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Naruto 476 RAW Spoilers and Predictions

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part 1

476 サスケVSダンゾウ
sasuke vs danzou

madara looking from a higher place both danzou and sasuke
danzou's sharingans in his right arm start moving

karin hides in the shadow "what's with that right arm ? a lot of sharingans? gross!?
sasuke: what's with that right arm?
danzou: several things happened it's a long tale

sasuke: if i ask the reason my rage will increase let's leave it at that i've already decided to kill you but before that there's one thing i want to ask you

sasuke:is it true that because of the orders of the higher ups of konoha including yourself uchiha itachi killed my family

danzou: hare, boar, ram (handseals)
sasuke seeing everything with his sharingan
danzou starts to run and punches sasuke
danzou: this is...
there's bones surrounding sasuke

a hand seizes danzou
madara: wow... is that sasuke's
danzou: this is the guy called susano

naruto dumbounfed
yamato: what are we gonna do from here on? i think at least temporarily we should head back to konoha and
inform the events that happened at the summitt and about sakura too

sai: i'm following sakura we haven't noticed sasuke nearby so at least for now feel at ease

kakashi: it would be better to take action and persuade them to come back
kakshi: thinking...

kakashi: ok yamato you go back with naruto to the village i will bring sakura back she can't fight against sasuke
it's like she's going to her death about the incindents at the summitt i'll send the dogs they're fast

yamato: sai please lead the way
sai: ok

naruto remebering and thinking a lot

omoi: your uchiha sasuke attacked our village
karui: you bastard are you making fun of me?
sasuke is a member of akatsuki
naruto lost in his thoughts

madara taling about itachi and his sacrifice

naruto thinking
sai telling him about the decision of the rookies

kakashi: she plans to kill sasuke by herself
facing down naruto

gaara telling him to act as a hokage and as sasuke's friend
naruto's faced covered in sweat: ha ha

naruto pressing down his chest: ha... ha
kneeling down naruto: ha...ha
yamato/kakashi/sai: !!
naruto faints: ha....ha
losing consciousness naruto:ha...ha

kakashi: calm down naruto
yamato: he's hyperventilating

kakashi: breath deeply! naruto!
naruto loses consciousness

sasuke activates mangekyou sharingan i'm aking you if it's true!!!
susano's bones clamping danzou

blood coming out of danzou's mouth
danzou: ugh!!!
sasuke: answer quickly

danzou: i didn't think he was that kind of man

danzou: itachi... at the time of his death.. he told you everything eh? i knew was only you...the special one
sasuke remembering what madara told him

what madara told him in the cave

sasuke with a cold face "was it...true?"
susano taking his real form
karin: hiii...

danzou: self-sacrifice is the way of a shinobi not staying indoors to see what happens
from long time ago there's been people that rendered distinguished service to the kages that's the real nature of a shinobi
not just itachi but several others... to die this way is the most beautiful thing in this world thanks to this people we're able to preserve peace.
itachi went against his probably don't understand...
when itachi revealed the secret to you it was a betrayal against konoha

susano crushes danzou with his hand
spurt of blood flies towards sasuke

sasuke with a scary face
sasuke: you didn't tell that to itachi

from the back danzou
danzou: that's right next we'll talk with our eyes and fight

karin: eh
sasuke looking over his shoulder
revenge and a trembling fear


These are the lines from the script
Susanoo's hand crushes Danzō
A spurt of blood hits Sasuke

Sasuke, with an angry look: "You didn't tell all that to Itachi"

Danzō, from behind Sasuke: "That's right. Now, let us talk with our eyes and fight."

Sasuke: "!!"

Karin: "Eh!?"

Sasuke turns around

Revenge is accompanied by a trembling fear~~

The end
by: Ohana - 2Ch

The Jump cover is unexpected/bullshit

The opening pages only have Sasuke

476: Sasuke vs Danzō

The Sharingan on Danzō's right arm move

Danzō and Sasuke have a conversation
Sasuke finishes making handseals, Danzō attacks
Sasuke invokes Susanoo

Naruto thinks too much, starts hyperventilating and falls down

Susanoo's bones start choking Danzō, but...
Yamato takes Naruto to the village

Kakashi goes after Sakura with Sai
Then Naruto collapses

Again Genjutsu vs Genjutsu
Spoilers NOT from Ohana and Nja (2Ch)
will be tagged UNCONFIRMED
by: 52manyou
Cover is Sasuke and team hawk

Itachi and Danzou on the night of the Uchiha massacre.

Danzou told Itachi, that it was neccessary for the benefit
of the village. There are stil active and his family lives
on his arm showing his father’s eyes.

He get’s angry and says Sasuke is also dead.

Sasuke and Danzou prepares to fight.
Danzou tells Sasuke to look to the true power of an another form of sharingan.

Please DO NOT get confused
PREDICTIONS are different from SPOILERS
by: Sensei-Q

Naruto 476: Danzou's Secret
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Naruto 477: The Ultimate Power!

