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Naruto 478 RAW Spoilers and Predictions



Itachi appears in front of Danzou
danzou: !
Itachi eye bleeds
Itachi: Die...
Itachi: Amaterasu!!

478 Susanno Perfected...!!
Danzou seeing itachi Ghost...!!
black flames burn danzou
danzou's arm ability works
danzou: placed in crow Genjutsu im impressed...
sasuke appears behind danzou
danzou: the...
sasuke: !?
Sasuke motion is stopped
Karin: Sasuke, this is your opportunity why stop!!

sasuke body is covered in a curse
danzou: this genjutsu and itachi's"Tsukiyomi", the difference between them both is like heaven and earth.
Sasuke tries moving.
Sasuke: feet...

Dialogue part by numinous

Itachi is in front of Danzou
Danzou: !
Itachi is crying blood.
Itachi: Amaterasu!

478: Susano'o is Complete!!
Itachi's ghost engolfs Danzou's right arm in dark flames and Danzou's eyes start to twitch.

Danzou: It turns out to be a genjutsu to kill me?
Sasuke appears from behind, trying to stab Danzou.

Danzou: Hmmm...
Sasuke's movement comes to an halt.
Karin: Sasuke's chance was stopped!

Sasuke's whole body shows a seal, that starts to grow (Danzou's Jutsu)
Danzou: You tried genjutsu with Itachi to manipulate me, a variation of Tsukiyomi.
Sasuke (tries to move): Uh...

Madara: He tied his body with that seal? (Sasuke's neck is shown being grabbed) That moment was a trap.
Karin: ?! (thinking) Sasuke stopped moving?!
Karin rushed towards Danzou.
Karin: (thinking) This guy's jutsu is to manipulate him.
Danzou kicks Karin's stomach
Karin: Guha!!!
She's blown off.

Madara: (Taijutsu? It seems that he wants to preserve him in that state.)
Sasuke is still
Danzou: Kai!
Karin: ! (thinking) What was that?
Danzou watches Madara: How does Sasuke knows Itachi's truth and why he became a member of Akatsuki? Did you inform him what should be hidden from him?
Karin: ?

Madara stands up
Danzou:Why? A trash of a life as Itachi's was necessary to save us.
Danzou picks up Sasuke's katana.
Karin: Uh?
Sasuke: !!

Danzou: You see... this way... that guy is your only mistake.
Danzou picks the edge of the katana.
Karin screams and Madara vanishes

Sasuke reminisces
He remembers Madara's words about Itachi.
Madara: He didn't killed... his younger brother and dropped bloody tears, but he killed emotionless his own clan, his own fellowmen... now that you killed him, you understand the meaning of his existence.
Danzou: ?!

Susano'o attacks Danzou with its left arm and injuries Danzou a little.
Madara appears again
Karin: !! He escaped with his life.

Susano'o's body changes his form, different from Itachi's version, Sasuke's Susano'o is complete...

Sasuke: (thinking) You oppressed my clan! (yellling) UOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Danzou's seal recedes
Sasuke: Ah...

Danzou: Susano'o... it's completely different from a few moments ago!
Danzou breathes out a Fuuton
Karin: ?! (thinking) Sasuke?! This chakra... is greater than before, Sasuke!
Madara: All right... (thinking) His hatred grows, making him stronger... his body responded to that jutsu... with more power... to make the seal recede.

Sasuke's Susano'o pulls an arrow and puts it on a bow and fires at Danzou
Danzou: (thinking) I must use the seal in time! Is the only way!
Danzou's right arm creates a tree
Danzou: (thinking) In a way or another, I had to put that out of the way.
Karin: ?!
Madara:That's... a tree.. (thinking) He made that grow from his sharingan... but in the Uchiha clan there's nobody that could do that... what is his secret...
Karin: (thinking) Danzou's chakra decreased... to parry Susano'o's attack he had to... what's with that guy's ability?
Madara: (thinking) Orochimaru... Danzou must've contact him to implant Shoudaime's cells on his body to improve his power...

Sasuke breathes heavily
Karin: (thinking) His deaths... Some time ago, his death was unavoidable... so his death was real! (yelling) Sasuke!! That Danzou is the real deal! Now is your chance!

Danzou: ! (thinking) This woman has figured out my jutsu?! Now you have little time, you were too slow!
Danzou performs the Hare, Boar and Ram handseals
Sasuke: !
Susano'o fires again.

Danzou's eye closes
Karin: !!
Susano'o's arrow pierces Danzou
Sasuke breathes heavily
Karin: (thinking) Yes! As I thought! Danzou's seals diminished his chakra to perform that jutsu!! And he moved his location, perhaps the strategy wasn't good enough? ****!

Danzou appears healthy and checks his right arm
Karin: (thinking) That turns out to be a jutsu that heals Danzou's body... three Sharingan already closed...
Madara: As far as I see, his arm has 10 sharingans... and shodaime's cells... he has Uchiha chakra and Hashirama's chakra... if he wanted to, he could easily control the Kyuubi. (thinking) His goal might be Naruto...
PREDICTIONS are different from SPOILERS

by: Phantom

Naruto 478

***** Inside Naruto *****

Naruto wakes up, eyes hurting due to the low light, as he adjusts his vision he sees Itachi in the Konoha ninja uniform.

"ITACHI!!!!???!" Shouted Naruto shocked.

"Yes, don't wear my name out, I need you to help Sasuke"

"Of course, I will save Sasuke" Said Naruto jumping into the air, fist raised, Itachi face palms and sighs.

"I already knew that, I had not finished" Sighed Itachi.

"Huh?" Asked Naruto perplexed.

"I will teach you how to access your Kenkai Genkai" Said Itachi calmly.

"REALLY!!!? ALRIGHT!!" Shouted an excited Naruto.

"Ssh, we don't want to wake up the Kyubi" Said Itachi trying to convince Naruto to calm down.

"WHAT IS GOING ON, WHATS THE NOISE, ITACHI!!??" The Kyubi said with a low growl "FIRST, IT WAS MADARA, THEN SASUKE, NOW ITS ITACHI, HAVE WE TURNED THIS INTO THE HALL OF FALLEN UCHIHA MEMBERS!!!??" The Kyubi then notices that both Itachi and Naruto are ignoring the Kyubi.

