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Naruto 481 Bahasa Indonesia

Komik naruto 481 bahasa indonesia yang berkualitas (insya allah) high quality.naruto 481 bahasa indonesia ini di scanlation oleh icepagaza scanlation team,yang berjudul "Kematian Danzou/Danzou Dies", untuk mendownload naruto seri 481 bahasa indonesia ini bisa anda dapatkan di bawah ini, dan anda juga bisa membaca online komik naruto bahasa indonesia ini.

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Naruto 481 (English)

Latest KISHI Interview:

Naruto 481: Danzou Dies
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Naruto 481 (English)

Latest KISHI Interview:

Naruto 481: Danzou Dies
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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Naruto 481 RAW Spoilers and Predictions

Latest KISHI Interview:

Naruto 481: Danzou Dies
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Bleach 391 (19-Pages RAW) & One Piece 573 (17-Pages RAW) up!


481: Danzō Dies

Part 1

The cover has the young Mitokado Homura, Sarutobi Hiruzen, Utatane Koharu, Akimichi Torifu, Shimura Danzō, and Uchiha Kagami

Memories are ressurected, the comrades who fought over the seat of Hokage... The time of the shinobi Danzō's demise.

Sasuke... pierced Karin!!

Madara: (It seems you didn't have the time to use Izanagi... Danzō)

Karin: (Sasuke... You...) "I..."
Sasuke: "Karin... When you were taken hostage, you became a burden"
Karin collapses
Danzō walks a bit, but then falls to his knees
Madara: "I'll be taking Shisui's eyes then"
Danzō thinks back to a mission when he was young
Nidaime: "We're surrounded... There are... ...twenty enemies. From their ability to track us, I'd say... Kumogakure... the skilled Kinkaku Force¹?"
Homura: "Counting the Nidaime-sama, we are with seven. ...this is terribly..."
Koharu: "the enemy still hasn't clearly located us. We could ambush them here. If we take them by surprised, we could create a way out..."
Danzō: "Impossible... In a case like this, we have no choice but to send someone to create a diversion and attract their attention..."
Torifu: "...A decoy...? Who would..."
Nidaime: "..."

Danzō: (I'm a shinobi... As a shinobi, I should be okay with dying on the battlefield...! Sarutobi... what are you thinking right now? Are you prepared for this...?)
Danzō trembles
Danzō: (Say it!! Say it!! I... Why!? Why can't I say " I'll do it"...?)
Hiruzen: "I'll do it"
Everyone: "!!?"
Akimichi: "Sarutobi..."
Homura: "Hiruzen... You..."
Danzō: "..." (his trembling subsides)
Hiruzen: "Heh! Don't worry! Even if you're looking at me like that, I can still brag that I'm the best among you all... I'm not going to die"
Danzō: (Dammit... I'm weak... Where's my mind...? Just now, I was relieved...)
Danzō balls his fists
Hiruzen: "You'll all owe me one after this. Danzo, in your case"
Danzō: "Shut up! I'm raising my hand! I won't let you be the only cool one! i'll be the decoy!!"
Hiruzen: "Danzō..."

Danzō: "Both my father and grandfather died on the battlefield as shinobi! Sacrificing oneself is a shinobi's duty...!!"
Nidaime: "Of course, i'll be going as the decoy... You guys... After this, you'll be the young Wills of Fire that will protect the village"
Danzō: "No way! You're the Hokage!! There is no shinobi above you in the village!"
Nidaime: "Danzō. you are always competing over something with Monkey, right... But in this place, it is necessary for you two to work together as comrades. Put your personal battles aside, hm"
Danzō looks down: "..."

¹ Kinkaku (金角) means "Golden Horn." It is apparently the name of a character from the famous story "Journey to the West."

Part 2

Nidaime: It is a fact that you were slow to decide. First you look at yourself, it is not that you are not calm in the mind but you do not know yourself. At this rate, you will endanger your comrades. In any case... Danzou... don't have to be impatient. The time will come. When it arrives, give all that you have.

Nidaime stood up.

Nidaime: Saru... love the village and protect and bring up those who believe in you. Hand the future over to a capable person... from tomorrow onwards, you are... the Hokage...!!

Danzou's face paled...

Hiruzen: Yes sir!

Danzou's regretful thoughts: You are always one step ahead of me...

End of recollection.

Danzou removed the top of his robe and it can be seen that his whole body was covered with seals.

Danzou: For the shinobi world, for Konoha, I will not let you people live!

Madara: This is the reverse shishou fuuin jutsu!!

Madara: Sasuke! Get away from Danzou!!

Danzou's blood ? spilled all over

Danzou's thoughts: Hiruzen... It's my turn next it seems...however... in the end... I did not become the Hokage...

Danzou's blood ? took on spherical shapes. They combined as a sphere with Danzou in the centre.

Danzou's thoughts: No matter where I go, I can never catch up with are the tree's leaves that are bathed in sunlight while I am the root hidden in the darkness. What do you think of me? Hey Hiruzen... What am I to you...

Picture of young Danzou and Hiruzen chatting together happily.

Sakura's group was running.

Lee: Sakura san...

Sakura: What is it?

Lee: Don't you think it is better to tell Naruto kun the truth?

Sakura: ... I can't possibly tell him that... definitely not.

Kiba: Sakura... I think you're putting down on Naruto too much...

Sakura: ...

Kiba smells something.

Kiba: I found Sasuke. Tobi is nearby too.

Sakura: Everyone stop for a while!

Sai: ...

Kiba: What's wrong, why are we stopping? We have finished checking on our formations already!

Sakura prepared something under her cloak.

Sakura: Kiba... Where is Sasuke kun's exact location?

Kiba: 2 o'clock from the north... 1km in front!

Sakura held a sleeping bomb in her left hand~~~

Sakura: !!?

Sai caught Sakura's hand.

Sai: I know it... you have intention to knock us all out.

Sakura: Sai...!

Part 3

Kiba: Huh!?

Akamaru: Woof woof

Lee: What's the matter?

Sakura looked downcast. "..."

Sai took the sleep-inducing bomb from Sakura "Sakura intends to settle Sasuke on her own."

Kiba: why... do you want to do this alone?

Lee: That's right, I and everyone here promised to do this!

Sakura: ...

Sai: No... don't do this... I won't let anyone leave here.

Sakura: Why!?

Kiba: This fella... as I thought, smells suspicious!

Sai: Just we alone cannot win Sasuke... no less with Tobi around. We promised Kakashi sensei not to go.

Sakura's groped for something (in her pouch).

Sakura: Sai... I won't repeat myself... Stand aside...!

*Now the attention shifts* to another Sai. He is running for Kakashi.

Sai: I've got to hurry... the situation is getting bad.