(Danzou scene)
Sasuke: What?!
Danzou: You look so surprised...Sasuke. Don't you recognise these?
*Sasuke's eyes closed* You bastard.. You'll pay for this.
Danzou: You can't win, I have more power then you've ever imagined.

*Sasuke grabs his sword and runs at Danzou*
Sasuke: Chidori Spear!
Danzou: Pff what a pitiful attack. Fuuton, Sword of Wind...
*Huge swords of wind are flying to Sasuke's direction.*
Sasuke: (He fell for it!)
Danzou: What is that?
*As the windblades slice through Sasuke and his sword, he disperses into Raiton chakra*

Madara: *Sitting on the edge of the pillar* (You've improved Sasuke, but are you smart enough to take him on..)

(Naruto scene)
Naruto: ..Friend.. The meaning of friend...
Yamato: Naru-
Kakashi: He must find out himself, Tenzou. We are here to help him, but he must decide himself what to do with Sasuke.
Naruto: I must get to Sakura and stop her before she gets killed!
Naruto: Kakashi, Yamato, *Naruto is now in Sage mode* I know what to do now...
Sai: Are you going to save Sasuke?
Naruto: No...
Kakashi-Yamato-Sai: ?!
Naruto: ...

Itachi: ......
Itachi: Why are you so obsessed with my brother? He's a Missing-Nin, right?
Naruto: Because unlike you, I think of him as a brother more then you ever ever have!
Itachi: .....*Smiles*
*Flashback ends*

Naruto: Itachi believes in me.. He entrusted me with something...
Naruto: Sasuke is being manipulated by Madara. I have free him from that bastard!
Sai: I see, so you are going to stop Sakura?
Naruto: I will stop Sakura and bring Sasuke back even if it'll kills me! *Makes fist*
Kakashi: (What did Itachi say to you...)

(Sakura scene)
Kiba: It looks like Sasuke's fighting someone.
Akamaru: Whoof whoof!!!
Kiba: Hmm it seems He's fighting Danzou.
Sakura-Sai-Lee: !?
Sakura: We have to get there fast before he kills Danzou!
Lee: Let's move at twice the speed! No wait, lets move at 3 times the speed!
Kiba: *Sigh* Lee.. that's impossible!

(Danzou scene)
Karin: Shit! I sense those Konoha brats and that dog coming from the forest!
Madara: So they've found us by scent. Karin, stay here, I'll ''distract'' them. (This time I won't run away...)
Karin: ?
*Madara teleports away*

Danzou: Very nice, you managed to create a Raiton clone while our attacks collided. I really thought it was you.
Danzou: Hmpf, you'll have to do better then that, brat! *He jumps up and does a Goukakyou to the ground*
Sasuke: Shit, he knew from the start that it was a clone. !
Karin: Sasuke, get out of there!

*Sasuke jumps from out of the earth and dashes towards the side of the forest*

Sasuke: (If I use it again, I will lose my sight forever..)

*He closes his eyes and behind him appears that huge tailed creature again*

Danzou: *while staring at Sasuke from several meters away, he notices blood mixed with tears coming from Sasuke's eyes*
Danzou: ! -SFX > Shocked-
Sasuke: Danzou, you won't survive this, I will kill you like you did to my family and parents...
Sasuke: (Mom, dad...Itachi, this is for you!

*Susano`o has formed once again. This time little wires are formed and attach to the skeleton's bones.*

(Sakura scene)
Kiba-Akamaru-Sakura-Lee-Sai: !!!!!
Tobi: -funny voice- How'r ya doing?
Tobi: -real voice- Where do you think you're going... -SFX > Glare-
Sakura: ! You again. Who are you?
Tobi: -real voice- That doesn't matter now. Are you heading to Sasuke?
Kiba: Get out of our way or I'll drill you into the ground!!!
Tobi: Hah! You think you can stop me? Try.. And die..
Sai: ...

(Danzou scene)
Karin: There's that disgusting chakra again! This time, it's more intense than before! I have to get away before I get killed!
Danzou: Hmpf, I see you've mastered the powers of the Mangekyo... Sasuke, you are not the only one!
Sasuke: !?

*Danzou removes the bandages from his head and reveals a Mangekyo Sharingan looking like Kakashi's.*

Danzou: *While the tomoes of the Sharingan in his palm are transforming too*,
I haven't used this for a long time.. Sasuke, you are about to experience the Ultimate Power of the Mangekyo!
Sasuke: *Sigh* I don't care... I will kill you even if it means sacrificing myself.
*Sasuke's Susano`o brawls*

''Sasuke has evaluated! Can he defeat Danzou's new Mangekyo?''

Naruto 477: The Ultimate Power!
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Naruto 477: The Ultimate Power!

by: N.V.O. (Itasuke)

Naruto 476: Sharingan Battle!
Also read Itasuke's next chapter prediction
Naruto 477:
Mangekyo Sharingan Vs. Mangekyo Sharingan!

