Saturday, 2 January 2010

Featured Reader: ANKO

Featured Reader of the Week: ANKO

England, UK

Tell me more about yourself:

The name is Anko.. or Konan to be more precise. They're both FEMALE characters of Naruto not MALE.. sheesh! The next person to ask me whether im a guy or a girl, I will literally eat my socks dude!!

I have no problems talking to anybody and everybody (apart from haters and weirdos) so feel free to approach me.. I don't bite!! XD

Fav Character?
I dont have one in particular but I totally love Itachi!! - he's a handsome, elite, invincible, cool, smart *gasping for breath*, mysterious, Uchiha genius! XD *starry-eyed*.. haha talk about sounding like a total fangirl..! :P

Just admit it, he could have pawned sasukes ass anyday if he didn't ALLOW himself to be beaten!..

Hate Danzo. Think he needs to go home and spend some quality time with his grandkids.(w8..duz he hav any..? o_o)

O and just so u know,
i will hunt down all Ten-Ten bashers coz i find her bare cute! and Hinata is NOT useless!!!

Tobektsu Jounin kunoichi of Hidden Leaf Village

Behind closed doors:
Official Akatsuki of CBox -partnered with Zetsu-san, Numinous, Sensei and Naruto Addict.
[former Itachi and Pain are nowhere to be found] XD ,

Posessions: 8 Bijuus - most identifiable is the 4th tails = State of Naruto

Konoha Motto:

"Hard work is worthless for those that don't believe in themselves!"

Wanna be the next to be featured??
Get in touch with Zetsu-san, Ironside or Naruto Addict


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