Danzou laid on the floor covered in blood.

Situated at a small spot on top,

Madara: That's a sealing technique that seals everything to one's own corpse... It is activated upon one's death . What a dangerous technique...

Sasuke: Next... to Konoha.

Sasuke buries Danzou!

To the next revenge..!!

by: Ohana - 2Ch / Sho - NF

Just glanced through

Karin probably died

Sasuke: "This will be a nuisance"

Danzou flashback

There's Nidaime, Hiruzen, Akimichi Torifu, Homura, and Koharu
**ohana crossed this out; she originally wrote "Madara"

They're in the midst of a mission, surrounded by enemies

Who'll be the decoy...?

Hiruzen says that it'll be himself

Danzou: "We won't just have you go off alone"~ and something or other

Nidaime says, "I'll be the decoy. Starting tomorrow you (Hiruzen) will be Hokage~"

Danzou uses a reverse sealing jutsu and turns into a sphere

Sakura and co.

Kiba says he discovers Sasuke's scent

Sakura tells everyone to stop

Just as she's bringing out the knockout gas, Sai stops her

Sakura says she'll go on alone

Sakura puts gloves on her hands...

It's Sakura VS. Sai (Kiba and Lee may join in)

Danzou self-destructs

Sasuke directs his attention towards Konoha...



It's not Madara, it's Danzou

It's a memory of Danzou wanting to become Hokage

Karin dies

Barring Sasuke and Madara, no one shows up [there]

Sakura begins to go where Sasuke is alone

and that's where Sai stops her

Since she wants to go even to the point of using force

it'll be Sakura VS. Sai

Sai and Kakashi

Sai goes, "Things are going a little poorly," as he jumps ontop of a tree

Danzou dies

Madara says it's a sealing jutsu as [Danzou's] on the verge of dying is why I said that

Last part is ohana just talking to a commenter on 2ch.
by: Shounensuki / vered - NF

by: Mist Shinobi

Naruto 481: Sasuke's New Target

Both Danzo and Karin fall to the floor, each struggling for breath.
Sasuke walks over to Karin and picks her by the neck.
Sasuke: Thank-you Karin, you were able to distract Danzo for me, now I just need 1 more favor.
*Sasuke sucks out Karin's last bit of chakra to finish healin his wounds*
Madara: A bit cruel don't you think?
Sasuke: I only made Taka to complete my goals, she did what she had to do, I dont care about their existence.
*Sasuke cluthes his eyes in pain*
Madara: You overused your mangekyou sharingan in this battle, your going to go blind soon at this rate. Itachi wasn't as stubborn as you.
Sasuke: I don't want to hear it, he gave me these eyes for a reason, and im going to use them.
Madara: How do you expect to take out an entire village when you can't even see? On top of that, youve lost all of your teammates.
Sasuke: Don't underestimate me, I can get my revenge on my own.
Madara: Are you so sure about that? What you need is more power.
Sasuke: What do you propose?
Madara: If you want to keep using your mangekyou sharinga like that, you need to make it eternal.
Sasuke: Forget it! Theres no way im going to resort to stealing my brother's eyes.
Madara: Who said anything about Itachi?
Sasuke: What?
Madara: Your former teacher, Kakashi Hatake has long since gained his mangekyou sharingan.
Sasuke: Hm, interesting, I never thought he was strong enough to complete such a feat.
Madara: However, his mangekyou has different powers for yours and Itachi's. Its probably because he isnt directly from the Uchiha.
Sasuke: Don't you think it would have a negative effect on my eyes?
Madara: It is a gamble, but its better then going blind.
Sasuke: Very well, my new targter will be Kakashi, he is part of the Hidden Leaf anyways, so i'll be completing two objectives at once.
*Madara thinks to himself* Thats it....

Scene switches over to Kakashi, Naruto, and Yamamoto
Kakashi: We have to bring him to the leaf village so they can examine him, this can be serious.
Yammamoto: Right.

(Inside of Naruto)
Naruto: Whats going on, why do I feel this much pain?
Nine Tails spirit: Fool, your foolish mistakes of the past will now kill us both. Why didn't you take care of your friend earlier? Now look whats happening!
Naruto: Stop talking, my head hurts so much, I don't want to hear anything.
Nine Tails spirit: (Laughing) Youre going to get us killed just by thinking too much, hilarious! Let me out and I'll take care of the Uchiha boy.
Naruto: No! None of you dont understand anything about Sasuke!
Familiar voice: Im afraid the Nine tails is right my son, you must learn to let Sasuke go.

482: Another Talk with the 4th!
ny: Sensei-Q

(Battle Scene)
Sasuke: Nii-San, that’s one down..

Karin: Sasuke, what are you doing.. (SFX –Trembling-

Danzou: *coughs blood* So you sacrificed her to kill me. It seems that you and I are alot alike afteral. We both make sacrifices to accomplish our goals.

Sasuke: Argh!!! (My right eye! Am I blind?)

Madara: Heh!, (He was finally able to kill his feelings...His hatred has increased since his battle at the summit.)

Danzou: It seems...Itachi..your not that much….of a failure….afterall.

*Falls on his back to the ground*

Karin: *cough* Sasuke, you did it, you won..

Sasuke: (!)

Karin: Sasuke… I…I have always…-

*Karin collapses*

Sasuke: (…)

**Flashback of team 7**

Sakura: Please don’t go!! I love you!

Kakashi: I’ve already lost everyone close to me. I learned to live with it and to go on with what I already have. Revenge is not the solution. You will end up lonely and sorrow.


Naruto: I grew up without parents and family. Everyone hated me, but eventually I made friends. You were my first and my best friend..

**Flashback ends**

Sasuke: She...they all risked her life for me and I just used them.. (Juugo, Karin, Suigetsu.. I’m sorry..)

Madara: You defeated Danzou, but the girl died with him. What will you do now?

Sasuke: I am still going to kill the two elders, but for that I need a certain person’s help to accomplish that.

Madara: May I ask, who that certain person is?

Sasuke: Uzumaki Naruto.

Madara: !

(Sakura Scene)
Kiba: Sakura, I smell Sasuke’s scent!

Sakura: Let’s run faster. That guy with the mask could take him away again.

Sai: (This is not so good. I have to prevent her from getting near Sasuke.)

Lee: Sai, you look worried. What’s wrong?

Sai: Sakura, are you sure about what you want to do?

*They all suddenly stop in front of Sai*

Sakura: Are you against me? Who’s side are you on?

Sai: I’m on the side of the person who really does understand Sasuke.


*Sakura, Lee and Kiba are surrounded 4 by big lions made of ink*

Kiba: Traitor! I knew you were someone we couldn't trust!!

Sakura: Sai…..What is the meaning of this....

