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Naruto 484 RAW Spoilers and Predictions

BLEACH 393 (19-Pages) ENGLISH is up!!

Naruto 484: Team Seven
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BLEACH 393 (19-Pages) ENGLISH is up!!
by: Ohana - 2Ch / vered- NF

the spoiler basicallly says that Sasuke can't stand Kakashi having the Sharingan, since Kakashi isn't a true Uchiha

it seems to be a bit about what Kakashi tells Sasuke. Something like "There is not just revenge within you, right? You used to think differently."

All you Konoha people are laughing. A frivolous laugh, unaffected by Itachi's death. That laugh is like a sneer of disdain to me! I'll turn that laugh into a scream!

Kakashi thinks about how dangerous Sasuke has become, Sasuke has trouble with his vision, Sakura tries to stab Sasuke, Karin cries
First Pic

Sakura: ...I...I prepared myself for this but...!?
Kakashi: Sakura...!!
Sakura: Ugh...!
Kakashi: Stop!! Sasuke!!

Second Scan
Team 7 gathers!! Naruto's response is...!!
Kakashi: Naruto!?
Sakura: ...Naruto...

From skimming through...
Sakura cries while treating Karin
Seeing Sakura cry makes Karin cry
Sasuke roars
Naruto is running

Naruto recalls something to do with Itachi
He remembers what Gaara said to him
He recalls what the Raikage said to him
Sasuke returns fire with Susano'o
Sasuke's Susano'o fires arrows at Kakashi
Kakashi uses Mangekyou to send the bow to another space
Kakashi gives some speech

Something is wrong with Sasuke. His field of vision is...
Sakura comes close from behind Sasuke
Sakura....prepares herself to try and stab Sasuke, but can't
Sasuke notices Sakura and grabs her by the neck

Kakashi tries to stop him~~~his Kamui is delayed though
Sakura tries to stab Sasuke with a kunai but~~~
Naruto appears!!!

He (Sasuke) is probably losing his eyesight huh
Sasuke is strange

This is a personal opinion.
Sakura is one big let down !
She could have done it easily ( since Sasuke doesn't notice her )
She totally lacked resolve.
Naruto's entrance was badass.
Even thought he got wounded by the Kunai.
Spoilers NOT coming from Nja or Ohana
will be tagged as UNCONFIRMED

Status: UNCONFIRMED SPOILER (we think this is a FAKE)
by: minato

Kakashi and Sasuke start fighting, Kakashi reads sasuke's chakra.

Kakashi makes a raikiri and charges at sasuke, sasuke dodges and cuts kakashi with his regular sword. The kakashi was a Mizu Bushin Jutsu.

Some talk about how the clan died between them both, and Kakashi asks sasuke why is he spiting on Itachi's legacy. Sasuke is shocked kakashi knows the truth.

Sasuke: Konoha made Itachi betray and kill the clan.

Kakashi: Itachi did it on his own free will, he wanted to do it.

Sasuke forms Susano...

Kakashi in thought, that's susanoo I must use it...(not clear about this).

Sasuke: Behold my power, the power of darkness.

Kakashi starts his Mks, sasuke is in complete shock. While in susanoo a hole starts to open up inside. Kakashi is targeting sasuke

Kakashi: This is my Mankegyou power, I told you those who seek revenge have a dark end.

Sasuke cannot get lose and his head starts to get sucked in.

Kakashi has a flashback of Naruto and sasuke arguing and Sasuke trying to get the bells from kakashi, He tears up and says I'm sorry Naruto I must do this.

Madara appears from behind Kakashi, and Kakashi loses his focus. He is about to stab kakashi.

Madara: You can tell Naruto sorry when you meet in death.

Madara gets pucnhed hard and flies into a tree his mask falls off, He looks up in shock

Naruto is in a Kyuubi 2 tailed state with sage mode!!!
by: State of Naruto

Naruto 484: A Teacher Says Farewell To His Student

(Sakura with Karin on her shoulders begins leaving the Bridge)

Sasuke: Bye, bye Karin and Sakura I'd been seeing you again real soon, right after I'm done killing this piece of garbage... you're next !!!!!!

Kakashi: (uses Lightning Hound**) Hmm, you should pay more attention to your adversary !!

Sasuke: (swiftly avoids the lightning) That's a new one
(a clone appears behind Sasuke striking with Chidori**)

Sasuke: (falls to the ground creating place between him and the clone. He then performs a Chidori sharp spear, hitting and stopping the clone disappears only inches away)

(The real Kakashi charges at Sasuke with Chidori)

(Sasuke rapidly gets to his knees, performs a hand sign *Great FireBall no jutsu*)
The fireball heads straight to the charging Kakashi

Kakashi: changes his direction going right around the fire ninjutsu

Sasuke: about to perform another hand sign (but being cut off )
another clone of Kakashi appears under Sasuke's feet

Sasuke: !!!!! sh*it not this again
(The clone quickly pulls him underground) only Sasuke's head is visible

Sasuke:(thinking) So he had two clones in wait from the beginning. The real Kakashi is now standing over Sasuke's head

Kakashi: You left me with no choice

Sasuke: !!!!!!! (looks up) has Kakashi drops *Chidori* into his skull
(POOF replacement jutsu)

Sasuke: (reappears on the sword Madara was standing on) pant, pant, pant

Kakashi: (looks over) don't think just because, you are low on Chakra, I will be embarrassed to kill you

Sasuke: WHO THE HELL WAS THINKING THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE !!!!!!!! **activating Sharingan**

Sasuke uses most of his chakra as he makes a hand sign **Great Dragon Fire No Jutsu **

Kakashi: !!

Sasuke: you will die here SENSEI !!!

(Sakura and Karin now off the Bridge into the forest)

Karin: Your name is Sakura ??

Sakura: That doesn't matter and you should not try to talk. They stop and Sakura begins to give Karin medical attention

Madara: (vortex appears) My, my, Sasuke didn't kill you

Sakura: Ahhh not this guy again!

Karin: (pant, pant) He's not after you, just leave this place!

Madara: You know she's right, I have no need to kill you. Lets make a deal, your life for hers. Just hand the girl over and you can go feel

Sakura: Not a chance in hell!!

Karin: Stop playing the hero, you don't understand. All my life I've been nothing. No reason for a person to throw away there life's for me..

Sakura: You dont understand, all my life I've been a follower and a failure. My sensei told me to save you for a good reason, and im not about to fail him no matter what..

Madara: Oo now its my turn, you dont understand all my life I've been a GOOD BOY (just misunderstood) hehe I crack myself up.. Anyway I see that you are willing to die for your sensei's orders - so I want kill you!

Sakura: !!!! what

Madara: I have something far worst than death in mind for you. How about being trapped in another dimension for the rest of your life all alone???

