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Naruto 485 Bahasa Indonesia

Komik naruto 485 bahasa indonesia yang berkualitas (insya allah) high quality.naruto 485 bahasa indonesia ini di scanlation oleh icepagaza scanlation team,yang berjudul "Begitu Dekat, Namun Jauh", untuk mendownload naruto seri 485 bahasa indonesia ini bisa anda dapatkan di bawah ini, dan anda juga bisa membaca online komik naruto bahasa indonesia ini.

Link untuk naruto 485 bahasa indonesia :

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Naruto 485 (English)

Naruto 485: So Close, And Yet So Far
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Naruto 485 (English)

Naruto 485: So Close, And Yet So Far
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Naruto 485, Naruto 486, Naruto 487, Naruto 488, Naruto 489, Naruto 490, Naruto 491, Naruto 492, Naruto 493, Naruto 494, Naruto 495, Naruto 496, Naruto 485 OneManga, Naruto 485 Narutocentral, Naruto 485 Narutofan, Naruto 485 Mangahelpers, Naruto 485 RAW, Naruto 485 Spoilers, Naruto 485 Predictions, Naruto 485 English, Naruto 485 Confirmed Spoilers

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Naruto 485 RAW Spoilers and Predictions

Bleach 394 (19-Pages) and One Piece 576 (17-Pages) are up!!

Naruto 485: So Close, And Yet So Far

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Naruto 485 RAW Pics

by: Ohana - 2Ch/ Shounensuki
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485: Close...and far away...

Cover: Naruto and Sasuke are facing each other

Uzumaki Naruto. Uchiha Sasuke. The drop-out and the elite. Valiance and hatred. A struggle with zero distance between them.

They finally exchange looks...
Naruto glares at Sasuke

Sasuke glares at Naruto
Taking the opportunity, Kakashi punches Sasuke
Sasuke's sent flying and perfectly lands on his feet

Kakashi: "You have better timing than me...Naruto. I didn't think that even you would be coming..but forget about that, you were a life-saver."

Sakura: "T-Thank you...Naruto"
Naruto: "Sasuke...Sakura's a member of Team 7, just as you are"
Sasuke's eyes are a pale shade: "Former-Team 7...I was"

Kakashi: "You understand how it is now, Naruto. Sasuke's no longer who he was in the past"
Naruto: "Sasuke..."
Sasuke: "...What?!"

Naruto: "I heard the truth of Itachi from that guy Tobi! I don't really know whether it's lies or truth...but whatever it is, all that you're doing right now..."

Sakura: "!" (The truth of Itachi...?!)
Naruto: "I get it"
Kakashi: "!"
Sakura: "!?"
Sasuke: "...!"

Sasuke: "Naruto...I told you this could someone like you, without parents, without a brother, how in the hell could you get me?"
Sasuke scowls at Naruto
Sasuke: "Others should be silent!"

Sakura: ! "As if those are the thoughts Naruto regarded you with, Sasuke-kun! Whatever ill that was spoken of you, Naruto had always thought of you as a companion! Not only then but even now..."

Sasuke: "It was just right now....Just right now that I finally took vengeance on Itachi's behalf. I killed just one of Konoha's superiors, right at this spot...a guy called Danzou"
Kakashi: (...What?...That Danzou has been...?!)
Sakura: !
Sasuke: "It's a feeling I've never had. The feeling of the tainted Uchiha being purified-

The feeling of breaking the Uchiha away from the rotted-off world of shinobi-
In a sense, it's what you all of Konoha have always desired, what you've continued to deny the Uchiha since the start-

Just as you all desire, I'll erase the Uchiha from your memories-
By killing all of you, all of Konoha! Severing all those bonds will be that which brings the true revival of the Uchiha!"
Sasuke's explanation is ringing out

Sakura: "Sasuke-kun..."

Kakashi: (...All that hatred piling up over history has formed Sasuke into who he is right now... it may not be clear to Naruto and Sakura that Sasuke's a victim of that era, but they feel it right through their very skin. That's the reason why...)

Naruto does Kage bunshin
Kakashi: "This is my duty, Naruto...Sakura. Disappear from this place"
Sakura: "But...Kakashi-sensei!"
Kakashi: "If you're here, you'll see something you don't want to....Go now!"
Sakura: "I...!"

Kakashi starts walking: "Sasuke won't die from the embedded poison you learned from Shizune that you put into your kunai...Orochimaru implanted him with the antibiotic resistance. Besides, [you] should already know how [i] feel"

Sasuke prepares Chidori and starts walking
Karin: (Sasuke...I may have healed you...but this is'm through...through with Sasuke...)
Naruto: "Kakashi-sensei, so you mean to...kill Sasuke?"

Kakashi: "...Go!"
The Kage Bunshin Naruto pins Kakashi's arms behind his back

The real Naruto starts walking while making Rasengan
Sasuke also starts making Chidori on his left hand and starts walking: "There's an opening now! I won't be going easy on you!"

Kakashi: "Wait, Naruto!"
Sakura: "Naruto!"

They clash right in front of one another

Naruto: (Sasuke, maybe...maybe me and you were opposites...)
Naruto: "Rasengan!"

Sasuke: "Chidori!'

The conclusion isn't settled...
Naruto and Sasuke look at each other

Naruto places a hand on his belly "I know how you the past everyone in the village hated me...
And the reason for that is the Kyuubi inside of me. the past I hated everyone in the village as well
and I sometimes thought about revenge too...
If I held on to that...probably I would have thought terrible things like you...
I thought about who was a friend to me... I thought I didn't need bonds. And I met you and Iruka-sensei"
Sasuke: "..."
Naruto: "I knew you were always alone
Being just like you brought peace to me...and soon after I talked to you...and I was so happy!
But after that I stopped. You could do anything...and I was jealous of you. I decided you were my rival!
You became my goal.
No matter what, I held onto that bond. Team 7 started going on missions together.
I wanted to become strong like you. But I was always behind you, chasing your back"
Sasuke: "..."

Naruto, with a big smile on his face
Naruto: "I was so happy to meet you"

Sasuke: "Naruto it's too talked to me...but now it's too late to change me!!
I will completely wipe out you, the villagers and everyone else!!
At this point, your choice...killing me becoming the hero of the village!!
Or being killed by me, becoming a loser!!

Naruto looks at him squarely in the face, he decided
Naruto: "I won't be a loser against you! And I won't kill you and become an hero either! (my decision) is neither of them!!"

Chidori VS Rasengan
The front cover has Naruto and Sasuke facing eachother.

485 Close, Far

Naruto glares at Sasuke
Kakashi punches Sasuke
Naruto preaches to Sasuke
Naruto says he understands what Sasuke is doing
Sasuke is exhausted, tells he killed Danzou
Kakashi is surprised
Sakura complains to Sasuke
Naruto does kagebunshin, says "This is my duty" to Kakashi
Naruto restrains Kakashi
Chidori vs Rasengan
Ends without conclusion
Again, talking
Again, Rasengan vs Chidori

Basically, the spoilers say that Sasuke is being an idiot, Naruto is being a good kid and Sakura and Kakashi don't seem to do much.
Naruto tells Sasuke how he can understand him because of the Nine-Tails its attack on Konoha.
Sakura complains to Sasuke, saying "Even now, after hearing terrible rumours, Naruto..." or something like that
It's an opinon. She says Naruto has two options, beating Sasuke and becoming a hero, or losing and becoming beaten dog
Ohana basically is saying that Naruto has to chose among defeating Sasuke, becoming the hero of the village, or losing against him.


by: Itachi-kun

Naruto 485: Naruto's Decision

They finally meet again
Sasuke is astonished at Naruto's speed
Naruto puts sakura down

Naruto:Sasuke are you out of your mind,how dare you try to hurt sakura-chan

Sasuke:so the freak finally arrives,'i still have enough chakra to defeat you kyubi

Kakashi:Naruto be cautious he's not the Sasuke you knew,he's changed.

Naruto:i told you earlier a person who cannot save his friend dosen't deserve to be hokage,
but since you hurt sakura-chan you no longer are my friend your going down "UCHIHA Sasuke".

Naruto rushes towards Sasuke

Sasuke:finally some action,

Naruto creates a rasengan and tries to hit Sasuke. Sasuke dodges ,suddenly a shadow clone appears from behind
with a rasengan Sasuke fires a chidori sword
(Kakashi surprised by Sasuke's use of chidori,but still breathing heavily due to use of mangeyku)

Sasuke:enough with the games already i am taking you down kyubi

Sasuke fires amaterasu at Naruto but suddenly

The amaterasu is stopped, Kakashi was using his mangyeku,
Kakashi:sorry Sasuke but this is the end
the chapter ends focusing on Kakashi's eyes

How did Kakashi stop the amaterasu,stay tuned for the next chapter of Naruto

guys this is my first prediction hope you liked it.
by: Jose De Vera II

Naruto 485: It's time to use the power

Naruto: Kakashi, Sakura, don't interfere, sasuke is mine.
Kakashi recalls to trust naruto again
Kakashi: naruto, becareful, he is not old sasuke you think, he's more darker than i thought, let's go sakura,...

Sakura worried and speechless
Sasuke: It's my mistake that I should kill you valley in the end ago, but now, I'll capture you, the beast inside of you, and then destroy konoha.

Naruto: looks like you've change sasuke, I met your brother, itachi, I think it's time.
Sasuke: don't talk my brother like that, you don't know what he've been through, die!

Sasuke uses chidori and naruto counterattack the rasengan, boom, 1 equals 1.Sasuke cannot see clearly, then he use normal sharingan like infrared to see clearly.

Naruto: I have answer from your brother Itachi
Sasuke: I've said before you have no right to call Itachi again, Mangekyou sharingan

Susano shoots naruto but naruto already use kagebunshin in the forest in a sage mode. Boom.

Sasuke: I see, your getting stronger naruto but not quite strong enough.

Naruto in sage mode, attacks behind in a lightning speed but sasuke use tsyukonomi(genjutsu) to naruto. Naruto can't move then he use the power that Itachi gave him.
Naruto opens his mouth, Sasuke saw crow sharingan from naruto's mouth both Sasuke and naruto can't move.