(Danzo, Team Hawk scene)
Madara: ...(I'll surely enjoy this fight...)
Sasuke: ...
Danzo: Your sharingan, is mine.
Sasuke: Like I care.
Danzo: Hm?
Sasuke: One thing for sure...Your end is near.

(Wind blows)
-Sasuke rushes towards Danzo grabbing his sword, as Danzo jumps backwards grabbing a Kunai from the ground (That Torune threw earlier) and throws it towards Sasuke, Sasuke then blocks the Kunai attack with his sword as he continues rushing towards Danzo, Sasuke then moves super fast and appears infront of Danzo with a Chidori, as Sasuke throws his sword towards Danzo, he ducks, and Sasuke counters him with his Chidori-
Sasuke: You're mine.-Dashes with his Chidori-
Danzo: Hm. -Dodges easily jumping behind Sasuke, and landing 5 meters away-
Sasuke: ...Lucky dodge. (How did he dodge that easily?)
Danzo: Attacks like that one won't hit me. I have more than just a Sharingan, all achieved level 3, imagine a strong Sharingan x6 or more. I can see your attacks before they even come closer to me.

Danzo: Tch. you pest. *Referring to Karin*
Sasuke: (I have to think of a way to counter it...those Sharingans are the problem...Wait, if I can distract him with a decoy...and then get him from behind, he shouldn't be able to get me, even if he detects my move at the last second, his body won't respond in time...but, Clone Jutsu isn't gonna work, and even if I was able to do the Shadow clone won't work either. This calls for my new trick...the lightning clone, which lightning Chakra runs inside the body, it'll appear as if it was the real me.) Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu!
-Fires a flame-like-dragon towards Danzo-
Danzo: Weak. Earth Style: Mud Wall! -spits mud as it forms a huge, strong rock wall-
-The smoke caused by the dragon flame disappears slowly-
Danzo: He's still there. -Rushes towards him- you didn't seriously think it would be that easy did you?!
Sasuke: Tsk...-rushes towards him-
Danzo: (Something's he focusing that much Chakra in his body?!)
Sasuke: Chidori!
-Danzo dodges grabbing Sasuke's left hand arm and his right shoulder-
Danzo: Got you.
Sasuke: Grr.......-grins- Heh. -Grabs Danzo's shoulders hardly-
Danzo: What..?
-Sasuke appears behind him with Chidori Sharp Spear, as he launches it towards Danzo-
Sasuke: Game Over!
Danzo: Oh no! -kicks the Lightning-Clone away as it explodes, he then tries to dodge but he was too late, half of his arm was cut down, as he slides dodging to the right, Sasuke lands-
Sasuke: Heh, got most of the Sharingans down.
Madara: Woo ho. a brilliant move.
Karin: Nice work, Sasuke!
Danzo: ...No matter. You might have gotten many of my Sharingan, but that surely won't happen again. (I lost just so many! I have to be more careful.)
Sasuke: Now for the rest. -Stares-

(Team Kakashi scene)
Kakashi: Yamato, let's go inside now.
Yamato: ...Right. You better come in too Naruto, or you'll catch a cold.
Naruto: ...
Yamato: ...Oh well. -goes in with Kakashi-
Naruto: ...(What...what am I gonna do? "Friend"...this word...)
Sai: ...I'll disappear for now. -the Ink-Clone shatters-
Naruto: (...Friend...Sasuke...yeah...that's what I have to do.)
???: -Lands- Well, well, look what we have here. Standing alone outside? catching a cold won't be a good thing you know.
Naruto: Huh...what are you doing here, Shikamaru?
Shikamaru: Well, it's just that Team Sakura took too long, and they're late, so I thought it would be better if we made our move as well.
Naruto: What do you mean by "we"?!
Hinata: H-Hi...Naruto...-Blushes-
Naruto: Hinata!

(Team Sakura scene)
Kiba: STOP!
-They all stop rushing-
Sakura: W-what is it?
Kiba: I've found Sasuke!
Everyone: ?!
Sakura: Really?!
Kiba: Yeah...but--
Sakura: But...what?
Kiba: He's fighting with someone. And if I'm not mistaken, it's Danzo.
Everyone: ?!
Sai: L-lord...Danzo?! (If I get there...then, he'll know that I betrayed him.)
Sakura: That...Danzo...let's go there now!
Kiba: Wait a minute! let me concentrate a little...(...that's...definitely him...) There's also a scent of that Masked-guy from the Akatsuki we fought before.
Sakura: N-no way...then, he's definitely on Sasuke's side! (This makes things harder...)
Rock Lee: Are there more of them?
Kiba: The Akatsuki? I don't think least, there are no others with crazy chakras like they usually have. but, they got someone else with them, that's for sure.
Sakura: So, it's a Three against One?
Kiba: No. Eventually, that Masked-guy and that other one aren't involved. Sasuke is the only one fighting.
Sakura: Alright. Actually even IF they were involved, I wouldn't care. I'm going anyway.
Kiba: ...!
Sakura: This time, no holding back. Whether I die or live, I'll complete this job as a true Shinobi.
Kiba: ...Heh!
Rock Lee: ...Right! we're with you!
Sai: ...-Smiles-
Sakura: Let's move! -They scatter-