(Naruto Scene)
Kakashi: Naruto, wake up!

Yamato: Someone is coming. Get ready senpai.

*Raikage&co arrive at the scene*

Kakashi: Raikage-Sama? What brought you here?

Raikage: I guess we found you by luck. We are in a state of emergency. The 4th Ninja War has been declared by Uchiha Madara. He wants my brother and the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki.

Naruto: argh… Sensei, what are they doing here..?

Kakashi: We know about the war. The Kazekage told us a while ago.

Shi: What happened to the brat?

Kakashi: He’s-

Naruto: -Tired. So I fell down. But I’m fine now.

Yamato: (?)

Kakashi: (Naruto...)

Raikage: Madara declared the war because I didn’t want to hand over my brother. It seems that KillerBee managed to escape. He and the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki are part of Madara’s plan to control the world with some sort of genjutsu, so you have to find your Jinchuuriki too.

Kakashi: Our Jinchuuriki is right over here. *Points to Naruto*

KillerBee(Hachibi): (So that’s him, eh? My big brother.. What is this weird feeling?)

Darui: (What!?)

Shi: Impossible. He is the one who saved Konoha!?

Naruto: What are you guys talking about? *cough!* A Genjutsu??

Naruto: Where is Sasuke?! Where is he? Is he okay?? He was at the summit, right?

Raikage: Thanks to that brat, I lost an arm. He managed to fend off against me, the Kazekage, Mizukage, but the Tsuchikage almost finished him off…If it wasn’t for Madara. He used some sort of space-time technique to warp the Uchiha brat away.

Naruto: He’s not a brat…!

Kakashi/Yamato: !!!

Raikage: What is the meaning of this!

KillerBee(Hachibi): I can’t control myself!

‘Light has returned to Sasuke’s heart, but will his eyes lose the light forever? And what is happening to Naruto and KillerBee? Find it out in the next chapter.’

Next: 481 – ‘Bijuu Meeting!’
by: The Special One

Naruto 481: Through the Darkness Sasuke Strikes

(Sasuke’s Chidori Sharp Spear pierces both Danzou and Karin. Danzou’s vision starts to falter.)

Danzou (in thought): My vision… It’s fading… Slipping into cardiac arrest…

(Soon Danzou goes back in memory to the summit.)

Danzou: For the sake of protecting the shinobi world, I plan on using whatever means necessary…

(The scene switches back to the present… Danzou goes back into thought.)

Danzou (in thought): Whatever it takes huh? Like I’d die to the likes of a guy like him… The will of fire, right Hiruzen? Heh, there’s no way in hell that I’ll die to a lowly criminal who has nothing to protect besides his ego… (Immediately Danzou resurfaces in the distance much to the shock of Sasuke and Madara; so Sasuke quickly cancels his jutsu. As Karin’s body hits the ground, Sasuke mumbles something to himself.)

Sasuke (mumbling): I’m sorry Karin…

Madara (in thought): Danzou sacrificed the eye after all for Izanagi…

(Sasuke then focuses his bleeding Mangekyou eye on Danzou as he runs away; Sasuke has an awkward smile on his face.)

Sasuke: It’s coming to fruition… (Sasuke gives great chase after Danzou… Madara lands in front of Karin and examines her body.)

Madara: I see, she has dextrocardia… How lucky is that huh? Sasuke used that to his advantage, he must have known beforehand… Danzou really had thought her heart was situated on the left…

(Karin opens her eyes.)

Madara: I will apply first aid… Rest girl, or you wounds won’t recover.

Karin: He really stabbed me… That’s not the Sasuke-(Karin gets cut off.)

Madara: Let’s go, we have to stay close to Sasuke no matter what…

(The Scene switches over to Sasuke in pursuit of Danzou… Danzou is like 10 meters ahead of Sasuke.)

Sasuke (in thought): He’s quick for geezer… But it’s been well over a minute… Amaterasu should do him in…

(Sasuke uses his Amaterasu to torch Danzou from a distance, meanwhile Sasuke’s body pulses with pain and he holds his left eye as the chard Danzou hits the ground. Close up on Sasuke’s left eye shows that the Mangekyou in that eye has now recessed just like his right eye. The burning continues and starts to spread across the forest. Sasuke moves outside the area a bit and falls to his knees smiling…)

Sasuke: He’s dead… Hah, hah, hah… Burned like he was in the pits of hell where he belongs… I’m one more step closer to avenging you Itachi… Next, Konoha will be torched by this darkness …

(The forest is being consumed by Amatearsu flames in back… Soon Madara spirals in the picture behind Sasuke.)

Madara: We need to go, this will attract too much attention since you no longer have the power to put out these flames…

Sasuke: Just a little longer, I want to savor this… This is my motivation…

Madara: Your precious pet is ok, don’t worry…

Sasuke: I don’t expect her to forgive me… Even if her heart was on the left, I still would have done it…

Madara: But Sasuke, we really need to go!-

Mystery person: Go where exactly?

(Madara gets interrupted by a brash and arrogant voice. Kiba, Lee, Sakura, and Sai have landed in front of Sasuke. It is revealed that Kiba spoke first. All four of them look displeased by the look of Sasuke’s body and the state of the forest.)

Sakura: Is this your doing Sasuke?

Madara: Acquaintances of yours?

Sasuke: They’re just losers… I don’t believe it, the biggest loser of them all isn’t even with you…

Lee: Sasuke, how could you stoop so low? (Sasuke grins. Kiba turns his head to speak with Sakura.)

Kiba: These are the same flames Akamaru and I remember…

Sakura: Yes, so at the very least, he’s on par with Itachi’s dojutsu… But he’s injured, this could play into our hands perfectly. (Sakura goes into thought.)

Sakura (in thought): He looks menacing after all… I don’t see any kind of leverage to pull from him… Nothing at all. Has it really come to this?

(Sasuke glances at them all one last time.)

Sasuke: Let’s go Madara…

(The Konoha troops take offense to that.)

Akamaru: WOOF!

Kiba: SHIT!

Lee: We have to do something!

Sakura: I know, I know! Start the first formation!


Kiba: We’ll do Fang Spiral! LET’s GO AKAMARU! BEAST MIMICRY!

(However, this time Kiba imitates Akamaru’s form. They both twist into the air and form a spiraling sphere attack using their claws, as they encase both Madara and Sasuke. Lee rushes from the front while Sakura rushes from the back. Once Kiba and Akamaru finishes their attack, Lee and Sakura prepares theirs however, as Sakrua prepares her downward punch and Lee prepares his downward kick, they both notice that Sasuke and Madara have disappeared. Kiba reverts back to his form and shakes his head.)

Kiba: I was so focused on nabbing him that I hadn’t realized that his scent left the area, I’m sorry Sakura… Damn! It must have been that guy with the mask…

(Close up on Sakura shows that she’s angry.)