In Tsukonomi:

Sasuke: how did you know to use tsyukonomi?,
Naruto: I've spoke your brother itachi and gave me this power.

Crow sharingan forms into Itachi.

Itachi: Here's the whole truth about our clan and the incident.
Itachi: Our father, is the ring leader of the uchiha clan, one of the best friends of naruto's
father, the 4th hokage.
Itachi:During attack kyubi on 16 years ago, the 4th hokage said it was an uchiha but our father gave me mission to find who's the rogue uchiha, I have found out it was fore fathers of uchiha clan , Madara.

Itachi: the village of konoha, increasing the distrust and discrimination to our uchiha clan. what our father did gave us a mission, clan to clan, an eye for an eye. The mission is not about coup de tat the village konoha, the true mission is to kill fore fathers, the rogue ninja, uchiha madara

Naruto and Sasuske were shocked.

Next Naruto 486: The Mission Failed
By: The Icon

Naruto 485: The Risk Of Power

(what is naruto going to do?)

Naruto takes sakura on top of the bridge sakura starts to tell him she is sorry naruto tells her he understands. naruto then goes back down to where kakashi is kakashi jumps over sasuke to where naruto is.

naruto says to sasuke (screaming) " sasuke is this what you have become a criminal who is so caught up in revenge that he doesn't know a friend d from a foe huh. was you really going to kill sakura ahh sasuke was you going to kill her. do you know how much pain you have caused her

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Sasuke ( evil laugh then says) do you think i care about her or anyone of you i will do whatever it takes to accomplish my goal. and naruto even if it means i am the one who will capture you. naruto the thing inside of you it is connected to the uchiha and you don't deserve to have inside you.

Naruto is angry the whiskers on his face is starting to become bigger then the nine tail chakra surrounds him .

sasuke says naruto i will take that thing inside you and i will destroy the leaf village and when I'm done akatsuki will have you. (screaming you will die naruto)

as soon as sasuke says naruto will die naruto suddenly is infront of sasuke hitting him with his fist sending him crashing into the rocks. sasuke is trying to get up but naruto grabs him by the throat holding sasuke in the air with one hand he says to sasuke " sasuke you have made madara painted your mind (screaming stop looking towards the darkness wake up sasuke" naruto flings sasuke up to where the bridge is with sakura and karin.

sasuke is on-top of the bridge as soon as he looks up naruto is above him naruto is in two tail mode moving so fast he crushes the brigde with sasuke.

sakura is seeing the whole thing she says to herself naruto you..

Kakashi is witnessing the bridge crumble he says in his maind "naruto don't go past 3 tails i will not be able to stop you.

when the bridge crumbling is over sasuke is covered with the materials from the brigde he screams out from under them 'this will not be than the last time i am more powerful than you naruto (sasuke blast up with susanoo saying come on naruto can't you punch me now ahhh. sasuke fires a arrow from susanoo but susanoo is not fully complete because sasuke is already out of chakra. the arrow pierce naruto right through the heart but it wasn't naruto. naruto formed a shadow clone while in kyuubi 2 mode.


sasuke come on naruto don't you always charge at an opponent now come at me

Naruto is behind susanoo. naruto has rasenshruiken in his hand. naruto says your right sasuke i usually charge an my opponent but i am not the same ninja you remembered. naruto thrown the rasenshruiken at susanoo the rasenshruiken hits susanoo but can't get through

sasuke screams you have to do better than that (naruto says to himself i know. naruto is now in front of susanoo and naruto has the kyuubi sage eyes with two rasenshruiken in his hands (naruto says to himself i will not kill you sasuke i just have to wake you up and this is the only way i promised itachi i would find another way and that is what i am doing i will drain you of every drop of chakra you have left.)

naruto throws one rasenshruiken after the other hitting susanoo making a giant crater in the ground (susanoo disappears.

Sasuke is in the screaming crying out ahhhhhh my eyes i can't see. i can' see anything

Next time; blindness has taken over sasuke what happens next?

Naruto 486: The Mangekyou Eternal Darkness
by: Fan 123

Naruto 485: One Last Talk

The first page is split in 2 parts. The upper part shows Team 7’s picture. The lower part shows present Kakashi, Sakura, Naruto in sage mode and Sasuke with his starry sharingan. Sakura in the middle, Kakashi behind them and Sasuke and Naruto to the left and right both of them turning backs to each other, with dark chakra coming out of Sasuke and white coming out of Naruto.

Page 2:
Karin scene:
Karin (trying to stand up): (This chakra… It feels the same as when we fought the Hachibi. Could this be…)
Team 7 scene:
Naruto slides over the water and puts Sakura down.
Sakura: (Naruto!)…
Kakashi (not realizing he’s right next to Sasuke): Naruto…
At the same time, without losing a second, Sasuke’s right hand lights up and he turns to attack Kakashi with Raikiri.
Kakashi now realizing what’s going on is not able to move because of the use of Mangekue sharingan.
The last picture shows a foot lifting off the ground.

Page 3:
Naruto is now between Sasuke and Kakashi, taking Sasuke’s strike with his chest.
Kakashi: NARUTO!!!
Sakura: NARUTO!!!
Sasuke and Naruto are both staring into each other’s eyes.
Sasuke (with a cold expression on his face): (He’s become faster…)…
Naruto (with the same cold expression on his face): (Is this what Madara has done to him!?...)…
Naruto (closing his eyes and turning his head down): Kakashi, Sakura, this isn’t a burden to carry on your own. This is Team 7’s burden. We have to do this together.
Kakashi and Sakura’s faces turn sad and they both look down.

Page 4:
Forest scene:
A Naruto kage bunshin is left behind and he’s concentrating.
Then he vanishes.
Team 7 scene:
Naruto turns his head up again and opens his sage eyes.
Sasuke (shocked): (What’s happening!?)…
Naruto (now shouting): SASUKEEE!!!
He grabs with his left hand Sasuke’s right hand and he punches him with his right one, which sends Sasuke crashing into the rocks. (Kind of like in the Death Valley battle)

Page 5:
When the dust is spread we can see the bones of Susano around Sasuke. His sharingan is still blurry but he can see the incredible amount of bright white chakra concentrated in Naruto. The wound in his chest heals like frogs regenerate parts of their body.
Sasuke (while coughing blood): (So this is how he defeated Pein. He’s become stronger, too.)
Naruto (with the same cold expression on his face): (This must be his sharingan powers. But I can feel his low chakra levels. Guess there’s only one thing to do)…
Naruto summons two kage bunshins and starts forming a Rasen-Shuriken. Sasuke’s Susano shoots an arrow towards Naruto, but at the same time Naruto throws the Rasen-Shuriken.

Page 6:
The Rasen-Shuriken and the arrow burst into each other. But there is another Rasen-Shuriken hidden in the shadow of the first one. Sasuke’s shocked but he doesn’t have enough chakra to dodge it.
The Rasen-Shuriken hits directly Sasuke’s Susano, which makes it disappear alongside with Sasuke’s last drop of chakra.
Sasuke’s sharingan is off, but so is Naruto’s Sage mode since he used two Rasen-Shurikens.
Sasuke coughs blood again because of the overuse of his sharingan.

Page 7:
Akatsuki HQ scene:
Zetsu appears from the ground.
Madara: Did Kisame catch the Hachibi?
Zetsu: Kisame’s dead.
Madara: I see. I guess if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.
Zetsu: How did the meeting with Danzo go?
Madara: Danzo’s dead. Sasuke killed him. One more person who can interfere with my plan is down. We have to capture the Hachibi and the Kyubi now. And I know the person that’s gonna help me. Speaking of witch, what is taking Sasuke so long?

Page 8:
Forest scene:
Sai’s waking up.
Sai (surprised): What are you guys doing here!?
Team 7 scene:
Sasuke is holding his hand in front of his mouth coughing blood.
Sakura (scared): Sasuke, what have you turned into!?
Sasuke (maniacal laugh): HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I see that you haven’t changed a bit, Sakura. Same old naïve, useless, Sakura! Twice you tried to kill me today, and twice you almost got killed, if it weren’t for Kakashi and Naruto… And, Kakashi, what do you expect of me!? To forget and forgive everything and return to the village, to Team 7, where we can leave happily ever after!? (bursts into maniacal laugh again) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Naruto bursts and the next second he’s in front of Sasuke punching him in the face. Then he grabs him and pulls him up.

Page 9:
Naruto (still yelling): THEN YOU’RE AN IDIOT!
Sasuke (still acting maniacally): HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! COMING FROM YOU …(being cut off)

Page 10:
Naruto (suddenly with a calmer sadder voice): …was you! He couldn’t give up on you! And that’s the only condition he gave to accept the mission. Konohagakure to watch over you!
Naruto: Maybe I don’t for witch I am sorry, but I know he didn’t want you to turn out this way!
A voice from the back: He is right, Sasuke, and you know it!

Page 11-12:
They turn and they see standing on the rocks Shikamaru (the one who said it), Ino, Chouji, Hinata, Shino, Kiba, Lee, Neji, Ten-Ten, Gai and Yamato, and they’re all smiling. Then Naruto smiles, too, and turns back to Sasuke.
Sasuke: YOU KNOW NOTHING… (being cut off again)
Shikamaru: Everyone at some moment has lost someone they loved…
Their faces get sad and they all look down…

Page 13:
Shikamaru, Ino and Chouji are thinking of Asuma, Neji’s thinking of his father, Kakashi’s thinking of Obito and Rin, Naruto’s thinking of Jiraya.
Shikamaru (continues): But this is not the way to honor your brother’s death. This isn’t what he would have wanted from you.
Naruto: Sasuke…

Page 14:

Page 15
Naruto turns sad and looks down again.
Naruto (calmly): What you can’t understand is… that he did it for that village. What you don’t wanna understand that he sacrificed everything he loved for the sake of that village. He believed in that village. There may have been another way, but he took this sacrifice. The only person he couldn’t sacrifice was you…
Everyone turns sad…
Naruto (continues): He made you despise him so you could become stronger than him, to become a great ninja so that you can clear Uchiha’s name. SO THAT YOU CAN DEFEAT MADARA, NOT HELP HIM!
Sasuke (now calmly and turning his head aside): You know nothing…

Page 16:
Naruto: …I promised a lot of people I would do everything in my powers to take you back…(thinking of Jiraya, Minato, Nagato, Gaara, The Raikage and Itachi)… and a lot of people had belief in me. Everyone asked me if I would be able to kill you if I had to, but I kept on saying that I would return you to Konoha even without killing. And those people believed me, they believed in me… That goes for Itachi, too…
Sasuke, shocked , stares at Naruto…
Naruto (continues): That’s right! I talk to him right before you killed him. He asked me that very same question and I told him I would take you back to Konoha without killing you, and he believed me…(being cut off)
Sasuke (with a maniacally scared face): YOU ARE LIEING! SHUUUUUUUT UUUP!
And he fires a lightning right trough Naruto’s heart.