(Danzo, Team Hawk scene)
Danzo: No matter, I still have many Sharingans, do you know how much jutsu they copied already? do you know how much powerful they ARE?! -Fire Style: Dragon Bomb! -a fire bomb is launched- Wind Style: Air blow! -the fire is mixed with the wind making a bigger fire-
Sasuke: Tch! Fire Style: Fire-Ball Jutsu! -the fire ball counters it as they explode, Sasuke jumps with a Chidori-
Danzo: Ha! Earth Style: Rock Slide! -The pillar that Madara is standing on broke apart as it is falling on Sasuke-
Sasuke, Madara: ?!
Madara: Oh boy! -Jumps landing on the ground-
Sasuke: Gah! -punches some rocks as more falls on him-
Karin: Sasuke!
Sasuke: Gah...*Pant*...*Pant*...You old frog...I'm not gonna fall for that again. (No matter how many Jutsu he might have, he will be out of chakra if he used 'em alot, and that will be my advantage!) ...-Closes his eyes-...Mangekyo Sharingan! Amaterasu! -Glaring at Danzo as Danzo began running off-
Danzo: Eh...-running- (If that touches me!)
-Sasuke following him by sight, as Amaterasu appears at every spot Sasuke stares at-
Danzo: If that keeps up...
-Sasuke moves his sight quickly as the Amaterasu catches up to Danzo-
Danzo: GAH!!! -They start burning him- Ah...! removes his upper cloth, as his right arm, neck and chest are a bit damaged-...*Pant*...
Sasuke: Gah! -Places his hand on his bleeding eye-
Danzo: *Pant*...Fine. You used yours, now I'll use mine. -Removes the bandages around his eyes-Mangekyo Sharingan!
Sasuke, Madara, Karin: ?!
Sasuke: ...What...
Madara: Hm, I wonder how he unlocked it. (I don't remember Shisui had them unlocked. Now let's see their powers, and how much have he mastered it. I might end up stepping in.)
Karin: N-N-No way! an old hag has it?!
Danzo: Now it's time, for you to witness, 'My' Mangekyo Sharingan!
Danzo has the Mangekyo Sharingan ?! What is Sasuke going to do? how will he counter it? and what exactly are it's powers?!

Next Time: Mangekyo Sharingan Vs. Mangekyo Sharingan!
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Naruto 477:
Mangekyo Sharingan Vs. Mangekyo Sharingan!
by: Rock.Lee

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Naruto 478:

Naruto Scene
(Gaara and the other two leave for the village Hidden In The Sand )
Kakashi – So… what have you decided Naruto???
Naruto – Hmmmm…… Kakashi Sensei, I have thought of something…..

(after sometime )
Kakashi – speak up Naruto. We’re waiting……

(Naruto in Sage Mode )
Naruto – Okay…. I will make a kage bunshin and send it with Sai to search for Sakura…. And the real me and Yamato sensei will go to Sasuke, while you leave for the leaf village ……… * KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU * ( a clone of naruto appears )

Kakashi – How will both of you get to Sasuke then??? You don’t have any sensor type ninjas here!!!

Naruto – ( laughing ) Sage Mode is not a joke Kakashi Sensei…. I can sense chakra too…. Even from a distance of 100 kms…. ( winks to Kakashi )……. And since he is not alone so I need Yamato Sensei with me….

Kakashi – wow!!! Dats a good surprise Naruto-kun … you’ve really grown up…. And I approve to your plan Naruto…. Is it okay with you Sai and Yamato???

Sai –Yes…
Yamato – As you wish Hokage….
Kakashi – Then… lets go!!!
Naruto – Sai… don’t let sakura know that I’m just a clone…..
Sai – okay… but why??
Naruto – will tell you later…

( Naruto And Yamato start going towards the West, Sai and Naruto’s Kage Bunshin start moving towards East while Kakashi leave for the Hidden Leaf Village )

Kage Summit ( Taka ) Scene –
Jugo – They’ve got us now Suigetsu!!!
Samurai 1 – Kill both of them!!!

( Three Samurai attack towards Jugo and Suigetsu )
Samurai 2 – ( His sword passes through Jugo ) What the??!!! ( shouting ) These are water clones!!! Search for them!!!!

( Suigetsu and Jugo melt down like ice )
Unknown Place near the Kage Summit –

Suigetsu – Phew !!! We fooled them easily!!! Though they got our clones…. Have to appreciate them for that ( laughing )
Jugo – yeah!!! But they almost got us there….
Suigetsu – Where the heck is Sasuke and Karin???
Jugo – I was with you all the time in the summit… how would I know???
Suigetsu – yeah!! Right… then lets find him….
(Suigetsu and Jugo go into the trees )

Danzou Scene –

Danzou – finally, after years of training….. I’m gonna use my ‘ Hand of Sharingans ‘ …… though, I’ve not yet tried it on a live object…. So u’ll be my first test subject you Uchihas…… (glaring towards Sasuke ) * MULTI SHARINGAN NO JUTSU * ( all the sharingans gets activated ) …… Die you UCHIHAS !!!!

