

Kakashi: using an fire technique when your opponent is surrounded by water looks like you are still just a genin after all
(Kakashi makes an hand sign *tiger → snake → tiger water encampment wall no jutsu*) the water extinguishes the flame

Sasuke (than lands perfectly) Im still an genin dont make me laugh..

Naruto: joins in creating 2 Shadow clones than performs WIND Ransegan throwing it creating an whirlwind in front of Sasuke
Sasuke: manages to avoid the direct hit but the power of the whirlwind sends him flying
Madara: (uses spacetime intercepting the flying Sasuke.)
Kakashi: (thinking) hes almost out of chakra one more Ninjutsu and thats it
Naruto: (hastily runs Beside Kakashi) what are you doing Sensei im fighting Sasuke
Kakashi: Naruto i have had enough you and Sasuke dieing thats not a very good outcome, Naruto you ask how can you become hokage if you cant save a friend, you cant save someone that doesn't want to be, no matter how hard you try some people are just blinded to the light,
Naruto: Sensei
Kakashi: and you want die because you know deep down in your heart, you cant leave your village in this clouded world alone, sooner or later you will realize you are not that same old kid no one liked, to the people in the village you are an icon an symbol of hope, you must live not for yourself but for the people of the leaf .
Sakura: Sensei is right Naruto is to important to die now he has a responsible

Madara: bla, bla, bla no wonder this team failed so hard

Naruto: (remembers the joyful for village he return to) they were so happy to see me you guys are right i cant leave them, looks like even meeting you at the crossroads want work Sasuke

Madara: hehe no surprise there

Naruto: Okay Sasuke i will protect my homeland just like itachi did, and i want ever lose to you again !!!! even if it means you die and i move on with my life
by: Cashman

487: The Real Truth

naruto: that's our fate. we will die fighting each other.
sasuke: you'll die. I refuse to. I will kill you and your team and the entire village.
naruto: I can't let you do that sasuke!
sasuke: even if I wanted to I couldn't go back to the village naruto! there's a price on my head and my penalty is death!
naruto: that could all change-
sasuke: I'm never coming back naruto. never.
voice: SASUKE NOOOO!!!
everyone looks up
sasuke: kikyo!
kikyo uchiha: madaras a terrible liar. letting us think we were all that's left. tisk tisk tisk.
kikyo lands at sasuke feet. stands up.
kikyo: it's been a long time, sasuke. ten years, I believe.
sasuke: but you died.... everyone died....
naruto/kakashi: kikyo... uchiha???
kikyo: the nght itachi slaughtered the clan, my parents sent me to the village to buy some fish. they sent me to a part a didn't no well and I got list. they expected a move pike that from the village. when I returned, you were unconscious and everyone wasdead. I left and wondered the world alone. I taught myself jutsu and survival. I hunted and no one knew I was alive.... except madara. he chose not to tell you though.... for reasons unknown.
sasuke: why Are you here?
kikyo: to save you
sasuke: from what?
kikyo: from what you've become, sasuke. listen to the kyubi boy. he's wiser than u think.
sasuke: I will avenge itachi. I will put the village in their place; hell.
kikyo: sasuke sasuke sasuke. whAt shall we do with you?
naruto: who are you? you must be lying! all the uchiha died
kikyo: yet here sasuke and i stand, clearly alive. sasuke I will not force you to do as I want, but don't throw ur life away like this. I'd love to stay and catch up, but I hav a score to settle with someone.
sasuke: who?
kikyo: madara uchiha.
sasuke reaches in front of him to stop her but she's gone.
naruto: kakashi sensei....
kakashi: Its not possible......
sasuke: that really was her..... she was my best friend..... I thought.... but....
sasuke collapses from exaustion.
by: The Icon

Naruto 487: A Ninja's Destiny, A New Master

(naruto wants to fight sasuke himself, will kakashi see things differently?)
Sasuke: damn you naruto!. fine then we will meet again and i will not be the one to die, you are the one walking into your own grave.
Naruto: if fighting you is the only way to get to you, i have no other choice. from now on sasuke i will share tht burden of revenge with you. and i have no intentions of giving up.

Madara: nine tails jinchuuriki as i told you before you will fight sasuke that is your destiny, and i will make sure of it.
kakashi/sakura/naruto: stares at sasuke

Sakura: sasuke....
Madara: (grab sasuke on the shoulder and teleports him away. while teleporting he says to naruto ' i will see you again nine tail jinchuuriki, and don't worry i will make sure sasuke is ready. for the next encounter")
white Zetsu: i guess i better go check up on kisame. (disappear under the ground)

Naruto: next time we meet it will be the end of this broken bond.
Kakashi: naruto are you sure you know what you are doing?
Naruto: kakashi sensei fighting sasuke fist on, is the only way to get to him. i have no other choice.
Kakashi: i guess after you make up your mind their is nothing stopping you. but naruto there is something i wanted to talk to you about. it has to do with your father

naruto: what is it
Sakura: (surprised!) his father...
kakashi: naruto the 4th hokage was my teacher. yes sakura naruto's dad was my teacher.
naruto: hmmm

kakashi: before he died there was a justu he wanted you to learn. and you are the only one who can use that technique.
sakura: (to herself) what is this technique?
Kakashi: the 4th wated you to have it, but in order to do it ..... you have to learn to control the nine tail fox...
Naruto:?? (shocked) control the nine tail fox?
kakashi: thats right naruto. you are to son of the 4th hokage you are a rarity in the ninja world. and you has what it takes to be a great hokage. but i cannot teach you anything about this technique. i'm afraid if i do i will be commiting suacide
Naruto: then who?