"HEY, YOU TWO, NINE TAILED FOX, POWER BEYOND YOUR IMAGINING..." Said the Kyubi now getting increasingly irritated.

"Really, so I just put this round his neck?" Asked Naruto calmly.

"Yes, then the first part will be complete and I'll control him with my Mangeyeko Sharingan" Said Itachi ignoring the Kyubi,

"OI I AM NOT A DOG, LOOK I AM A POWERFUL CHAKRA BEAST NOT A CHIHUAHUA, LOOK AT ME!!!!" Said the Kyubi growling loudly shaking its cage.

"Got it Naruto?" Asked Itachi not believing that things had come to this.

"Got it!!" Said Naruto confidently.

"Ok, Bath-making jutsu!" Shouted Itachi and with a poof of smoke, a bath appeared.

"YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUSLY SUGGESTING??!!!" Said the Kyubbi in shock and disbelief at the bath in front of him and then feels something on the back of its neck "WHAT THE?....NARUTO!!" **Clunk**

"Well done, the Kyubi is now collared" Smiled Itachi.

"Multi-shadow clone jutsu" Said Naruto as hundreds of clones appear and race towards the huge bath and in one huge effort throw the soapy water over the Kyubi and unfortunately.....the Original Naruto.

"Wait until I leave next time you guys" Said Naruto sneezing, quickly jumping off and landing next to Itachi.

"Don't you dare shake, don't!!!" Shouted Itachi as Naruto shook like a dog, as the steam dissipated the image that now faced them was unbelievable, the Kyubi, the nine-tailed fox was in fact....a......


Both Itachi and Naruto, the great and powerful Kyubi was in fact a large sized King Charles Spaniel whose chakra got corrupted.

"HEEL!!!" Shouted Naruto and the Kyubi adopted the domestic dog heel position.

"The first task is complete, now the next and final task, the hardest of them all shall begin" Said Itachi calmly.

"Whats that, bring it on, I can take it!!!" Said Naruto confidently.

"Really, well, House training!" Shouted Itachi.



by: The Icon

Naruto: 478: A Sudden Change of Thoughts

Danzou: Itachi how is this possible you should be dead why
Madara: hmm itachi whats going on here this was not part of my plan how is it he is here i could have swore he was dead he never seas to to amuse me
sasuke: brother you are alive
Itachi: tsukuyomi danzou is caught up in it. danzou i told you never to touch or even glimpse at my brother and you have and you will die.
Danzou: tsukuyomi this is bad i can't move
Itachi: you are now caught in my tsukuyomi you will spend the next 72 hours here and don't think you can escape this genjustu is not an illusion if you die here you die here you die for real. itachi keeps stabbing danzou with over a hundred swords and the final blow cut danzou in two from the waist down.
Sasuke: is danzou dead
Itachi: no. there is something i want to tell you something i couldn't during our last encounter because i never thought this would happen
sasuke: what do you wan't to tell me?
Madara: this is bad if he tells sasuke the truth my plan will be spoiled entirely i have to do something. fire style double fire dragon justu
Itachi; fire style fire wall of destruction. the technique cancels each other out. suddenly itachi disappears and a bunch of water clones surrounds madara
Itachi: water style water clone bomb. the clones blow up but madara easily escapes and disappear

Itachi: silent
Sasuke: itachi behind you. madara stabs itachi in the back but it was a shadow clone
Itachi: tsukuyomi madara damn
Madara: itachi your techniques don't work on me. tsukuyomi is broken and madara disappears
Itachi: sasuke what i wanted to tell you is it wasn't me who killed the Uchiha clan
sasuke: what then who
Itachi: madara and danzou

Itachi: Everything he told told you was a lie about me. madara and danzou killed off the uchiha clan not me and they was going to kill you too but i couldn't let that happen so they made me a deal that you could be saved but only if i joined the akatsuki to help them fulfill there desire of capturing the tailed beasts and they could not attack you or kohana again. that was the deal

Itachi; sasuke this is just my spirit my chakra is running out i have to go and remember sasuke the mangekyo sharingan is a gift you can't use it every time you go in battle or you will go blind but if you ever do. take my eyes i will help you and you will need help if you wish to beat madara and danzou plus there are 3 more members of akatsuki that are even stronger than i am you need the friends you left behind sasuke. because now that i have spoiled madara's plan the 4th great ninja war begins.

What will sasuke do after learning this shocking story
The End

Naruto 479: A Change of Faith

by: Sensei-Q

Naruto 478: A Sudden Appearance!

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Naruto 478: A Sudden Appearance
Naruto 479: New Power, Old Friend

Naruto 480: Naruto vs Danzou

(Sasuke Scene)
Danzo: Itachi......Who should be dead?! How can this be?
Sasuke: What?! You are supposed to be dead!
Itachi: I kept my promise, but you didn't..
Danzo: I had no choice, they attacked me!
Itachi: I saw everything from inside Sasuke. You are lying to me.
Danzo: Heh, does it matter? It's too late now. Sasuke is a wanted criminal in all 5 nations. There is NO going back!
Itachi: That won't be a problem.
Karin: What's this? Why have they stopped moving all of a sudden? Is Danzou scared?
Madara: Don't worry, it's just an old friend visiting. It'll be over quickly. (As I said, you keep surprising me, even in death..)
(Naruto Scene)
*Yamato is carrying Naruto on his back while jumping from tree to tree on his way to Konoha.*
Yamato: Naruto, I'm sorry.. Let's hope Kakashi manages to reach Sakura.

