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Naruto 505 Raw Spoilers and Predictions

Bleach 415 (English) 19-Pages up!!
Naruto 505 (English)
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Naruto thinks over the things Kushina told him.
I am the Konoha ninja Uzumaki Naruto, and my dream is to succeed the name of Hokage! And I'm going to surpass the Hokage who had come before me!
And I'm going to become a cooler guy than Dad was, and a stronger ninja than Mum was!!
As soon as he shouts this, Naruto returns to his consciousness.

Yamato, while surprised, asks if it went well. Bee seems to know how it went just by meeting fists (TN: sorry, what do you call that action when 2 guys punch fists against each other in a friendly way? When I think of a better way to express this, I will edit).

The two of them have some important things to talk about in private, so they leave Yamato behind.

In the village, Guy is seen arriving. He obtains the intel on Naruto's situation, and saying that he can't leave a young man who's struggling in his youth alone, he goes to where Naruto is.
Naruto keeps the Kyuubi's chakra separate from where he keeps his own chakra.
Naruto holds out his hands and has the Kyuubi's chakra kept in a sphere right above him where he is surrounded by 4 torii (Shinto shrine archways, like those famous red ones in Kyoto at Fushimi Inari?)

In so doing, the real Naruto is able to transform into some sort of plasma body.
This chakra that's overflowing in vitality, under Yamato's Mokuton influence, is able to grow trees.

Here, Naruto realises the presence of something. He feels something that is not chakra, but rather, evil intent, and just as he points at Samehada, Kisame flies out.
Kisame asks if this ability to sense emotions like hate and wickedness like a sensor type stems from his power as a Jinchuuriki who has taken control of the Kyuubi.
Bee says that he's sure he got Kisame's neck that time, but Kisame says that it had been a parasite Bunshin that he could control remotely, so even his sensor abilities hadn't been able to realise it.

However, seeing that he was at a disadvantage, Kisame opens the door and runs as a cockroach.
Bee wonders how he knows where the door is

Naruto, saying that it's obviously because he's sneaked in as a spy, uses Shunshin no Jutsu and attacks. Seeing this, Bee is amazed and says he's exactly like the Yellow Flash.

However, Kisame manages to escape on his tenacity, while vomiting blood.
Guy is in front of the waterfall. Guy is asks ti give the waterfall a try as well, but he says that supporting Naruto is priority.
But in the end, he does give it a try because he's asked whether it's merely because he's afraid to know the real him.
Hereupon, the real him in the waterfall asks if he's really in a position to talk about youth, when he's just an old geezer pushing his body unreasonably, and his body will break at this rate. The real him understands that in front of Lee, he's got to be his youthful self, but no one else wants him to forcibly act young.
Guy yells upon seeing the appearance of his true self, which says that its fine to be the Guy that's in the waterfall, because he should know best what the truth is... And just then, it fuses with Samehada and cockroach Kisame jumps out of the waterfall.
Guy sees this and asks "is this my true appearance...? A rare insect?!" and pales at the thought.
Kisame sees Guy too, and remembers Guy as a rare animal.
Guy yells that he, who has forgotten his youth, is going to ignite his will once again!
The ally (the dude who brought Guy there?) realises that it is Kisame and not the "true Guy" tells Guy such, and tells him to be careful!
But before he can finish,Guy attacks with Konoha Kaiganshou (his elbow move) and Kisame is thrust against the wall.
Guy goes "Eh?" before turning around to look at the ally, and Bee emerges from the waterfall going "Oh?" -- to be continued next chapter!
Naruto thinks about Kushina.
I musn't eat just ramen, vegetables too.
And I like bathing.
And I sleep plenty enough, so don't worry.
I have a lot of awesome friends, they're great. This would have been awesome if you could meet them.

It's just ... things didn't really turned out that good with one of them.
About studying well ... just don't feel sad about that.
I had a lot of teachers and senpais in academy.
About the 3 taboos ... Well ... Jiraiya already told me about that.
He taught all about living as a Shinobi. He was an awesome ninja.

I'm Uzumaki Naruto, from the Leaf Village.
My dream is to become Hokage !
and to surpass every Hokage before me.