(suddenly killer bee and raikage and his assistants suddenly jumps down to where naruto kakashi and sakura is causing a smash in the groung creating alot of dust.)
Killer bee: so.. yo.. u.. are. the nine tail jinchuuriki.. allow me to show you.. your new... master.. ohh yea.

Next Time: Naruto Manga 488: A New Path.
by: killerrabbit

Shizune is in a room with Tsunade.

Tsunade: Shi... Shizune (coughs)
Shizune: Tsunade-sama!

Tsunade: Naruto, you must tell Naruto...

Naruto 487: Tsunade Dies!

Tsunade has a flashback.

She and a very young Shizune are walking though a village. They see some Grass-nin

1st Grass-nin: Did you hear? That crazy girl did it again.

2nd Grass-nin: Wait, again? That one that's stuck as a little girl right? How did she fail-

Tsunade pins them to the wall.

Tsunade: Explain this to me!

1st Grass-nin: Its just this crazy little girl. She's always trying to kill herself.
2nd Grass-nin: But she always fails.
1st Grass-nin: This time she ran in front of a wagon, only to dart away at the last second.
2nd Grass-nin: But that's not the weirdest part. She doesn't grow. She's looked the same for five years!

Tsunade drops the two-nin.

Tsunade: I've never heard of a jutsu like this, what do I care?

2nd Grass-nin: I heard this old man would pay a bundle to get rid of her.

Tsunade: ! Hey, you guys where can I find this girl?

1st Grass-nin: She lives in another Grass Village, please don't kill us!

Tsunade: Right, come Shizune!

Tsunade goes to the village.

Tsunade: Old Man, where can I find the crazy girl?

Old Man: I'm not sure, um the pigs, there's a crazy girl that lives with the pigs.

Tsunade goes to a pig barn. There's a girl there but she seems happy.

Tsunade: Hello, miss?

Girl (points at a piglet): Ton-ton

Tsunade: This girl doesn't look like she'd kill herself.

Tsunade turns around. A creepy girl is in the doorway, she has long hair.

The girl points at Tsunade's necklace.

Creepy Girl: You... I... Know...

Tsunade: Shizune stay back.

Shizune is playing with a piglet and they both step back.

Tsunade knocks her out.

Later Tsunade is in a room, the creepy girl is in a bed.

Tsunade: Damn, that smell...

She turns to see Shizune with a piglet.

Tsunade: Do you have to..

Shizune (teary): She's my Ton-Ton!

Tsunade: Alright. (thinking) This girl is a strange one. Her brain chakras fluctuate as if she's in a genjutsu but I don't see how that's possible. It should end when she sleeps.

Creepy Girl (sleep talking): Not, not him, kill him some other way, not my- she stops talking.

Tsunade: (thinking) Her babbling has continued into her sleep. I've been able to put together her ramblings. They must describe the Genjutsu she's under.

All of a sudden, the creepy girl's features seem to change then change back.

Tsunade: What..? (Shizune is startled) (thinking) Is this girl actually some kind of henge? Is that why she hasn't changed in five years? But no Henge can last that long. It must be shape shifting. Though even this is a record for that. Well now that I know..

Tsunade uses her Mystical Palm technique. The Shapeshifting technique begins to undo but a seal froms.

Tsunade (thinking): This, this seal resembles a Konoha Anbu seal! Who is this girl? Wait, this shape shifting technique is familiar. Extremely advanced, not to mention this use of it is unprecedented. I know who you are! And this seal. Damn, the pain you must have felt, just like mine, maybe worse. I can't let her continue living like this..

Next day.

Tsunade: Old Man! You seem okay, would you watch this girl for me?

Old Man: Wait! The pig girl? But she stinks! No way!

Tsunade: Not her! The other one.

Old Man: The, the scary one. So you found her.

Tsunade: Yes and I helped her.

Old Man: If you don't mind me asking could you tell me how. If I can tell the villagers something I'll watch her, but they might attack otherwise.

Tsunade: That's fine. She was the victim of a powerful genjutsu (thinks: that seal). Someone tried to help her but they only made it worse (her own Genjutsu). The result was a genjutsu that not only affected her but affected those around her so they perceived her as a little girl (well that's close enough). I was able to dispel one of the jutsus but she still had the terrible memories of the ordeal (well not this one) so I gave her amnesia. Psychologically she needs to experience growth so I've put a permanent jutsu on her making her appear five years younger than she actually is and she'll age from there (its a half truth). Hopefully that should quell the villagers.