(back at the Bridge as lightning begins to rain down)

Sasuke: (about to release Kirin) You and the 3rd will have a lot to talk about !!!!!!

Kakashi: So you form this little thunderstorm by creating a disturbance in Earth's atmosphere . (thinking) He plans to kill me with lightning it moves at 3,700 miles per second its impossible to dodge. It won't even hear the thunder. Not too bad of a jutsu, but Sasuke should know better than to uses his last technique, right in the middle of a fight.

Back to Sakura, Karin and Madara

Madara !!! (vanishes and reappears behind Sakura) About to absorb her and Karin BUT stopped! Sensing Sasuke is almost out of chakra (thinking: I wanted to let him fight but the fool will just get himself killed) Well, well, well looks like you just had luck on your side. I have more important things to attend to at the moment **Madara disappears**

Sasuke: (uses the last amount of chakra in making **Chidori*. He raises his hand to ask his teacher a question) How does it feel to know you failed ??? Then he drops its, a flash of light follows but than vanishes instantly into a small black hold

Kakashi: with his **mangekyou sharingan** activated you shouldn't underestimate your opponent

Sasuke: (with a disbelief look on his face) what, just happen you should be dead !!!!!!! then he pears into Kakashi's eye's* (realizes) Kakashi's left eye has changed, what the hell you have mangekyou sharingan too !!

Sasuke: now with no chakra collapses PANT, PANT

Kakashi: you have changed into a pointless psychopath. Yes, I have failed Sasuke I've failed you. This is farewell (preparing to use Kumui once again this time on Sasuke)

(Madara's vortex appear next to Kakashi) I know don't think so (kicking Kakashi and stopping his attack on Sasuke). Sorry but me and Sasuke will be going.

NARUTO AND TWO SHADOW CLONES ARRIVES: Hell no !!!!!!!!!! you ain't taking Sasuke this time, get off the Bridge SENSEI !!!!!!!!

Kakashi: Naruto ?!
Naruto: AHHHHHHHHH!! (throwing a rasenshuriken at the bridge)

It Concludes What Can Naruto Possible Do To Stop Madara From Taking Sasuke ??

Naruto 485: Pandemonium at the Bridge
by: Badon

Sakura and Karin scene:

Sakura: What has Sasuke done to you? :intensely heals Karin:
Karin: :coughs blood: Danzo took me hostage, and Sasuke didn't even care...
Sakura (thinking): Damn you Danzo, first Tsunade and now this?
Karin: Sasuke is changing, even as we speak; it's all because of that masked Akatasuki.. :coughs more blood and passes out:
Sakura: Don't speak! I can still save you!

Sasuke and Kakashi Scene:

Sasuke draws his sword and streams lightning down it as he leaps at Kakashi:
Sasuke: I can't wait to see you whither away and die before me!
Kakashi (thinking): I never wanted it to come to this, I thought I might have been able to change Sasuke all those years ago when I taught him to use Lightning Release, and now he intends to kill me with it?
Kakashi dodges barely, Sasuke laughs and swings back again, extending the reach of his blade:
Sasuke: Got you!

Kakashi turns into a wisp of lightning and quickly fades away:
Sasuke: Raikage bunshin, huh?
Kakashi appears behind Sasuke with his own raikiri and stabs him directly through the heart, Sasuke looks shocked as blood gushes out of him:

Laughter is heard in the background, Kakashi is the surprised one now:
Sasuke: I can kill you any time I want, Kakashi!
Kakashi (thinking): Shit! Genjutsu! :genjutsu release:

Kakashi looks around and doesn't see Sasuke anywhere:
Kakashi (thinking): Oh no, he couldn't have gone unde...

Sasuke leaps up from under Kakashi using an extended Chidori in his right hand, Kakashi dodges but his face guard is split in half in front of his face and as it falls away it reveals Kakashi's mangekyo sharingan:
Sasuke (thinking): So you've gained it too! No wonder you could see through that simple move.. I have no choice but to use it once again..
Sasuke reveals his MS, and immediately grabs his bleeding eye:
Kakashi (thinking): There's my chance! I'm sorry Sasuke, I've let you down but this is the best I can do to save you now..

Kakashi immediately begins to cast Kamui on Sasuke's torso
Sasuke (thinking): Shit! I've used my mangekyou too much! I can't dodge this!
A streak of bright chakra is all that remains in front of Kakashi; Sasuke is gone! Is this it for our antihero??:
by: Woo

Naruto 484 ~ Forgive Me.

Naruto Scene

Naruto Scene – (While in Sage mode) No... Kakashi – Sensei is fighting Sasuke. I need to hurry.

Kakashi & Sasuke Scene

Kakashi (thinking)- He's low on chakra. I have to hurry before “He” comes back. (performs series of handseals) Water Style – Water Prison!

Sasuke – So eager to Die Kakashi? (He evades thinking) – I have no time to lose, I'm limited on chakra. I'll stick to taijutsu for now. LIONS BARRAGE!

Kakashi evades – Smart move Sasuke, and I see your low on chakra and trying to preserve what you have.

Sasuke – Hmph. Taijutsu is all I need to kill you. (He runs towards Kakashi both clash and fight both are using Taijutsu but Sasuke is moving slower which every strike he is losing too much blood)

Kakashi – Hmm? Gotcha! (A clone sprouts out from the ground and from the tree. Sasuke is trapped within a water prison.)

Sasuke (thinking) – Tsk.

Sakura & Karin Scene

Karin – Why...? Why don't you let me die I've plotted to help destroy Konoha.

Sakura – You have information. And Worst, You've been betrayed by Sasuke just as I have. I am not going to let you die here.

Karin – I see...

Sakura (thinking) – What ever she was stabbed with manage to avoid the heart. So I should be able to heal her enough so I can take her back to Konoha.

Karin – Do you... Still love Sasuke?

Sakura – Please, don't speak.

Karin – So you do huh?

Sakura (frozen with teary eyes) – Yes... Every time I see him I remember the Sasuke that I was teamed with not this Sasuke. But please don't speak, let me heal you.

Sarutobi & Orochimaru Scene

Sarutobi – Why! Why are you doing this Orochimaru?

Orochimaru – Sensei... Stay out of my way or I will kill you.

They fight Sarutobi wins but couldn't deal the final blow. Orochimaru manages to escape.

Sarutobi – Why did you fall so low?

Kakashi & Sarutobi Scene

Sarutobi – Kakashi. When you are in a situation where a student is fighting his teacher. You must not hold back. There will be a moment where you will see the youth in their eyes but be careful.

Kakashi – Yes.

Kakashi & Sasuke Scene

Kakashi – I'm sorry... Naruto. (He creates two clones) – Raikiri!