Page 17:
Naruto’s face turns white and he’s shocked. Everyone is shocked.
Sakura (screaming of terror): NARUTOOOOOOO!...
Kakashi (starting to run towards Naruto and Sasuke): NARUTOOOOOO!
Sasuke (with the same maniacal expression): SHUUUUUUUUT UUUUUUP!
Naruto falls on his knees with the lightning still going trough his heart. He coughs blood over Sasuke’s face, which makes his maniacal expression even scarier. He coughs for a second time, but instead of blood, he coughs a crow.
Suddenly Naruto brakes into crows which start flying in every direction.
Sasuke’s face now fills with shock and fear.
by: State of Naruto

Naruto 485: That's Just Not You

Kakashi: How the hell did he find this place and his speed is incredible
Naruto: Sakura stay here..
Sakura: (with a deeply emotional expression she begins to cry) guess this
is the end (being cut off)

Naruto: (with a sadden look) Sakura I must apologize, I have failed you
Sakura: Na-Naruto? (being cut off again)

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Naruto: (with the same expresssion) I will never give up on Sasuke, even if he has given up on himself. He give his heart and soul to follow and continoued the dark road of revenge turning our once friend into a psychopath. I could it tell that the moment I looked into his eye's.

Sasuke: Looks like the most pathetic one of team 7 has arrived. All togetter again I think I'm gonna cry..

Naruto:(turns around to face Sasuke)
Naruto: So this is what you have become this senseless monster !! You betrayed your conrades, you abandoned your home, just cause you were afraid !!

Sasuke: afraid ?!?!?

Naruto: You were to weak and too afraid. You just had to follow the Uchiha way of hate. Sasuke anyone can hold a grudge it takes the most powerful person to forgive. You left us because you were frightened, you didn't think you were strong enough to forgive. Naruto (with a intense look) you know the thing that gets me not even in my dreams could i think that WEAK, FRIGHTENED PERSON COULD BE YOU SASUKE !!!! Damn it Sasuke thats just not you !!!!!!!

Sasuke: Shut the hell up! Your words mean sh*it to me !!!!!!!! The leaf thinks it can order my bother around to kill my Clan then live in peace as if nothing happen. Where were the town hall meetings, the law investigation, they just blame it all on Itachi, the people of the Village didn't give a damn about the massacre they just went back to business as usual laughing and having fun, thinking the story of the Uchiha's were over !!!

Well in fact the story of the Uchiha's just started !!!!! I will make sure the name Uchiha lives on forever throw the history books every man or women will know the power and fear of the Uchiha for the endlessness of time!

Sasuke (with a psychopathic look) I will burn the leaf to dust, than create an Uchiha empire homeland right on top of Konoha's graveyard (use the laugh of insanity) HAHAHAHAH !!!!!!!


Kakashi: (thinking his completey deranged) Naruto dont try to reason with him !!
Naruto: Sh*it Sasuke !!!! you just had to leave me with no choice, do me a favor find peace in dead you will always be my friend.. (a rasenshuriken appears behind Sasuke)

Kakashi: (thinking) so he left clones in wait
Sasuke: swiftly turns around to face the rapidly charging shuriken he hastily trys to avoid it Sasuke at the last second manages to clear himself of the rasenshuriken's path only by inches

Sakura: (turns away from the action and put her hands over of eye's not knowing what to expect)

The rasenshuriken expands !!!!!

Its Concludes. What the hell just happen did Naruto just kill off Sasuke or did Sasuke find a way to survive?

Naruto 486: A New Day
by: Badon

Naruto 485: A Convoluted Mess

Team 7 Scene
Sasuke: Naruto, huh?
Sakura(thinking): I'm sorry Naruto, Kakashi-sensei, I'm still a burden..
Naruto: Sakura, I know what you and sensei are trying to do but please, let me handle this. I can't watch you get hurt anymore by Sasuke's darkness. :stands Sakura up:

Sasuke: Ha! Even you can't stop me, until I get my revenge I'm unstoppable! :begins to cast amaterasu on Naruto and Sakura:

Kakashi: I'm your opponent! :kicks Sasuke across the water:

:sasuke's amaterasu leaves a blaze of black flames across the water beginning right next to naruto:

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Sasuke(thinking): What the hell, my amaterasu should've hit him.. is this the result of the eyes degredation!?
(the image of Naruto and Kakashi is duplicated as if Sasuke's eyes were crossed, with the amaterasu starting in the false image of Naruto)

Kakashi: Naruto and Sakura.. you just couldn't leave Sasuke to me, could you?
Sakura: I'm sorry sensei, I'm not strong enough to... :tears continue to drop down her face:
Naruto: Sensei, take Sakura and the girl on the bridge away from here, I have to speak alone with Sasuke :closes his eyes and makes his bunshin hand sign:
Sasuke: As if I'll let you leave! :swings his sword out and stretches his streaming lightning twenty feet past the blade and begins to swing it towards his old team:

:Naruto opens his eyes in sage mode and 4 bunshins appear and grab the lightning extension of the blade:
Sasuke(thinking): Impossible!
Kakashi(thinking): Just like with Obito and Rin, I can't save someone I care about... but he's just like you.. sensei
Kakashi: So this is the power of sage chakra... Naruto, I'll leave this to you, come on Sakura :jumps up top of the bridge with sakura and picks up Karin: We've got to get you back to the village..
:Sakura looks back one last time at Naruto holding Sasuke's blade and her tears finally stop and she and Kakashi jump away with Karin:
Karin: I'm sorry, the Sasuke you loved is already dead and they killed him :thinks of tobi/madara and sasuke together:...
Sakura: You're wrong.
Karin(looks puzzled): What?
Sakura: If the sasuke I love was dead, I would've been able to... but he's not, and now the only one who can save him is... :scene cut to Naruto and Sasuke:

Sasuke: Heh, so you have become more powerful like they said. :releases his sword and immediately begins using hand signs: But I'll end you like I should have back then!

KATON: DRAGON FIRE TECHNIQUE flies up into the sky
:Naruto releases his clones and watches the enormous fireball fly up:
Naruto(thinking): What is this technique??


Naruto: Sasuke, I have something I need to ask you.
Sasuke: You who is about to die... I'll grant your last request, what is it?
Naruto: Why are you working with Madara, the one who killed my parents, tried to destroy Konoha and caused the destruction of your clan!? Why do you let Itachi's sacrifice be in vain!
Sasuke: You say that like you even know who your parents were, and it was Konoha that destroyed my family! What do you know of it!

Naruto: I met my father while protecting Konoha from Madara's pawn, and he told me that it was Madara that summoned the kyuubi. If it wasn't for the kyuubi's attack on Konoha, the loyal Uchiha would never have been suspected and your clan would never have been targetted!
:a large shadow appears and darkens Naruto and Sasuke and a crack of thunder is heard in the background:

Sasuke: I don't believe you, how could you meet your father, he's been dead and forgotten since before you could speak! (thinking: I thought Madara might have been lying to me then...)
Naruto: My father.. was the fourth hokage. If he hadn't fallen protecting Konoha from Madara, I know he would've protected the Uchiha! Sasuke, join me and I'll help you get justice for the Uchiha and you can reestablish your clan, it's not too late!
Sasuke: Silly Naruto... it was too late from the moment the Uchiha joined with the Senju to create Konoha. The only way to reform my clan is to begin anew from the ashes of that mistake! I will burn Konoha to the ground and get revenge for everything!
Naruto: Itachi would never forgive you, is that what you really want! He sacrificed everything to give you the chance to live! I won't break my word to him...
:Lightning causes the landscape to illuminate and in that instant, Sasuke swears he sees Itachi's face:
Sasuke(thinking): He gave his word to Itachi? Why.. brother... why would you speak with Naruto and not me!
Sasuke: I don't care what you said to Itachi! I'll kill you now for speaking his name!
:huge crackle of thunder.. Kirin is ready!:
:Naruto summons a clone and forms a rasenshuriken and throws it high into the sky:
Sasuke: You're too late! KIRIN!

:Lightning flies down and through the rasenshuriken right down the path it was thrown from Naruto:
:There's a big explosion originating from Naruto's location, with lightning flowing over the surface of the water, Sasuke has jumped up from the surface but it streaks up the water falling off his legs and zaps him, he falls down on the ground beside the river and looks towards Naruto, but he's unharmed, a single black bird is hovering over his head:

Sasuke(thinking): Itachi's black bird! Why, brother??
Naruto: Sasuke... I understand your desire for revenge but I can't let it consume you, I won't bend back my words to Itachi, you know that as well as anyone.
Madara appears behind Sasuke: Oh? I see the action started up a bit prematurely. Well, Sasuke, looks like I was right, you are still weaker than him. I can't let you be defeated here, so lets unleash this nine tail and get out of here.

:Madara begins to suck Sasuke through his portal, but Sasuke forms a chidori and swings right through his mask, the right side falls off and but the left side remains and Madara jumps back:

Madara: So you want to stick around and see the fireworks? Fine, you and the nine tail can play together while you think about your deteriorating eyes. :Makes some handsigns: Kyuubi control jutsu! :Madara disappears in a swirl:

:Naruto is pouring out Kyuubi chakra, three tails have already appeared and he collapses as a fourth begins to come out:
Sasuke: I'm not going to stick around to see what happens to you, Naruto. You want to bring justice for the uchiha and keep your word to my brother but it looks like Madara has different plans for you. Summoning jutsu: Hawk.
:Sasuke pulls himself on the hawks back and flies away:
Naruto: :Barely able to think with all the chakra forcing its away out of him: Sasuke...