(Danzou charges towards Madara )
(Sasuke stops Danzou )

Sasuke – Danzou!! Stop it already!!! You were my prime aim in the Kage Summit…. Now it’s the time for your Farewell !!! ( charges his chidori blade )

Madara ( thinking ) – finally my plan worked!!! Sasuke has fallen in my plan easily….

Sasuke – so these are the eyes you’ve taken after the Uchiha Clan Assasination…… I’m gonna kill you for this!!!! ( activating his mangekyo sharingan )

Danzou – you got it right…. And one of these eyes belong to your beloved father and also shisui (laughing sarcastically) you can’t even touch me Brat….

Sasuke – Die you!!!!! ( attacks danzou )

(Danzou disappears )
Sasuke – huh… !!! ( shocked )

(Danzou appears behind Sasuke )
Danzou – so… even I’m like Madara!!!
Madara – What the ???!! he mastered it???!!!
Karin – How did he??!!!
Fuu – How did he do it???!!

Next Chapter - Danzo Unleashed !!!
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Naruto 478:
by: The Special One

Naruto 476: Danzou vs. Sasuke

(Madara and Karin escape to higher elevation watching the battle from different angles. Scene drops on Madara.)

Madara: This is what you’ve been waiting for. Let me see how strong hatred has made you. (Scene drops on Karin’s location.)

Karin in thought mode: He’s just recovered from facing the Kages… Please don’t over exert yourself… But Madara is here, everything should be alright if things get too bad. But Danzou’s chakra… Are all those sharingan on his right arm?

(Scene drops on Sasuke and Danzou’s location; Sasuke glares at Danzou’s right arm from a distance.)

Sasuke: You’ll pay... YOU’LLL PAY FOR WHAT YOU’VE DONE! (Danzou smirks… Sasuke quickly makes the ox and monkey hand seals. He then grabs his left hand with his right hand, which forges the Chidori. )

Danzou: Hatake Kakashi’s jutsu… (Sasuke then extends it into the shape of Chidori Sharp Spear, this causes Danzou to back up a bit to avoid being impaled.) Hmm, interesting, so he can add more shape manipulation to an already deadly jutsu, changing its purpose… (Soon Sasuke tosses the Chidori Sharp Spear like a spear, much to the shock of everyone around him. Danzou however, slips to his left to avoid the attack. Danzou positions his right hand outward but bent. Soon, Danzou notices that Sasuke is within meters of attacking him.)

Danzou in thought mode: It was a feint for me to fall victim to his body flicker… (Danzou quickly draws out his short-sword with his left hand and holds it vertically. Danzou positions his body so that Sasuke’s chidori charged katana prepares to be blocked. Sasuke smirks.)

Sasuke in thought: Heh, he can’t defend like that… (Inches before Sasuke’s blade hits Danzou’s, Danzou’s blade is engulfed in wind chakra. Soon CLASH! Sasuke is knocked off balance as his blade flies out of his hand and lands faraway in back of him.) Damn…. Wind chakra…

(Madara and Karin look on intently… Immediately Danzou reaches in with his right hand, preparing to gouge out Sasuke’s left eye however, Sasuke quickly slips his head to the left. Soon all of Danzou’s sharingans gets a close up on Sasuke’s chakra network and notices that electrical charges are emerging.)

Danzou: Hmmmm. (Danzou immediately backs off further distances away as Sasuke’s body crackles with small electrical currents of Chidori. The crackling then stops.)

Sasuke in thought: He saw the nature of Chidori Nagashi before I even activated it… With those sharingan, he can probably read all of my jutsu from a variety of angles at rapid timing… But, I should have more stamina then he… (Sasuke activates Mangekyou Sharingan as the scene switches over to Madara.)

Madara: Ohh… (Switches back to the battle. Danzou takes notice of Sasuke’s Mangekyou Sharingan from afar.)

Danzou: All the more reason why I must have those eyes be a part of my collection… A different breed indeed, just likes that Uchiha Itachi who got away…

Sasuke: AHH! Go TO HELL! (Sasuke activates Amaterasu. Immediately Danzou prepares a jutsu [makes several handseals] he then expels mud on the ground and builds it up until it reaches the size of a Donton Wall. Same exact jutsu used by Sarutobi. The black flames of Amatearsu collide with the Wall of Earth instantly. Sasuke holds his eye in and pain and disappointment.)

Sasuke: Tsk! (The Scene switches over Sakura’s platoon. Immediately Kiba and Akamaru stop moving which places the team in shock.)

Sakura: What’s up guys?

Kiba: I’m picking up Sasuke’s scent! (Everyone else is shocked.)

Lee: Then why we stop man!

Kiba: I’m picking up that strange Akatuski from before as well as a couple others, one of which smells familiar.


