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Naruto 479 Raw Spoilers and Predictions

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Naruto 479
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NARUTO 479 Raw Pics


Sasuke coughing blood: Gah
Karin: !! (Sasuke!!)
Karin (This is crazy! The only thing I can do now is figure out what Danzou's jutsu is!)
Danzou rushes toward Susano'o.

479: Izanagi

Susano'o arms an arrow.
Sasuke: Uohhhh!!
How will they defeat the greatest forbidden genjutsu...!?

The arrow penetrates Danzou.

Madara (Izanagi- in just a small amount of time)
Danzou coughs blood.

Madara (Anything used against the jutsu's user, including damage and even death, is able to be changed into but a vision of a dream-)

Danzou: Fuuton Shinkuudaigyoku [Wind Release: Great Vacuum Sphere]
A ball of air is shot at Susano'o.
Susano'o blocks the attack with a shield.
Sasuke: Ha-ha- (*panting sfx)

Madara (Not only that, but it's a genjutsu capable of allowing the user to attack to the user's advantage. It controls the eyelet of illusion and reality. It is the ultimate genjutsu that can be activated on the user!! ...also...using Izanagi means eliminating the light its eye. It will never open again...)

One eye on Danzou's right arm closes.
Danzou checks the Sharingan on his arm.

Madara (Hm...those number of eyes...the effective time of Izanagi seems to differ individually...there's no doubt that Orochimaru experimented on this in order to forcibly prolong that.)

Karin is watching Danzou.

Danzou (Madara...doesn't seem like he is able to participate in his state...but I must reserve some energy to compete with him...the right eye I used at the meeting hasn't restored itself yet and will take more time...however...that "Susano'o"...I can't take it lightly. That arrow attack is difficult to dodge...I can't let them figure out how Izanagi works...I have 5 left...I need to finish this soon...we'll see in this next minute...)

Danzou: Kuchiyose no Jutsu [Summoning Jutsu]
Danzou's summon is a Tapir (Baku)

Baku appears and starts to suck everything in.
Sasuke endures it.

Madara (This summon...a tapir (baku) huh...a monster that eats's much bigger that I imagined.)

Danzou is facing Sasuke's back (with some distance between them)
Sasuke: !!

Danzou (With this, even Susano'o won't be able to move...and using the tapir's suction, I can amplify this attack-)

Danzou: Fuuton Shinkuu Renpa [Wind Release Vacuum Group Rend*]
[*the words 連破 means "winning successively" -- could be a pun, but it sounded weird to translate the move as such, so I broke each kanji component down even though I know it still sounds weird]

Susano's turns around and takes the blast.
Danzou (Here it is...Susano'o's opening!)

Danzou runs toward Susano'o.
Sasuke's mouth expands: Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu!!! [Fire Release Great Fireball Technique]
The tapir sucks in the fireball.
While inhaling, the tapir sucks in even fire.

Danzou: !
Susano'o punches Danzou.

Madara (Fire release huh...he used the wind that was sucked in to his advantage...Sasuke)
カリン(56 57 58 59…   60)
Karin (56 57 58 59... 60)

Danzou's summon suffers some pain and disappears.
Sasuke also falls.

Karin (That takes about 60 seconds before each eye closes...and in that moment, Danzou's chakra plummets rapidly. In other words, there's no doubt that his right arm's jutsu needs time to activate! There's 4 left...! So that's about 240 seconds...that justu is limited to 4 more uses...!...But there's also a possibility he has more eyes in his stock...Danzou's attacks are effective...but Sasuke's become ineffective. How does this system work...When Danzou's jutsu is active, and as Sasuke attacks -- even if they attack at the same time, Danzou's will still beat his out.)

Karin: Sasuke! I'm starting to understand how his jutsu works! Are you ready, listen!

While Sasuke is in a worn out state, Karin: That right arm of his has 10 eyes, and when all of them are closed, your jutsu should be effective.

Danzou:'ve figured out Izanagi huh?
Sasuke: So it seems!
Danzou goes torward Sasuke.
Danzou: You tricked me into confirming it...what a clever bitch.

Karin: I...Idiot, you said it yourself!? Anyway, get away now! Draw the battle out!

Madara (There's no meaning in that...Danzou will only release Izanagi if he bides for order to decrease it's activation time, Sasuke must attack constantly and incessantly while he's using Ianagi. He should have already noticed who will be the first to be worn out?)

Is Sasuke at his limit?
Sasuke brings out shuriken from his arm and throws them.
Danzou takes out a kunai and attaches a seam of air to the blade.

Sasuke uses Chidori nagashi?
Sasuke has Mangekyo activated in his right eye.

They strike each other simultaneously.
Danzou and Sasuke have both been pierced.

Is this the real Danzou or an illusion...
Next chapter, the conclusion!!

The End.
Page 1

479: イザナギ
479: Izanagi

サスケ: 。。。!!
Sasuke: ...!!

カリン: サスケェ!!
Karin: Sasuke!!

カリン: うろたえるな!今のウチにできる事はダンゾウの術を分祈
Karin: This is crazy! The only thing I can do now is figure out what Danzou's jutsu is!

How will they defeat the greatest forbidden genjutsu...!?

Page 2

Madara: Izanagi

マダラ:(ほんの僅かな時間だけ。。。術者のダメージや死を含めた不利なものを夢に描きかえる 事ができー)
Madara: (With only just a brief period of time...anything used against the jutsu's user including damage and even death, is changed into but a vision of a dream.)