Naruto put his fist on his chest in a manly way and say "And to become even more badass than my father !"

Naruto returns to reality.

Yamato is surprised.

Bee and Naruto does Brofist no Jutsu.

Bee does some rap.

Bee and Naruto understands each other.

Yamato understand jack shit.

Bee, his friends, Konoha's ninjas use a crow messenger it seems and talks with Gai.

Gai worries about Naruto's training.

Naruto is going to show them rather than explaining.

In his spirit world, there are something like 4 temples and a full moon. Naruto absorb the light.

In the real world, Super Naruto is born.

Yamato's Mokuto ornament beging to grow.
Naruto sense a danger.
Bee sense it too.

A face exits from the Samehada, Kisame.

Why are you still alive ?

What was that about the corpse ? ( About Zetsu )

Kisame is about to retreat.

Out of nowhere, Naruto fucking Shunshin no Jutsu Punch Kisame.

Bee : "Shunshin no Jutsu ? Batting first, huh ? This is just like the Yellow Flash, now."

Kisame vomits blood.

Naruto is not that good with Shunshin ... he falls down.
Kisame retreats and Killer Bee goes after him.

Gai is at the waterfall of truth and hear something. ( His double ? )

Dark Gai comes out.

Then Kisame comes out.

Gai : "So, this guy is my real self, huh ? I'm disappoint."

Bee : "No, this is not your real self, be careful"

Gai does an awesome jutsu "Ginger coastal" !

There comes Bee.

Gai thinks Kisame is Dark Gai.

Naruto talks with bee
Naruto gets super-saiyan-ized
To find kisame hiding

Gai sees the falls of truth
There the wicked beast (kisame) appears.

Next chap: Gai vs kisame
Naruto can already use the Shunshin no Jutsu. ( in part 1 when he arrived to help Team 7 against Zabuza on the bridge )
Naruto 504 Analysis/ Opinions for Discussion
by: P. Banks

Powerful chapter...but pretty self explanatory.

We all knew what would happen, but I'm glad that Kishi finally brought this story to an end. One interesting quote that I pulled from the manga was from Naruto who stated,"I live because my mom and dad gave their lives for me."
This made me wonder, "Is there another character in this manga who has as much purpose as Naruto?" I mean, you could say that Sasuke has just as much reason to be driven because (according to his sources) the village elders commissioned Itachi to kill his family and clan.

Or, perhaps you could look at Neji and his drive to become the best of the Hyuga clan despite his being a part of the lower family. Maybe even Rock Lee could be classified as having as much purpose, because unlike any of the other shinobi in his class, he has no Ninjutsu or Genjutsu to depend on. I would imagine his quest to become the greatest Taijutsu master isn't easy.

Anyway, I'd like to know your opinions on this matter. Is Naruto the most driven and goal-oriented ninja in this manga series?
by: Egyptian

Naruto 505: Naruto Rises, More Confident in Himself Than Ever Before!!!

Naruto: Good bye Mom, I am soo HAPPY I got to meet you!!!
(Naruto arises from his victory over the nine tails and stands to confront Yamato and Killer Bee)

Bee: Well done Kiddo, I knew you had it in you!!!
Yamato: GREAT Job Naruto, You have complete control over the 9 tails now!!!

Naruto: Yes, I have control , I also have an understanding of why I came to bear this power. Both my mother and father entrusted the 9tails to me so that I may one day control its power, I also know that my mother was the previous Jinchuuriki and that my birth was long awaited for, Not just by my parents, But the Masked man was at my birth and he used me as a tool to wrest control from my mother!

Yamato: You spoke with your Mother Nartuo!!!
Naruto: Yes she told me about how that masked nin that claims to be Madara, and how he was the one who caused my parents to die!! and the one that put me in control of this beast!

Yamato: it all makes sense now, Madara wanted to control the ninetails and have it finish the job he could not do when fighting against the First!! But he understimated the Fourth hokage, and was stopped yet again!!

Naruto: Yes!! he is the source of this worlds Pain!! and he has dragged soo many of us into the spiral of hate with him!! He needs to be stopped, and I will be the one to stop him!! I will use my parents gift and sacrifice to stop him once and for all!!! He will regret ever taking my family from me!!