Sakura: AHHHHHHHHH! (As she punches the ground Lee jumps out of the way, Sai remains quiet. The scene switches over to Kakashi who is rushing through the area. He has Pakkun on his head. Kakashi notices that the black flames are torching the area from a distance.…)

Pakkun: I still smell them over there, but it seems Sasuke has gotten away…

Kakashi: I hope I’m not too late this time.

(The Scene switches over to the Cabin… Naruto is sitting up in his bed. Yamato barges in.)

Naruto: Yes?

Yamato: We should head back to Konoha if that’s ok…

Naruto: No, it’s fine… There’s no use sulking over it now…

(The scene switches over to another forested area. Danzou is found inside a cave exhausted with his right eye closed.)

Danzou: Shisui’s eye could handle Izanagi for a lot longer than the other ones because his eye was more specialized… But it cost me greatly this battle… First at the summit, and again against Sasuke… I’ll have to begin from square one… At the very least, Sasuke thinks I’m dead… This would be the best opportunity to lay low for a while and build from underground…

Naruto 482: The Cost
by: jeanericuser

Naruto 481: The Last Laugh

Ao is leading Mizukage and Choujiro as they head through the forest. Ao activates his byakugan and gasps at what he sees ahead. Ao stops and the others stop with him to rest on some branches. Ao looks very nervous while the others are puzzled as to the look on his face.
Ao: "There were four people up ahead but now Im detecting only two. I think something may has just happened to Danzo and his aids. They are almost dead except for Danzo."
Mizukage: "What do you mean? How can you tell?"
Ao: "I recognize their chakra signals but the ones ahead can not be them. One is extremely huge and judging by that I can conclude that is only one person."
Mizukage: "Madara."
Ao: "Correct. The other is extremely diminished but I recognize it as well. Its sasuke uchiha."
Choujiro: "So sasuke and Madara have just attacked Danzo. I guess we no longer have to hunt down Danzo any more."
Mizukage: "This changes things alot. We had best relay this news to the other kages immediately. Ao you continue to track down Danzo and see if you can recover his body if they kill him just so we have proof of his demise. We will meet up later on back at the land of iron after I relay this information to Mifune."
Ao: "Understood. Should I attempt to track down Sasuke Uchiha since he is within the proximity?"
Mizukage: "Negative. If it looks too dangerous than avoid detection at all costs. I do not want you captured or worse, killed."
Ao heads off further ahead while Mizukage looks at him from behind.
Mizukage thinking: "Be careful you old fool."

Sasuke watches as Danzo falls over while Karin falls over dead. Sasuke walks over to the body of Danzo who is gasping in his final death throes.
Sasuke: "Next time. If you intend to take someone hostage you are better off choosing someone of more value to me."
Danzo smiles and coughs up some blood.
Danzo: "You think you have won but in a way you have lost."
Danzo looks over at Madara and smiles as Madara looks down at him. Danzo pulls back the wrapping on his chest to reveal his bandages are all covered with strange runes on the inside.
Danzo: "For years I have covered myself in bandages but never revealing why. Many like yourself have long believe it was injury but now you shall learn the truth. These bandages actually have been absorbing my chakra and storing it as a form of explosive tag tied to my life line. As long as I lived they have lain dormant."
Madara thinking: "This is very bad. An insane amount of chakra is starting to form all over his body."
Sasuke looks very nervously at Danzo who has an evil smile on his face.
Danzo: "For years I have endured endless chakra loss all for this one final weapon and now you shall see my final secret. I will see you again soon sasuke. Give my regards to your brother when you see him."
Madara thinking: "I better hurry those wont take too long to explode.
Madara teleports in just as Danzo's bandages begin to glow and teleports Sasuke away. Danzo smiles as he looks at Madara. Madara narrowly teleports away just as the explosion goes off.

Ao is watching in the distance as a massive explosion goes off sending debrie flying in all direction. Ao quickly ducks behind a tree as debrie begins to fly by at a rapid pace. The tree slowly begins to strip away until only a small part protects Ao. Sakura, Kiba, Lee, Sai, and Akumaru are hiding behind a boulder
as the explosion goes off.
Sakura: "What the hell is this?"
Kiba: "Some kind of chakra laced explosive."
As the explosion clears as Sakura, Lee, Kiba, Sai, and Akumaru look behind the boulder at the massive crater left in the ground from the blast. Akumaru starts barking and runs ahead while Kiba starts to sniff the air.
Kiba: "The scent of sasuke is gone but there is someone else nearby. Akumaru come back here."
Kiba chases after Akumaru while Sakura looks at the destruction. Sai suddenly grabs his mouth and arm as if in pain. Sai pulls back his arm sleeve to reveal a seal. The seal suddenly vanishes as Sai looks in shock.
Sakura: "What is it Sai?"
Sai: "Danzo is dead. Danzo must have activated his death seal."
Lee: "Death seal?"
Sai: "It was one of the many secrets I was forced to keep. Danzo has always maintained the illusion of being weak but that was just a secret weapon he kept hidden. Those bandages on his body were actually all chakra leeching explosive tags. Once Danzo died his tags would automaticly explode hopefully killing whoever killed him"
Sakura: "What was the seal on your arm?"
Sai: "In life I was forced to accept several seals so that in life I would never reveal or do acts that would cause harm to root. All that has changed cause now that Danzo is dead the seals are powerless."
Kiba runs back to them with a concerned look on his face.
Kiba: "Sakura come quick! There is someone urgently in need of medical assistance."
Sakura: "Lee. Sai. Go check to see if there is anyone else nearby that is injured."
Sakura follows kiba to a burned out tree with Ao laying at the base of it with a head injury. Sakura kneels by his side and begins to heal his head wound. Ao suddenly stumbles awake and looks at Sakura in surprise.
Kiba: "Its alright. The explosion has subsided."
Ao slumps back over and lays on the ground still dazed. He watches as Sakura continues to tend to his wound.
Kiba: "Where are the others?"
Sakura: "I sent them to go see if there are any other survivors."
Sakura is tending to Ao's wound when she sees him suddenly look ahead in surprise. She turns and sees Kakashi with Lee and pakkun.
Kakashi: "Is everyone alright? Kiba I want you to get the others together and head back to Konoha immediately"
Kiba: "What about Sakura?"
Kakashi: "Sakura and I have something important to discuss."
Sakura has a nervous look on her face while Kakashi is looking at her with a serious look on his face.

Naruto 482: A Shocking Proposal
by: Phantom

Naruto 481: An Innocence Lost

"W..w...hy Sasuke?" Asked Karin barely able to breathe falling to the ground after Sasuke
ended his jutsu, writhing in pain and tears in her eyes. As Karin looked into Sasuke's eyes
she found herself shivering, it was like looking into an abyss, darkness all around with no
light able to get in.