Page 3

ダンゾウ: 風遁 真空大玉
Danzou: Fuuton Shinkuudaigyoku [Wind Release: Great Vacuum Sphere]

Madara: (Not only that, but it's a genjutsu capable of allowing the user to attack to the user's advantage.)

Page 4

マダラ:(幻と現実の狭間をコントロールできるー 己自身へかける究極幻術!!)
Madara: (It controls the eyelet of illusion and reality. It is the ultimate genjutsu that can be activated on the user!!)

Madara: (...also...using Izanagi means eliminating the light its eye.)

Madara: (It will never open again...)

Page 5

マダラ:(が。。。あの眼の数。。。イザナギの効果時間には個人差がある。。。それを無理矢理延ばすために 考案した間違いないが。。。)
Madara: (Hm...those number of eyes...the effective time of Izanagi seems to differ individually...there's no doubt that he must've planed prior in order to forcibly prolong that.)

ダンゾウ:(マダラめ。。。参?してくる様子は無さそうだが。。。奴とやり合う力も残しておかねはならん。 。。まだ会談で使った右眼が復活するまで時間もかかる。。。)
Danzou: (Madara...doesn't seem like he is able to participate*...but even with his power now, I can't leave him be...the right eye I used at the meeting hasn't restored itself yet and will take more time.)
[*can't make out this line completely, so I'm guessing]

ダンゾウ:(しかし。。。この”須佐能乎”。。。簡単にはいかん。あの矢の攻撃。。。かわすのは難しい。。 。)
Danzou: (But...that "Susano'o"...I can't take it lightly. That arrow attack is difficult to dodge...)

ダンゾウ:(イザナギを解く訳にもいくまい。。。残りは五つ。。。そろそろ決着をつけねば。。。この一分に かけるか。。。)
Danzou: (I can't let them figure out how Izanagi works...I have 5 left...I need to finish this soon...we'll see in this next minute...)

ダンゾウ: 口寄せの術!
Danzou: Kuchiyose no Jutsu [Summoning Jutsu]

Page 8

マダラ: この口寄せ。。。?か。。。悪夢を食らうバケモノ。。。思ったより随分と大きい
Madara: This summon...a ?*...a monster that eats's much bigger that I imagined.
[*Madara clarifies what the animal summoned is, but I can't make out the kanji]

マダラ: ダンゾウは見逃さない!どんな事があっても!
Madara: Don't lose track of Danzou! No matter what happens!

Page 9

ダンゾウ: これで”須佐能乎”も動けない。。。そして??
Danzou: With this, even Susano'o won't be able to move...and*
[* can't make out what he's saying here, sorry]

ダンゾウ: 風遁 真空連破
Danzou: Fuuton Shinkuu Renpa [Wind Release Vacuum Group Rend*]
[*the words 連破 means "winning successively" -- could be a pun, but it sounded weird to translate the move as such, so I broke each kanji component down even though I know it still sounds weird]

Page 10

ダンゾウ: ”須佐能乎”の隙間。。。ここだ!
Danzou: Here it is...Susano'o's opening!

サスケ: 火遁 豪火球の術!!!
Sasuke: Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu!!! [Fire Release Great Fireball Technique]

Page 11

マダラ: ??
Madara: ??* [*can't make any of this out, sorry]

カリン: 56...57...58...59...
Karin: 56...57..58...59...

カリン: 60!
Karin: 60!

Page 12

カリン: あの眼。。。約60秒ごとに一個ずつ閉じていく。。。その間ダンゾウのチャクラは急速に減り続け てる。つまりあの右腕にこのおかしな術の発動時間を表してるって事でまず間違いない!
Karin: That takes about 60 seconds before each eye closes...In that moment, Danzou's chakra plummets rapidly. In other words, there's no doubt that his right arm's jutsu needs time to activate!

カリン: あと四つ。。。!つまい約249秒。。。約四分が術の限界時間。。。!。。。でもまだ眼のストッ クがあるかもしれない。。。
Karin: There's 4 left...! So that's about 249 seconds...that justu is limited to 4 more uses...!...But we don't know if there's more eyes in his stock...

Page 13 (refresh page for update)

カリン サスケ
Karin and Sasuke figure out that there's a 60 second interval between when the eyes on Danzou's right arm closes.

Danzou summons. It looks like one of Pain's summons.

Sasuke stabs Danzou after 60 seconds when an eye closes.

Was it a genjutsu, or was it real? It ends there.

Will read and come back with more.
by : The Icon

Naruto 479: The Forbidden Technique

Danzou: i never thought he would be this troublesome for him to make me use the power of the first hokage. maybe itachi was right in saving him but unlike itachi he is nowhere close to mastering the full power and potential of the mangkeyou sharingan

madara: that danzou i never thought a person outside the uchiha clan know about about that technique. a technique the uchiha clan forbid a form of the sharingan that allows the user to use any justu a justu similar to pain's rinnegan but that technique was forbidden because the only way to attain that power is to kill and take the person sharingan and transplant it as their own this makes the wielder close to immortality

Sasuke: pant pant pant this danzou just what in the world is he i keep killing him but he just keep coming back how is he doing it i can't keep this up i'm almost out of chakra

Karin: sasuke danzou is using a technique that every-time you kill him or when he uses a technique which require a huge amount of chakra a sharingan closes they are like his lives if you want to kill him you have to kill him 6 more time or force him to use a high level technique

Danzou: that girl i thought i got rid of her well lets see her survive this
Karin: ah he disappeared where did he go

