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Naruto 520 Raw Spoilers and Predictions

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Naruto 520 (English)

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The 'frizzy' Naruto in Bijuu Rasengan training
Kabuto and Madara feel out each other's intentions

Madara tells him to kill Anko
Kabuto says something or other about not killing as a victim is necessary for the jutsu

if that's the case...Madara releases Fuu and Torune

The ambush goes well
and the Allies moblilize.
Zabuza and Haku move out.
by: ShiverX

Naruto 520: The Path Set

The shinobi that was sitting by the huge bar gate seemed to be in meditation.
A deep low growl from inside the darkness woke him up.
Opening one eye and looking backwards towards the gates he smiled.

"Awake already?" his voice was friendly.

"Your not here anymore…. " the whispering voice turned into a growl!

"Oh… but I am…" The shinobi opened both his eyes and turned his whole body towards the gates, still sitting.
The growl disappeared.

"Why..?" sounded the simple question from the darkness. "Why are you still here?" the voice trailed of with a silent echo.

"Well.." The shinobi shrugged his shoulders. " My initial plan was stop you if the eight tails was released. At that time i actually had the thought of meeting you again if Naruto gained control of your power. And here I am.. But honestly, I never thought I would have the chakra to actually pull this of.." he paused. "I must have left Naruto early to save energy for this encounter.." again the shinobi shrugged his shoulders. "In honesty.. this is surprising to me as well."

"I'm tired Minato… what is it you want from me?" the darkness took shape and a pair of eyes came into light.
Minato looked at the Kyuubi.

"Yes, the ritual would do that to you I guess.." Minato's voice also trailed of.
He seemed to be testing his shoulders and joints as he slowly stood up.
"I….I think…that somehow I will always be a part of Naruto.." he paused and straightened his back. "This is unexpected, but somehow I seem to remain here.." he looked puzzled.

"Minato..!" the Kyuubi's voice was getting agitated.
Minato raised his hand to calm the Kyuubi.

"Aye, aye.. I can figure that out later.." he turned his back towards the cage and started to wander in-front.
"I wanted this meeting for a reason Kyuubi" he turned again towards the bars with a serious look.
"This will be somewhat of an long explanation…." he smiled apologysingly.
"First of all, I suspected that if Naruto managed to gain control of the Kyuubi, it would be without your consent. There was no one to teach him you see, seeing as you killed me and his mother…" the last words sounded more like Minato thinking out loud.

"You know why that happened!" The Kyuubi growled.
Minato again raised his hand to calm the fox.

"Yes, yes. I'm not here to blame.. " you could see Minato was also tired. " Anyway, you didn't seem to be on good terms last I left you. And no wonder, I've never heard of anyone co-existing with the Kyuubi.." he gazed at the angry eyes in the darkness.

"I'm no one's pet!" The Kyuubi growled even more angry now.
Minato smiled, things seemed to go his way.

"I know your not." he paused until the Kyuubi calmed.
"That's why I have a deal for you." again he paused, for dramatic effect. The Kyuubi was listening.
"In this state your weakened. And I guess you could try to drain Naruto and get free that way. But I have another suggestion." Minato waited for the Kyuubi.

"What is this plan of yours?…" the Kyuubi sounded irritated but curious.

"Simple, I know of a way to make you whole again." Mianto smiled cunningly at the Kyuubi.

"What?! But that part was sealed!?…" The Kyuubi sounded shocked.

"Yes, but I have a way of reversing that.." Mianto started to wander back and forth again. " But for it to be possible you would have to work together with Naruto, to become the most powerful force in this world.." Minato's mind was racing as his plan was forming in detail.

"How….is this going to work?" the Kyuubi was growling at the thought.

"You would have to work together.. not as normal, but as close as brothers. He would not be the master of you, and neither would you try to break from him. In time that bond would make you strong enough for the plan I have made." Minato stopped in front of the bars and looked straight into the darkness.

"How can I trust this?" The Kyuubi's voice was unsure.

"Because you know Naruto. You know he would not use you as a source of power in the same way as all the others, if he had a choice." Minato's voice was dead serious.
The Kyubi flashbacks from when Naruto took his power, he was saying he was sorry.

"I…. I… know.." The Kyuubi stumbles on his words.
Minato smiles.

"Good. Then If we agree, I will trust you with this promise and the secret. I will trust you to approach Naruto and start the plan. You will have the knowledge. I will have trust you to do this, and you will have trust me and Naruto to follow up on our part. Do this, and you will be free."

"Promise?" Minato stretched his hand into the other side of the bars.
The Kyuubi's face neared and it let Minato put his hand on it's nose.