Clone 1 – Water Release – Water Dragon Bullet Technique

Clone 2 – Earth Release – Great Mud Bullet Technique.

Sasuke – Shit I can't evade. (he gets hit with the Great Mud Bullet First) Ahhh! (he gets hit with the Water Dragon Bullet) Gahh!

Kakashi – Raikiri!

Naruto – Rasengan!

The Collision of the rasengan and raikiri cause Naruto to remember the fight at the Valley of End.

Naruto – Kakashi – Sensei, Where's Sakura – chan?

Sasuke still in the water prison.

Kakashi – She's away from here. Safe.

Naruto – Okay. Sasuke... (he turns to see Sasuke on Madara's shoulders.

Kakashi – Shi... When did he appear?

Madara – Well I will be off. See you soon Naruto.

Naruto – Rasengan! (The Naruto talking to Kakashi was a clone the real naruto was waiting for Madara to appear.)

Madara – Gah! You actually manage to hit me. But I have no time to waste.

Naruto – Sasuke! Are you going to let Madara cloud your mind. This would not be what Itachi wanted. Open Your Eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sasuke is in his own sub-conscious. He sees his brother with tears down his eyes. Sasuke starts to scream - Ahhhhhhhhhh! (His eyes start to bleed.) GAHHHH! (He starts to cry) - Why?

Next Chapter – The Will of Fire.
By:Mist Shinobi

Naruto 484: Sharingan vs Sharingan

*Scene starts off with Kakashi,Sasuke,and Sakura*
Sakura: carefull.
*Kakashi makes a smile* Dont worry Sakura, I'll take care of everything.
*Sakura picks up Karin and dashes back* Thanks Kakashi-sensei....

*Kakashi removes his headband over his right eye* Its time we get to business.
Sasuke: Very well, I'll let you feel my anger.
(Sasuke thinks to himself: I dont have much chakra left, I need to kill him in one attack)

*Kakashi uses Earth Release: Underground tunnel*
The amaterasu ignites the tree behind Kakashi instead

Sasuke: Heh! Hiding like a rat!
Sasuke jumps into the air, Kakashi comes out underneath the ground.
Sasuke uses chidori spear, but Kakashi uses his lightning chakra to block the attack with his bare hands.
Kakashi: A new form of chidori huh? Very creative, here is something I came up with.
Kakashi uses lightning hound, the hound jumps up and tries to attack Sasuke. Sasuke counters with chidori blade, cancelling the jutsu.
Kakashi jumps up and tries to kick Sasuke in the mid-section, however Sasuke uses chidori blade, cutting Kakashi's foot off.
Sasuke: Youl'll have to do better then that!
*Sasuke does a backflip to get out of the shadow clone's paper bomb reach*(It had a paper bomb attached to its back)
*The real Kakashi comes out under the ground*
Kakashi: So you were able to notcie when my clone came out of the ground instead of the real me?
Sasuke: My eyes are better then yours Kakashi, I can see chakra.
Kakashi: Lets see about that.
Kakashi throws shurikens filled with lightning chakra at Sasuke.
Sasuke: So you copied my lighning trasnfer technique after your clone read my ablities? Now my blade wont be able to cut through them.
*Sasuke summons a bird, using it as a sacrifice*
Kakashi:.....He really has fallen to darkness...
Sasuke lands back on the floor, the chapter ends with the two ninja facing each other down.

Next Chapter: Kakashi's New Ability!
By: HiddenShinobi

Naruto 484: Sasuke's Resistance
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Naruto 485: A New Hokage

*Kakashi has arrived to resuce Sakura who is now healing Karin. Now it is just Kakashi and Sasuke* Sasuke vs Kakashi!

Kakashi: Time to end this, i will not let you kill innocent people.
Sasuke: You think you can stop me? (laughs)
*Activates MS*
Kakashi: I can see the evil in his eyes
Sasuke: I will show you the true power of my eyes..
*Susanoo appears and is surrounding Sasuke*
Kakashi: What is that!? This is serious.
*Activates MS*
Sasuke: So you aren't as bad as i thought, but you still arent a true Uchiha
Sasuke: Lets Begin
Sasuke: Amaterasu!!
*Black Flames Swallow Kakashi*
Sasuke: A shadow clone, shit.
Kakashi: Is that the best you can do?
Sasuke: I don't have much chakra left. I have one chance
*Dark Clouds Start Forming Above*
Kakashi: What is that!?
Sasuke: Its your death!
*Sasuke draws lightening from the clouds*
Sasuke: Kirin!!!
*Kirin hits Kakashi at 1/1000th of a second*
Sasuke: Its over.
*Kakashi falls to the ground*

Scene Change - Naruto

Naruto: What just happened i can barely sense Kakashi-Sensei's Chakra.
Naruto: I have to hurry up im so close.

Scene Change - Yamato
Yamato: Naruto lets head back to the village now you've had plenty of time to rest.
Naruto: I'm sorry sensei i lied to you.
Yamato: *Sees the hole dug by naruto*
Yamato: Oh, Naruto... I must hurry after him

Scene Change - Sakura

Sasuke: The same is going to happen to you now.
*Sasuke charges Chidori and runs at Sakura*
Sasuke: Chidori!
*Sakura and Karin are pushed out the way by Naruto*
*Naruto is hit but its a shadow clone*

Sasuke: tsh i was wondering where you were at, Naruto..
Naruto: ...
Naruto: Sakura, are you ok?
Sakura: Yeah im fine, but Kakashi-sensei, cries
*Naruto runs up to Kakashi*
Naruto: Sensei get up! Please.
*Kakashi is severly wounded and unconcious but not dead*
Naruto: How could you do this Sasuke!! And you tried to Kill Sakura. Why!?
Sasuke: I do what i must in order to avenge my clan and brother.
*Madara appears beside Sasuke*
Madara: The kyubi boy, Naruto. Sasuke, i think its about time we go
Sasuke: Yes, for now. Untill next time, Naruto..
*They dissapear together*
Naruto: Sakura, hurry up and heal the girl we have to get Kakashi
some medical attention fast!

Scene Change - Lee,Sai,Akamaru,Kiba
*They all are awake now*
Kiba: damn, sakura is gone. I can smell her,Kakashi, and naruto about a km from here.
No Sasuke though.
Lee/Sai: Lets go, we must hurry.
Kiba: someone is approaching from behind as well.
*Yamato appears*
Yamato: Where is Naruto!?
Sai: He's with sakura and Kakashi but it seems Sasuke is gone again.
Yamato: lets go.

Naruto 485: A New Hokage
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Naruto 485: A New Hokage

by: Sannyasin

Naruto 484: The Clash

(Kakashi and Sasuke scene)

Sasuke: Now you’ll see how much I have grown and that my power is far superior

Kakashi: You gained your power through darkness. That’s not true strength Sasuke.