Kyuubi: What do you want from me, brat. More power?
Naruto: I didn't do this. I didn't come to you. You brought me here!
Kyuubi: I didn't. So if it wasn't you, it was something else.
?????: Naruto, it is time.
Naruto: Who is it?!
*From the darkness, a person slowly appears from behind Naruto.*
Kyuubi: That chakra, why haven't I noticed before.. I'll never forget the smell of that cursed clan's chakra!
Naruto: How can you be here? I thought Sasuke killed you that day.
Itachi: I wanted Sasuke to follow the path I've planned for him. He ended up taking the other one..
Naruto: You mean... he's evil, right.
Itachi: No, there is still hope, but we must act fast. Right now he's fighting Danzo, but I managed to stall it.
Kyuubi: Come closer, so I can crush you.
Itachi: ...Mangekyo Sharingan... *Looks at Kyuubi*
Kyuubi: Don't look at me with those cursed eyes!
Naruto: How are we going to save Sasuke?
Itachi: I will help you, with controlling the Kyuubi. I don't have that much chakra left, but when I fuse with the other part in Sasuke,
I will be ready to fight together with you.
Naruto: Alright..Thank you, Itachi!
(Sasuke Scene)
Danzo: Why is it that I can't move.. Is this one of your tricks?
Itachi: You won't break out of my genjutsu.
Sasuke: What is this. Why are you here! Why did you lie to me!
Itachi: Sasuke, I'm sorry. I tried to make you a hero, but instead you chose to get revenge.
I am very disappointed, Sasuke. But there is still hope, your friends want you back.
Sasuke: It's too late, all natio-
Itachi: Just trust me, your friend won't let you down this time. *Smiles*
Danzo: ...

''Will Naruto reach the fight in time, and will he transform without losing control this time?
Find out in the next chapter...''

Naruto: 479 - ''New Power, Old Friend''

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Naruto 478: A Sudden Appearance
Naruto 479: New Power, Old Friend

Naruto 480: Naruto vs Danzou
by: Divyan (sorry for posting it a bit late Divyan)

Naruto 478: Destined to Fight

Sasuke scene..

Danzo: Itachi.. What's happening, how are you alive.. You are dead..

Karin: what's happened, why are they not movin..

Madara: Haa.. Now I see, Itachi gave all his techniques to Sasuke and Sasuke is using his brothers signature move to kill Danzo..

Karin: what do u mean..

Madara: sasuke has got Danzo in a genjutsu that Itachi uses often, interesting, he is going to use Itachi to kill him.. A fitting revenge.. But will this be enou..

Karin: ( is Madara planning something, we can't trust him, oh Sasuke, pls be ok)..

Madara: ( if Danzo is goin to get defeated, its time I made my move.. If sasuke kills danzo now, it might be difficult for me to manipulate him..)

Madara: Ive seen enou of this fight..

Naruto Scene..

Yamato: he is struggling to breath, this is dangerous.. What should we do..

Kakashi: ( somethings wrong, he isn't concious, this isnt a normal reaction,what's happenin) Sai u better inform Sakura, she is the nearest medical-nin..

Sai: il bring her back at once..

Sakura Scene..

Sai: Sakura we have to go back..

Sakura: what are you saying Sai?

Sai: Naruto is not breathing..

Sakura: WHAAT???

Sai: I mean he is struggling to breath, I left a ink clone back.. He knows..

Sakura: Sai, why..

Kiba jumps down, from a tree..

Kiba: what happened, I've found sasuke scent...

Sakura: .....

Inside Naruto..

Someone: Naruto, naruto wake up..

Naruto: what's this, where am I..

Itachi: we are inside you..

Naruto: Uchiha Itachi!!! How?

Itachi: don't u remember our last meeting..

( flashback scene, Itachi giving some power to naruto)

Naruto: ...

Itachi: I had implanted some of my powers into u, that will come forth out, depending upon ur decisions.. To tell u the truth I never wanted this to happen, because this means u have decided to fight Sasuke...

Naruto: No, it's not like that.. But my friends, everybody.. They have..And I kno why he is doin this.. I kno about you..

Itachi: So it has happened as I feared, he has fallen prey to Madaras words..

Naruto: Damn, it's all because of him..

Itachi: I tried my best to keep Sasuke out of Madaras hands, seems like my plan failed, but even Madara doesn't no about the powers I've given you..

Naruto: Cant you do somethin, or can't we talk to him and make him understand..

Itachi: it's too late naruto, now you are the only hope, you have to fight and defeat Sasuke.. Madara is going to use sasuke to destroy konoha..

Naruto: I can't.. He is my friend..

Itachi: This is your destiny.. Yours and Sasukes, to fight against each other.. This has been the destiny that was passed down from the day Konoha was founded..

Naruto: huh.. Why did it come to this.. Why Should I fight him again.. ( thinks of their battle, at the valley of end)

Itachi: You are the only one who can end this.. Clear my clan of this cursed hatred filled destiny.. Fight Sasuke n defeat Madara.. I will be there to help you,always.. Save Sasuke and Konoha, fight.. Even if u have to kill him don't let him into the darkness..

Naruto: Right!!! I will fight Sasuke, but I will save him, il never give up..
by: RockLee


Naruto 478:
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Sasuke Scene –

Danzou : Uchiha Itachi??!!
Madara : Oh!! Isn’t it quite a twist??
Karin : What’s going on?? Did he catch everyone in the area in a genjutsu that easily??!!!
Itachi : It seems I misjudged the outcome…
Madara : Hmmm…… So itachi’s chakra has taken over Sasuke already…
Danzou: So my intel on you was right… You possess the FOURTH MANGEKYOU JUTSU!!!
Madara : Itachi!!! When did you master it??!!
Danzou/Madara : THE IZANAGI!!!
Danzou : Izanagi… It could even be said as a rudimentary form of immortality…
Itachi : Danzou, you must back off now

Naruto Scene –

Naruto : I’m here again… Why did you call me Kyubi???
Form the Dark, a voice came : Naruto, I need to tell something to you….
Naruto : Who is it??!! How did you get inside me??!!
Itachi : It’s me…. Itachi Uchiha…. Your actions from now on will decide the future of my brother as well as of Konoha.
Naruto : What do you mean by that??!!
Itachi : I had set a final safe on Sasuke, incase everything else fails
Naruto : What??
Itachi : THE IZANAGI !!!
Naruto : “The Izanagi”??? What are you talking about??
Itachi : It’s a fourth Jutsu that the Mangekyou can awaken.
Itachi : Izanagi is not a normal ability…. It’s a transference jutsu..
Naruto : Transference??!!
Itachi : With the Izanagi, one could put onto others their knowledge, their power and ultimately even themselves. So, I have transferred part of my being into both You and Sasuke…
Naruto : Why me??
Itachi : Naruto, I believe you may be the last person who can get Sasuke back from the endless path of Hatred… Should Sasuke stay on that path, eventually my Izanagi will take him over completely and Sasuke will cease to exist…
Naruto : I’d like to believe that too…. But….