Sasuke: karin behind you look out

Danzou: too slow(stabbing karin right through the chest looking at sasuke screaming your next sasuke uchiha your eyes will be mine

madara; i told her she shouldn't be here oh well being a ninja means loosing people close to you and using that hatred to become stronger now sasuke i will see i how much power you have and if you are really the one to succeed me in the uchiha name

note: this is a prediction -- NOT a spoiler

Sasuke: ahhhhhh (a vast amount of chakra explodes from sasuke" body)
Danzou: hmm what just happen susanoo is no longer there wait a minute!!
Madara: i see he truly has surpass itachi (susanoo is no longer visible as just a summoning he now surrounds sasuke like how the fox chakra surrounds naruto)

sasuke:( screaming) danzou it seem i have to kill you a couple more times its ends here and now ( sasuke fires up chidori but instead of charging at danzou he slams his hand in the ground

danzou: what did he just do crap (danzou is suddenly pierced with lightning)
sasuke: one down five to go (danzou suddenly appear on a tree) sasuke did you think you can escape my eyes fire style fire dragon justu

danzou: a fire justu of that level doesn't work on me
sasuke: i didn't think it would

danzou: looking up what!!( the place is filled with dust the dust clear) he sent the justu in the sky and attacked me with a decoy if it wasn't for using water style i would be cut down to four lives i under estimated him with susanoo part of his body his techniques are increased dramatically

sasuke: so he can use water style too huh
madara: as expected danzou can use almost any techniques techniques with undiscovered secrets
danzou: lets see how you handle this boy summoning justu beast of reincarnation

sasuke: what the hell (danzou summons a monster similar in size of the kyuubi but with two heads)now sasuke witness the power of the izanagi sharingan (the beast fires a blast of chakra like four tail naruto but 10 times bigger)
sasuke:no time i have to use double kirin (sasuke uses kirin but like the beast kirin is much bigger than the last time because sasuke's power combines with susanoo

danzou: die sasuke uchiha ( the justues clash and double kirin is much stronger danzou and the summoning is blown away susanoo disappears from around sasuke

sasuke: pant pant that was my last technique even with four lives left there wasn't much time for him to regenerate its over
madara: did he do it? ( the dust clear and danzou is right in the middle of it)

danzou; did you really think that would would kill me hah i underestimated you and you was able to destroy three of my sharingan with that attack but its time i show you the full power of the mangkeyou sharingan yours and itachi's are far away from the abilities of mine (danzou takes off all the bandages off his face and reveal a sharingan like no other) .

Naruto 480: The Mangkeyou Sharingan Full Power
by: State of Naruto

Naruto 479: Izagani
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Naruto 480: The Rain

Madara: my, my when did danzo learn that ??? Izanagi a body, transfer technique like no other, this is a jutsu that actives when the user is fatally injured, one second hes nothing but dust the next he has a perfectly new body that's the power of Izanagi, pretty incredible technique but its not perfect

Kirin: that's it than so it's not a genjutsu after all but how does the technique work ??? (kirin remembers the sharingan's on danzo's arm)
..that's it everytime he survived one of sasuke's attacks one of his sharingan's closed. Sasuke !!!!!!!!!!! that freak is exchanging sharingan's for body's

Danzo:smart are we ?? you can say what you like but at less my actions are for peace. Sasuke you want to know the differences between you and itachi

Sasuke: AGGGGRRRR !!!!! I said shut the hell up about itachi !! firing two arrows from susanoo

Danzo easily dogged the arrows using a great wind jutsu to blow himself into the air, but to his surprise

Sasuke smiles **shadow shuriken arrow style** the first and second head straight into the shy a third arrow in the shadow of the first two got Danzo

Danzo used Izanagi again, Sasuke, Sasuke the darkness has clouded
you little fool !! you are out of chakra !!

Sasuke starts laughing its over danzo,
lightning strikes.

Danzo: haha, dont make me laugh, i still have three shringan's left and you have no chakra
kirin: what a thundercloud ??

Madara: i see those arrows were nothing but energy of heat .

Sasuke: your Izanagi jutsu has a weakness !! Danzo: WHAT ??
Sasuke: it takes time for you to changes bodys, my attacks before were to slow to do anything to you. ( Danzo oo sh*it look on his face)
Sasuke:what ?? you didnt think my eyes could see it,you only have three eye's left,now im about to kill you three times over with the speed of lightning !!!!!!!!

note: this is a prediction -- NOT a spoiler

Danzo: you know what i think is if you are going to kill someone just do it dont spend all day conversationing about it danzo makes a hand sign

Madara: watching the fight) light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. no matter how fast light travels it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it sasuke is the new face of evil

It ends with
Sasuke: karin !!!

A beautiful light strikes at 186,000 miles per second !!!
Who wins Sasuke or Danzo?

Naruto 480: The Rain
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Naruto 480: The Rain

by: Numinous

Naruto 479: Momentum Shift

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Naruto 480: Danzou's Truth

(Madara Scene)
Madara: (thinking) Izanagi, a technique that brings the user back to life with the sacrifice of a Sharingan. Normally, an Uchiha would only be able to use it twice before he was rendered useless. Heck, when I sacrificed my left eye to survive the battle againt Hashirama it took a great toll on my powers… but I guess he takes little damage from the jutsu because the Sharigan on his arm are exogenous to his body. But I wonder, how did Danzou acknowledge and mastered such kinjutsu? He must’ve read the tablets in the Naka Shrine… I must admit, I underestimated him and his knowledge about the Uchiha clan…

(Sakura Scene)
(Kiba sniffs the air)
Kiba: I caught Sasuke’s scent! (Sakura looks shocked)
Lee: Yosh!
Sai: …
Kiba: But it seems that Danzou and that masked Akatsuki are near him. Should we still go after Sasuke?
Sakura: Yes. We won’t give up now.
Kiba: You’re the one calling the shots… follow me!
Sakura: (thinking) Sasuke, what are you doing?