Sasuke: I don’t care what you say. Let’s just finish this. Or are you afraid, Kakashi? Ahahah

(Sasuke activates his sharingan and starts forming the Katon Gokakyu no Jutsu seal, Kakashi in a instant starts copying those seals and at the same time they release the jutsu. Sasuke’s Katon is stronger and Kakashi gets engulfed but it was just a bunshin.
Kakashi appears behind Sasuke with a kunai aiming at his neck)

Kakashi: Don’t move. As your teacher I have the duty to punish you for your actions Sasuke. Now come back to Konoha or just die here.

Sasuke(evil face and looking down): Don’t touch me.

Kakashi: Sasuke don’t make me do it.

Sasuke: I repeat. Don’t touch me Kakashi( starts to pull out his sword)

Kakashi: Guess I have no choice.

(Kakashi fuses his lighting chakra with the kunai and prepares to attack but Sasuke is fast enough to counter with his sword. Lighting clashes as both ninjas look at each other with their sharingan)

(Sakura and Karin scene)

Sakura: These are some serious wounds…

Karin(thinking): I guess there’s someone who still cares…

Sakura(thinking): What are all these bites? She must be taken to Konoha for further examination

(Naruto scene)

Naruto: I’m sensing Kakashi-sensei’s chakra along with another powerful but strange chakra. Is it Sasuke?
Sakura’s chakra seems to be close but there are no major disturbances so I guess she’s fine. Time to speed up.

(Kakashi and Sasuke scene)

Sasuke: I’ll hand it to you. You are keeping up with me, that’s something

Kakashi: You were always so full of yourself but now Sasuke you are becoming a monster with no feelings

Sasuke(smiling with evil face): Shut up Kakashi!

(Sasuke throws his lighting-chakra infused blade towards Kakashi and at the same time starts running with a double-chidori in his hands)

Kakashi: That’s some technique…but I’m still your master and I’m always one step ahead.

(Kakashi evades the sword and then he jumps into the air and sends a Water jutsu towards Sasuke.

Sasuke: Heh! Too naïve…sensei!!

( The real Sasuke was disguised as his sword, the bunshin with the double-chidori vanishes and Sasuke is now preparing a Katon Grand Dragon Jutsu. Kakashi is still in mid-air and cannot evade)

Kakashi: Too careless of my part…

Sasuke: Goodbye Kakashi…

( Sasuke launches the katon)

Naruto: Not again Kakashi. This time I’m here to protect you

(Naruto jumps into the air quickly and saves Kakashi from the fire)

Sasuke: Another one…

Kakashi: Thanks Naruto

Naruto: So this is what you’ve become Sasuke

Two students and one master. The emotional reunion.
How will it end?
by: Musica

Naruto 484 : As Your Sensei

(Sasuke's Scene)

Kakashi : Sasuke, you have no chance against me.(I can see that his chakra level is low.)
Sasuke : Shut up Kakashi. Do not underestimate the power of hatred. *Sharingan activated
Kakashi : Looks like it has to end this way. (Im sorry Sasuke, as your sensei, it hurts me that this is the only way. Naruto, Im sorry.) *Kakashi on battle stance*
Sasuke : Hn, so you are ready to die sensei. *Chidori activated*
*Somewhere a little further, Sakura still healing Karin and Karin eyes are now almost fully open staring at Sasuke*
Sakura : Don't worry, you will be ok.
Karin : (Who is she? why are you doing this Sasuke-kun?)

(Yamato's Scene)

Yamato : Naruto..? we really have to go. Kakashi-senpai gave me the direct order to bring you back.
Naruto :*still under the futon* Yamato-taicho, do i have to make a desicion? is killing Sasuke the only answer?
Yamato : .........(Naruto......)
Naruto : If i can't save my friend, how can i be Hokage. How can i save the village if i can't even save my friend?
Yamato : In this case Naruto, to save the whole village, you have to kill one person. Im sorry.
Naruto : Yamato-taicho.....Im sorry....PUFF *Clone dispelled*
Yamato : What the?? how did he?? damn... Senpai is going to kill me.
*Yamato chases after Naruto thinking (He is getting more clever)* ---- i got this from my previous pred because it didnt came out in the chapter =)---

(Naruto's Scene)

Naruto : (Yamato-taicho has found out. I better hurry.)*Looking down and thinking*
Naruto : *Looking up wiith sage eyes* Wait for me

(Sasuke's scene)

Sasuke : Now die..!!!!!
Kakashi : (This is it..!!)
*the battle continues with Kakashi side stepping sasuke's chidori and end up in some taijutsu battle. The battle stops when Kakashi surprises Sasuke with Suiton: Suiryūdan no Jutsu and Sasuke ended up on one knee panting.
Sasuke : *Panting (This is not going to be easy)
Kakashi : *Walking slowly to Sasuke* Have you had enough? (Its time to end this now)
Sasuke : (Looks like i have no choice but to use this)*Mangekyo Sharingan* AMATERASU..!!!!
Kakashi : *Looking shock* (Damns)
*Area surrounding Kakashi now in black flames*
Sasuke : HAHAHAHA!!! (laugh like a maniac with a scary face then turns to Sakura and Karin)
Now to finish up the job...ugh..!! *Holding one of his eyes in pain*
Sakura : KAKASHI-SENSEI...!!!! (What have you done Sasuke)
Sasuke : Hn, Pathetic
*Just as Sasuke stood up to go to Sakura*
Kakashi : Kamui..!!!!
Sasuke : What? he survived amaterasu? *Looking at Kakashi's Mangekyo Sharingan* Is that...?
How did?
Kakashi : You won't take me down that easily.*panting*
Sasuke : Hn, looks like you mastered Mangekyo. But let me tell you why you konoha are pathetic.
Kakashi : (If i have to use kamui one more time, i will be out of chakra. I must use this to stop him)
Sasuke : Because you all worship the idea of comrades!!!
*Turns to Sakura and Karin and with a series of handsign he uses Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu*
Kakashi : WHAT..!!!!
Sakura : *With shocked eyes she grab hold of Karin tight and turn around to shield Karin and closes her eyes (Remember the time she cries to Naruto and Naruto shows her a good guy pose and says "its a promise of a lifetime....")
Sakura : naruto......