Kiba: I don’t think it would be safe to proceed, that’s why I’m stopping here. Sakura, you organized this joint. What do you suppose we do now? Head back to request for aide?

Sakura: If we leave now, we’ll probably never find Sasuke’s scent again.

Lee: BUUT!

Sakura: Kiba, lead the way…



(The Scene switches over to the Cabin. Team Hokage stands outside the establishment. Naruto is still down in his funk. Kakashi walks over and places his hand on Naruto’s shoulder.)

Kakashi: Naruto… Do what it is that needs to be done. That’s all the advice I have to offer. (Naruto lifts his head up.)


Kakashi: Yamato and I have to head back for Konoha but, our top priority is the safety of Sakura and the others. Do you understand Naruto…?

Naruto: Leave Sakura and Sasuke to me… (Kakashi and Yamato look intently at Naruto’s response. The Scene switches back over to the battle between Sasuke and Danzou. Two Shuriken are flying at Sasuke. Sasuke has a hard time focusing on them due to his vision, so he cancels Mangekyou Sharingan.)

Sasuke’s Thought: I’ve overused the Mangekyou Sharingan during my fight against the Kages… (Sasuke then ducks to avoid the Shuriken coming at his head. Switch Scene to Madara.)

Madara: He must not have enough in him to finish Danzou off. Sasuke’s suffering from the side effects of overusing the Mangekyou Sharingan… His body isn’t even moving as swiftly as it had been earlier…

(Switches back to the battle. Three Kunai then fly at Sasuke’s location. Sasuke jumps into the air. Then Danzou tosses a Kunai with an exploding tag on it towards Sasuke’s location in the air.)

Sasuke: Damn. (As it explodes Sasuke quickly makes a strings of handseals.) Katon: Great Fire Jutsu! (The jutsu combats the explosion and condenses the attack. Sasuke then lands on the ground exhausted. Danzou begins walking towards Sasuke’s location while Sasuke is still tired from his previous battles with the Kages. Scene switches to Karin’s location.)

Karin: NOT GOOD! His recovery was cut too short after all...(Switches back to the battle. Danzou is right in front of the kneeling Sasuke.)

Danzou: Before I plucked these eyes of yours. I’ll let you in on a little secret, because what Madara is telling you isn’t at all how I remember things based off your actions to kill me. (Scene switches to a flash back. Itachi is in his Anbu-Attire and he is speaking with Danzou in a secret room.)

Danzou: As much as the Uchiha are a problem for me, to simply comply with your plan, you’d have to provide me with some evidence to convince Homura and Koharu of this. (Itachi nods his head. The Scene switches back to the present.) In actuality, Itachi-(Sasuke looks on intently however, Immediately Madara’s head emerges from the ground and uses his arm and body to smuggle’s Danzou’s lower body.)

Let go of me!

Madara: QUICKLY KILL HIM! ALL LIES! (Sasuke quickly makes the handseals for Chidori as he stands up.)

Sasuke: AHHHHHHHHH! (Seconds from striking Danzou down with the chidori the chapter ends.)

Next Time: Truth Concealed…
by: Vengeance

Team Sakura
Kiba: Sakura, Sasuke’s scent just appeared about a quarter mile east but there are others with him. It smells like that mask Akatsuki, a female &…. no this can’t be right…

Sakura: What is it Kiba?

Kiba: I smell Danzou’s scent but it seems like he doesn’t have his guards with him. I can pick up a feint amount of their scent but it appears as though they vanished some how…

Sai tries to speak but can’t The only thing that comes out of his mouth is “Itachi”.

Sai thinking: So Sasuke knows the truth about the Uchiha massacre…. I wish I could tell them but this blasted seal won’t let me…

Sakura looks over at Sai as he’s trying to speak.

Sakura: It’s that seal isn’t it Sai? You want to tell us something don’t you?

Sai: I’m sorry Sakura….

Sakura: It seems for whatever reason Sasuke is targeting Danzou. Regardless of the type of man he is Danzou is still our Hokage & as such we must not let Sasuke harm him. Let’s hurry!

Sai/Lee/Kiba: Right!

Team Naruto
Naruto: Sai… can you tell me where Sakura is headed now?

Sai: Last I left my main body they were headed south east.

Naruto: Kakashi we need to stop Sakura before she gets herself hurt. I understand she means well but those four have no chance at stopping Sasuke on their own. If Sasuke has truly embraced the dark side of the force there’s no telling what he’ll do to them if provoked…

Kakashi: I guess you’re right but I need to return to the village as soon as possible which kind of complicates things.

Naruto: I’m going to see if I can pickup their location with Sage mode.

Naruto closes his eyes & starts to meditate.

Naruto: Ok… I found Sakura’s chakra… they seem to be moving fast like they’re chasing something…

Naruto concentrates more to broaden his sensory perception. Naruto suddenly opens his eyes with a shocked look in his face.

Yamato: What is it Naruto?