(Mei Scene)
(Mei, Ao and Choujuurou arrive to a tree’s branch, near Sasuke’s location)
Ao: As I told you, Sasuke is with him, Mizukage-sama.
Mei: I see. What is that involving Sasuke?
Ao: It seems like a chakra entity, but I’m more worried about Danzou, he finally revealed his true colors. See that face on his shoulders?! It’s Uchiha Shisui’s face.
Mei: (shocked) Oh my…
Choujuurou: What happened to his guards?
Mei: (points at Madara, in the opposite side) I think Madara took care of them.
Ao: I still can’t believe he’s alive, but I trust your word…
Choujuurou: So, what should we do about Danzou?
Mei: I think we should wait until they separate. We don’t know what Madara is capable of, so let’s focus only in Danzou.

(Sasuke Scene)
Danzou: (thinking) I have only six Sharingan left and my jutsu has been figured out. This fight is all about endurance, so I must take the initiative.
Sasuke: (breathing heavily; thinking) This is going nowhere, I need to take him out before I run out of chakra...
(Susano’o shoots another arrow; Danzou performs a Tiger handseal combined with an Ox handseal)
Danzou: Doton: Earth Style Wall!
(an earthen wall rises in front of Danzou; the arrow is slowed by the wall; Sasuke jumps to the bridge, with Susano’o around him)

Karin: Sasuke, you didn’t hit him, beware! (the wall crumbles, revealing an intact Danzou in the middle of the dust)
Danzou: (thinking) That sensor type girl is such a nuisance. (he jumps to a pilar; Sasuke performs a Tiger handseal; still thinking)
Sasuke: Katon: Gouryuuka no Jutsu!* (the dragon flies towards Danzou)
Danzou: So naïve… (performs the Tiger, Serpent and Tiger handseals; the cheeks on the face on his shoulder inflates) Suiton: Suijinheki! **
(a wall of water is expelled from that face’s mouth, halting the Katon; Sasuke performs the same Katon, now aimed to the sky)

Madara: (thinking) Are you that desperate already, Sasuke?!
Danzou: (thinking) I don’t what you’re up to, but I’ll make sure you won’t get away with it. (performs Tiger, Dragon, Serpent and Bird handseals; both his faces’ cheeks inflate) Ninpou: Yaanusu Taifuu! ***
(Danzou exhales wind and water, creating a typhoon above the bridge, dissolving the Katon; when the typhoon end, it starts to rain in the bridge)
Sasuke: Your guard is down. (Susano’o shoots Danzou, killing him)
Madara: (thinking) He already depleted half of his Izanagi’s charges. Not bad… (Danzou appears again)

note: this is a prediction -- NOT a spoiler

Danzou: How annoying…
Sasuke: (breathing heavily; thinking) Damn, I could’ve killed him twice if he didn’t nullify my chances of invoking Kirin. (his vision starts to blur) And the Mangekyo Sharingan is already having its toll…

Danzou: (thinking) My chakra reserves are low. The next move will decide this battle. (performs the Snake, Rat, Dragon, Dog and Tiger handseals) Mokuton: Jubaku Eisou! **** (tree stalks appear near Sasuke, surrounding his Susano’o; the stalks start to bind Susano’o, stopping it.; talking) Uchiha Sasuke, your pride is your downfall, you’re a waste of time for us all.
Karin: (thinking) Both of them have already reached their limits. Sasuke…
Sasuke: You underestimate me. (He stares menancingly at Danzou, but starts to cough blood; thinking) Blood? (he falls on his knees; Susano’o starts to recede)
Madara: (thinking) He reached his limit. No wonder, he fought two intensive battles in such a short period of time, maybe I should give him a little rest from his training. (He releases Fuu and Torune and vanishes)

Danzou: Running away already? How appropriate for an Uchiha… (Madara appears next to Sasuke)
Madara: Don’t worry, it won’t be the last time we meet, you Senju-Uchiha abomination.
Danzou: Hmpf.
(Sakura, Kiba and Lee appear from the woods)
Sakura: Shannaro!!! (She tries to punch Madara, but passes right through him) What the…?
Kiba: I already told you, he phases out when we attack him!
Madara: Konoha nins, eh?
Sasuke: (thinking) Sakura?
Danzou: (thinking) What are they doing here? (Torune and Fuu join him; talking) Aid immediately our nin. (looks at the woods; thinking) Don’t think I don’t know you’re there, Sai.
Torune & Fuu: Yes, Danzou-sama. (they rush towards Madara)
Danzou (looks at the woods; thinking) Don’t think I don’t know you’re there, Sai.
Madara: It seems that I’m in a pickle… (captures Sasuke in his vortex)
Sakura: I won’t let you take Sasuke-kun! (punches Madara again, but he phases out; Lee tries a kick, but also fails) You!!! (he disappears, to appear next to Karin)

Karin: ?!
Madara: You know what to do. (captures Karin in his vortex; while Kiba and Akamaru rush towards him)
Kiba: Gatsuuga! (they strike Madara, but no avail)
Madara: So much to do, so little time. Farewell. (he vanishes in his vortex)
Sakura: ( drops on her knees) No… not again…
Lee: Sorry, Sakura-chan.
Sakura: (she has tears on her eyes) No need to apologize…
Danzou: Who gave you permission to be here?
Sakura: We… uh…
(Mei and her guards appear)
Ao: Danzou-dono, we’re here to bring you back to the Land of Iron to answer the accusations made against you.

*Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique
**Water Release: Water Encampment Technique
***Ninja Art: Janus’ Typhoon. Janus is the Greek god of gates and fate, often depicted with two heads. Typhon is a creature of the Greek mythology, normally linked to storms.
**** Wood Release: Binding Nest

Naruto 480: Danzou's Truth
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Naruto 480: Danzou's Truth

by: The Special One

-Izanagi , what is the truth behind such a kinjutsu?

(Sasuke, from his perch, prepares to fire another chakra based arrow. The scene switches to Danzou, who backs up far so that he could counter Sasuke. The Scene closes up on Karin’s face.)

Karin: It’ll miss! But, if my theory is on the right track… SASUKE, KEEP TURNING UP THE HEAT! (The next panel has a close up on Danzou, Sasuke, and Madara. The Scene switches over to Danzou. As the arrow flies through the air, Danzou makes a handseal and inhales a lot of chakra. Then he expels a huge gust of wind, which knocks the arrow off its course. (The Scene switches over to Sasuke, he starts painting, and he soon kneels while he’s inside Susano-o. The Scene switches over to Madara’s location.)

Madara: He didn’t want to waste the chakra resurfacing, that’s why he avoided that time. That’s the price for using Izanagi. In order to convert your physical presence into an incorporeal form so that the user can re-spawn after ever blow from where ever, requires that you give up an extraordinary level of chakra. It gives the misconception that one has control over life and death ironically, with repeated use, the sharingan gets sealed very easily as the charka to even maintain the sharingan is zapped, that’s why it’s so forbidden. And one needs the chakra of a Bijuu to be able to jump start the sharingan and shatter the seal...

In battle, the Uchiha needs access to their sharingan, if its sealed, they’re nothing more than targets. Danzou uses 10 sharingan so that he could overcome that barrier. If each sharingan collectively lessons the role of distributing the chakra. But, from just having Izanagi active, that still puts a strain on all of the eyes, and from taking blows from Sasuke repeatedly, one by one, after each resurface, the eyes are sealing themselves as they no longer have the chakra to remain active.

That would explain why he canceled the jutsu the first time to conserve chakra. But even if he has the chakra of the 1st, he’d be ran dry if recharges just one of the sharingans with energy, then, wouldn’t have a way to counter Sasuke if he’s exhausted. If what the girl suspects is true, if Danzou keeps reforming after every blow, he’d only be sealing his power away.

(The Scene switches to Danzou on the bridge.)

Danzou: I can’t afford to cancel the jutsu, not when Sasuke has that thing activated, I’ll have to outsmart him, his chakra is running out, I should be able to use that to my advantage. (The Scene switches over to Sasuke, blood flows profusely from both eyes .)

note: this is a prediction -- NOT a spoiler

Sasuke: AHHHH! DAMN IT! DIE! (Sasuke somehow commands his Susanoo to perform four arrow shots on the bow. As it pulls back the scene switches over to Danzou.)

Danzou: It’ll be a close one… Sasuke… SO he intends on ending it here…

(The Scene switches over to Madara.)

Madara: An arrow shot for each eye, Sasuke seems to have his ability worked out. (The Scene switches over to Sasuke, he moves his Susanoo closer to Danzou. Immediately, the first arrow is fired. Connects with Danzou. Flash backs to Madara’s talk of Itachi goes through Sasuke’s mind.)

Madara: A man who refused to let fetters and family ties with his love for the village (Sasuke pictures Itachi). The village leadership noted this and used it against him (Sasuke pictures Danzou).

(End of Sasuke’s thought as the scene goes back to reality. Danzou appears on the right side of Sasuke’s Susanoo. Sasuke immediately repositions Susanoo and lets off another arrow. It fires and connects with Danzou. Sasuke goes back into memory.)

Madara: Before deserting with a threat to Danzou (Sasuke pictures Danzou.) “If you do anything to Sasuke, I’ll let everything there is to know about the village to every hostile nation in the shinobi world.” [Obviously Madara is quoting Itachi here.] (The Scene switches back to reality. Danzou appears on the left of Susanoo. Sasuke quickly turns and fires another arrow, which connects with Danzou.)

Madara: He’s using the sharingan to the max, he’s now able to easily pin point where Danzou resurfaces from the the moment Danzou resurfaces. (Scene switches back to the battle, Danzou is hit with another arrow. Susanoo reverts to its previous form. Sasuke forms the blade Susanoo had previously. Danzou then appears in front of Susanoo one more time. Sasuke has a flash back to last chapter.)

Danzou: Why Itachi? Why did you bother saving this pathetic infant’s life? Look at what he becomes. Your one… Your only… FALIURE. (Immediately the scene switches back to the battle. The panel shows a close up on Danzou, Sasuke, Madara, and Karin. On another page, Danzou is skewered by Sasuke’s Susanoo blade. Danzou then collapse however, instantly Susanoo breaks down however, Danzou appears in front of the chakra drained Sasuke.

Sasuke In thought: Where could have I gone wrong? (Immediately Danzou punches Sasuke, and knocks him to the ground, this causes the black suppression seals all over his body.)

Karin: IMPOSSIBLE, ALL OF THE SHARINGAN ARE CLOSED! (The Scene switches to Madara.)

Madara: THE EYE IN HIS RIGHT SOCKET! (Scene switches to the battle, Sasuke is on the ground covered in black suppression seals...)

Danzou: Your eyes are forfeit… But first… (Danzou begins making handseals. Wood from his right arm starts to emerge. Invaders ought to stay put… (The Scene switches to Madara, he starts to activate his suction mechanism.)