(Sasuke's scene)

Kakashi : Kamui...!!! *releasing the kamui at the fireball to save Sakura and Karin and manages to save both of them.
*now on one knee and panting with one hand holding his Sharingan, Kakashi turns and saw Sasuke charging with chidori*
Sasuke : Thats why you are pathetic...!!!!
Kakashi : (Its too late for me now, im out of chakra to dodge this one, here is your chance to run Sakura)
*Just as it reaches Kakashi* KAGE BUNSHINN NO JUTSU
*One of naruto clones in Sage mode grabs sasuke's hand while the other kick him away*
Sasuke : Naruto.....
Naruto : Kaka-sensei, are you alright?
Kakashi : He managed to get away from Tenzou.
Naruto : Kaka-sensei, i can sense that you are unable to continue. Leave him to me.
Sasuke : .........
Sakura : Naruto..... (Small smile and tears forming. Looks like i always needed you after all)
Naruto : Sakura-chan, sorry i am late but can you take Kaka-sensei to a safer place. Its my turn now.
Sakura : Yes Naruto *Sakura leapt with Karin on her shoulders and grab Kakashi to a tree somehwere further.*
Naruto : Sasuke, i saw what you wanted to do to our Sensei and our comrade.
Sasuke : Hn, just as pathetic as you always were.
Naruto : I warn you Sasuke, i am not the same as before. I will take you down
Sasuke : (He defeated the Rinnegan user, i have to be careful)
*Both of them stared at each other*
Naruto : (Sasuke...)

*Further away, Madara watches with zetsu as the two of them faces off with each other*
Madara : This is even more interesting.

Whats going to happen next? Will Naruto finally bring Sasuke back?

Next on Naruto Chapter 485 : Fated Rivalry
by: MincedMeat

Naruto 484: A Sensei’s Resolve

The burden of a Sensei.... (top half of cover has kakashi and the thirds faces cut in half underneath shows orochimaru and sasuke under their respective sensei’s)

Student vs Master!!!!!!!!!! (Shows a close up on kakashi’s face and sharingan)

Sasuke and Kakashi Scene:

Kakashi: (looking serious) last chance Sasuke

Sasuke: you still think you can kill me huh? (looks confident)

Kakashi: guess there is no other way to go about this

(Flashbacks remembering the time he found naruto after his fight with sasuke then a picture of sakura crying and then a picture of himself sighing (Flashback ends)

Sasuke: Damn Kakashi You’re mine (Sasuke leaps forward with chidori and kakashi sidesteps him spinning around and places a kunai at sasukes throat, sasuke does a wheel kick and kakashi blocks forced into a stalemate again)

Sakura scene:

(Places Karin on the ground not far from the battle and begins performing medical Ninjutsu )

Sakura thinking: (kakashi Sensei.....Naruto.....i was a burden again *looks depressed*)

Yamato/Naruto clone scene:

Yamato: c’mon naruto....lets go youve been stalling long enough (ping comes on his forehead as he realizes and rushes into the room pulling back the blanket revealing naruto clone and the hole, the naruto clone disperses)

Naruto scene: Crap..... Yamato is onto me... need to pick up the pace... kakashi sensei’s chakra..... this way (shows him leaping into the air)

Sasuke and Kakashi scene:

Sasuke:....shit my chakras is to low (pants) c’mon madara..... where are you(grasps his eye)

(Kakashi Thinking) he isn’t using ninjutsu and he looks fatigued, he must be very weak at the moment) (prepares lightning blade)

(Sasuke looks up and his left eye has changed to mangekyo)

Sasuke: i don’t care if i die i’ll bring you down with me KAKASHIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!

(Kakashi stunned) Mangekyo sharingan....sasuke how far have you come

(amaterasu begins to form around kakashi)

Sasuke: Your finished HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!!!!!!

(amaterasu engulfs Kakashi’s body)

Sasuke: Now for Sakura

(Kakashi looks up, his eye is now mangekyo and is shining inside the amaterasu flames)

Kakashi: Kamui!!!!!!(Causes Amaterasu to disappear)

Sasuke: Arghhhhhhhhh (falls down screaming with his hands covering his face)

Kakashi: Kamui!!!!!! (directed toward sasuke’s head)

(Naruto comes flying from the bushes)


(Kakashi closes his eyes thinking Why Now.....Naruto)

Sakura Scene:

Sakura: Naruto? (after hearing his scream *thinking* I wont be a burden Anymore...the way i can help is to save this girl )

Sasuke, Naruto and Kakashi scene:

(Naruto Lands opposite Kakashi and sasuke’s side of the bridge)

(Sasuke turns his head to look, and notices his vision blurring he focuses on naruto)

Sasuke: Typical of the big mouth to make a dramatic entrance

Kakashi: Naruto your meant to be going back to konoha with Yamato

Naruto (with an angry expression) and if i had look what would of happened

(Sasuke stands up still holding his eye)

Sasuke: Today is just full of surprises, i got to kill the Hokage and now i get to kill my old team HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and soon i will destroy all of Konoha’s Existence

(Naruto flashes back to when gaara asked him whether he was willing to do what was nessecary to be hokage)

(Naruto points his fist towards sasuke)

Naruto: while i still breathe will you will NOT harm my HOME!!!!!! (begins forming rasen-shuriken)

Naruto has declared his intentions with the forming of a rasen-shuriken.... how will Sasuke react?

Next issue: Resolution
by : Hyperjudge

Naruto 484 : Kakashi vs Sasuke

(Scene is showing Kakashi standing in battle stance, behind him is Sakura starting to carry Karin to a safe area. We then see Zetsu appear in the tree created by Danzo's arm.)

Black Zetsu : This is gonna get interresting. Sasuke is almost out of chakra, and his eyes...

White Zetsu : Maybe we should tell Madara ?

Black Zetsu : No. That Kakashi is going to be the Hokage now, if he gets out of this fight alive. We need to see his techniques. It will be useful in the war. Besides, he might have planned that already.

(Madara scene)

Madara : Hmm. No more Pain and Kisame. At least Sasuke is going straight as I planned. Now to get these. (Disappear in a warp)

(Sasuke vs Kakashi scene)

(There are a few pages of taijutsus and ninjutsus being exchanged. Mostly Sasuke attacking recklessly and Kakashi defending.)

Sasuke : (Thinking) I'm almost out of chakra. (Yelling with his mad face) Time to end this, cockroach ! (Hand signs) Katon : Great Dragon Fireball !

Kakashi : (Thinking while easily evading) That was too easy to dodge. Sh-

(Black flames appear from the edges of the fireball, jumping on Kakashi's clothes)

(Kakashi has a flashback of him and Jiraya. It appears to be happening between Jiraya's last talk with Tsunade, and his going to the rain)

Jiraya : Kakashi, as his sensei, you have to beat Sasuke. Do not let him fight with Naruto again.

Kakashi : What do you -?

Jiraya : I'm leaving to find out about Akatsuki's leader, Pain. Should I not come back, do not let Naruto fight him.

Kakashi : (With his ''happy'' face we saw in his flashback, in the last chapter) But you will come back, Jiraya-sama.