"Well done Sasuke" Said Madara as he teleported next to Sasuke, putting a hand on his shoulder
which was quickly forced off by Sasuke.

"Get off, aaaaaaah!!!" Shouted Sasuke as he put his hands to his eyes, they were burning,
the pain was unimaginable and as quickly as it came it disappeared. As he removed his hands
from his eyes, he found that his sight had deteroriated.

"SASUKE!!!" Shouted Karin and then started coughing up blood from her mouth.

"I did try to warn you, overusing the mangekyou sharingan will blind you" Said Madara as
he thought, soon his sight will be so bad he will have to implant Itachi's eyes and then
this stage of the plan will be completed.

"Lets go, I want those other two and the village destroyed" Said Sasuke with an evil glint
in his eyes.

"What about Karin?" Asked Madara calmly.

"She has served her purpose" Said Sasuke as he jumped onto a nearby pillar.

"Impetetous youth, all things have their time and we will require preparation to take down
Konoha and the elders" Said Madara as he walked over to Karin.

"What do you mean Sasuke, that I have served my purpose, I love you, please don't leave me!!"
Screamed a distraught Karin.

"I have no time for love, especially one such as you, you disgust me!" Shouted Sasuke giving an Evil glare.

"I ought to thank you Karin, for helping Sasuke get to this point, as such I will not harm you" Said Madara as
did a number of hand signs and Zetsu appeared.

"Dispose of her" Said Madara sternly.

"But you said you would not harm me!" Shouted Karin

"I would not, I never said someone else would do it for me" Laughed Madara as he teleported
himself to Sasuke's side and was about to leave when he heard the rustle of leaves, heard a noise
and saw Zetsu go flying, going through three large boulders and a tree before landing on the floor in a heap.

"Sakura?" Said Sasuke intrigued on how she had gotten so strong.

"Sasuke-Kun, I will not allow you to fall further into darkness and madness so you can satisfy your revenge, have you
fallen so low that you would kill your own subordinates to further your ambition, the Sasuke I know would never do this" Shouted Sakura as
Ino and Hinata did emergency first aid to Karin.

"You never knew me, I am an avenger, I will avenge the destruction of my clan and the torturing of my brother and no-one is going to stop me!!" Said Sasuke as he was
about to charge towards Sakura, he felt a quick hit on the back of the neck and everything went black.

"My, my, the youth of today, no composure or discipline" Said Madara calmly.

"What have you done to Sasuke!??" Demanded Sakura.

"Merely rendered him unconscious, I would love to stay and chat but got places to go, people to see, villages to destroy" Said Madara as he and Sasuke teleported away.

"S..Sas...Sasuke!!!!!!" Shouted Karin distraught and tried getting up but was forced back down.

"He is gone, now stop moving" Said Sakura sternly.

"Why, he is gone, I have no purpose, my family, friends, home and even my master Orouchimaru has been taken from me, let me die...please?" Asked Karin completely overwhelmed
by what had just transpired.

"No, we shall be healing you for transport and you shall be transferred to our ANBU black ops" Said Sakura sternly.

"I won't say anything, I won't betray Sasuke!!!" Shouted Karin.

"Get a grip, he has betrayed you, even tried to kill you, now stop moving!" Shouted Sakura as she turned her head away from Karin as she felt tear run down her cheek recalling Sasuke's reaction.

"You must be Sakura..." Said Karin as she fell into unconsciousness as Kekashi arrived.

"Your late Kekashi sensei, the battle is over" Said Sakura sternly.

"Sasuke?" Asked Kekashi closed his sharingan eye, thankful that he did not have to use it.
"He was here, but has now left, although we now have one of his subordinates, why are you here in any case?" Asked Sakura confused.

"Firstly, I am now acting Hokage, second, I was trying to stop you from getting yourself and third Naruto" Kekashi said without emotion.

"What is the matter with Naruto?" Asked Sakura truly concerned.

"He has lapsed into unconsciousness, Yamato is currently taking him back to the village, to which all of you shall follow, they believe it is due to
psychological stress in having to accept the possibility that he may have to kill Sasuke" Said Kekashi concerned about Naruto but tried not to reveal
it too much.

"We are just finishing up here and we will shall return to the village, what about Sasuke?" Asked Sakura sternly.

"Sakura, your team-mate is unconscious and your worried about Sasuke, as acting Hokage I have decided that Sasuke poses too much of a danger to be left alive, I know how you and Naruto feel, I feel the same way, but I must push aside
my personal feelings and do what is best for the village" Said Kekkashi calmly.

"I understand, lets go" Said Sakura noticing that Ino and Hinata had finished their preparations as she turned to the direction where she saw Sasuke before he teleported away with Madara and swore it was now time to assist in the
building of the future and not linger in the past, the Sasuke she knew was truly gone, his innocence forever shattered, all that was left was Sasuke's hatred, malice and thirst for revenge, he had become in effect Orouchimaru, The only
way now to save Sasuke was to remove him from this mortal plane. Sakura, Kekkashi and the others started on their journey back to the village with Sakura pondering her next move.


Next week: What is Sakura's next move and how will Naruto be involved???
by: Vengeance

Naruto 481

Karin: S..S...Sasuk....

Sasuke: .....

Karin vomits up blood.

Danzou thinking: At this rate...

Danzou bites down on Karin's neck & starts protruding fuuton chakra from his body.

Karin: AAhh!!!

Without even a word Sasuke splits apart his fingers & his Chidori Eisou splits apart into many different spikes coming out of Karin as Danzou jumps back. Karin falls to her knees staring at Sasuke with tears in her eyes as they fade to white.

Karin: S..Sas...

Karin's head hits the ground.

Madara thinking: Well that was unexpected.

Sasuke: What?! You shouldn't have been able to move!

Danzou: I nullified the portion of your raiton that was within my body by focusing fuuton chakra.

Sasuke: Arrrhh!!!

As Sasuke rushes towards Danzou Danzou does a hand sign with one hand. Branches & roots from Danzou's tree arm start to move & grabs Sasuke before he's able to get close enough to Danzou. They wrap around him restricting his movement & starts to crush his body.

Sasuke: Arrrhhh!!!

Danzou: That tree is a part of me & because of this I'm able to manipulate it with my chakra.

Sasuke: Do you think this will stop me?!

Danzou puts his hand in the air & closes his fist as the branches & roots get even tighter around Sasuke. Sasuke uses Chidori Nagashi to push away the branches & roots.

Danzou: It's no use Sasuke you've used up to much of your chakra.

Danzou grabs his chest in pain as his heart skips a beat. Danzou coughs up blood & falls to his knees.