Naruto: It’s… it’s Sasuke… it seems… as though he’s…. he’s found Danzou!!

Kakashi/Yamato/Sai have shocked looks in their faces.

Sasuke & Danzou
Sasuke: Before I kill you Danzou can you answer one question for me?

Danzou: Ha as if a brat like you would stand a chance against me! You’ll be dead soon enough so I’ll humor you for a moment. What do you want to know?

Sasuke: Why did you choose my brother for the assassination?

Danzou: I see Madara has been telling his stories again… Your brother was the best of Root & the most powerful shinobi in Konoha. Choosing Itachi for the assassination of the Uchiha was the path of least resistance. Sure I could have used others but none would have been able to get the Uchiha off their guard. An attack from the inside was the most logical plan of action against those rebellious Uchiha.

Sasuke: Root you say? It seems as though members of this Root mite have been involved as well. Thank you Danzou now I know who I’m looking for. Amaterasu!!!

Danzou covers his face with his arm as Sasuke tries to summon Amaterasu the flames hit the arm & vanish in an instant.

Sasuke: What!?!

Danzou: You didn’t think it would be that easy did you!

Danzou draws his katana & Shushin’s to Sasuke’s location & attacks with a downward lash. Sasuke manages to draw his katana in time & focuses ration chakra into his blade. Sasuke’s blade starts to crack.

Danzou: Naive neophyte Fuuton has a greater cutting power when compared to Raiton!

Sasuke looks shocked as his sword brakes in half & he’s slashed across the chest. Sasuke was able to put up a low level Susano’o last minute so the wound isn’t too deep. Sasuke does a backflip & get’s into a fighting stance.

Madara: Hey Sasuke you want some help?

Sasuke: You stay out of this Madara! After I kill Danzou you’re next on my list!

Madara: Fine have it your way but you better watch out for those eyes.

Sasuke activates MS & attempts to use Tsukuyomi but Danzou anticipates it & puts his arm in front of his face again.

Sasuke: ARRHH!!!!

Sasuke falls to his knees & holds his eye in pain.

Sasuke thinking: He… he countered my Tsukuyomi!

Danzou: None of your dojutsu will work so long as I have this arm!

Danzou charges at Sasuke with his sword drawn & Sasuke activates Susano’o to block it. Danzou throws his sword to the ground & activates a hand sign. The eye in his actual hand changes shape into an MS pattern and he places it on Susano’o. Suddenly Susano’o starts to brake apart. Sasuke falls to his knees as he tries to maintain Susano’o.

Danzou: This eye here is specifically special to me. Out of all my sharingan only two have achieved PMS status by combining both of the original users eyes together after my subordinates met the requirements to active it’s power. Unfortunately the other Uchiha’s did not have the potential to achieve MS. I lost allot of root members due to these experiments.

Sasuke: You’re… you’re a monster!

Danzou’s arm starts in penetrate the Susano’o & get’s closer to Sasuke’s neck.

Danzou: The one in my head is a combination of Shisui ‘s eyes while the one in my hand is a combination of Fugaku’s. Quite an amazing ability your father’s eyes had. By simply looking at the opponent they’re able to draw out & absorb the victim’s chakra into my body to enhance my strength. However the vision on this eye is extremely limited due to the location on my body. At this range though if I simply touch your chakra I can absorb it!

Sasuke: My… father…. You fucking bastard I’ll kill you no matter what it cost me!!!

Suddenly Sasuke’s chakra skyrockets & pushes Danzou back a few feet. Sasuke stands covered in a dark aura as his hair begins to stand.

Madara: O shit Sasuke just went SSJ!

To be Continued.
Naruto 475: Madara's True Power

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475: Madara shows his true worth!!

While Danzō is unfastening the screws of the tool on his arm
Madara: "I see you're quite willing... Danzō"
Danzō: "Madara.. We don't know what he can do. Be on your guard."
Fū: "Yessir"

Fū: "Torune, we're constantly going to cover him together"
Torune: "Understood"

Madara is standing on top of a pillar
Fū and Torune plunge into Madara
Torune throws a kunai at Madara
Madara avoid. As he lands, Fū tries to Shintenshin him, but Madara disappears as soon as he hits the ground.

Fū: "He disappeared from the pillar. As we thought, he has the ability to slip through objects"
Torune: "What now? Can you sense his chakra right now?"
Fū: "No, he disappeared completely"
Fū: "!"
Madara reappears from their rear
As he turns around quickly, Fū cuts him with a sword
Madara's mask is pierced by the sword, but it slips through. Madara doesn't pay attention to it and grabs Fū's arm.

Then Torune throws a kunai at Madara
The kunai hits the mask, bu~~t it slips through.
After that, Fū gets away from Madara.