Inner Naruto scene:
:The kyuubi chakra leaks out the bars and rushes over Naruto who's watching with Sage eyes as it swirls around him:
Naruto: Ughh... I can't resist it...
:Naruto suddenly makes a twisted expression and a black bird crawls out his mouth and caws as it's sharingan glows and the Kyuubi's chakra relaxes its grip on Naruto and flows back into the cage:
Naruto: Itachi's bird... is that the power he gave me?
Kyuubi: Ahhh, I'm released from his genjutsu.. Naruto.. you truly have become strong enough to contain my power and keep me from being controlled by the likes of the Uchiha. There may be hope for you yet.
Naruto: What do you mean, you want to work with me now, fox?!
Kyuubi: Together, we are strong enough to get my revenge on Uchiha Madara... but learning to control my power is not something you can do on your own, you need someone with more experience... and he's coming...

:Naruto is laying with his back on the water, he opens his sage eyes abruptly:
Naruto: What are these enormous chakras... they're right above me!
:With his sage eyes, he sees through the bridge two enormous sources of Chakra and two smaller sources:

C: There he is. That's the kyuubi boy. He looks pretty beat. But he's not the one who killed Danzo.
A: Damnit, I wanted to be the one to crush Danzo's skull.
:Bee jumps down and looks at Naruto from above:

Hachibi(inner dialogue): I can feel it, this is where my fox brother is. Strange.. I don't sense any hostility from him towards this boy. Bee, you need to take him, we have something important to do. He needs training.
Bee(inner dialogue): Oi, I'll teach this idiot, this fool, how to rap like a real ninja should!
Bee: Yo, I heard you don't want to be such a foolish idiot and learn to control your Bijuu. Come with us.


:Naruto stands up:
Naruto: You.. how do you know about the bijuu?!
Bee: I'm the hachibi jinchuriki. I've been in sync with my bijuu for as long as you've been alive! So, what will it be, you gonna come with me?

Naruto(thinking): If I had the kyuubi's power.. I could bring sasuke back for sure! But I can't just go with them without telling the others :makes hand sign for kage bunshin:
:A jumps down and swings his arm down at Naruto:
A: You think you can use a jutsu on my brother!?
:A sage bunshin appears and catches his arm:
Naruto: I'm just sending a messenger back to the village so they know where I am. I will come with you.
A: Fine, lets go, Bee!
Status: SPOOF
by: Zetsu-san

Naruto 485: Lolshame

Naruto: To be honest Sasuke... your actually a prick
Sakura: *gasps* (whilst in Naruto’s arms)
Naruto: You know it’s true, Sakura, he tried to kill you.
Sakura: Im blinded by love!
Sasuke: Im just blind.
Kakashi: Lol. Random, but, I have a dog fetish...
Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke: WTF!!! DUDE!
Kakashi: Sorry... (Hangs his head in shame)
Sasuke: ... OK then..... Back to the point.... IM EVIL HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA (Manic Laugh)
Naruto: Nah
Sasuke: What do you mean “Nah”?
Naruto: Exactly what I said, “Nah”
Sasuke: What!? You can’t just “Nah” things.
Naruto: Why?
Sasuke: It’s not fair!
Naruto: Nah
Sasuke: (Sasuke explodes with anger.....literally) OMGWTFBBQ!
Sakura: Tee Hee
Sakura: *Cries* Owned
Naruto: Lol at your face Sakura.

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Kakashi: Now, now, Naruto. That’s not nice.
Naruto: “Wah Wah Wah!” Dog Fetish Boy!
Kakashi: Touché
Iruka: GET YOUR OWN DAMN LINES, KAKASHI! (Naruto Abridged Reference FTW)
Kakashi: My lines now... BITCH! (Uses Kamui on Iruka)
Iraku: BLARGH! *Dying Noises*
Kakashi: Oh No! Overuse (Dies)
Naruto: LOL
Sakura: LMAO
Sasuke: ROFL
Kakashi: Only Joking! LOLOLOLOL Shame!
Naruto: Oh My Minato A.K.A. Daddy!
Sakura: Oh My Shizune!
Sasuke: Oh My Uchiha Massacre!
Kakashi: Oh My Dog!
Sasuke: Dog Fetish! (An eruption of uncontrollable laughter comes from Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke)
Naruto: Ah... Just like old times. (Kakashi runs off crying to read his dirty books)
Sakura: ... yeah
Sasuke: The good ol’ days
Naruto: So... you wanna come back with us. (Sakura’s eyes gleam with hope)
Sasuke: No offence or anything, yeah. But I’m an official bad guy now, yeah. So I wouldn’t want to ruin my “reputation”, yeah. So, I can’t come back with you guys, yeah.
Naruto: Nah
Sasuke: You’re not starting this again!
Naruto: Nah
Sasuke: Nah
Naruto: Nah
Sasuke: So you wanna play it this way, huh?
Naruto: Nah
Sasuke: Seriously, Just STFU!
Naruto: Nah
Sasuke: Why?
Naruto: Nah
Sasuke: *Sigh*
Naruto: Nah
Sasuke: Nah
Naruto: Nah
Sasuke: Nah
Naruto: Nah
Sasuke: Nah
Naruto: Nah
Sasuke: Nah
Naruto: Nah
Sasuke: Nah
Naruto: Woof!
Sasuke: What the.... In fact, I don’t even want to know.
Naruto: Sorry, Kyuubi wanted to say something.
Sasuke: I swear Kyuubi is a fox.
Naruto: ... and?

this is a SPOOF and NOT A SPOILER

Sasuke: ...yeah...anyway, I’m Evil, Insane and Going to destroy Konoha. Kthanksbye.
Naruto: You’re a complete and utter piece of shit, you know that right?
Sasuke: Well, you’re weak. Why are you weak? Because you lack... HATRED! *Starts to cry*
Sakura: oooooooooo
Kakashi: He has a point.
Sasuke: Madara, Time to go!
Madara: OK.
Sasuke: What that was fast?
Madara: Oh, right, I was here the whole time lolling.
Sasuke: Whatever. Just suck me.
Madara: My pleasure!
Sasuke: Naruto, You’re a dick!
Naruto: NO U! (Sasuke gets sucked by Madara)
Kakashi: (comes running back) OH SHIT! I was too late!
Sakura: Lol shame (Thinking) Damn! I wanted to suck Sasuke!
Naruto: Lolfail

Naruto loses Sasuke... again. Sakura did nothing ... again. Kakashi was too late... again. Sasuke got sucked... again.

Naruto 486: Lolfail
by Lethis Anaheim

(Sakura goes into a mental breakdown because she cannot believe that sasuke was going to kill her.)
Sasuke: Hmmmph... (looking at naruto) Who invited you to this party.... Looser
(Sasuke Immediately takes out his katana with Chidori and with insane speed he tries to reach naruto an sakura)
kakashi: LOOK OUT!

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naruto: (with a sad face) hmmph
(naruto before grabbing sakura summoned two kage bunshins wich tries to stop sasukes attack, but they both fail and sasukes runs to the real naruto and naruto lets him stab him, having put sakura in the ground and protecting her)

Naruto: I once thought maybe I could bring you back, maybe I could find the peacefulness inseide your heart, but it seems that revenge and darkness is all you have left.
Sasuke: Pfff, shut up you stupid looser
Naruto: a looser I may be, but what should I call a person that had the intent to kill the person that loved you the most....
Sasuke: she is only in my way!!!!!
(sasuke made a lighting clone behind naruto hand stabs him again)
Kakashi: Naruto Look out!
(kakashi with eyes wide as these O.O)
(Naruto grabs both sasukes and hold's em tight, while a shadowclone apears out of nowhere with double rasengan)
(Sasuke is sent flying but hasent given up yet, he makes his Lighting Elemental attack and naruto does his rasenshuriken, Naruto Jumps to sasuke with rasen shuriken)

Kakashi: Shit Maradara!
Maradara: This is no time to be playing
(sasuke's attack was stopped by maradara and naruto retreats a bit with rasenshuriken disolving)

Maradara: now now there nine tails we will have to meet again one day.
(maradara grabs sasuke and teleports away)
Naruto: Damm IT!!!!!!

(Kakashi grabs sakura, and he looks a bit mad)


Madara and sasuke scene
Sasuke: who the hell you think you are! I could have ended it right there

Maradara: don’t flatter your self, you where in no condition to fight after the fight with danzo... Besides....
(sasuke GRRRRR)
Maradara: He took down Pain, looks like naruto has reach another entirely different level than you have, maybe surpassing Pain's "GOD realm"
(sasuke thinks that looser?)
Maradara: he will certainly make problems for me BUT FOR NOW THINGS ARE GOING EXACTLY AS I WANT EM TO!

by: Sasuke

Naruto 485: Bonds

Naruto and Sasuke scene
Sasuke: So you finally show yourself Naruto
Naruto: Sakura escape with Kakashi to a save area. Let Sasuke to me
Sakura: Naruto…I want to help too. Let me stay
Naruto: You’ve done enough…I don’t want you to get killed. Now go. GO!!
Sakura went on the bridge watching Naruto and Sasuke. Kakashi join them too.
Naruto: Sasuke…This is what you have begun…A criminal…Why Sasuke ? Why are you doing this!!! You killed Itachi. What is still left to do?
Sasuke: I’m going to destroy Konoha. For what they did for the Uchiha clan.
Naruto: Sasuke you don’t get it…The mask guy is using you. His plan is too destroy Konoha too.
Sasuke: If being use is what it takes to get rid of Konoha…so let it be.
Naruto: You can beat me how much you want…But Konoha…my home…my village…I WONT ALLOW YOU TO DESTROY IT. It been a long time that I wanted to show you my new jutsu. Be ready Sasuke
Sasuke: I’ll finish you here and now Naruto
Naruto do some shadow clone jutsu and runs to Sasuke spots.
Sasuke: (in his head) my vision…I can’t see well…I can’t use Susano…guess I have no choice. I got to finish this fast.
The shadow clones were fast enough to caught Sasuke’s arms and legs. Sasuke looks up and see Naruto heading with a rasenshuriken. A big explosion has been seen.
Sakura Kakashi Karin scene.
Sakura: Did he get him…