Danzou thinking: That womans blood wasn't enough to fully heal the wound to my heart.

The branches & roots loosen because of this as Sasuke pumps out more raiton chakra to finally brake free. Sasuke falls to his knees with his head looking over at a lifeless Karin.

Danzou: I'm sure you see it with your sharingan... my heart is about to give way but I wanted to ask you one question Sasuke.

Sasuke looks up & stares at Danzou.

Sasuke: What is it?

Danzou: Do you feel any remorse for what you've just done Sasuke? Did that woman mean nothing to you?

Sasuke: I was hoping to repopulate the Uchiha with her after I've destroyed Konoha. However she became a liability & had to be put down for the sake of my mission. I couldn't allow you the opportunity to escape.

Danzou: Interesting... Had you not been corrupted by your brother you would have made an excellent addition to root. I should have recruited you long ago... God help us all....

Danzou's head hits the ground as Sasuke turns off his sharingan. Madara teleports over to Danzou & reaches out his hand towards Danzou's head.

?????: Danzou!!!

Madara turns around to see team Sakura rushing to Danzou's rescue. Madara looks over at Sasuke.

Madara thinking: I was so close...

Madara grabs Sasuke & jumps back as Lee, Kiba, & Sai launch attacks at him. Sakura glances at Karin & rushes over to Danzou. Madara teleports away with Sasuke.

Sakura: Danzou hang on!!!

Sakura starts to heal Danzou's wound but its no use. Danzou starts to cough up blood.

Danzou: Sakura... take... my eye & give it to Kakashi...

Danzou opens his eye to reveal sharingan to the group. Everyone looks in shock.

Danzou: I've failed Konoha... I fear my actions in the past will lead to its undoing... Tell Kakashi that this eye belonged to Uchiha Shishiu. I was able to awaken it's MS with it *cough* he'll be better equipped to combat Madara's Bijuu. I know that your generation harbors feelings for Sasuke but know this that child can not be saved... He was even willing to kill his own teammate just to get to me...

Sakura: Why would he...

Danzou's eyes fade to white

Sai: Danzou-sama....

Kiba: Danzou is right Sakura... I can smell burned flesh on this woman most likely caused by a raiton jutsu based on how the wounds look...

Sakura: Sasuke... how could you...

To be Continued
by: Silverblade

Naruto 481

Danzou: !!! He stabbed his own team mate as well..

Karin: Sas...suk...e.. why?


Danzou: !!!!

Sasuke closes makes a fist as chidori spikes erupts from Danzou's body. Danzou falls... Karin falls as well.

Sasuke is very exhausted and is brought down onto his knees..

Madara *Warps in front of Sasuke.*

Danzou is on the ground, chuckling...

Danzou: Sasuke... curse you... bastar....d.... its.. not ove..r..

Madara: I will not let you use Izanagi. *Madara lacerates Danzou's head from his body.*

Madara *Thinking: My power will be restored once i have Shisui's eye. Then i'll capture the ninetails. However, Sasuke and the girl seems to be fine.*

Sasuke:huuu! the elders are next....

Madara: Good job Sasuke.

-- Scene switches to Naruto --

Naruto is inside a hut being taken care of by Yamato and Sai..

Yamato: I hope Kakashi can hurry up and make Sakura turn back. I have a bad feeling about this..

Sai: Sasuke is indeed powerful... But Naruto....

- Naruto's Mind -

Naruto: If Sasuke really did turned evil. Then he might come for me next... But Madara waged war against the shinobi nations already..

Naruto:*Flashback of Minato*

Minato: That shinobi is no ordinary ninja, a special power is needed to defeat him.

Naruto: I'll return to toad mountain and train with the fox this time. I need no distractions..

- Scene switch to Sakura -

Sakura: SASUKE!!!!!

Madara: Konoha shinobi.

Kiba: That weird masked guy again.

Madara: This time i'm going to kill you.

Sakura vs Madara??
by: The Icon

Naruto 481: Destiny

(Danzou is pireced right through the heart he is defeated but did sasuke really sacrifice karin for his revenge?)

Madara is just sitting away from the fight watching as danzou falls he said to himself so thats the path you have taken sasuke it seems i was right in bringing you along. after all you have already surpassed itachi quicker than expected. danzou might have the sharingan but he is not from the uchiha clan like me and you he was so caught up in the timing of that attack and he was careless. now that sasuke has mastered his mangekyou sharingan its time to prepare him for the next battle and then he will have no choice but to take itachi eyes because from here on out the battle has just began seeing you struggle to maintain the mangekyou sharingan means you are not ready. you need itachi's eyes for whats ahead and luckily you were not stupid enough to kills that girls because we will need her for the transplant i will make you take itachi eyes thats why when itachi died i secured his eyes. you will be like me sasuke i will make sure of it.

Sasuke is out of chakra and is too week to stand he drop to his knee and said karin are you alright. karin replies yes it turns out sasuke cast a genjustu on both danzou and karin sasuke was fast to cast the illusion on danzou and get karin danzou thought he was holding karin but it turns out karin was an illusion that danzou had hostage ( so basically danzou did get karin its just that as soon as he did sasuke immediately cast a genjustu on danzou and karin and rushed to get karin it was so fast danzou didn't notice he wasn't holding karin thats why sasuke told karin not to move because she would have disrupted the genjustu with danzou touching her and danzou would be out of the illusion). karin then says sasuke i thought for a second that you... sasuke cuts her off and said karin i would never let anything happen to you am sorry i was reckless and let him get to you i will make sure no one ever do that to you again. karin is surprised to hear sasuke's words and she said to herself he really cares about me. but then her face was not happy anymore because she now knows that sasuke has changed and is more violets than ever. both karin and sasuke is exhausted they both faint ant the same time watching each other until they are no longer in each other's vision.

Madara watches both of them faint then suddenly zetsu appears from the ground beside madara zetsu says so sasuke has won again he is coming along nicely but i hope the three others aren't jealous madara replies to zetsu saying don't be a fooled zetsu sasuke is no where close to the level of the three of them they are hokage level ninjas maybe even stronger than i am even with me having the power of the six beast i've gathered. zetsu is shocked and said you mean they are that strong madara replies yes i chose them for a reason they are ninjas even pain can't compete with they are what you would call immortal ninjas.. madara then says enough talk zetsu its time we get sasuke and that girl out of here zetsu then reply what about danzou's body madara says leave it we will have guests soon we should at least leave then with a present. (madara and zetsu disappears with sasuke and karin leaving danzou's corpse behind)

who are the 3 akatsuki members zetsu and madara was talking about? and what is going on with naruto? find out next week.