Jiraya : Kakashi, one last thing. I know Itachi could use the mangyeko. In case you get faced to the black flames, use this. (hands a paper, similar to the paper he had given to Kakashi if Naruto would form the Kyuubi cloak)

Kakashi : Jiraya-sama. Take care.

(End of flash back, Kakashi pulls out the paper from under his glove, using it right on the flames. They disappear in an instant, cuasing him no damage)

Kakashi : (Thinking) It was the only one I had.

(Sasuke now falls in pain, out of chakra and overusage of his eyes. Kakashi instantly use this opportunity and uses Raikiri on Sasuke, not hitting vital points, but causing him fatal blood loss)

Kakashi : I am sorry, Sasuke. You are not cleansable. (Hit Sasuke again with his raikiri, cutting his body in half, and Sasuke seems to fall dead. We can see fatigue on Kakashi's partially shown features. He then leave inmmediatly to the south, heading toward where he smell Sakura)

(Zetsu scene)

White Zetsu : He isn't dead, is he ?

Black Zetsu : Let's get his upper body to bring it to Madara.

Next Chapter : Darkness his only friend.
by: The Icon

Manga 484: Into The Darkness
BY: The Icon

(what is going on with sasuke and will kakashi really try to kill sasuke)

Kakashi; seem like you had an interesting battle here sasuke. who did you fight?
Sasuke: a peson who caused my brother to suffer. a person who and two others is responsible for my clan annihilation
Kakashi: and who is that person?
Sasauke: well you might know him as the current hokage. (with his evil laugh)
Kakashi: danzou?. you killed the hokage?
Sasuke: yes and now it is your turn sensai (sasuke charges at kakashi with his sword. kakashi is focused on sasuke suddenly kakashi is pierced through the back with chidori. but it is kakashi shadow clone)
Sasuke; damn it hahaha i should have know kakashi always playing around with your shadow clone fight me kakashi
Kakashi: ( the real kakashi is right behind sasuke) sasuke i didn't ever in my life as captain of team 7 ever thought i would have to kill you. but i have no choice i seems like thereis no changing your mind you have followed madara in the darkness. i can't let you become like madara sorry( kakashi prepares to hit sasuke with his chidori but as soon as he was gonna do it sasuke pierced himself right through the chest with his hand chodori hitting kakashi in the arm (kakashi saw it coming and was able to dodge a little)
Sasuke: whats wrong kakashi didn't expect that
Kakashi: i see he has mastered his chakra nature just as yamato said
Sasuke: kakashi you and i have goal. i am not sure what you goal is but i am sure of mine i will crush the leaf village for what they did to my brother that is my goal
Kakashi: is that your goal or is it madara's goal
Sasuke: hmm and what is that suppose to mean
Kakashi: madara is using you sasuke. and if you don't wake up soon there won't be much left of this world
Sasuke: using me no kakashi i am using akatsuki and i will kill that madara if he touches me again
Kakashi: kill kill what is wrong with you sasuke you tried to kill sakura what has she done to you?
Sasuke: don't think i am a fool i knew her intentions from the start. what did she really think i would bought her story. enough talk kakashi fight me you think you are so good of a ninja ahhh
Kakashi: (summons his dogs they grab onto sasuke)
Sasuke: is that all you can do kakashi trust me i can do alot more. even without my amaterasu and mangekyou sharingan right now i can crush you i don't need my eyes on you kakashi sensei.
Kakashi: amaterasu and mangekyou sharingan? (sasuke runs lightning all over his body making the dogs let him go but as soon as they do)
Kakashi: lightning blade (sasuke had to activate his regular sharingan he barely dodged and was cut on the right hand with raikiri)
Sasuke; damn him
Kakashi:( kakashi to himself) he seems really weak he over used his sharingan. seem like i won't have to use my full power
Sasuke: (pant pant) fine kakashi you think you are better than me fine then i wanna see you dodge this
Kakashi: oh boy he is really over doing it (sasuke put his hand in the air he is about to do kirin)
Kakashi: wow thats how is he ....
Sasuke; with the chakra i have left i will crush you. only an ultimate defense can repel this attack only itachi was able to dodge this. now die kakashi (kirin is aiming for kakashi)
Kakashi; too slow sasuke. what? i thought i told him to return to the village?
Naruto: sage art giant rasengan ( with naruto in kyuubi sage mode his rasengan is huge big enough to counter kirin in a clash)
Sasuke: who was that wait a minute i was wondering where you was naruto
Naruto: sasuke its time i make my decision this ends now

Next Issue; Power
By: Sage_Naruto

Naruto 484: Student Vs Sensei!!

(Sasuke Scene)
Kakashi: Sakura go….
Sakura: Sensei i….(closes her eyes and makes a fist)
Kakashi: …..(removes a kunai)
Sakura: I-I am sorry sensei….(picks up Karin)
Sakura: (thinking)I am sorry Naruto...
(Sakura puts Karin on her back and turns away)

Sasuke: (watches as sakura goes away with Karin)
Kakashi: Alright then…time to correct my mistake… (Readies kunai)
Sasuke: heh! (Smiles and charges at kakashi with a chidori )

Just as the chidori is about to hit him, Kakashi jumps in the air barely dodging it.
Sasuke is prepared for the dodge, and turns around as soon as kakashi is in the air.He charges his other hand with a chidori spear.

Sasuke: HA!(the spear pierces a surprised kakashi, who was unable to dodge it because he was in mid air)
Kakashi:..Poof! (turns into a rag doll)
Sasuku : !! (Thinking) substitution!
Kakashi: (appearing just a few steps behind sasuke) Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet! (a huge water dragon flies at Sasuke who is just inches away)
Kakashi: (watches as sasuke is engulfed by the water dragon)……!!!!

(Suddenly black flames start consuming the water dragon)
Kakashi: (thinking) Amaterasu…
Sasuke: (Standing in middle of the smoke cause by the rapid evaporation of the water because of amaterasu) Is that all you have got Kakashi? (Reveals his mangeykyo sharingan!)
Kakashi:?! (Looks at the evilness in sasuke’s sharingan) (Thinking) Revenge has consumed him…Sasuke…

Sasuke: DIE! (Aims the amaterasu at kakashi )
Kakashi: Shadow Clone jutsu! (Makes 5 shadow clones of himself) Poof!! (The kakashi who was attacked with the amaterasu disappears)
Sasuke: hmph (used shadow to escape dodge my amaterasu…)
Kakashi: (thinking while dodgeing sasuke’s amaterasu’s continuously)sasuke’s chakra levels are pretty low…Looks like he was in a fight not to long…the kage summit maby?...judging by his state right now, those mangeykyo attacks should be taking a lot out of him..if I can keep out of his line of sight and confuse him with my clones then I should be able to get close enough to finish him off…

Sasuke: haha keep running…I am going to burn you to the ground and watch as you suffer in agony!!
Sasuke:?!! (Suddenly kakashi’s figure blures causing the flame to go totally of target and Sasuke becomes a little dazed for a second)
Kakashi: (thinking) NOW!!!