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Naruto scene.
Naruto: guess my jutsu didn’t work at you.
Sasuke have been protect by Susano (only the bones version)
Sasuke: I’m still stronger then you Naruto.
Susano is heading to Naruto and deliver a punch.
Naruto: It isn’t finish yet!!!
Naruto is now in sage mode and caught Susano arm.
Sasuke: How did Naruto get this strong…
Naruto throws Susano arm aside and run to Sasuke position and deliver a punch to the face. Sasuke flies away and falls in the water. Naruto get him by the shirt
Naruto: I say it one more time…abandoned you revenge and come back home.
Sasuke open his eyes and see the shadow of Itachi behind Naruto
Sasuke: Brother…. I will avenge you…NARUTO YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!!!
Sasuke punch Naruto back.
Sasuke: You don’t know what it feels to lose ever….
Naruto: I feel that Sasuke. My father The 4th Hokage sacrifices his life to protect the village from the kyuubi that have been use by that mask guy.
Sasuke is in shock.
Sasuke: I will finish you once and for all…I don’t care if its couth my vision. I will kill you. AMATERASU
Naruto is in shock by seeing his arm being burn by Amaterasu


Kakashi Scene.
Kakashi: Naruto !!! He tried to run but falls. I’m still weak form the use of my Mangekyou
Sasuke scene
Sasuke with an evil smile watch Naruto being burn. Suddenly the fire of Amaterasu disappear.
Sasuke: H…How?? He sees the crow flying beside Naruto. Is this…Itachi’s
The crow with speed goes to Sasuke direction. Sasuke can’t move. He’s out of chakra. Sasuke is now in a genjutsu
Sasuke: I used my eyes to much.
??: Is time for us to have a little chat Brother.
Sasuke: I…Itachi??
Sasuke is in shook by seeing Itachi in front of him.

Naruto 486: The True Story
by: Meron

Naruto 485

(Naruto scene)
Naruto:(Naruto gently puts Sakura down.
Naruto: are you alright Sakura.
Sakura: n,Naruto i...(gets cut off by Naruto )
Sasuke: (evil smile) more of you stupied kohnohs you surely want to die today dont you ahahahaahahahahahah.
Naruto: Sasuke what have you turn your self into!!!...this is not what itachi wanted.
Sasuke: DONT YOU TALK ABOUT MY BROTHER YOU KNOW NOTHING OF ITACHI (Sasuke activates mangkeo sharingan)ahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahwoahhhhhhhhh.

Naruto: Sakura and kakashi get that girl and go back home get out of this place now.
Sakura: but Naruto (get cut off by Naruto goooo.
kakashi: ....alright then lets move Sakura (and flees with Sakura careing karin).
Sasuke: Naruto you fool thier is no one to protecet you now hehegehehehehehehe.

(kakashi,Sakura,karin scene )
karin: (wakes up) sa..Sasuke save him plase i beg of you.
Sakura: (sobbing)...Naruto will bring him back.
kakashi: s...Sakura!!!

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(Naruto vs Sasuke secne)
Sasuke: (runs at Naruto with chidori) its to late Narutoooooo.
Naruto:(stops chidori with his bare hands and no dameg).Sasuke why...why cant you just listen.
Sasuke:(shocked how did you...Naruto: closes his eyes and actavates sage mode (and punches Sasuke flying to the rocks before Sasuke even knew.

Sasuke: arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...I'LL KILL YOU NarutoOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
Naruto: (walks towrds Sasuke)...Sasuke you could still change ....the path of revange is killing you juest come home and i could help you restore your clan.

Sasuke: (evil smirk) your soo naive Naruto...Naruto: waont change then i know what my awnser is to...DESTROY THOES WHO KILL BUT BRING PEACE.
Sasuke: (shocked with Naruto's speach)
madara: comes behinde Sasuke ... you keep bringing trouble let go (makes a portal)....Sasuke:i dont follow you commonds.
Naruto: YOU.... YOUR THE ONE ITS YOUR FAULT AM NOT LETTING YOU GET AWAY THIS TIME (and narut vanishes behinde madara and puches him and madara falls t the ground.
Sasuke:(shocked what power is this.


Naruto:arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...(goes nine talied fox)...ninetailfox:Naruto let me kill uchia madara let me kill him
Naruto: (a black bird comes out of his mouth and Naruto's leaft eye was a sharingan..(and the ninetailedfox goes back to hes cage...
Sasuke: (shocked of Narutos leaft eye was a sharingan..
madara: no way...but how... it must be itachi who has given you this.

chapter ends.
by: Numinous

Naruto 485: A Step Between One and Perdition

(Bridge Scene)
Sakura: Naruto?
Naruto: Are you alright?!
Sakura: Y-yes…
Kakashi: (thinking) He’s already here? His speed is unbelievable…
Sasuke: Of course, the party couldn’t be complete without you, could it?
Naruto: …
Sasuke: Is that all you’re going to say, Naruto?! Nothing? Where is the big speech about friendship?! (grins) Are you still afraid to fight me… scaredy cat?
Naruto: (smirks) That takes me back... to the times we were Team 7. No… we still are Team 7.
Sasuke: Hmph, you’re still as naïve as you were back then. Friendship? Why? There’s no truth in it! No, no, no… (grins) Only in revenge truth can be found! I can see that now!
Naruto: Sasuke, why do you keep treading this path of revenge? It’ll only create anguish and hate, which will turn into revenge, can’t you see this is destroying you?
Sasuke: What you know about it? You never lost the reason to exist… (Naruto closes his eyes) My entire clan was wiped so that Konoha would dance on their graves! I’ll destroy it… I’ll save it from itself!
Naruto: (opens his eyes;yells) You’re the one that knows nothing! Nagato killed Ero-Sennin and destroyed Konoha! (Sasuke is shocked) Even after all the heinous things he did, I saved him from his hateful, delusional ways. And I won’t forgive myself if I don’t save you from Madara.
Sasuke: Save… me? (smiles in a creepy way) So Nagato already destroyed Konoha?! He made my job even easier! Say, Naruto…
Naruto: …?
Sasuke: Was he after you? (Naruto looks away) Oh, the irony, the Jinchuuriki of the Bijuu whose random apparition 17 years ago made my clan a target to eliminate… was the reason why the same village that took advantage of the Uchiha was blown away.
Naruto: The Kyuubi didn’t appear randomly. It was Madara who summoned it, my father told me!

Sasuke: (laughs maniacally) AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (Naruto looks nervous) That’s rich, your father told you?! I knew you weren’t the sharpest kunai of the bunch, but that’s hilarious! And you think I care that Madara summoned it?! The damage is done, and Konoha is to blame! (activates his MS)
Naruto: You completely lost your mind…
Sasuke: Me? Poor creature, you threw away your life chasing me and I’m the one who lost it? Maybe it’s better for you to die in hope of bringing me back than to live knowing that you’ll be a failure forever. (Susano’o reappears)
Naruto: I knew it’d come to this. I’ll keep the words I said in the Valley of the End… I’ll bring you back at full force! I’ll beat you back to your old self! (enters in Sage Mode) Sasuke! You won’t continue your path of revenge if I have to break the bones in your arms and legs, I’ll stop you!

(Madara Scene)
(Zetsu appears near Madara)
Dark Zetsu: I knew you’d be here.
White Zetsu: Any luck with Shisui’s Sharingan?
Madara: Unfortunatly, Danzou crushed that eye. So, did Kisame captured the Hachibi’s Jinchuuriki?
White Zetsu: I’m afraid he didn’t.
Dark Zetsu: Kumogakure decapitated the poor bastard.
Madara: (punches the table) Another obstacle to my goal… no matter, I still have Sasuke, who’ll be begging for more power soon enough and I’ll be the only one capable of giving him what he wants…
White Zetsu: You mean..?
Dark Zetsu: Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.
Madara: Precisely.


(Naruto Scene)
Kakashi: Sakura, pick up the girl and get out of here!
Sakura: What about you, Kakashi-sensei?
Kakashi: I have to amend myself from my past mistakes.
Sasuke: (Sasunao’o is starting to incorporate the last layer) Your only mistake is standing in my way! (thinking) Just a little more…
Kakashi: Watch out the arrows that Susano’o shoots.
Naruto: Got it covered. (produces 5 clones)
Sasuke: Good old Naruto, using Kagebunshin no Jutsu ever frigging fight (3 clones run toward Sasuke)… all the better to end your pitiful existence! (Susano’o shoots one clone down; Naruto starts to form the Rasenshuriken)
Kakashi: Raiton: Raijuu Pakku! * (Kakashi forms 5 lightning hounds from his hand, that assault Susano’o)

*Thunder Release: Thunder Beast Pack

(Sakura Scene)
(Sakura finishes healing Karin; Sakura is crying)
Karin: Sasuke is drowning in the darkness…
Sakura: …?
Karin: His chakra is getting colder… so cold…
Sakura: …
Karin: Please, Konoha… save him from… himself…
Sakura: (wipes the tears and forces a smile) We will, don’t worry…
Karin: Thank… you…
Sakura: You’re all healed up, we should go now.

(Naruto Scene)
(Only two of the clones and one of the lightning hounds remain; Rasenshuriken is almost formed)
Naruto: (thinking) Almost ready…
Sasuke: I won’t allow that!
(Susano’o shoot one of the clones forming Rasenshuriken, making it disperse into a wind blast that annihilates the rest of the clones and the lightning hound)
Sasuke: Is that all you got?
Naruto: Gahhh! (he falls down to his knees; he opens his mouth and black feathers fly from it)
Sasuke: What the…?! (the black feathers start to gather, revealing Itachi)
Itachi: Enough, Sasuke. (everyone’s shocked)
by: Titainus

Naruto 485: Bonds

Chapter starts with full page spilt into two showing naruto and sasuke.
Brothers or Enemies?

All the members of team 7 are shown in seperate frames , and the old team seven below.