Sasuke Scene –

Karin: What’s happening???!! Sasuke’s chakra is gradually disappearing!!!
Danzou : Huh…
Itachi : That arm…. You can create perfect optical illusions using those sharingans and then somehow you solidify them… That is you can turn illusions into reality….
Danzou : Impressive analysis…. As expected from you itachi….
Itachi : However, I missed one thing didn’t I?? always best for the last…
Danzou : ??
( A bunch of crows attack Danzou )
Itachi : If all the eyes are closed then your illusion is shattered, it’s a huge flaw and…
( Itachis’s bunshin stabs Danzou from behind )
Itachi : I know exactly where you are….
Madara : I’m enjoying this…. * EVIL LAUGH *
Danzou : I may have underestimated you…
Itachi : ???
( Itachi’s bunshin disappears )
SFX : Poof!!
Danzou : Izanagi!!! That jutsu will be mine……
( Danzou starts taking off the bandages of his eyes )
( Madara jumps in )
Madara : Well danzou…. I don’t allow you for that…

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Naruto 479: Crossroads

by: N.V.O (Itasuke)

Naruto 478: Itachi Returns

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Naruto 478: Itachi Returns
Naruto 479: Arrival
Naruto 480: Mangekyo Battle and the Power of the Will of Fire
Naruto 481: Enter: 3 Mysterious New Members
Naruto 482: Sakura and Sasuke, The Will of Fire Burns!

(Battlefield scene)
-Itachi stares angrily-
Itachi: You went out of line, you were going to hurt Sasuke.
Sasuke: I-Itachi...?!...(How...) Brother!
Itachi: -Turns facing Sasuke- (..! Did, he know the truth?) -Stares at Madara-...(I bet it was him.)

Madara: ...(Itachi...what's happening?)
Karin: T-That guy looks like Sasuke! Is he, Itachi Uchiha?! but I thought he's dead!
Itachi: Sasuke, you followed the wrong path, all I wanted was for you to be the hero of Konoha, the one that avenges the Uchiha clan, and to end my life, a criminal, the murderer of the Uchiha clan. But it turned out to be I was wrong, none of what I wanted happened.
Sasuke: ...Brother! but I just wanted to avenge you! And by doing that I'll be also aven--
Itachi: Do you hear yourself Sasuke?
Sasuke: ...!
Itachi: You're acting like a child, listen to me, by that, you're being a criminal, a Rogue Ninja, and you're the only Uchiha clan alive, Madara not counted, and when you're dead, then that's that.
Sasuke: But--
Itachi: Then will you call it revenge? It's still not too late.
Danzo: Do not make me laugh. It is far too late for him to turn back! He's a wanted criminal for his doings! He will be---
-Itachi slashed Danzo's chest and cutting off his Sharingan arm by a Kunai-
Itachi: Aren't you a fine one to talk...
Sasuke: Itachi...

Danzo: Gah! -spits blood-...Tell me, how have you appeared?!
Itachi: It's simple. When I implanted my Mangekyo powers into Sasuke, I also transferred myself into him, it's like, a Reanimation Jutsu, my former body is just a mere shell of me now, this forbidden Jutsu is similiar to Orochimaru's substitution Jutsu, but, if Sasuke was going to follow the right path, I would've disappeared forever, but I knew something wrong was gonna happen, so I stayed and came out in the right time. Though this Jutsu shortens the life-span.
Danzo: ...! No way, I still do not get it! You should be dead! The--
Itachi: Die already. -Appears above him, Danzo slides back to dodge, but that Itachi disappears, as many crows forms behind Danzo, Itachi appears with a Kunai, Danzo then grabs Itachi's arm, then Itachi grabs him back-

Itachi: It's over for you.
Danzo: -Turns around- What?! (He can perform the Shadow Clone Jutsu so fast that I can't even see the hand signs!)
Itachi: I fooled you. -Jumps back as the Shadow clone that's grabbing Danzo explodes-
Danzo: ?! -Exploded and falls unconscious-
Itachi: Madara...
Madara: If it isn't my dear old friend, Itachi.
Sasuke: ...!

(Team-Sakura scene)
Sakura: I can see them!
Kiba: Let's go!
Rock Lee & Sai: Right!

(Kakashi & Sai scene)
Kakashi: So?
Sai: We're gonna reach Sakura and the others soon.
Kakashi: Right.
Sai: But the problem is, they are gonna reach Sasuke sooner.
Kakashi: What?! Let's move faster. -Focuses his chakra on his feet, as he rushes 3 times as fast-
Sai: ...?! He' fast...

(Mizukage scene)
Mizukage: Are you sure?!
Ao: 100% Sure.
Mizukage: Then let's move!
-They rush towards Sasuke and the others-

(Battlefield scene)
Itachi: There's something I must do. Sasuke stay back.
Sasuke: ?!
Madara: Hm...(That ruins my plans I guess, oh well.)
What will happen next?! Itachi vs Madara?! Will the others arrive on time?!

Naruto 479: Arrival!

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Naruto 478: Itachi Returns
Naruto 479: Arrival
Naruto 480: Mangekyo Battle and the Power of the Will of Fire
Naruto 481: Enter: 3 Mysterious New Members
Naruto 482: Sakura and Sasuke, The Will of Fire Burns!
by: The Special One

-Why won’t he stay down? Danzou’s taunt!

(The Chapter starts off exactly where it left off with Itachi’s presence hunting Danzou.)