Bee: And I will be there to help you little man!!
Naruto: You hear that Akatsuki!! since you are soo good at hiding yourself, Maybe you should come out and show yourself!! (Naruto with Sage Eyes on is focused on Bee's Sword!! )

Bee: HUH?? what you talkin bout!! Aint no way an Akatsuki here, they would have tripped the alarm!!
Naruto: Oh I dont know about that, why dont you take off that sword Bee, He's hiding right there inside of it!! thats why he didnt trip the alarm!! But In sage mode I can clearly sense Two distinct chakras!! He was just able to hide it because that sword had been absorbing chakra from him throughout the years!!

Kisame(Damn that kid!! not only does he now have control over the NineTails, But he has sensory skills unlike any sensor type ninja I have come accross, well I think its time to show myself now that I have been made!! )

(Kisame's face pops into view at the end of Samehada: HAHAAHA Naruto, You have certainly grown to be a big threat, but I am here to offer you the option of joining us!! Madara has everyone's best interest at heart and he wants to create everlasting peace!!! )

Bee: what the Heck man, This Shark man was supposed to have died back at our battle!! (Bee then tosses Samehada out into the open)

(Kisame fully emerges with sword in hand)
Kisame: You fool 8 tails, I had all of you fooled, if it were not for Naruto, everything would have gone as planned!! But now that I have Samehada under my control again, I will defeat both of you and bring you back to Madara!!

(Before Kisame can make his preparations for battle, Madara teleports to them)
Madara: Kisame, Not now, I need you and two Jinchuriki's will be too much for you to handle!!
(As Madara Appears, Naruto Makes his move with the quickest of reflexes, and using the power of the kyuubi to boost his movement goes to strike Madara)

Madara had barely avoided by becoming intangible, but a sudden chill creeps down his spine as he worries for the first time in a long time!!

Madara: Naruto, You are definitely your Fathers son!! I havent seen speed like that in a long time!!
Naruto: if Im not mistaken My father beat you at your own technique!!! and Im here to finish the Job, You will stay defeated this time though!!

Madara: (with a hint of Anger) Oh you will try!! but just like the first hokage, and the fourth hokage, I helped to cause their deaths!! so You will be no different!!
Naruto: The way I see it, is you chose the cowards path by running away from your enemies!! If this is what you call a victory then your the king of the cowards victory method!!!

Yamato(What is Naruto doing!!! this is madara we are dealing with and he wants to anger him into a fight)
Bee: (Hooo Boy If that doesnt keep him around to fight then I dont know what will!! )
Kisame: Madara let us end this now, Together we can defeat them Now!! dont let this kid insult you like this!!

Madara: Shut Up Kisame!! Naruto, you are definitely brave to insult me like this, but your Fight will be against Sasuke!! I will get him ready for your battle, and I will enjoy watching him defeat and embarras you!!

(Madara then grabs Kisame and warps away)

Bee: Naruto My main man!! Nice way to get the enemy angry and ready to fight!!! HAHAHAHAHA

Naruto: Too bad he left, I wanted to end this war now!! But now I think I will take some time to review my dads Jutsu's, I will have to learn the Flying thunder God technique to even stand a chance against Madara, And maybe I can take it a step further just like how I created the RasenShuriken!!

Yamato: (This is a Naruto I have never seen before!! I could not even notice his movements he was sooo fast!! He has completely changed!! I must notify Tsunade, he will be needed in this war, and is probably the only one to have the ability to stop it!!)

Next on Naruto:

Naruto readies himself to go back to Myobokuzan to further train, and his goal is Teleportation!!!
by: jeanericuser

Naruto 505: The Sinister Trio is Formed

A corridor is shown with a series of doors. A figure in a cloak walks down the hallway with only a glint coming from his glasses. The figure stops at a door, opens it, walks into find a sparcely lit room with a figure obviously laying on the bed with bandages covering his entire head. The cloaked figure closes the door and turns around to see the bed is empty and the bandages are the only thing laying on the bed. Suddenly the cloaked figure feels a kunai at his throat. The hood falls back on the cloak to reveal kabuto.