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Sasuke : This brings back memories( sarcastically)
Naruto : His eyes are blank, there is no remorse on what he has done.
What you are doing is unacceptable, but I understand you sasuke. Dont put everything on your shoulders sasuke,
this chain is long and dont let it cloud you.Revenge is not the answer.
Sasuke : ( Concentrates hard and forms sharingan)

Naruto :His mind is clouded, itachi i promised you he will change , but first i have to make him listen.
(goes sage)

Kakashi takes sakura to karin's place. sakura is still weeping.
Kakashi :this is bad, if madara turns up, it will be difficult to protect naruto.need to think of a plan.

Karin adjust her spectacles and looks at naruto
Karin : I have never seen a perfect balance of chakra. he must be really strong.
the amount of chakra is humongous .there is something hidden behind it.

Sasuke looks into naruto's eyes only to find it closed,
Sasuke : countering my genjustsu eh! counter this , katon: Great fire ball jutsu.
it crashes into naruto (turns out to be a clone) his kage bunshins are fast.
Sasuke senses a hand behind him with rasengan. defends with his sword.only to be kicked from behind by real naruto .
flies and crashes into the wall.


The smoke clears and sasuke with small susano'o bones
Naruto : mangekyou sharingan, is there no hope for sasuke?
his chakra is weak, he'll die at this rate.i have to stop this!

Suddenly the whole water area is charged with lightning.

Kakashi : Damn him, He used the katon to evaporate the water and producing small charges and channelising raiton.
Naruto look out!!

Sasuke : This is it., Raiton :kirin.
Sasuke charges the whole area with his raiton ,

Naruto: Fuuton: Rasen Shruiken , All the raiton gets sucked into it and heading right for sasuke,
Sasuke takes a dirsect hit,but protected by susano'o , which disapparetes slowly and his eyes return to normal.

Sasuke :he used the nature chakra around to guide his wind rasengan, this is not easy as i thought.!
You learnt a few tricks i see.
Naruto : Its not too late sasuke, please listen to me, dont fall into darkness.
don't remove the bond between us.
Sasuke : Bond?? haha, Bonds eh, WHAT ABOUT THE BONDS OF UCHIHA,

Blood starts pouring from both his eyes,
Mangekyou sharingan is formed.

Naruto : Sasuke.(thinks back)"Hatred , that is sasuke's nindo"-madara.
i have to break this chain.

Madara appears again at the same loctaion as before.
Not good.they 'll end up killing each other , defenitely not good for my plans.
Battle of the sons of sage of six paths.

Sasuke; Amaterasu!

End of Chapter.
by: Sannyasin

Naruto 485: Emotional Reunion

(Naruto, Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke scene)
Naruto: So you’ve come to this Sasuke. Attacking your sensei and your comrade.
Kakashi: There is no point in talking to him now. He’s lost himself in the path of revenge.
Sasuke; You should listen to your sensei Naruto(smile). Don’t waste your time on me or I’ll just kill you.

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Naruto: You speak of killing people as if it was something simple. You speak of others without understanding them. You’ve grown a hateful person Sasuke and this is not what Itachi wished for you.
Sakura: Naruto just leave him alone forever.
Kakashi: Naruto the best option for us is to end this path of him. That’s the only way of saving him now.

Naruto(with a melancholic look): You two…just speak of killing too. I don’t need that kind of advice so if you really want to help then just let me handle this

Sasuke(angered face): Naruto. The last person that spoke of Itachi to me ended up dead.
How can you say such things? You do not know what my brother went through neither what I went through.

Naruto(starts walking towards Sasuke): You’re wrong Sasuke. I know everything about Itachi and his life of sacrifice but I also understand that he wished a bright future for you and you did everything the wrong way thanks to Uchiha Madara.
Sasuke, I too have lost someone important and at that time I felt just like you feel now.

Sasuke(looking straight into Naruto’s eyes): Naruto I will not abandon this path. It may not be what Itachi wished for. But this is what I feel that must be done and Madara will pay when the time is right.

Madara appears
Madara: Well then, what do we have here? Sasuke, you really just keeping bringing troubles
Naruto: You! This is all your fault, I won’t let you get away this time
Naruto summons a Sage bunshin and enters Sage Mode, in an instant he appears behind Madara and manages to punch him


Sasuke: (What is this power)
Kakashi: ( You definitely grown stronger Naruto)
Madara: It’s been some time since I’ve felt a punch but there’s no time for me to waste here.Sasuke you’re coming with me
Sasuke: I don’t take orders from you. I can handle myself
Sasuke collapses
Sakura: Sasuke!
Madara: Sure you can…but still you’ll come
Madara vanishes and appears behind Sasuke. Naruto quickly runs to them but Madara quickly uses his jutsu and vanishes again with Sasuke.
Naruto: Shit! I just keep failing…

A small talk full of emotion
What will happen next?
by: Musica

Naruto 485 : Naruto's Decision

(Sasuke's, Kakashi's, Naruto's & Sakura's scene)

*A little further away, Naruto place Sakura on the ground
Sakura : (Naruto...)
Naruto : *Smiling to Sakura* Sakura-chan.... Sorry im late.
Sakura : Naruto.... I... I'm....Sor...*Interrupted by Naruto*
Naruto : Sakura-chan.... It is not only your burden to bear. We promised to bring Sasuke back together.

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*Kakashi leaps behind Sakura
Kakashi : Sakura, are you alright.
Sakura : Im ok Kakashi-sensei...
Sasuke : (Naruto.... he has become fast...) Hn.... another pathetic konoha ninja has arrived.
Kakashi : Naruto.... where is Yamato?
Naruto : *Turning to Sasuke with sage eyes staring at Sasuke* Kaka-sensei... take Sakura-chan to a safer place. It's time to have a talk Sasuke.
Kakashi : (Naruto...i really hope you know what you are doing) Sakura, lets go... *Kakashi grabs Sakura...
Sakura : careful..... (looking down)
Naruto : I will be fine Sakura-chan...i promise....

(Sasuke's & Naruto's scene)

Sasuke : Hn.... do you even think you can beat me alone...Naruto?
Naruto : not here to fight you...
Sasuke : HAHAHA....*Laughing like a maniac* You want stop me like the others? YOU WANT ME TO FORGET ABOUT REVENGE...FORGET HOW MY CLAN DIED?
Naruto : Sasuke.... you once told me that i can never understand you... that i was alone from the start... i have lost someone and now i know how you feel but revenge will only lead to more hatred and more killings. The cycle of hate must stop now.
Sasuke : Hn....always pathetic Naruto.... My goal is to destroy Konoha.... a village that always have laughter....(Remembering the rookie nine and Gai's team....) ENJOYING PEACE WHILE ITACHI SUFFERS.....
Naruto : *Looking down and remembering Jiraiya, Nagato and Fourth Hokage...* I have to save you Sasuke and if i can't... (Thinking about what Gaara said to him and then Itachi) then i have to stop you even if I have to Kill you.*Staring at Sasuke with Sage eyes* .
Sasuke : You are joking... YOU THINK YOU CAN KILL ME?? *Charging at Naruto with Kunai*
*Naruto Stood still and then just as Sasuke almost reaches Naruto, Naruto opens his eyes and send Sasuke away with a punch and Sasuke lands on one knee panting*
Sasuke : (He is different... I have no choice) *Activating Mangekyo Sharingan*
Sasuke :Ugggh...!!! *Covering his eyes* (Its blurry like before...)
Naruto : *Looking at Sasuke with sad eyes...* Im sorry Sasuke.....
*Naruto looks like he is about to charge at Sasuke with a Kunai*


(Kakashi's, Sakura's and Karin's scene)

Kakashi : Sakura, rest here and look after the girl...
Sakura : But Kakashi-sen..... *Kakashi interrupts*
Kakashi : I have to go back.... *turning to Karin* i hope you are alright.... we have a lot to talk about.
Sakura : Yes Kakashi-sensei....(Naruto........)
Karin : *Looking down not saying a word*

(Sasuke's & Naruto's scene)

*Just as Naruto is about to charge suddenly out of nowhere Madara appears beside Sasuke*
Naruto : *Looking furious* YOU...!!!
Madara : Sasuke, i have warned you about using your Mangekyo....
Sasuke : Shut up!! I don't have to answer to you.
Madara : If you want to complete your goals then you have to listen to me and heal yourself. With your current state, you will just be dead.
Sasuke : *Still covering his eyes* Hn....i will not die before destroying Konoha.
Naruto : Don't listen to him Sasuke...don't let him deceive you....!! *Naruto charges at Madara*
Madara : We will definitely see you again Jinchuriiki....*Teleports with Sasuke*
Naruto : Sasuke......... ( Remembering what Itachi said about Sasuke being pure)

(*Kakashi arrives*)

Kakashi : Naruto.....where is Sasuke?
Naruto : Kaka-sensei....... Madara took him away....
Kakashi : *Holding Naruto's shoulder* Don't worry Naruto.... we will save him.... but for now lets regroup with Sakura, Yamato and the rest and go back to Konoha... We will think about our next plan.
Naruto : *Still staring blankly* (Next time....i will save you Sasuke) *Smiling*
Kakashi : (We will wait for that day to come Sasuke) Lets go Naruto....
Naruto : Ok Kaka-sensei.... *Naruto leaps away with Kakashi*

Whats going to happen next? Will Konoha be the same now?

Naruto 486 : Kakashi : New Hokage
by: Mimi-chan

Naruto gently puts sakura down.
Naruto: Sakura, what were you thinking? Take that girl and head back to Konoha. And tell everyone to stay back, not to interfere. Kakashi-sensei you better leave too.
Sakura: But…ok. *takes Karin and flees*
Kakashi: I am sorry Naruto this is my battle too. I couldn't stop Sasuke from the dark path at least I can do is stop him.

Naruto: …. *looks sad*
Sasuke; tch, as if u can stop me. People of Konoha. *sasuke with an evil smile takes a battle stance, extends his left arm preparing to strike raikiri*
Naruto; Kakashi-sensei I am going sage, keep him busy for a while. *Naruto closes his eyes and concentrates*

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While Kakashi strikes ahead for Sasuke. Sasuke tries to hit him with Chidori , but Kakashi dodges it. Sasuke and Kakashi exchange close range taijutsu.
Sasuke*in his head* I am pretty worn out, need to end it quick. says: DIE!!!
he charges Kakashi with raikiri aiming straight to his heart. A second later we see Naruto holding his arm with sage eyes looking at him.