Danzou: So that’s it huh? (Danzou has a short flash-back to when Sasuke was focusing his Mangekyou Sharingan intently at him right, after resurfacing from Sasuke’s assault. Immediately the scene cuts to Danzou barfing up blood. It appears that an Itachi is also behind Danzou. Apparently the rear end Itachi did a quick shank almost instantly, as the front Itachi does the same action.)
Ahhhh! So, Tsukuyomi takes my perception of Itachi’s abilities into account… What a frightening genjutsu he wields… (Danzou then collapses however, on the outside of the Tsukuyomi, it appears as though Sasuke just looked into Danzou’s eyes from a distance before passing out. The scene switches to Karin.)

Karin: What happened? He just fell over… Could it have been Sasuke’s genjutsu? (Scene switches over to Madara’s location.)

Madara: That’s all three Mangekyou Skills… This guy has no restraint… It’d been better if he had confirmed a target before wasting his strength on a decoy… (The Scene switches over to Sasuke’s location. He is holding his right eye and pants a little… Soon Sasuke hears Danzou’s voice.)

Danzou: Did you really think a genjutsu would work? (Karin and Sasuke are scared shitless. Danzou is standing behind Sasuke. Sasuke sweats heavily…) You fail because you lack… (Sasuke looks angry.)

Sasuke: Shut Up! YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME! (Sasuke turns around with quick reflexes, draws his katana, and then swings horizontally however, Danzou slips back and then backs up and lands distances away. The scene switches over to Karin who focuses on the area in which the Tsukuyomi was casted. She notices that a body is there, Danzou’s previous body. She soon gets shocked as it dissipates and vanishes.)

Karin: Again that has happened… (She remembers back to last chapter where Sasuke skewered Danzou… The arm of Danzou vanished into the thin air, the scene switches back to the present. Karin then yells to Sasuke at the top of her lungs.) SASUKE! DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME DEALING WITH THEM! IT’S A GENJUTSU! FIND A WAY TO BREAK IT! (Scene switches over to the battle, Danzou and Sasuke looks over to Karin.)

Danzou: Hmph… So, what of it?… It’s just a simple Genjutsu right… Just break it? Or, unless you can’t… (Sasuke looks annoyed as he hears Danzou shit from the mouth. The scene switches over to Karin.)

Karin: Don’t listen to him! You have the sharingan too! It can decipher the codes behind jutsu and give you an answer to break it… (The Scene switches to Danzou. He smirks… The Scene then switches over to Madara’s.)

Madara: Sorry girlie, it doesn’t quite work that way. (The Scene switches back to the battle.)

Danzou: So, let me hear your answer? How are you going to deal with me? Depending on how you respond I might just recommend you go back to the academy… (Sasuke get’s heated.)

Sasuke: Why you? (Sasuke grunts and holds the handle of his blade tightly.)

Danzou: But you’re smarter than that. Now that you know, you are trying your hardest to break out… BUT let me tell you it isn’t that simple… (Karin yells from afar.)

Karin: Don’t listen to him, he’s only trying to rile you up! (The Scene switches back to the battle.)

Danzou: The sharingan is only as strong as it’s wielder. Yes, what the girl said was true however, even you know there are techniques in which you can’t copy or, break down.

Sasuke: Tsk…
Danzou: In order to copy, or break down a jutsu’s composition, you must meet the qualifications and requirements for said jutsu. With that being said, the sharingan isn’t always a guarantee against an opponent who has a knack or, talent far above your own. Sometimes, not even decades of training can close such a gab…

(Danzou lifts up his arm and shows it to Sasuke.) Unless you have a genjutsu awareness and or, the chakra level to disperse a genjutsu on the level of my own as well as on the level of the many other sharingan’s, your only choice is to give up and accept your fate. Not too many things you can do in this situation.

(Danzou then goes into a thought.) Good, that girl is also in the genjutsu. Though, it wasn’t likely that she’d have the chakra to dispel the genjutsu by pouring her chakra into Sasuke. (Danzou then looks up at Madara.) Could he do it? This genjutsu is far too strong, even for him. You’d need the control of a Bijuu… (End of Danzou’s thought. The Scene switches to Karin’s location. She is focusing on Sasuke’s chakra.)

Karin: Sasuke’s chakra is changing again…. (The scene switches over to Sasuke. We see a diagram of his chakra network. Darkness is erupted all around him. The Scene switches back over to Karin.)

Karin: His chakra… It’s cursed… It’s… It’s like before… That’s it! He can break it! (The Scene switches back to Sasuke’s chakra network. Black chakra is coursing through his body… Soon the scene switches back to Sasuke’s face. He opens his eyes and he sees Danzou somewhere on a cliff. Danzou is shocked.)

Danzou: I underestimated the power of the Mangekyou Sharingan and the sinister chakra that once controlled the Kyuubi like a pet. I wouldn’t have thought he’d come this far… You are indeed the embodiment of the Uchiha bloodline. And with that, baby sitting is over… (Danzou begins to unwrap his face. The scene switches over to Madara’s location.)

Madara: Shisui’s eye!? (The Scene switches to Danzou’s location, his right eye is unveiled. The right side of his face is extremely injured. It’s decrepit and just filled with scars.

Next Time: With Sasuke dispelling Danzou’s illusion, Danzou says kid games are over… What kind of power is it that Danzou plans to unleash?!
by: jeanericuser