Kabuto: "Its good to see you have not lost any of your speed since you left the service of orochimaru."
Sasuke: "What are you doing here kabuto?"
Kabuto: "I am apart of akatsuki now. Madara sent me over to check on your transplants and see if you are ok."
Sasuke: "Is that all you came to do?"
Kabuto smiles as he feels the kunai against his throat wavering.
Kabuto: "If I wanted to kill you now sasuke I would have done so when you were still blind from the transplants. I assume since you are feeling better you should go see madara immediately. Apparently we have a small issue that requires your attention."

Sasuke moves the kunai away and disappears out the door as the door closes immediately behind him. Kabuto sighs and smiles as he looks down the hall at the fleeing sasuke.

Kabuto thinking: "Let us see now how strong Itachi's eyes have made you, Sasuke. Then I will decide when I want to kill you."

Sasuke arrives at a room with Madara sitting at a table with a huge map on it with several men in shinobi outfits. Madara looks at sasuke and waves for him to come over.

Madara: "Ahh Sasuke. You are here just in time for your newest assignment. It would appear there is a special issue that needs your attention."
Sasuke: "I am heading for Konoha."
Madara: "All in due time Sasuke. Besides there is a larger issue at first we must deal with. I have just been informed that a series of spies are inbound for our location. I need you to head out and eliminate them as a warning to the other villages."
Sasuke: "...."
Madara: "Think of this as an opportunity to test your new eyes before you put them to a more serious test."
Sasuke: "Alright. I will go. Where are their locations?"
Madara: "They seem to be located here, here, here, and here."

Madara points to several places on the map which sasuke looks at.

Madara: "By the way to help you in your task I am assigning you a new team. Your new team will consist of yourself, kabuto, and Zetsu."
Sasuke: "I do not need anyone else."
Madara: "It is not just for your sake but for theirs as well. Your last battle has taken a greater toll on you than you realize sasuke and those eyes of yours have yet to be fully utilized. Should you fall it would be serious blow to akatsuki. Kabuto will be a sufficient protector should you have problems and Zetsu will be in constant communication with me."

Kabuto appears in the room and stands next to sasuke.

Kabuto: "We can't have you getting captured while you are still weak eh, sasuke."
Sasuke: "When do we leave?"
Madara: "As soon as possible."

Sasuke leaves the room leaving Kabuto alone with Madara.

Madara: "Are you certain he is ready for this?"
Kabuto: "He seems to be in good enough condition.
Madara: "Just remember if it appears that the eyes have rejected sasuke or if he is too weak you are to step in and sedate him for reimplantation."
Kabuto: "And if he should be captured?"
Madara: "You know what must be done."

Kabuto smiles and reveals a vial madara with a red liquid inside it to madara before walking out the door with a smile on his face. Sasuke with his new sharingan, kabuto, and Zetsu are shown walking down a street. They stop and stare at a man in the distance who is loading something onto a wagon.

White Zetsu: "When shall we strike them?"
Black Zetsu: "Let us wait till nightfall. We need to find out where their sources are for information."
Sasuke: "...."
Kabuto: "Than I guess someone is in for one very bad night."

Naruto 506: Crimson Terror in the Night
by: The Freak55

Naruto 505: A New Power!

(naruto wakes up from his meditation and stands up and looks at Bee and Yamato, and gives the thumbs up nice guy pose, Bee and Yamato smile)

Bee: you did it little dattebayo-kid! (reaches out for a fist bump)
Naruto: yup! Now I’m the master of the kybui’s power (fist-bumps bee), and I got to see my mom too!
Yamato: what?!? (both bee and yamato are confused)

Naruto: yeah my father sealed some of her chakra inside along with his and the kyubi, right when the hatred of the kyubi was going to take over me she was able to stop it and give me some help. (a single tear runs down naruto’s cheek: I promise that’s the last of the sappy stuff)

Yamato: naruto whats up?
Naruto: (wipes the tear away and smiles) I finally know what happened to my parents, they gave their lives for me…for Konoha!
Bee: Kid that’s great and all but, you and me got a score to settle, which jink is best time to test yo’ mettle ohhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaa! Follow me

(they walk into another room which is a massive arena in the cavern, like the stadium from the chunin exams, Bee stands across from naruto)
Bee: this place was designed for the jink’s of the hachibi to learn to harness their power, it didn’t usually work out but now we have two beasts that can battle each other without fear of losing control.