In a split second, Kakashi’s 4 shadow clones surround Sasuke and get ready for a lightning blade from all 4 sides..
Kakashi: Lightning Blade!!!

All the 4 Lightning blades hit Sasuke at the same time from all sides!!!

Kakashi: *pant* *pant I got him…
Kakashi: (surprised) HUH??! What the-

Sasuke is completely surrounded by susanoo’s bones!

As Kakashi is about to jump back, the bones form a fist and catch hold of kakashi’s arm

Sasuke: (turns around to face Kakashi) Now its my turn….

(Naruto Scene)
Naruto: (thinking) almost there... (Speeds up a little bit)

(Sasuke Scene)
Kakashi: Arrrrghhh!!!! (The Susanoo’s fist is crushing Kakashi’s arm)
Kakashi: (falls to his knees and his shadow clones disappear)
Sasuke: hahaha (has a insane looks on his face) that pain is nothing compared to the pain I have gone through! Maby now you will understand it a little better…

(Slowly sasuke’s susanoos body starts to form behind him)

Kakashi: (wincing from the pain) (thinking) I have got no choice…
Sasuke: I am going to tear you limp from limp and-

(Kakashi raises his head and looks at Sasuke straight in the eye)

Kakashi: You let revenge take over you…and now you are too far gone in the darkness to be brought back……

(kakashi closes his sharingan eye)
Sasuke: hm…..?

Kakashi opens his eye to reveal the Mangeykyo sharingan!(close up on kakashi’s eyes)

Sasuke: (surprised) eh?! How did you-

Kakashi: KAMUI!!!


Kakashi has activated his mangeykyo sharingan! He used kamui on Sasuke at almost point blank distance. Has Sasuke finally been defeated??? Did kakashi really kill him?

Look out for Chapter 485!
by: Anonymous (pls pm me your nick)

Naruto 484: Hokage's Anger

*Kakashi has arrived to rescue Sakura. Sho is now healing Karin. Now it is just Kakashi and Sasuke* Sasuke vs Kakashi!

Kakashi: (charges sasuke with raikiri)
Sasuke: (charges kakashi with chidori)
*They get interrupted by Naruto!*

Naruto: Sasuke! What are you doing...
Sasuke: Naruto... Your just as pathetic as back then, I'll make sure to kill you this time.
Naruto: (sadness appears on Naruto's face)

Kakashi: Naruto, he is not the same as before he has changed. He tried to kill Sakura and would have done so if I hadn't shown up.
Naruto: *shocked* Sasuke, why are you doing this?
Sasuke: I must do what I must to avenge my brother. I WILL DESTROY KONOHA AND ALL OF YOU!

Naruto: *starts crying*
This time I will bring you back Sasuke.
Sasuke: You will fail just like last time.

*Naruto still in sage mode*
Naruto: Kakashi Sensie please stay out of this, Sasuke is my responsibility.
Naruto: This is not like last time.
Naruto: *forms a rasen shurkian*
Sasuke: *forms chidori*

They remember their friendship and their final battle ending with rasengan vs chidori.

End of Flashback
*Naruto throws the rasen shuriken as it reaches Sasuke. Sasuke is surprised and isn't able to dodge fast enough.
*Madara shows up and teleports Sasuke away*

Madara, Kakashi, Sasuke: What an attack!
Sasuke: (How much stronger have you gotten Naruto!)
*Naruto is enraged with Madara. Starts releasing Kyubi Chakra forming 1st Tail.

*Inside Naruto's Mind*
Kyubi: Naruto, Uchiha Madara Let Me Kill Him!! I shall help you with your task with the Uchiha brat. You Must Let Me Kill Him Now!
Naruto: ...
Kyubi: You have seen my power i can kill anyone you want me to. Just release this seal.

Sasuke: *Just Like Last Time, This can get bad*
Madara: I think its about time to go Sasuke, you have used up your MS to much and you have barely any chakra. You should rest before we set our course toward Konoha.
Sasuke: Yes, i shall retreat for now. Till Next Time Naruto..
*They Dissapear*

Naruto:(turns back to normal) Sasuke...
Kakashi: There gone, we should hurry back to the village... Sakura, Naruto. We must go now! Take the injured girl with us.

Naruto/Sakura: Yes Sensei!
*Prepare to leave*

Naruto: I will bring you back Sasuke...

By: Sensei-Q

Naruto 484 – ‘Because I Know’

'Team 7 reunited again, the elucidation began!'

(Sasuke Scene)
Naruto: Sasuke, you've got it all wrong.
Sasuke: Mind your own business.
Kakashi: Naruto, how did you find us?
Naruto: I can sense your chakra from miles away, sensei. In Sennin-Mode I can track people down by sensing their chakra.

Kakashi: I see..
Sasuke: Now what will you do. Bring me back to Konoha? Give me a break.
Naruto: Sasuke, I understand that 'pain' now.. I know how it feels to lose someone close to you..
Sasuke: You don't know anyth-
Naruto: I know about Itachi. Your life was a lie, for the sake of you.
Kakashi: Naruto! What did I tell you about this? This is top secret!
Naruto: Forget it sensei!
Kakashi: !

Naruto: 'Pain breeds hatred, and hatred breeds war'.. This chain of hatred that has been clinging to your clan...
Sasuke: What are you trying to say.

Naruto: The chain gets stronger the more pain there is. You need to let go of the pain and free yourself of the chains of Darkness! Itachi wanted you to follow the path of good.
Sasuke: I cannot follow that path, I have to restore the Uchiha in my own way. The way in the Darkness.

*Sasuke turns around and starts walking away*
Naruto: *closeup of his mouth*- One who chooses to live in the Darkness has a high price to pay...
*Sasuke stops and looks in the corner of his eye*
Naruto: Sasuke, I'm not going to try to stop you like I did before. But let me tell you this; Once you live there, there will be no coming back. The Uchiha is a noble clan. But before my eyes, I don't see an Uchiha. Right now, I see the Darkness itself in front of me.
Don't let our friendship and your clan go for waste.. please.

Sasuke: I will never give in to the Senju. I will continue with my revenge. I don't care about the 'Darkness'. So be it.
Kakashi: (...)
Sakura: What are you two talking about?
Naruto: Sakura, we have some important things to talk about.
Sasuke: hmph. *Sasuke starts walking again*
Naruto: We will meet again..on the battlefield that is..