Naruto 478: A Sudden Victory

Itachi stands before Danzo. He smiles and Danzo smiles back. Sasuke looks over at Danzo and suddenly Itachi tries to attack Danzo but instantly Itachi vanishes as Danzo looks at Sasuke.
Danzo: "Nice try Sasuke but unlike your brother you are no where near as good at genjutsu."
Karin thinking: "So thats how he is doing it. Damn it I must warn Sasuke at once."
Karin smiles and Madara sees the smile then points to Karin.
Madara: "You will keep your mouth shut if you intend on living past this fight."
Karin thinking: "Damn it. He must know it too but does sasuke realize as well. hmm"
Danzo smiles and looks at Sasuke. Then he sheaths his sword and brings his hands together.
Danzo: "It would appear you have gained much since you left the leaf village sasuke but you are no where near ready to fight someone like me."
Sasuke gets angry and Danzo notes the anger on his face. Danzo looks up at Madara.
Danzo: "There is no point in me fighting this one. He is not ready. He has yet to reach the full potential of his sharingan."
Sasuke: "I will avenge the death of the uchiha clan!"
Sasuke charges forward and Danzo dodges a sword slash. Danzo grips sasuke by the throat and lifts him above the ground. Sasuke struggles and suddenly his eyes widen as he tries to free himself from Danzo's grip.
Madara: "So be it. You are right Danzo. He is not ready to face someone like you."
Danzo: "Then I will leave him in your capable hands."
Danzo drops Sasuke who has passed out on the ground and is laying on the ground in a stunned state. Danzo looks down at Sasuke.
Danzo: "If you and I have survived this conflict, I await our next fight. Till then remember the sacrifices your brother and your clan made. Do not make their sacrifices in vain."
Madara appears next to Danzo and releases Fuu and Torune next to Danzo.
Madara: "I believe these belong to you. You certainly have surrounded yourself with some very decent underlings."
Fuu: "Boss I don't know where we have been but I healed up Torune. If you want us to we can make another attempt to take out Madara."
Danzo: "Negative. We must return to the village as soon as possible. Madara will trouble us
no further. Correct?"
Madara: "Nothing more needs to be done. Sasuke is not ready to fight you but I must warn you that the other villages have all come together in an alliance to remove you from your position as hokage."
Danzo: "I will see what I can do to disrupt that alliance. Fuu. Torune. We must return to
konoha immediately with all due haste."
Fuu and Torune: "Right!"
Fuu, Torune, and Danzo all run away leaving Madara, Sasuke, and Karin behind. Sasuke is looking at the fleeing Danzo and reaches his arm out. Sasuke fades out unconscious. Madara looks down and places sasuke over his shoulder.
Karin thinking: "Damn it. Sasuke was so close but what is going on between Madara and Danzo?
Is there some kind of alliance between the two of them."
Madara looks up at Karin who is still looking at Danzo.
Madara thinking: "It would appear she has become a liability now. I appologize sasuke but I think I may just have to kill off one of your group's members."
Sakura, Sai, Kiba, and Lee are watching as Danzo leaves along with Fuu and Torune. Sakura turns to the others to see Kiba and even Lee have concerned looks on their faces.
Sakura: "Now is our chance. Sasuke is wounded and this may be our only time to take him out."
Kiba: "But you saw what that guy with sasuke did. We don't stand a chance against them."
Lee: "I am with you sakura but this is extremely dangerous."
Madara: "And what exactly were you intending on doing?"
The others turn around to see Madara standing in front of them with Sasuke on his shoulder along with Karin next to him. Sasuke look up slightly to see Sakura and the others.
Sasuke: "Saaakura?"
Sasuke collapses back on Madara's shoulder. Karin smiles and pulls out a hidden kunai.
Sakura: "We have come here to retrieve sasuke and bring him back to the leaf village."
Madara: "No. You have come here to kill Sasuke. I heard you myself."
Karin: "Lets just kill them and get it over with."
Madara turns to face Karin. Karin is suddenly surprised as she looks into his mask and at his eye with a nervous look on your face.
Madara: "It is time we determined your exact value to akatsuki. I therefore wish to make a bet."
Sakura: "ok."
Madara: "You will face off against Karin to the death. If you win I will give you sasuke. If you lose then your team mates will become prisoners of Akatsuki."
Kiba places his hand on her shoulder and shakes his head. Sakura moves away from his shoulder and looks at Madara square in the eye.
Sakura: "I accept!"
Karin: "Agreed!"
Madara: "Then the bet is on. If either of you attempt to flee I will kill the one that flees this fight."
Sakura: "I have no intention of fleeing this fight. I do not flee from fights I know I can win."
Karin giggles, wipes her glasses, and then pushes them onto her face.
Karin: "By the time this fight is over you just may wish you had chose to flee this fight."
Madara: "Follow me. You three stay where you are. Any interference will result in your immediate death."
Madara walks over to the clearing with Sakura and Karin following. They stop in the middle and look at each other while Madara moves to a nearby tree branch. Sakura pulls a kunai from her boot and prepares to fight while Karin smiles at her. Sakura suddenly charges forward and Karin in responce charges forward at her.

Naruto 479: A Desperate Gambit: Sakura vs Karin
Naruto 477: Don't Speak of Itachi
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by: Rock.Lee

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Naruto 478:

Kakashi Scene (On his way to the Leaf Village) –
Kakashi : (Thinking : There are three strong chakra bearers are coming towards me… I’m not ready for a 3 on 1 fight… I must hide for now…)
Mizukage : Wait!!

(Mizukage and her companions stop just 500m away from the Kakashi’s hiding place)
Mizukage : There is someone hiding behind that tree (aiming towards the tree where Kakashi is hiding) . Chojuro, check it out!!
Chojuro : Yes Mizukage-Sama..

(Chojuro throws a Kunai towards Kakashi. Kakashi dodges it and come out)
Chojuro : Hatake Kakashi!! What are you doing here?
Mizukage : Who is it Chojuro??
Chojuro : It’s Hatake Kakashi of the Leaf.
Mizukage : Hatake-San, what are you doing here? You must be in your Village and help others as it has recently gone through a great state of tragedy….
Kakashi : I’m on the way back to the Village only. By the way Mizukage-Sama, what are you doing in the Outer Skirts of the Leaf Village?
Mizukage : Recently, Danzou and his underlings attacked one of my comrade, Ao. He was lucky!! We were just on time!!!
Kakashi : What the??!! Why did they attack Ao?
Mizukage : Forget it… It’s a waste of time talking about them…. But, as the Acting Hokage, I expect you to take a strict action against them!!
Kakashi : I assure you of a strict action against them Mizukage-Sama …..
Mizukage : That’ll be alright then… It’s time to leave….
Kakashi : See you later Mizukage-Sama…

(Kakashi and Mizukage & her comrades leave)
Madara Scene (In his 1 dimension portal) :

(Karin heals Sasuke)
Sasuke : Am I ready for Itachi’s eyes?