Next Time: Danzou prepares one last jutsu. Can he really hold of Madara’s space time transfer?
by: jeanericuser

Naruto 479: Izagani Unleashed

Madara is looking at Danzo. Sasuke starts to weaken from use of Sasanoo as he coughs up blood. Danzo smiles and then looks up at Madara then Karin. Danzo looks back at Sasuke who instantly has sasanoo shoot another arrow. Danzo easily dodges the arrow while Sasuke staggers.
Danzo thinking: "It won't be long now. That technique may be strong but it can't hold out for much longer."

Madara thinking: "It makes sense why he would use izanagi now. The original move required multiple uchiha to focus their collective sharingans together in a combined jutsu just so one person could do it."
Madara flashes back to several uchiha focusing together on a technique while another person fights.
Madara thinking: "The only problem is that the technique required only a select few with a certain genetic predisposition to make this technique work properly. Even then there was no way to completely know if each person would have the chakra and skills to keep the technique going without fail. That is why it was eventually abandoned in favor of other methods."
Madara flashes back to an uchiha getting killed with several arrows in his body with some people standing over his corpse.
Madara: "It is a pity that such a technique will have to die off with Danzo but I guess it is the only way to stop such a technique from falling into the wrong hands."
Danzo does hand signs and a huge flash of light occurs as Sasuke is blinded along with Karin and Madara.
Karin: "Ack! I can't see! Damn it what is this technique."
As the light clears Sasuke finds himself surrounded by dozens of Danzo copies. Sasuke has a shocked look on his face. Karin opens her eyes to see sasuke looking around shocked and surprised.
Karin thinking: "It looks like that attack didnt do anything to sasuke but what is danzo planning?"
Sasuke goes from shocked to angered as he starts to shoot at the clones. Each vanishes as Sasuke begins firing all over the place.
Madara thinking: "Danzo must have blinded sasuke. He is shooting at shadows now entirely on instinct."
Sasuke continues to fire arrows randomly while Danzo easily dodges the arrows that get near him. Danzo suddenly vanishes and appears in front of karin.
Danzo: "Your eyes have seen too much. It is time for you to die."
Karin on instinct throws a kunai at Danzo who easily dodges it but the kunai lands right next to sasuke. Sasuke turns and smiles evily at karin and fires an arrow at her. Karin has a horrified look on her face.

note: this is a prediction -- NOT a spoiler

Karin: "Sasuke! Its me! No!!"
The arrow strikes karin and impales her on the end of a tree branch leaving her hanging in mid air. Sasuke smiles then continues shooting randomly.
Madara thinking: "This is getting too dangerous now. Sasuke is attacking at shadows and his next attack could be against me. I must end this now."
Danzo: "It is a real waste that Itachi sacrificed so much just so you could live Sasuke. I guess now it is time you joined Itachi and completed Itachi's failure."
Sasuke: "I will end this now."
Sasanoo starts to draw multiple arrows. Sasuke fires them all and then suddenly he drops to his knees as he coughs up blood. Sasanoo begins to fade as does the body marks. Danzo appears behind sasuke and raises his sword above sasuke leveled at his back.
Danzo: "Rest in piece Sasuke Uchiha."
Danzo attempts to impale sasuke with his sword through Sasuke's back in an angled position. Madara suddenly sucks up Sasuke just as Danzo is about to kill sasuke. Danzo turns to face Madara. Danzo sheaths his sword and looks at Madara.
Danzo: "You just couldn't let Itachi's sacrifice goto waste could you?"
Madara: "He will have his time one day. For now it is best that he recovered from what ever it is that you did to him. I do have some questions for you though."
Danzo: "..."
Madara: "What exactly are your intentions concerning Naruto Uzimaki?"
Danzo raises an eyebrow and looks off in the distance as the body of karin continues to hang from the tree still impaled on the tree branch.

Pakkun is running as fast as he can arrives at the gates of Konoha. One of the guards immediately spots him and Pakkun continues to run through the street before arriving at the main office building of the hokage. Pakkun runs over and jumps through an open window heading up stairs to the hokage's office. Just he is reaching the door Pakkun lifts his head up in surprise as he sniffs the door.
Pakkun thinking: "This can't be right. This scent seems very familiar."
Pakkun scratches at the door and slowly pushes it open to see the shadow of someone in the chair.
Pakkun: "I am here to give a report concerning the hokage conference. We are now officially at war."
Unknown voice: "That is troubling news indeed."
The person in the chair turns around to reveal Tsunade as an old lady. Pakkun has a shocked look on his face while Tsunade is smiling.

Naruto 480: A Surprise Return

Naruto 478 ENGLISH

by: Rock Lee

Naruto 479: Crossroads

Sasuke-Danzou Scene –
Danzou : I’m not asking for your permission Madara….. I’m taking it… You can’t stop me…

(Danzou makes some hand signs and a large number of Bunshins of Danzou surround the area )

Danzou : (SHOUTING) Die all !!!

Madara : You think you can (Stopped by Itachi )

Itachi : I’ll handle this…

(Itachi makes a hand sign and thousands of black birds spread in all directions and they go through Danzou’s bunshins )

Itachi : What the??!! Why aren’t the birds piercing through Danzou’s Bunshins??? Am I getting low on chakra levels??

Danzou : Die!!!

Naruto Scene :
Itachi : (Inside Naruto ) Naruto, the other part of me in Sasuke is running low on chakra, we’ll have to reach to Sasuke as soon as possible….

Naruto : I’ll try my best….

Itachi : Naruto, did Jiraya-San mentioned or trained you any special Jutsu???