Old Man: Thank you, you I think I alone felt bad for her.

Tsunade: There's one more thing, a name. Call her Karin.

Old Man: Thank you, where is she?

Tsunade: She's in the barn.

Old Man: What? Oh, with the pig girl? Well, alright, bye then.

Tsunade: Shizune?

Shizune is playing with Ton-ton the piglet

Shizune: Hee, hee!

Tsunade: If you must..

Flashback ends.

Shizune: Tsunade-sama!

Ton-ton: Ton-ton!

Tsunade: You must tell Naruto that...(cough, cough) his mother is still alive.

Shizune: Naruto's mother? Wait, why me?

Tsunade stops talking. Three Root appear.

Scene change to Naruto and co.

The light around Karin diminishes. We see a veiny hand.

Voice: Where am I? These memories, so many..

We see a woman, she appears to be in her late forties. She has long dark hair. Her physique resembles the Mizukage.

She's sees Naruto.

Karin(as an adult woman): Ah, Kyuubi I remember you (chuckles), the cause of so many problems. I will kill you first.

She rushes Naruto with amazing speed.

Kakashi : Wait! Don't rush into things whoever you are! (This woman, I know her and this rushing into things reminds me of some one..) !

Kabuto (in the bushes): Ah, so we were right. Sasuke, when we found out who was in your little group we considered telling you of our... suspicions, but instead we decided to let you reap the consequences! What an auspicious decision that was.

What have Kabuto and Kakashi realized? What is Karin's identity, does Tsunade speak true?

Naruto 488: Mother and Child
Status: SPOOF
by: Takanome


*This is a lie.

Chapter 487: Wandering Blind Sasuke Hits a Tree

(Madara dressed like Dumbledore while perched on top of an unconscious Sasuke, a hand

over his eyehole like he's looking for someone.)
Side text: Surprise! Madara really shouldn't have insisted to get rid of the ONE

sensor type in their group, huh?

(Madara appears from a distance away and looks down at the bridge.)
Madara: Well, this is unexpected. Alas! Now where did Sasuke go...? More importantly,

where the hell am I?
(Down at the battlefield...)
Naruto: Aww... Sasuke used Self Destruct before I could capture him. I hate it when

they do that!
Kakashi: (sweatdrops) Sasuke is an S-Class criminal, not a Pokemon. Besides, he just

ran away.
Naruto: I hate it when they do that, too.
Sakura: You suck at this game, Naruto.
Kakashi: (Thinks: How is it I'm the most serious person in this spoof so far...?)

(Sasuke is stumbling around because he can hardly see his hands in front of his face,

nevermind the many, many trees in the forest he's trying to escape in.
Sasuke: Damnit, I'll never get anywhere at this rate! Just because it's hard to

see... Fuck it! I can see well enough to not hit a tree! I'll just run the rest of

the way to Konoha!
(He tries to run but just ends up face-first in bark.)
Sasuke: Goddamnit. (KO'ed!)

(Sakura continues treating Karin, who has been telling everyone about how bad of a

lay Sasuke is and generally every piece of personal information ex-girlfriends tell

everyone when they get dumped in a really shitty way.)
Sakura: Yeah, that sounds about right.
Naruto: (looks sick) I did not need to know any of this.
(Kakashi sighs and looks over as he sees someone approaching.)
Kakashi: Yo, Yamato.
Yamato: Err... (rubs his head) Sorry, Kakashi-senpai. Naruto got away from me. I'm

pretty sure he used... magic. Uh, yeah. The battle...?
Kakashi: Is won. Unfortunately, Sasuke still got away. But still, it was good that

Naruto came when he did. Don't beat yourself up on it.
Yamato: ....
Kakashi: What?
Yamato: Why are you the least funny person in the spoof so far?
Kakashi: (piku sound) Leave me alone, huh?

(A boy at about 6 years old is walking through the woods alone.
Boy: Hmm? (sees unconscious Sasuke) What the hell? This guy looks really bad! His

eyes are all bloody and stuff. (slaps Sasuke) Hey you!
Sasuke: (wakes up) Huhwha?
Boy: You look injured. My mom is good at medical jutsu. Are you a ninja?
Sasuke: (tries to glare at the kid, but ends up glaring at a bush... He's blind, you

see.) What's it to you?
Boy: I'm just wondering. My mom is a ninja! My dad is supposed to be a ninja, too,

but I never met him.
Sasuke: You never met your dad?
Boy: Nope! But knowing him, he's probably the least funny person in this whole spoof!
Sasuke: ???

END TEXT: Next chapter on Naruto... Kakashi goes on Maury!
(Kakashi appears in the corner: THE HELL I DO!)
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Sasu-Saku and Naru-Hina

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