Madara : Yes you are… you have awkened your Susanoo!!! With the eyes of Itachi, the power of Itachi and your eyes will combine and it may be possible you’ll be able to defeat anyone easily just by Eyes!!
Sasuke : (shocked) Give me the eyes Madara !! I want that POWER !!! (shouting)
Madara : It’ll take four minutes for this process… In my dimension, one minute of actual world is equivalent to 10 minutes of my dimension… So when you’ll return Sasuke, just two and a half minute would have passed… So be prepared…
Sasuke : I’ll be ready by then… Can you be quick in the implantation process?? Start it now!!!

(Madara takes out two jars which consists the eyes of Itachi Uchiha. He takes out the eyes)
Madara : Karin, open and hold the eyes of Sasuke wide…
Karin : Okay…

(Itachi’s eye rises up in the air and goes upto the level of Sasuke’s eyes and then they go near Sasuke’s eyes and they start to get embedded in Sasuke’s eyes and the area of Sasuke’s eyes begins to glow)
Sasuke : Aahhh!!!
Madara : I told you that it would be painful….

(After sometime)
Madara : It’s done Sasuke !!! Now slowly open your eyes!!!
Sasuke : (opened his eyes) I can feel it! I CAN FEEL THE POWER !!!!
Madara : Now, let’s go and meet our friend Danzou…

SFX – Woof!!!

(Danzou Scene)
Danzou : Where have they gone???
(Madara, Sasuke and Karin return)
Madara : we’re back…
Danzou : Ohh!! So you’ve returned…
Sasuke: Madara and Karin back off!!! I’ll fight him…..
Danzou : wow Sasuke !!! Confident already??!! Now DIE!!!!
(Danzou charges his chidori and disappears)

(Danzou appears above Sasuke and hits him with his Chidori)
Sasuke : Aaahhhhh!!!! (Thinking : What the??!! I can’t even locate him with Itachi’s eyes!! if I get hit by another one then I’ll die for sure …)
(Sasuke is bleeding heavily)
Danzou : My next chidori will end this fight Sasuke!!! DIE YOU !!!

(Sasuke starts to fall down)
Danzou : You’re going down already!!! * EVIL LAUGH * Do wait for my last blow….
Karin : Sasuke!! Stand up and do something!!!
Madara : Stand up Sasuke!!! Fight Him !!!!!
Sasuke : (Thinking : is this my end???)
Danzou : It’s too late!!!
(Danzou disappears)

SFX – Woof !!

(Danzou appears in front of Sasuke)
Danzou : Die!!! (IN ULTRA SLOW-MOTION)
(Sasuke starts smiling)
Sasuke : You can’t kill me!!!

(Suddenly, Sasuke’s Susanoo awakens)
Danzou : What the??!!

(Danzou jumps back)
Madara : (Thinking : So that is what he was waiting for….. The Susanoo awakened by Sasuke this time is a COMPLETE SUSANOO and even better than Itachi’s … With the SUSANOO and the SWORD OF KUSANAGI, Sasuke is Unbeatable)
Danzou : What the heck is it??!! (Shocked)
Madara : It’s a SUSANOO…. It’s the bloodline limit of the UCHIHAS… only a real UCHIHA can have it… That is, Me and Sasuke….
Sasuke : This is my trump card Danzou…. No attack of yours will work on it!! * EVIL LAUGH *

(Danzou throws a kunai charged with his chidori aiming at Sasuke, but it was repelled by Susanoo)
Danzou : (Thinking : I must leave now!! Or I may die here….)
(Sasuke cuts a part of Danzou’s left leg by his Chidori Blade)
Danzou : Aaaahhhh!!!!

Naruto Scene :
(Naruto and Yamato are 6 kilometres away from getting to Sasuke)
Naruto : I can sense a large amount of chakra !! (Thinking : Is it you Sasuke ??!!)
Yamato : even I can sense it Naruto-Kun!!

(Suddenly, Gamabunta comes out of nowhere infront of Naruto)
Gamabunta : Naruto Uzumaki, the child of the Prophecy…. I’m here to take you with me…. You have been summoned by THE GREAT ELDER TOAD ……
Naruto : Sorry Gamabunta, I can’t come with you…. I have finally found Sasuke and I can’t let him go now….
Gamabunta : I also know that Naruto…. But we must leave as soon as possible!!! Don’t you feel huge amounts of chakra around you???
Naruto : Yes, I do feel it…
Gamabunta : This chakra is of Sasuke… You can’t beat him right now…. So, we must leave!!!

(Naruto and Yamato shocked)
Naruto : Okay then!!! I’m coming…. But why have I been summoned???

Danzou Scene :
Danzou : (Thinking : I can’t move now!! I should run away….) Gotta go for now!!! will have a fight with you Sasuke but you’ll have to be patient for that….
Sasuke : Die you!!! You can’t run like thisssss !! (Shouting)
Danzou : Later…
(Danzou Disappears)

Naruto 479 – Naruto’s Sage Mode Training
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Naruto 478:

By: N.V.O (Itasuke)

Naruto 478: Tears of the past, the Light in my Heart!

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Naruto 477: Darkness Conquers, the Fairy Tale falls apart!
Naruto 478: Tears of the past, the Light in my Heart!

(Team Sakura,Sasuke,Root scene)
Sasuke: ...?
Sakura: Gah! *Cough*...*Cough*...Sa...Sasuke...please...get away...
Sasuke: idiot! why did you save me Huh?!
Sakura: ...Because...we...*Cough*...still want you back Sasuke...
Sasuke: ...!
Sakura: We were searching...for you, but *Cough*...but joined the've became an official criminal...
Sasuke: ...
Root Anbu: You foolish little girl. -The lightning jutsu turns off, as the shadow clones go *Poof*, Sakura falls on the ground-
Sakura: ...-Looking at her hand while on the ground- (Pathetic...Sakura...was this all you could do...? there must be, something...) Sasuke...
Sasuke: ...
Sakura: Tell me...what...did you get from your revenge...?
Sasuke: ...!
Sakura: Itachi...Itachi Uchiha...might be dead already, but, what did you get from your revenge? *Coughs* *Coughs up blood*...di-did...the results made you happy...?
Sasuke: ...(She doesn't know the truth about him...yet, what she's true...I...I...regret it...if I only had listened to what Kakashi said...)