Next Issue: The Awakening of Naruto
by: State of Naruto

Naruto 481: Nothing To Save
Sasuke: smiling right throw Karin into the eye's of Danzo saying its over Karin who is directly in front of Sasuke and Danzo
(Karin in pain) from the wound but it misses her vital organs (Danzo the short lived hokage is dead)
Karin than pears into Sasuke's eye's than into Sasuke's very only soul she finds only a black place of nothingness
no heart, no feels, no emotions, no soul,.
Sasuke Pulls out the Chidiori throw Danzo and Karin without any regard for Karin's life
Karin falls to the ground bleeding gravely in hornifie pain she begins to heal herself without help from Sasuke not even a word of thank you for him ..

Sasuke: now healed is able to walk away saying to Madara take him to the leaf at once
Madara: I dont think so smiling at Sasuke you think you will be just find because you were healed
Sasuke eye's starts burning screaming in pain Sasuke grabbing his eye's than falls to his knees than Sasuke notice a incredible increase in his sense of hearing and other 3 senses only for a moment the pain slowly passes, Sasuke is than able to open his eyes to a less than prefect vision.
Madara: you totally over used your mangekyou sharingan, i never saw a person use it like that, you even were completely blind for a moment, giving you a increase in your other 4 senses one of the symptoms for losing a sense, listen up Sasuke its a three day can time line before a user can use his mangekyou sharingan that way you can fight the blindness for years but if you continue to break the three day time line, those years can turn into months or even weeks.
Karin: remember when Sasuke said forget Jugo and Suigetsu when he destroyed the pillars back when he was fighting team Raikage and team Gaara and, what this happen to her, (Karin) thinking Jugo, Suigetsu and me needs to leave Sasuke being around him at this point would just be a suicide mission.
Killer Bee and Team Raikage
Killer Bee and Raikage in race throw the forest.
Shi: they are going to fast .
Darui: no way we can keep up.
Raikage: why the hell did you keep that shark thing, its from the akasuki it may have concealed traps on it
Killer Bee: like what ??
Raikage: (crazy like on his face): i don't know maybe at night when you are sleep the damn thing bites your head off
Killer Bee: (Raping) OO those kinds of traps can't compare to me raps, but in all seriousness i think he or she loves me just cause I'm 8 Tails and Killer Bee !!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 Tails: more like he or she likes are chakra, and by the way i thought I'd tell you for the 100th time your rhyming sucks, my ears are bleeding again
Raikage: anyway, lets wait to we get home to make a conclusion on what to do with that thing.. the village will be waiting for your return
Shi: senses a unknown ninja sh*it Raikage !!!! BEE we are being followed
Unknown ninja : you will not make it home
the sun starts to disappear under a rain clond
Raikage&Bee's eye's light up
has a couple of raindrop fall, the rain hits the ground beside Killer bee creating an explosion of water strong enough to blow away rock the other raindrop also creates explosions
Shi: damn, i was distracted by having Bee back i didn't even notice this rain cloud up heard
Raikage: hmm?? (realizing) he saw this jutsu before (saying) I know all about this technique brat !!!!!!!!!

this is a PREDICTION not a SPOILER

Killer Bee: what is this ??
Raikage: this ninjutsu takes a lager amount of water than concentrates it into a small raindrop than when the rain hits something all the water and energy is release than the explosion happens its one of the most prowefull water ninjutsu
Killer Bee: hm ?
Darui: well whats the point for this gigantic rain cloud if only a couple of raindrops comes from it
Raikage: this jutsu takes time but a in a minute or so it will be raining cats and dogs Shi find this brat so i can smash this fool before it gets bad
Unknown ninja: sh*it they have a senser type ninja with them I'd better retreat and return to Zetus
Naruto scene
Naruto has stop hyperventilating but is unconscious laying on the ground
Yamato: ohh, he stop. Hokage what do we do next??
Kakashi: well, Now that I'm hokage i need to make a decision on what to do with Sasuke im making my decision not out of emotion but out of what i feel is best for the village and the people Sasuke join Askasuki the same group that killed so many of are ninja the people of the leaf will not allow him back in are Village, and if we dont kill Sasuke first same leaf ninja will only want the same has Sasuke revenge leading to war
Yamato: making it worst Sasuke is after the elders, if we don't protect them it will show weakness to the other villages, what good is a military if it cant protect its leaders
Kakashi: even if Sasuke accomplishes his goal, he will only feel loneliness, Sasuke will find the sad truth revenge did'nt stop his pain he will find in the end the revenge he'd longed for, only Lied to him revenge only betrayed him
i can't allow that for my student the best thing for Sasuke is for him to rest in peace
Naruto awakes Kakashi sensei you too a ??
It Comes To A Conclusion
Naruto 482: The Hokage Made His Decision Clear What Will Naruto's Be
Naruto 480: Sacrifice
CLICK Image to Enlarge


Naruto 480 Summary:

Front cover is of Sasuke. Back is of Sasuke's Susano'o.

If you close your eyes, hatred will always be there. Like an apparition, it will expand.

480 犠牲
Chapter 480: Sacrifice

Simultaneously striking one another...but is Danzou's body another illusion...!?
Madara (Sasuke's power...this much huh?)
Karin (...!?)

Sasuke pierced by Danzou: Ugh...
Danzou, pierced by Sasuke: Too fast...eyes are still will be going to see Itachi, and perhaps it would be good of you to receive some of his preaching...this is my win.

Karin (What's going on!? ...this feeling is...!)

Danzou: !!?
Sasuke looking downward: Haha
Danzou: ...what's...the meaning of this!? (Guh! ...why won't Izanagi start up!!?)
Sasuke's right eye has Mangekyou activated.

Madara ('s as you said -- the time Itachi could freely manipulate his genjutsu and Tsukiyomi -- the difference is like between the heavens and earth...)
Danzou's field of vision is blurred. His right arm's eyes are closed.

Danzou: You...
Sasuke: The one meeting Itachi will be you...

Danzou falls to his knees.
Karin (As thought, it's as I sensed. It was in fact Danzou's real body!)

Madara (...Although it isn't as strong, it was pivotal of him to use that genjutsu at that time...)
Danzou looks to be in a lot of pain.

Madara (Right before his body was pierced, the sharingan in his right arm all closed. Sasuke is of the Uchiha clan...and a shinobi possessing the Mangekyou...but Danzou with his observing eye...he is above you. In an instant he was faster than you in noticing...Sasuke cast a genjutsu on you, making you believe that your last eye on your right arm was still open. You used Izanagi on yourself without fulling knowing its effective time, checking it over and over to see if it was in effect. Sasuke didn't miss that. Izanagi's time of effectiveness has a small interval in between each use. Although he pretended to know the degree to which that was, he knew beforehand that even in an instant he would be able to cast a genjutsu. Don't use that, that's not Sasuke.)