Naruto : Yeah… he was training me for it once but it turned out to be a waste back then…. I had no control over my Kyubi powers that time so I don’t remember what happened after he started… but the training was incomplete…

Itachi : (Thinking : He has to learn * THAT JUTSU * to fight Madara…. I’m keeping your promise Jiraya-Sama and Minato… I’ll train him * THAT JUTSU * )

Itachi : Naruto, how much time will it take us to reach Sasuke’s location??

Naruto : Around half an hour more….

Itachi : (Thinking : Not much time left then, will have to start it now )

Naruto : What is this happening??!!

(Suddenly, Naruto’s surroundings starts to change )

Naruto : Where am I???

Itachi : You are in my Tsukyiomi, Naruto… Forgive me for scaring you off…. I will train you the jutsu that your Sensei was going to teach you… In my Tsukyomi, a minute is equivalent to a day’s time so we’ll have this training session for 5 minutes of real world (Thinking : Hope so that I can manage to reach Sasuke on time or it’ll cost mine as well as Sasuke’s life)

Naruto : Really??!! A new Jutsu… I’m ready for it Itachi-san ….

Itachi : (Thinking : Maybe he’ll be able to summon Gerotora after the training… If he’ll not be able to summon it then the training will go in vain. )

(FOR YOUR INFORMATION : Gerotora (ゲロ寅) is a "scroll toad", a rare species that closely guards whatever secret is written on its scroll-abdomen until his contractor dies. He resides in the body of his contractor, and is known for his excellent endurance.

Gerotora guards the scroll which acts as the "key" to the Eight Trigrams Seal on Naruto Uzumaki's stomach. The key is left to Jiraiya after the death of Minato Namikaze, and Jiraiya in turn leaves it to Naruto when he dies. Gerotora voices his concern about this, pointing out that the key is being left atop the very "safe" it opens. He also does not think Naruto is ready to tamper with the seal. Jiraiya said that Minato gave him the key's jutsu design as a sign that Minato intended Naruto to complete an unknown jutsu. )

Sasuke-Danzou Scene –
Itachi : (Thinking:I’ll have to wake up Sasuke to conserve my chakra levels)

(Danzou charges towards Itachi )
Itachi : Later Danzou….

(Itachi gets dissolved in Sasuke. Sasuke wakes up )

Sasuke : What had happened to me??!!

Karin : (Thinking : huh… Sasuke you are back finally…. I was worried for you )

Madara : Well, I wonder why Itachi has backed off….

Danzou : Well then…. I’ll kill you Sasuke….

(Madara stops Danzou )
Madara : Karin you heal Sasuke…. And Danzou now I’ll be fighting you from now….

Naruto Scene –
Itachi : Now I’ll start with your training. (Itachi makes some hand signs ) * SITHORAYM NO JUTSU *

(A sound comes from the dark )
Unknown Person : Aah Naruto, finally the time has come… I saved m power for this special day…. Now you’ll learn the - Futon : Raseinkoshai No Jutsu…. Get ready….

Naruto : ??

Stay tuned for the next one,
by: Sensei-Q

Naruto 479: ''New Power, Old Friend''

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Naruto 479: New Power, Old Friend

Naruto 480: Naruto vs Danzou

(Naruto-Yamato Scene)
Itachi: We need to get to Sasuke and Danzou as fast as we can. Sasuke isn't strong enough to handle Danzou.
Naruto: What are we waiting for, let's go!
Itachi: Do you know where he is?
Naruto: No, but Kakashi's heading towards them right now.
Itachi: Is there any way for you to track them down?
Naruto: ...Yes there is... But it's risky. You'll have to help me with this.
Itachi: Fair enough.
Yamato: What the!? Cloak? At a time like this?!
*The Demon Fox's Cloak forms around Naruto's body with 3 tails*
Yamato: This is bad!
*Naruto turns around to face Yamato*
Naruto: Don't worry, I have control. I have to go stop Sasuke, you go to Konoha.
Yamato: (Whaaat??? He's conscious???)
Naruto: Leave now.
Yamato: ...But what if-
Naruto: Don't worry, I've got everything under control. Please.
*Yamato jumps back into the trees to Konoha*
Naruto: Ok let's try it now.. if it fails, you must stop the chakra flow.
Itachi's voice: Got it.
-Sennin Mode!-

(Danzou Scene)
Karin: !!! What is this.... Incredible chakra....
Madara: ...(Who's chakra could it be.. It's not danzou. Not Sasuke... And the girl is out of the question...)
Itachi: Danzou, it'll be all over for you. Sasuke, stay back. I'm going to break the genjutsu.
*Danzou jumps back*
Danzou: (I wonder what Itachi's trumpcard is...)..!!!
Sasuke: ...

(Kakashi Scene)
Kakashi: What?
*Kakashi makes a dive to the ground to dodge something that came across with lightningspeed*
Kakashi: What was that? Naruto's Chakra?! And he's heading towards Sakura's team! (Shit!)
-Mangekyou Sharingan!- (Will I make it in time?)

(Sakura Scene)
Kiba: Sakura!!
Sakura: What?
Sakura-Lee-Sai: !
*Something with lightningspeed crosses Sakura's team. It was so fast, a shockwave of wind blew them into a tree.*
Kiba: This smell belongs to Naruto!
Sakura: That's impossible! How could he know where we are?
Lee: I don't remember him being so fast?
Sai: He's heading to Sasuke.
Sakura: (Is he..) C'mon, let's go!

(Danzou Scene)
Karin: The chakra is nearing.. It doesn't feel like a human at all.
Madara: (This chakra.. I remember this one..)
Karin: Whatever it is, this exceeds any chakra I've felt before! This is above the level of a tailed beast!