Naruto: yeah lets see how powerful the kyubi has made me!
Bee: first thing a little lesson on the states of a jink. I’m sure you’re aware of the initial jinchuriki state right (naruto nods his head as he imagines the valley of the end against saskue) lets see that now

Naruto: right! (closes his eyes and focuses without any trouble he’s in initial state with slited pupils and sharp canines) Wow that was a lot easier this time.
Bee: that’s because you don’t have the hatred of the kyubi starting it. Its just like your own chakra now, now how bout’ some tails.

Naruto: OK! ( he focuses again and quickly three tails sprout out of the cloak his eyes now are still blue not red) I feel great!
Bee: now you went right to three I’m guessing that was your limit before right? (before naruto can answer yamato answers for him)

Yamato: yes after that….(he gives a nervous look) he lost control and went into a minature version of the kyubi with four tails.
Bee: oh like version 2 (both Yamato and naruto look puzzled) oh I mean another version of the cloak that merges with your body like this

(quickly bee charges up version two with seven tails with his trademark bullhorns sign in the air, naruto and yamato are shocked, bee quickly changes back)

Bee: that’s about how powerfull a chakra you can release without transformin into the beast itself, but it cuts down on your life force so be careful when using it!

(naruto now has a nervous look on his face)
Bee: now then lets see what you can do! (has a 7-tailed cloak on version 1)
Naruto: alright! (he quickly has a 6-tailed cloak on and both charge each other yamato looks on from the sidelines)

(change scenes to outside the akatsuki hideout we see several alliance shinobi lying on the ground with wounds all over their bodies as if they were impaled by 20 spike in random places on their torso and arms, one is backed against the wall facing saskue with a kunai raised he is a rain nin, we still cant see his eyes)

Rain nin: please please ill tell you whatever you want just don’t…don’t ….AHHHHAGAGGHHAGHGAHAG !!!!!!!!!

(we see saskue from an upward angle so we cant see the detail in his eyes but what looks like amateratsu flying in and out of the nins body at blinding speed it almost looks like solid matter streaming through him)


(we see his EMS it looks like an electron configuration concentric rings with dots throughout them only they are not perfectly aligined they are off kilter on the outer edge of the design there are three points like itachi’s)

Madara: (looking on at a distance) he’s progressed far beyond what I expected his amateratsu is faster than any uchiha that I’ve ever seen, and the accuracy of it too! Let’s hope I can keep him on my side (he walks away)

(we head back to nartuo and bee who have turned the place upside-down with their attacks Yamato is scared hiding in a wood dome)
Bee: take this kid LARIAT!!!!! (the bullhorns take shape on his shoulder and he flies at naruto, who somehow! Slips out of the way and they end up streaking across from each other)

Naruto: TAKE THIS! (quickly four FRS form at his tails and are wrapped around each of four tails and throws them which whiz all around Bee and evelop him in a sphere of slashing wind naruto looks kind of nervous) did I ….Overdo it? (yamato has a OMFG face on)

Bee: HAHA NOT BAD KID BUT LETS SEE YOU TAKE IT TO THE NEXT STEP! (naruto looks up and bee has fully transformed into the hachibi unscathed from the attack, naruto looks nervous)

Naruto: (gulps) well here I go! (panel moves away from naruto we focus on yamato who sees Naruto’s shadow progressively increase as multiple tails materialize into flesh and bone, naruto looks down at yamato and roars as loud as he can, yamato now has a I shit myself look on his face)

Naruto: (deep fox voice) don’t worry yamato Im in control remember! (he tries to smile but he just bears his teeth which scares him further)


(we see a split panel one side of sasuke with his EMS and naruto facing bee in full kyubi form with blue eyes still)

Now they have both obtained unimaginable power how will this shift the power in the upcoming war?

Naruto 506: A Clash of Beasts! Hachibi Vs. Kyubi
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Naruto 504 (English)

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Hi Guys, Zetsu-san here, just to let you know about this
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(we finally get to see Yondaime in action!)
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