(Flashback scene)
Kakashi: Let it go, you gotta forget about revenge.
Sasuke: What?!
Kakashi: Believe me, in this work, I've met alot of guys who feel the way you do. Trust me, for those who follow the path of revenge, it never ends well, you'll only tear yourself apart. And even if you succeed and you get your revenge, what will you have then? Nothing, Emptiness.
Sasuke: Shut up! what makes you think you know anything about it?! It's easy for you to talk you have no idea!
Kakashi: Easy, Just try to calm down.
Sasuke: Maybe if I was to kill the most important people in your life, everyone who's ever meant anything, maybe then I'd listen to you, because maybe then you'd have some idea of how I feel.
Kakashi: Hm, it's an interesting theory, but I'm afraid you're a little late to put it to the test. Everyone you're talking about has already been killed.
Sasuke: ...?!
Kakashi: I've been around longer than you have kid, and I've seen my share of troubles, you're not the only one who knows what it's like to lose somebody.
Sasuke: ...-Looks down sadly-...
Kakashi: So, Looks like neither of us has let a charmed life exactly, have we? still, we're not all that bad off, at least you and I have been lucky enough to find new comrades to help fill the void.
Sasuke: ...(Thinks about Sakura & Naruto)...
Kakashi: Anyway, I do know how you feel, with the Chidori you've been granted a gift of awesome power, it's not a power to be used against your comrades, Or to seek vengeance, I think in your Heart of Hearts, you know what it's for. Okay, end of lecture, you decide whether what I'm saying hits the mark or not. -Leaves-
(Team Sakura,Sasuke,Root scene)
Sasuke: Ugh.....
Sakura: Sasuke...I know what you have to do...
Sasuke: ...!
Sakura: -Faints-
Sasuke: ...(Thank you...Sakura...I'm...) -Looks at the sky- (Konoha...)---
Root Anbu: Buahahaha! don't make me laugh! what is she saying?! it's as simple as this.
Sasuke: ...?
Root Anbu: Konoha wants you dead. that's for sure.
Sasuke: ...What?!
Root: Konoha is sick from the Uchiha clan, and by killing you, that cursed clan will be over.
Sasuke: Grr...(Is that what they really want...?)
Root Anbu: Die! Sasuke of the cursed Uchiha Cla--- *Punched* GAH!! -Bleeds as he fall on a huge rock 20 meters away-
Sakura: *Pant*...*Pant*...Oh, didn't I tell you? I'm a Medical-Ninja.
Root Anbu: You...You...Sakura Haruno...Princess Tsunade's student...? Gah! -dies-
Sakura: Now...Sasuke...what are you gonna do?...
Sasuke: You heared that guy, It's because you guys care about're not telling the truth, I appreciate your sacrifice for saving me and getting stabbed instead, I really do...Sakura...but, sorry, I'm not coming back to Konoha.
Sakura: Heh...I thought as much. Then let's end this.

(Anko,Terai, Kabutomaru scene)
Anko: HAAA!!! Summoning Jutsu: Giant White Serpent! -Poof-
Kabutomaru: Oooh, that's really something.
Terai: What...the...-lands near Kabutomaru- what're we gonna do?!
Kabutomaru: The first thing is...-Appears infront of him and slashes his heart with a Kunai-
Terai: GAH! -Coughs up blood-
Kabutomaru: Teaming up with you Roots would be the last thing I would do. -Cuts his head off-
Anko: Uh..! -standing on top of the Serpents head-
Kabutomaru: Well then, it's just you and me, let's have this fight over, shall we?

(Team Sakura,Sasuke,Root scene)
Sakura: -Rushes forwards- HAAA!!! CHAAAAA!!!
Sasuke: (Ugh...I can't get hit by one of her punches or else...)
-5 Kunais are thrown between them as they both slide back-
Kakashi: Sorry we're late.
Naruto: Sasuke...
Sasuke: Kakashi...Naruto...
Kakashi: Naruto, check on Kiba and Lee, I'll handle him for now.
Naruto: ...Fine. -He rushes towards them-
Kakashi: Sasuke, you've went all the way down to the wrong path.
Sasuke: Hmph, I did what I had to do.
Kakashi: Yeah, about that...Sakura are you ok?
Sakura: I'm fine Sensei...
Kakashi: (Good, seems like, they were evenly matched).
Sasuke: You see what I did, I've gained awesome powers.
Kakashi: The Mangekyo Sharingan huh? I heared all about it, well, Unfortunately for you, I reached that state, as well.
Sasuke: What...?! how?!
Kakashi: It doesn't matter how.
Kakashi: (Good thing he didn't use his powers on were matched physically, with Taijutsu and Ninjutsu, not in Doujutsu...) Sakura! you've done enough, take a rest.
Sakura: Right...Sensei.
Sasuke: I still have one goal and nobody is gonna interrupt it.
Kakashi: Well, if you insist on reaching that goal, then you'll have to go through M--
Naruto: Me.
Kakashi: Naruto..?
Yamato: ...
Naruto: Wasn't it our fate to fight? like Madara said? well fine, let's have it right here right now.
Sasuke: Hmph, fine. -Grins-
Naruto: ...
Kakashi: ...
Sakura: ...
Yamato: Sakura! Come here fast and heal them!
Sakura: R-Right!
Sai: ...Naruto...
Sasuke: Let's put an end to this silly game.
Naruto: Sasuke...this time...It's not just a game.
The battle between NARUTO & SASUKE has finally arrived! what will happen next?! who will be the victorious of this fated battle?!
Next Time: A Sage, A Hawk, and A Master of Brute Force!
by: Hatifnatten
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to be continued...
this is suppose to be 17-pages
pages 13-17 is not yet finished artist

all credits goes to Hatifnatten

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Kakashi 's Face Revealed!!
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Sasu-Saku and Naru-Hina

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