***The area explodes, creating a huge cloud of smoke***

Karin: (We're going to die!)
Madara: -SFX) Glare- Hmph, he improved.. in such a small period of time?
Sasuke: Who is it.
*Suddenly a loud inhuman brawl came from the smoke making the ground shake.*
-Sasuke, It's me-
Danzou: I knew it.
Naruto: *While in Sennin mode/3-tail-cloak* Sasuke, I came to help you. Please accept it.
Sasuke: ...(Itachi, is this that 'friend' you were talking about?)
Itachi: *Inside Sasuke* Please let him help you.
Naruto: Madara told me everything. I know why you want revenge. But I'm asking you to
let that go and follow the path Itachi and all of your friends wanted.
Sasuke: I want this shameless bastard dead first!
Danzou: We'll see about that.
Naruto: Hmph!
Sasuke-Karin-Madara: -SFX) Nervous-
-Behind you, baka!-
Danzou: (Why isn't my technique affecting him...This is bad.. I'll have to resort to 'That'.

''Naruto has the upper hand! But can Danzou counter the power of a Sennin-Jinchuuriki?''

Naruto 480 - ''Naruto vs Danzou''

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Naruto 480: Naruto vs Danzou
by: N.V.O (Itasuke)

Naruto 479: Arrival!

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Naruto 479: Arrival
Naruto 480: Mangekyo Battle and the Power of the Will of Fire
Naruto 481: Enter: 3 Mysterious New Members
Naruto 482: Sakura and Sasuke, The Will of Fire Burns!

(Battlefield scene)
Itachi: ...
Madara: ...
Itachi: You lured my brother to the wrong path, it is only because of you that he's in this condition now, and you even made him fight the 5 Kages! I will never forgive you, for your actions.
Madara: You're not the one to judge here.
Itachi: We'll see about that.
Madara: By the way, Akatsuki's leader is dead, and your partner Kisame is dead too.
Itachi: ...Kisame is dead? And the leader too huh.
Madara: ...
Itachi: Don't think I care anymore, I am no longer under the clouds of the "Akatsuki" hidden by its shadows.
-Throws his cloak-

Madara: ...
Itachi: Let's end this.

(Kakashi & Sai scene)
Kakashi: I can see them!
Sai: Seems like we made it before Sakura and the others arrive.
Kakashi: Wait, isn't that Itachi?! (How's he alive...but that doesn't matter, I'll have to interfere!) Let's go, Sai!
Sai: Right! -They jump in-

(Team-Sakura scene)
Sakura: I can see Sasuke! let's go!
All: Right!

(Battlefield scene)
Sakura: Sasuke!!!!!
Sasuke: ...Sakura?
Sakura: Why...why're you doing all this HUH?! Answer me!!
Sasuke: What...the...
Sakura: *Pant* *pant*...(...!! Isn't that Itachi?! so...he's not dead afterall.) It's all because of you!
Itachi: ?
Sakura: Itachi Uchiha!! -Jumps above Itachi with 50% of her chakra covering her hand-
Itachi: (What...power...)
-Kakashi grabs Sakura and lands on the ground-

Kakashi: He's not the enemy, Sakura.
Sakura: W-What are you saying?
Kakashi: Long story. Just know that he faked it, he never was one of the Akatsuki.
Sakura: ...What...Then Sasuke! Why is he with the Akatsuki!
Kakashi: It's all because of that masked guy.
Sakura: he?
Kakashi: He's Madara Uchiha.
Sakura: What?!

Itachi: I don't blame you for wanting to kill me, Sakura Haruno, it's a long story, but I'll correct my mistakes, Promise. -Closes his eyes smiling-
Sakura: ...!
Kiba, Rock Lee, Sai: -Lands near Kakashi- Sensei!
Kakashi: You three stay back!
Madara: Itachi...Kakashi...Sakura Haruno, and those three...Sasuke of course will be on Itachi's side so, there are 7 of them, against me. And you?
Karin: W-Wha?!
Madara: I thought so, Die.
Karin: W-Wait!!

-Sakura rushes in fastly as she punches the pillar and it falls apart, Madara is forced to dodge and lands on another pillar faraway-
Sakura: You...won't kill anybody, you bastard!
Madara: Another Princess Tsunade I see. She's gonna be troublesome.
Karin: T-Thank you...!
Sakura: No problem...
Karin: My name is Karin...It's nice to meet you.
Sakura: I'm Sakura Haruno -smiles- we saw eachother once I believe. But let's leave the introduction for later, we have other matters to worry about.
Karin: R-Right!
Madara: Hm...

Sasuke: were using me!
Madara: And now, I have no use of you. So I'll simply kill all of you.
Everyone: ...!
Kakashi: We can defend ourselves, Madara.
Itachi: Kakashi...let's team up, let's show him our powers.
Kakashi: Meaning "That"?
Itachi: Yes, we'll go with "That".
Kakashi & Itachi: Mangekyo Sharingan!!!
Madara: has come to this eh? So be it. Mangekyo Sharingan!!!...Mine far exceeds both of yours together!
Kakashi,Itachi,Madara: ...
Three powerful Mangekyo Sharingans in one fight! Which side will win?! And what's Naruto going to do now?!

Naruto 480: Mangekyo Battle and the Power of the Will of Fire

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Naruto 479: Arrival
Naruto 480: Mangekyo Battle and the Power of the Will of Fire
Naruto 481: Enter: 3 Mysterious New Members
Naruto 482: Sakura and Sasuke, The Will of Fire Burns!
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