Danzou's checks his right shoulder:
Madara: You were naiive in this battle of Sharingan because of all those Sharingan you've acquired...that's the reason for your loss.

Sasuke: My eyes will tell you how this fight will go. Don't underestimate the Uchiha.

Madara (Even without being able to use Shisui's eye, Danzou did a good job of driving it this far....Sasuke, it seems like you'll soon be able to take Shisui's eyes for yourself. Root should have stayed hidden in the ground.)

Sasuke is about to collapse while Karin rushes over: Sasuke...!
Sasuke: Ku..ku...
Karin brings out her left arm: Here! Bite quickly!!

Madara: That was good to bring her here...she's useful, and Sasuke specifically chose her as his favorite...

Sasuke biting.
Karin: Ahh...!

Danzou (I...! To this little...!! I will not die in a place like this!!!)

Suddenly Danzou's right arm starts to become a tree.
Danzou: Guahhh!!!
Sasuke and Karin: !!?

Danzou (I won't allow it!! At this rate I'll be taken over by the Shodai's cells.)
Danzou takes his right shoulder with his right arm.
Madara (Facing death, he's losing control over his chakra...he won't be able to easily control the strength of the pillars...)

Danzou, in front of Karin and Sasuke.
Karin: How persistent...this is some guy...!

Danzou takes the bandages off his right eye.
Danzou: Not yet...from here on out...with this eye...I will tell you how this fight will end.

Madara (The pupil in his right eye has returned huh...he covered with Izanagi while allowing Shisui's eye to recover in the mean that was your play huh...)

Sasuke uses Chidori in his left hand, and thrusts at Danzou.
Danzou dodges, and takes Karin hostage.

Madara (Shisui's seems he plans to use it up as he did with Izanagi.)

Sasuke glares at Danzou.
Danzou: You've used your eye too much huh.
Karin: Sasuke...

Danzou (Sasuke can't use it anymore...if I can use Shisui's genjutsu to control him and get him to go after Madara, it would be more effecient considering the depth of these wounds.)
Madara (So then...Sasuke...what will you do?)

Sasuke: You who talked of take a hostage.

Danzou: life...I'm not was for Konoha...for the ninja world...I won't allow myself to die in a place like matter whose hands...whatever I have to live...I will...this shinobi' become the reformer to change the world...this girl will be a sacrifice for that purpose.
Karin: me!

Sasuke: Don't move...Karin.
Danzou: ...!

Sasuke activates Mangekyou in his left eye...with a scary face.

Sasuke uses a Chidori spear and stabs Karin along with Danzou.
Danzou's back is pierced through.

Karin (Huh...)
Danzou: Guh...! (...the vitals of the hostage...)
Madara, smiling with his eyes: So its come to this...

Sasuke: Brother...this is the first...

Karin and achieving revenge!!
Sasuke, towards the darkness of reality...!!

The End.

by: N.V.O. (Itasuke)

Naruto 480: Mangekyo Battle and the Power of the Will of Fire

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Naruto 478: Itachi Returns
Naruto 479: Arrival
Naruto 480: Mangekyo Battle and the Power of the Will of Fire
Naruto 481: Enter: 3 Mysterious New Members
Naruto 482: Sakura and Sasuke, The Will of Fire Burns!

Naruto 481: Enter: 3 Mysterious New Members!
Note: This is SO NOT what's really happening, to follow the story how the 3 members arrived, read my previous Predictions, as you know, predictions requires facts about the last chapter and your own imagination, and Kishi said once on an interview that there will be 3 new Akatsuki members, and that's why I wrote about them. Enjoy.
(Battlefield scene 2)
Sasuke: Who
??? # 3: You don't need to know my name, Bastard.
Sasuke: ...Like I really care about your name, I asked who are you.
??? # 2: Geez, He's always so rude with others, answer nicely dumb.
??? # 3: You're one to talk. You're just falling in love. Girls.
??? # 2: SHUT UP DUMBA--
??? # 1: Enough, you two. We are...
??? # 1, ??? # 2, ??? # 3: The new Akatsuki members.
Sakura: Akatsuki...
??? # 1: As for our names, it's none of your business.
Sasuke: -Stands up- I'll...beat up everyone of you. -Mangekyo Unlocked-
Sakura: I'm with you.
Sasuke: No, stay back, they're too tough for yo--
Sakura: You still think I am useless, and haven't improved, right? Well, correct that info, because I already battled one of the Akatsuki and I know just how strong they are.
Sasuke: ...(One of the Akatsuki...?! what Kabuto said about the death of that Sasori was true...) Alright, let's go.
Karin: (More Akatsuki...)
Kiba: Let's show 'em our power! let's go! Wolf-Fang-Over-Fang! -aims towards the Akatsuki members-
??? # 2: weak! -spins kicking Kiba and Akamaru off-
Kiba: Gah!
Rock Lee: Leef Hurrica-- Wha?!...What's happening...?!
??? # 3: One of my powers, is that I can control the gravity, game's up kid. -Kicks his neck sending him far away-
Sakura: Kiba! Lee! ...Sai stay back and guard her!
Karin: T-Thank you...(I feel useless)...
Sasuke: It's our turn to strike.
Sakura: Leave that girl to me...
Sasuke: Got it.

(Naruto & Yamato scene)
Naruto: I...Have a bad feeling...about this...
Yamato: What is it...?
Naruto: I feel like...wait, I have to check something...-Sage Mode: Activate!- (What...?! Strong chakras!) Captain Yamato! Kakashi-Sensei is fighting someone, as well as for Sakura! but...there are many strong chakras...and one seems like...Sasuke...
Yamato: What?!
Naruto: -Stands- I can walk now I guess...Let's go there before he disappears away from us once again!
Yamato: ...
Naruto: I'm going. -Sage Mode: Kyubi Chakra Activate!- -Rushes forwards super fast-
Yamata: Ugh! -covers his face- NARUTO! -Follows him-

(Battlefield scene 2)
Sakura, Sasuke, # 1, # 2 are shown sliding back-
Sakura: *Pant*...*Pant*...
Sasuke: *Pant*...*Pant*...(They're strong...)
??? # 2: *Pant*...(They're really tough...I underestimated them.)
??? # 3: Enough playing games! I'll show you my rea--
??? # 1: You knuckle head fool. -Lands near the two- We have to not show our powers just yet.
??? # 3: Who are you calling a fool you idiot bastard!
??? # 2: Enough you two...
Sakura: No...we won't lose just yet! Sasuke, Let's show them our Team-Work!
Sasuke: Right.
Will Sasuke and Sakura be enough to defeat the new Akatsuki members?
Next Time: Sakura and Sasuke, the will of fire burns!

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