Naruto; SASUKE!!!!!!
Sasuke *shocked,in his head*: those eyes, what is it?
Naruto aims to punch Sasuke with his frog katas…then Madara quickly appears from behind Sasuke


Madara: well well I only asked u to finish off that girl and u already got into that much trouble.
And sucks him in his demension.

Hey guys this is my first ever prediction. So don't be harsh on me. I did it cos I was simply bored. Anyways did u ever think about the fact that it seems ok for everyone(Sakura, Kakashi) to try to kill Sasuke but it is not ok for Sasuke to try and kill them. don't get me wrong I don't like sasgay at all, it just a bit odd.
by: R.E.K.

Naruto 485: Sasuke's Goal

Naruto / Sasuke / Kakashi & Sakura scene
Sasuke: Well Well Well, Team7 reunion, Uzumaki Naruto, you want to be humiliated again and in front of your Teammates?

Kakashi: Naruto, I gave you order to return with Captain Yamato to Konoha, you have disobeyed my orders.

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Naruto: Sorry Kakash Sensei, but this fight is between me and Sasuke, if I can't bring him back to reason than I have no choice but to kill him.

Sakura in thoughts (How did he find us? I thought I took care of them with my sleeping bomb)
Naruto: Sasuke, I'm no longer the one you knew, the fight between us in the old days wasn't fair.
Sasuke: Hmm, to me you all are on my list of execution.

Sakura in thoughts (Naruto, I'm sorry; I couldn't bring back Sasuke, I'm as usual a useless person)
Naruto: Sakura retreat to Konoha with the wounded girl and Kakashi, don't worry Sensei I will correct my past mistakes.

Kakashi: Naruto let me be as an assistant? With the two of us we can finish him off.
Naruto: Ok.

Sasuke: Shell we start?, I did what you told me Hatake Kakashi, I looked inside me, to me Konoha was behind the killing of my family and the suffering of my brother.
Kakashi: Itachi did it in his free will.
Sasuke: Shut up, lier...

Naruto: I don't know what to your family in the past but I won't let you hurt Konoha, you reminded me of some one from an other village who had the same grudge against Konoha.
It didn't get him any where, why won't you give up that revenge and start a new life?
Sasuke: Give me a brake Naruto, you know nothing about me.

Sakura scene
Sakura is rushing through the forest with the wounded person, back to Konoha

Karin in thoughts (Why is she helping me? I don't know what to do? If she had killed me maybe she would be better with Sasuke Kun)
Sakura, Karin: ????
Lee, Kiba, Say: There you are Sakura, why did you knocked us off? Didn't we say that we would do it to gather?

Sakura: Sorry my friends, but this battle was my own....
Kiba: So what happened where is Sasuke?
Sakura: Kakashi sensei and Naruto are taking care of him.
Lee, Kiba: what how Naruto found you?
Sakura: Well Naruto trained under Master Fukasku. (I'm not sure if that's the Toad's name)

Switching to Konoha
We see Konoha in complete ruin after the fight between Naruto in Kuby mode and Pain, we go strait to where the 5th Hokage is, she comes back to conations, slowly recovering from the use of the Jutsu that had taken all her chakra to save the villages who she could save.

Tsunade: Owhhhhh.
Shitzune: Lady Stunade your awake, you shouldn't get up, you must rest, you are not totally healed.
Shikamaru: what's that noise?
Shitzune: lady Tsunade is awake
Shikamaru: Oh thank god! We where worried that you won't make it.
Tsunade: Where is Naruto?
Shikamaru: naruto was kakashi in the Iron Land, why?
Tsunade I wanted to tell him something


Shitzune: lady Tsunade when you where out, the councilors made Danzo the 6th Hokage, they didn't wait your recovery.
Tsunade: That old baster ....

Naruto 486: Determination
by: MincedMeat

Naruto 485: My Brother

Team 7 scene:

(Naruto stops slidng across the water and turns around still holding Sakura) NARUTO ARRIVES!!!!!!!

Naruto: ........ Sasuke.
Sasuke: Naruto (look of disdain)
(Sakura thinking) Once again you’re my hero)
(Kakashi jumps to Naruto and Sakura’s side)
Kakashi: It’s good to see you Naruto.......But why are you here I told you to go back to Konoha.

(Naruto places Sakura on top of the water)
Naruto: Kakashi-Sensei....take Sakura and go.
Kakashi: (disappointed) ........ Naruto.
Sakura: .......Naruto.

(Naruto looks into the water and see’s his own reflection)
Naruto: Please just this once I want to talk to Sasuke alone.
(Kakashi looks at Naruto and sees an image of the fourth hokage standing behind him)
Kakashi: Okay .....Naruto......let’s go Sakura

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(Sakura looks depressed)
Sakura: Okay begins to turn careful Naruto he’s changed.
(Sakura and Kakashi jump to Karin and pick her up, and then they jump off again)

Naruto: .......... Look at you Sasuke
Sasuke: (Mad Face) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ... You think I care what you think HUH.. NAR....(is cut off)
Naruto: Itachi said you were a blank canvas that could still be painted any colour.

(Sasuke shocked)
Sasuke: When did you speak to my brother?
Naruto: It doesn’t matter

(Naruto looks up and is in sage mode again showing Sasuke’s dark chakra emitting from him)
(Sasuke activates Sharingan and sees large white chakra pulsing from Naruto’s body)
(Sasuke thinking:..... This isn’t good his chakra level is outrageous)


(Naruto jumps forward with a punch and sasuke just barely dodges. just before Sasuke is about to kick him he is sent flying into a wall from the Natural chakra surrounding Naruto)

(Naruto walks forward)
Naruto: Sasuke...... this isn’t what I wanted to do..... everyone in the ninja world thinks killing each other is the only option for peace...... but I know revenge only brings more revenge and pain.... and I’ve promised to many people to let you stand in my way.

(Flashbacks to Pain, Minato, and Jiraiya saying it was up to him)
(Naruto picks up Sasuke the same way Sasuke did to him)

(Flashbacks to that time at the valley of end)
Naruto: you gave me a chance....... may have been on a whim.....but Sasuke.... so you know I still think of you as my brother.... and I still see a flicker of light inside you

(Naruto drops Sasuke who then fades out of consciousness)
(Naruto begins to walk away Then Madara teleports in)
Madara: so you beat up Sasuke did you..... looks like I’ll have to capture you on my own.

(Zetsu appears and splits into two)
Zetsu: No you won’t
(Naruto looks at Madara and see’s his sharingan)

(naruto enters his sub-conscious to the Kyuubi’s cage)

Kyuubi: ......Naruto.....its Uchiha Madara
Naruto: What do you want fox I can do this myself.
(Madara appears inside Naruto’s conscious the same way Sasuke did)
Madara: .......Fox
Kyuubi: .......Uchiha

(Naruto steps back)
Kyuubi: HAHAHAHA..... You can’t control me in here..... Uchiha Scum
Madara: No but I can control the boy
Kyuubi: No you can’t....Cos I’m giving him my power to kill you once and for all
(Huge amount of chakra flushes Madara from Naruto’s body)

(Madara back to himself Shocked)
(Naruto stares at them with Kyuubi cloak and two tails forming)
White Zetsu: Looks like this is gonna be harder than we thought
Black Zetsu: shut up and take your position

Yamato Scene:

(His hand says Kyuubi has formed so he runs in and sees naruto clone standing beginning to go kyuubi inital form)
Naruto Clone: ......its time (poofs into smoke)
(The house disintegrates around Yamato and he jumps out rushing to Naruto’s location)
Naruto has entered Kyuubi mode.... what is his next move

Next issue: An Unlikely Friend
by: AnimationMaster101

Naruto 485: Naruto's Hardest Decision

"Team 7 Scene"

Page 1

Kakashi: (Falls unconscious for the over use of the Mangekyo Sharingan)
Naruto: (Serious glare on his face and puts Sakura down)
Sakura: Naruto what are you doing here?!
Sasuke: .....
Naruto: I came here to see how I would feel when I saw Sasuke's face again.

Page 2

Sasuke: So all the Leaf losers are here now. Hehehehehehehe
Naruto: Sakura... (Talking with his back turned)
Naruto: I need you to do me a favor. Get Kakashi-Sensei and get out of here got it?
Sakura: But I want to help!

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Page 3

Sakura: (Grabs Kakashi-Sensei and leaves)
Sasuke: You plan on fighting me yourself? Or did you forget what happened last time?
Naruto: (Has a flash back to their fight at The Valley Of End)
Naruto: I'm Not the fool I was back then.

Page 4

Sasuke: (Charges with Chidori) Your the same fool to me when we first met!
"Kakashi and Sakura Scene"

Page 5

Sakura: (Jumping on trees with Kakashi on her back)
Kakashi: Bring.... Me...... Back......
Sakura: I can't your to injured.
Kakashi: I can't let my squad be destroyed again. Please Sakura....
Sakura: Again?

Page 6

Kakashi: The 4th, Naruto's father was my sensei.
Sakura: !?!?!?!?!?!?!
Kakashi: I lost my friends 1 by 1. 1st was my best friend Obito Uchiha.
Sakura: (Thinking) A Uchiha?! (Imagining a picture of Sasuke next to Obito)
Kakashi: Next was my friend Obito's lover... Rin.

Page 7

Sakura: (Thinking) Lover?
Kakashi: In fact she reminds of.... you.
Sakura: (Imagining Team Minato and Team Kakashi as their team picture slowly shatters)
Naruto And Sasuke Scene

Page 8

Sasuke: (Holding Chidori With Mangekyo sharingan ) Die!
Naruto: (Backflips easily avoiding the Chidori)
Sasuke: What the?! How did I miss?
Naruto: I see your vision has gotten blurred
Sasuke: (Stares angerly at Naruto) arrrrrrhhhhh!!!!!!!