They stood like that for about a minute, staring at each other, evaluating each other.

"Promise" the Kyuubi's voice echoes.
Another couple of seconds in silence went by.

"Alright then" Minato smiles and a light began to shine in his hand, going into the Kyuubi.
"The knowledge is transferred." Minato sounded tired.

"Thank you" the Kyuubi's voice trailed of as he disappeared into the darkness again and Minato's hand dropped from the nose.

Minato smiled again as he looked into the darkness.
"I've set the path Naruto, now the rest is up to you.. I know you can do that which no-one ever could, calm the beast and set it free.." Minato thought to himself

Turning around he felt tired, but was still very much present.
"Now to figure this state of existence out…why Am I here?" Minato's face showed great curiosity as he walked away.

Naruto woke up from a dream he couldn't remember. He felt as if something had changed inside of him.
"Father.." he whispers, and the word lingered on his mind as he fell back to sleep again.

Thank you for reading
by: Silverblade

Naruto 520: A New Technique

Killerbee: Alright Mothafucka! First thing is first you gather that ball of energy!
Naruto: Alright. Here I go!

Naruto holds out his hand a chakra arm of the Kyuubi protrudes from his shoulder blades to levitate over Naruto's palm.

A mixture of black and white occurs.
Killerbee: Don't it burst! Keep at it!

Naruto and Kyuubi's chakra are synthesizing into this grey sphere and it just hovers in Naruto's palm.
Killerbee: Sweet you got it! Now Naruto!
Naruto: What do I do?!

Naruto thrusts his palm forth and a powerful blast erupts from his palm.
Killerbee: ?!!!

Samehada quivers in fear.
A huge explosion lets off in the distance.
Naruto's face lights up in joy.

Killerbee: No. You did it wrong, but that blast was sure strong!
Killerbee: Ya see tha trick here is when its black you release it, but when its grey its more like nay. Somehow you have a special chakra to make it pack a punch!

Naruto: Okay.

Naruto does the process over again and it becomes black. He tries to hold it, but then the energies separate. Naruto is sent back flying

Killerbee: Remember. 8:2 Ratio. Use more of the beasts chakra instead of yours.
Naruto: Right!

- Scene switches to Kakashi -

Kakashi is leaping through the forest with the woods. Suddenly a thick mist develops.
Shinobi 1: Mist jutsu?!
Shinobi 2: I'll dispel it. -Makes a seal-

A demonic figure with sharp hair appears from behind and grasps a hold of the Shinobi's neck.
Shinobi 2: Zabuza of the mist?! -Zabuza then snaps his neck-
Zabuza: Fool.

Kakashi: !!!
Kakashi summons Pakkun and the rest of the dogs.
Kakashi: ... Something strange is going on in this mist.

Pakkun: Sniff Sniff...
Pakkun: What? Zabuza returned?

Kakashi: That jutsu again.
Kakashi thinking: I'll trap them with my sealing techniques. Knives on the other hand can help me out as well.

- Scene switches to Squad 3 -

They seem to be lost in the mist..
Lee: This is a thick mist.
Zabuza: Not like your eyebrows.

Lee: ?!! Naruto?
Zabuza appears behind Lee.
Zabuza: That was an insult. How dare you...

Kakashi appears and drives his Raikiri into Zabuza's chest. The mist clears out..
Zabuza: Kakashi... You're still alive. Damn it.
Kakashi: Lee. He's not alone. Look out.

Lee: Okay! Come on Guy Sensei..
Haku: Not so fast.

Haku traps Guy and Lee into an Igloo of Ice.
Kakashi: ?!!!

Six of the shinobi are taken down by Haku's needles.
Haku steps from the shadows..
Haku: I've been perfecting my techniques in the afterlife.

Zabuza then rams his Elbow into Kakashi's Jawline knocking him back a few feet.

Haku hurls a slew of needles towards Kakashi. But then Knives emerge out of nowhere to deflect the on coming onslaught.
Knives: A hyouton user.. This won't be easy Kakashi.

- Scene switches -

Sasuke: I am tired of waiting. I need my revenge. I take orders from NO ONE!
Zetsu: But Sasuke. Madara said..
Zetsu: ....

Sasuke removes half of his bandages and uses the Sharingan...
Sasuke's eye is to be reveal as.. a Rinnen'gan with Three Tomoes..

Sasuke: I am invincible!!
Zetsu: Those eyes... That is what Madara was trying to achieve throughout his whole life!!
Sasuke: Shall you be my first victim? IF not. Take me to the elders now.

-Next time: Sasuke's Return-

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