*Sasuke closes his eyes while walking*

*In a cave wich the Uchiha crest on all walls, someone in the shadows is sitting in a big chair made of stone*
????: Sasuke, your eyes will be mine..
*Suddenly two eyes are glowing red*
????: Zetsu, have you recorded it?
Black-Zetsu: Ofcourse.
????: Good.. It is time to pressure Sasuke even more. I need someone to control the Gedo Mazo.
Black-Zetsu: How?
????: The Kyuubi.
*The person grabs a mask and walks to Black Zetsu.
????: Lets go.

'Who is this mysterious person, hiding in the shadows? And where is White Zetsu?'
Next: 'Sasuke under Pressure'
By: R.E.K.

Naruto 484: Conclusion

Madara / Sasuke / Sakura scene:
Sasuke: As I suspected, you wanted to fool me, that won't work I'll finish you off
Sakura: (That guy must be an Uchiha to be able possess the Sharingan ).

Madra: Get rid of that girl and let's head back to the base.
Sakura: I won't permit you on going any where

Sasuke: (I'm loosing the view, I have to follow Madara back to base and heal my self or I won't be able to avenge my Bro).
Madara: We'll meet again Haruno Sakura.
Sasuke: ..........

They both vanish in the swirl
Sakura: Damn! Damn! Damn!

Kakash / Say / Kiba & Lee Scene:
Kakashi: So Kiba are we there yet? what has happened, is their still a sent of Sasuke and Sakura?

Kiba: Kakashi Sensei, there's two chakra who had vanished, but two chakra who are still at the same spot, one weak and the other one normal.

Kakashi: I see, than lets get moving. (Sasuke, it seam's that our old discussion when you where Team7 didn't helped you. lets hope that Sakura is all right and to se who is the other person )

Sai: Kakashi Sensei, it maybe Sasuke & Madara who has fled the scene.

Kakashi: you're maybe right
Lee and Kiba; ?????????
Lee and Kiba; Who's Madara?
Kakashi: Well he is the founder of the Uchiha Clan
Lee and Kiba; Is he immortal?
Sai: No he must found out a way to delay his death it may be like Orochimarus forbidden Jutsu.

Naruto scene:
Naruto: (I hope Sakura doesn't attend to go by her self and save Sauke?)
Naruto is jumping at high speed from branch to branch, suddenly a voice stops him....

?????: Uzumaki Naruto, Long time no see.
Naruto: Who's there?

From the shadow come up Orochimakabuto
Naruto: You again.
Naruto goes into a fighting stance

Orochimakabuto: Wow! is that how you thank me for giving the Bingo book on the Akastuki?
Naruto: You bastard, it's all your fault that Sasuke became evil, what do you want.
Orochimakabuto: Look you know that Akstuki is our enemy for both of us, that's why I'm going to take under my teaching and teach you formidable Jutsus.

Naruto: I'm no more the same one any more, I'm stronger than ever.
Orochimakabuto: Oh! Really? I know how got Pan the Rinnengan User, but Madara is more power full than him, I've seen your fight with him several times and you couldn't manege to him.
Naruto: what's the catch?

Orochimakabuto: Same deal as the old days eliminating Akastuki.
Naruto: ..........., but i would accept your help, would stop going after Konoha?

Orochimakabuto: Well, at the stage where Konoha is, yes i won't go after it.
Naruto: than accept you help.

The End

Next Naruto 485: An Usual Training
by: AnimationMaster101

Naruto 484: The End Draws Near
Also read previous chapter prediction
Naruto 483: Sakura's Decision,The Battle Begins

(Team 7 Scene)

Sasuke: haaaaa!!!!(Cancels his chidori and grabs Naruto and Sakura's fist and uses Chidori Current)
Naruto: ahhhhhhh!!!!(Falls and lands on a branch standing up)
Sakura: ugh!!!(Lands on the floor unconscious)
Naruto: Sakura!!! (Carries Sakura)
Sasuke: hehehehehe pathetic
Sakura: I'm sorry
Naruto: No Sakura stop lying I know you love Sasuke.
Sakura: Does this make you think I like Sasuke (Gets close to Naruto about to kiss him)
Naruto: (Thiking as he closes his eyes ready to kiss Sakura) Sakura.....
Sakura: hehehehehe...
Naruto: !!!!!! (Feeling survere pain in the place were his seal is finding out that Sakura had pierced him)
Sakura: Sorry Naruto I just love Sasuke more.
Sasuke: You have proven yourself worthy in fact I might not use you as a sacrifice like I did Karin.
Naruto: Sakura you trator! (not noticing his seal had dispeared)
Sakura: (Stands up and prepars a chakra enchanced punch) haaaaaaaa!!!!!!
??????: (Stops Sakura's Punch) Naruto needs help (Reavling his face) MY SON NEEDS HELP!!!!
Sasuke: Impossible!?
Sakura: Your Naruto's father?!
The 4th: I will help my son achieve peace!

(Madara & Danzo Scene)

Madara: (Telporting in front of Danzo) YOUR SHARINGAN IS MINE!
Danzo: Never! (moves back 20 feet and does hand signs) Wind Release Vacuum Sphere!
Madara: (Backflips to dodge Danzo's jutsu) (Things go in slow motion half of the backflip is down and Madara's feet are still in the air and he finds that Danzo is already behind him)
Danzo: Your mine you discrace to the uchihas! (Does hand signs, takes out a tag コントロール "Control" and places it on Madara)
Madara: (Stands up on two feet) What can I do for you? Master.
Danzo: Perfect! hahahahahaha!

(Yamato Scene)

Yamato: (Looking for Kakashi's body) There it is!
Kakashi: Yamato forget about me go on to Naruto I feel his nine tailed chakra leaking out.
Yamato: Really Damn!
Kakashi: I feel a strange chakra it's Min......ato..... Minato Namikaze!
Yamato: Impossible!
Kakashi: How could he still be alive unless..... (Thinking) THE SEAL HAS RELEASED HIS CHAKRA WAIT BUT THAT MEANS!

(Team 7 Scene)

??????: rahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
The 4th: Oh no.....
Sasuke: What the hell?!
Sakura: That's the....!
Naruto: Nine Tailed Fox!
Yamato & Kakashi: Naruto Your Seal!
Naruto: (Looks down at his stomach and finds out his seal is gone) What the?!
Danzo & Madara: The Fox!
The Fox: All of you will die!!!

(At The Same Time Talking To The Fox)

Naruto: Your Mine!
Sakura: Your Mine!
Sasuke: Your Mine!
Yamato: Your Mine!
Madara: Your Mine!
Danzo: Your Mine!
Kakashi: Your Mine!
The 4th: Your Mine!

The Nine Tails has been released and the 4th alone cannot defeat it! What will Danzo do with complete control over Madara, will he capture the last 2 jinchūriki and become the 10 tails?

Naruto 485: "A Fight For Power!"
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