Page 9

Naruto: Come back to the Leaf Sasuke this is your final warning! Come back to where there is peace!
Sasuke: (Susano'o awakens and it looks just like Itachi's!) Do you have any idea what my clan had to go through to achieve this peace!?!?!
Naruto: No....
Sasuke: (crying) complete annihilation!
Naruto: Then if you want to restore your clan why are you killing all these people?

Page 10

Sasuke: (Looks up to the sky) I don't need to answer to you!
Naruto: Do you know why?
Sasuke: Why what?
Naruto: You don't have an answer.
Sasuke: ???

Page 11

Naruto: Because you don't have an answer!

Page 12

Sasuke: (Has a flashback)
Kid Sasuke: Nii-Chan!
Kid Itachi: Yes Sasuke.
Kid Sasuke: I found this rose or you!
Kid Itachi: Oh it's very nice Sasuke but first TRY AND FIND ME! (poofes into thin air)

Page 13

Kid Sasuke: Oh I get hide and seek!
Kid Sasuke: ((Scene from episode Naruto Shippuden 141 to see it again go to on 6:56))
Kid Sasuke: (Finds the real Itachi while hiding behind a tree)

Page 14

Anbu Guy: You have to do it Itachi.
Kid Itachi: But Sasuke's special day he becomes a....
Anbu Girl: (Interrupts Itachi) Put your emotions aside for this important mission your the only one qualified to do so.
Kid Itachi: What kind of mission is it?
Kid Sasuke: .......

Page 15

Anbu Guy & Girl: Destroy Your clan.
Kid Sasuke: !!!!!!!

Page 15

Sasuke: My big brother had every answer to every questian.
Sasuke: On that day I thought that was a distraction made my Itachi so I couldn't find him.
Sasuke: How I was foolish back then.
Naruto: Sasuke.....
Sasuke: I found my answer.
"Sakura Scene"

Page 16

Lee: ugh.....Sakura-Chan?!
Sakura: Lie down Lee your still smoke indused
Kiba & Sai: Now tell us what happened to Kakashi-Sensei?!
Sakura: After only 3 minutes fighting Sasuke we got worn out
Sai: Where's Naruto!?
Sakura: Fighting him....
Kiba, Lee, & Sai: !!!!!
"Naruto And Sasuke Scene"

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Page 17

Naruto: I'm ready to fight you. (activates sage mode)
Sasuke: Your in a hurry to die aren't you? (activates mangekyo)
Naruto: I know my answer....
Sasuke: ???
Naruto: In order to bring peace to the world I must....(remembers what Pein,The 4th,Jiraiya,Kakashi,Gaara, And Raikage told him and activates sage/fox eyes)
Naruto: DESTROY ALL THOSE WHO CAUSE PAIN AND WAR! (an image of the nine tails appears behind him) Looks like this will be our last fight.
Sasuke & Naruto: arrrrrrhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! (charges with a punch)

The Battle everyone has wants has now arrived! Naruto V.S Sasuke! Will Someone Interfere? Find Out In the next chapter!

Naruto 486: "Naruto vs Sasuke"
by: The Icon

Naruto 485: A New Arrival

(what is naruto's answer?)

Sasuke: naruto
Naruto: (naruto says to himself while carrying sakura sasuke you have changed. naruto carries sakura back to where karin is)
Naruto: sakura stay here i neee to talk to sasuke he has changed there is no telling what he will do next with you here i don't have to be worried of protecting you
Sakura: naruto I.... am sorry for

Naruto: ( cutting sakura off) sakura i understand (naruto jumps down to where sasuke and kakashi is
Kakashi:( jumps over sasuke to where naruto is) naruto what are you doing here i thought i told yamato to take you back to konoha what happened to yamato?
Naruto: gone back to kohona
Kakashi: but..
Naruto: don't worry kakashi lets just say he thinks he is taking me back to the village
Kakashi: i see

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sasuke: sakura kakashi and now you naruto i was wondering where you was ( evil laugh)
Kakashi: he has changed naruto he is not the sasuke you remember madara has colored him
Naruto: (flashback to where itachi said sasuke's heart is still blank and the right person could paint it whatever color they wanted)
Naruto: sasuke i won't try kill you
sasuke: naruto as i told you last time stop chasing after me you should be traing isn't it your dream to become hokagedo you think you can kill me naruto huh i will kill you naruto and i will destroy kohona that is my goal
Naruto: I already know what your intentions are i was just too stupid not to know what itachi was talking about. but now i do
Sasuke: ?

Naruto: itachi knew this would happen
Sasuke: don't ever speak of my brotherer again (sasuke charges at naruto. naruto doesn't move. sasuke swings him sword at naruto. naruto is waiting for him and forms a fist punching sasuke in the face sending him crashing into the rocks . naruto is walking towards sasuke)
Kakashi: (behind naruto) naruto how do you know about itachi
Naruto: itachi and i ran into each other in the forest when we was searching for him he said all this would happen i just didn't get what he ment

Sasuke: coming from the rocks pant pant damn him
Naruto: sasuke as i said i don't want to kill you. i just want to talk to you. itachi saw me and he told me that you would want o attack the village. he asked me if i would be able to stop you even if it ment killing you. i promised him i would find another way
Sasuke: hahaha do you expect me to believe that itachi said that
Naruto: itachi knew that madara would fool you to do i biddings. madara is using you to finish his plans
Sasuke: itachi died for the sake of the and i will revenge him even if it means killing every single one of you
Kakashi: what do you mean itachi died for the sake of the village


Sasuke: (screaming he died so that everyone of you is alive they ordered him to kill every single one in my clan)
Kakashi: there is something that i found out it wasn't itachi that... (madara appears)
Madara: sasuke its time for you to come with me you will not last long against these too you can collapse in any moment now(madara teleports sasuke to somewhere)
Madara: naruto uzumaki, and kakashi hatake, your conversation with sasuke will not go any further
Naruto: (angry)you
Madara: calm down boy you will see sasuke again when the 4th great world war begins at the same time i want you to meat an ally (madara dissappears but before he did a new akatsuki member is infront of kakashi and naruto (naruto is pissed)

(what can this new member from akatsuki do?

Naruto 486: A New Opponent
by: Taufik Hamdan

Naruto 485: Darkness

Naruto : Sasuke, you have go to far..
Sasuke : one more annoying person come?
Sakura : It's enaugh naruto, he is not that sasuke anymore..(standing back)
Sasuke : **Shit, my vision.. i can't take it anymore

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Naruto : Sasuke, i know about your clan, about itachi sacrifice, but madara is behind this
Sasuke : Do i care? my goal is only 1, to annihilated konaha
Naruto : Even madara is the one who annihilated the uchiha?
Sasuke : Well, madara next (while come with chidori sword at naruto)
Naruto : (Dodge it easyly with sage mode) ** Its look like i manage to use sage mode long than before

Kakashi: (Already behind sasuke while actived the raikiri, about to killing sasuke)
Madara : (Come and rescue sasuke) Well, that enaugh (with serius voice and teleport sasuke away)

Scene back to yamato
(Puff, the shadow clone gone)
Yamato : What??, i see he escape from here.. thats mean naruto is far away now from here, I must hurry
Yamato : I must report to the village first, (using bunshin and send to konoha)
Yamato : Shit, i dont think naruto will trick me like this,
Scene back to naruto

(Naruto in sage mode, try to detect sasuke chakra)
Naruto : I can't sense his chakra nor madara, what the hell madara doing
Sakura : Naruto, that is something i want to talk u about
Naruto : ....

Sakura : Please.. don't kill sasuke.. bring him back.. please...
Naruto : (Which sadness at his face look at bottom) Yeah I will definely bring sasuke back.
Naruto : (and turn to sakura with smiling face) It is a life time promise.. did i tell you before?
Kakashi: (Smiling while mengekyou sharingan already deactived)


In the other deminsion
Sasuke : Urgh, my left eye!!
Madara : Its the result if you keep using the eyes
Sasuke : ....
Madara : Luckly to you because we have another sharigan user, plus he already have the mengokyou sharingan
Sasuke : Did you mean kakashi?
Madara : The eye not belong to him, its belong for an uchiha. You need that eyes if you dying to annihilated konaha. (With an evil look)

*Next Chapter - True darkness*

Naruto 484: Team Seven
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By: HiddenShinobi

Naruto 485: A New Hokage!

Scene - Naruto/Sakura/Kakashi

Naruto: *thinking* (I can't believe Sasuke has changed this much.)
Sakura: ok this girl should be ok for now. Now for Kakashi Sensei.
Naruto: hopefully he will hold out.
Sakura: yeah
*sakura begins healing him*

Scene Change - Yamato/Lee/Kiba/Akamaru

Kiba: ok there about 100 feet away now.
Lee: I see them. Whos that on the ground?
Yamato: Oh no...
*Arrive at Naruto*

Naruto: hey
Yamato: what happened!?
Naruto: Sasuke attacked Kakashi Sensei and Sakura but i managed to save Sakura.
Sakura: Naruto didn't make it here on time to save Kakashi Sensei. But he's not dead but badly injured.
We have to get back to Konoha now.
Yamato: With Kakashi-Sensei injured we will need another Hokage!
*Everyone is shocked*
Yamato: We will get back to konoha and announce have a meeting with the jounins to pick the new Hokage.
Yamato: Lets Head Out! Sakura carry that girl back she is important and i will take Kakashi.
Yamato: Sai, send a message to konoha.
Sai: Yes!
**Everyone is heading back to Konoha**

Scene Change - Madara/Sasuke
*They've teleported to Akatsuki Hq*
Madara: Sasuke, after you rest we will head to Konoha. By the looks of it you'll need about awhile.
Sasuke: No, we will leave now.
Madara: You must be patient or you will die.
Sasuke: tsh i dont take orders from you.
Madara: fine.
*Madara Leaves*

Sasuke: im so close to avenging you big brother...

Scene Change - Madara
*Three New Members Have Joined Akatuski*
Madara: Your job will be to capture the nine tails boy and bring him back alive.
I think you are capable of doing so.
3 Members: It shall be done.
Marada: Good.


Naruto 486: Dreams Fulfilled!!
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Naruto Chapter 60 Abridge Version

Naruto Chapter 12 Abridged Version

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