Madara: "Sensing and the hand-seal for Shintenshin... You're a Yamanaka, right...?"
Torune: "When he lets the enemy's attack slip through in order to protect himself, he gets rid of the entire substance of his body"
Fū: "He has to rematerialise if he wants to make a physical attack... In other words, we should aim to counter that"
Madara: "You understand it well... Nice analysis"

Torune whispers into Fū's ear: (in order to intentionally create a timing for the counter, we have to continuously attack him and move in two steps. The first step is a decoy)
Fū: (I'll be the decoy... ...The Shintenshin no Jutsu cannot be read. You do the main move.)
Torune: (Understood)

Torune takes off his gloves with his mouth
Fū plunges into Madara. Madara evades.
As the chance appears Torune goes (There!!)
Madara evades. The momentum of the attack isn't broken and the counter punch hits Fū's left hand
Fū collapses. Fū's left hand has been invaded by a fungus? and starts rotting?

With the glove off, the cells of everything he touches break down.
Torune: (That guy... He only pretended to attack... Damnit! He tricked us...!)
Madara: "..."

Madara checks the collapsed Fū's state with his Sharingan
Madara: "Hmm... A technique that destroys cells by flowing chakra into them... How troublesome"

Torune gets besides Fū: "I'm sorry Fū. I'll undo it immediately"
Madara: "!"
Torune touches Fū's injury with his index finger
Madara: "It's not chakra, is it. Those are nano-sized poisonous insects... Close to bacteria. You... Even among those shinobi of the Aburame clan who possess this Hiden ninjutsu... [only] that kid Aburame Shikoku had the antibodies for those insects... So Root got their hands on you, hmm..."
Torune has a drop of sweat on his cheek
As he disappears from the ground, Madara says "Danzō... you gathered some good subordinates, it seems..."
Fuu: Sorry Torune.
Torune takes the clothes he's wearing, off (just his top): Fuu, don't lose focus! Sense that guy's location now! We'll settle this with the next one!
Torune's body is slowly becoming black. The cells of the things he touches decay, so by removing his clothes, he increases his range.
But Madara comes from behind. Torune gets sucked into his mask.
Fuu: Dammit! (Torune got sucked in!?)
Madara: My right arm has been infected by poisonous insects huh...
Madara removes his own right arm and drops it on the ground.
Fuu: !?
Madara kicks the arm he threw onto the ground.
Fuu avoids.
Now only Madara's head appears from the ground: You're next.
Fuu: !?
Fuu gets sucked into Madara's mask too.

His hands on Naruto's shoulders, Gaara: ...
Naruto's face is seen, as if he can't say anything.
Gaara looks behind: ...
Temari: We've told you everything there is to tell. Let's go back Gaara. We are going to make the trip back to the village from here. Hatake Kakashi...with you as Hokage, and us, the Sand as an allied nation, let's hope this news doesn't stir any disorder.
Kakashi: Understood.
Back to Naruto, not saying anything.
Gaara, while looking behind: I think of myself as your friend.
Naruto: !
Gaara: I once thought of the word friend as just a word...there was nothing more or less to it. But having met you, I've come to realize that what's important about that word is its meaning.
Naruto: ...
With just his head (in the frame), Naruto looking at Gaara: What are the things that give it meaning? Think hard about the things you're willing to do for Sasuke's sake.
Naruto: ...!
Gaara: Let's go.
Gaara and his group leaves.
Yamato: ...Naruto.
Kakashi, interrupting: You must be able to answer that for yourself.
Naruto, face down: ...

Madara's space.
Sasuke: ! Let us out of here!
Madara: You're confused aren't you. I'm going to let you out now, and waiting for you is a present outside.
Danzou: !
Sasuke and Karin appear from Madara's mask.
Sasuke, with an angered face uses Mangekyou Sharingan.
Danzou: Uchiha...Sasuke...
Madara: You, stand back...if you get caught up in this, you'll die.
Karin: ...!
Karin distances herself. Madara oves back to the top of the pillar.
Bandages removed from his instrument.
Danzou's right arm has a countless number of Sharingan.
Danzou: Both of your Sharingan will be mine.
Danzou removes the viel from his right arm to reveal...many Sharingan!!!
The End.
by: Ohana-2Ch / vered-NF

It begins with the fight between Madara and Danzō.
Fū and Torune are covering [Danzō].
Torune is from the Aburame clan.
Madara sucks up Torune and Fū.
Gaara and Naruto have a conversation.
Sasuke wakes up in the space inside Madara.
Madara brings out Sasuke before Danzō.
Danzō's right arm is completely filled with Sharingan. The end.
Completely filled or rather completely linked.I rather think,'the arm is completely linked to his sharingan'.That's the line but I might be wrong.Also Madra sucks those two can also be inferred as Madara,Fu,Torune are caught up-meaning caught up in a fight
It's a bit of a grotesque image
Danzō's right arm, that is.
Because Torune infected it with a fungus, Madara drops off his own arm.
Torune has some sort of special ninjutsu.

Longer translation:
Danzou starts opening his arm.
Tobi tries to attack him, but Danzou's followers grab him and retreat
Danzou shows an arm like cherry blossoms falling (poetic, right?),
and Fuu removes his bandages while jumping.
Both sides have the sharingan

The place where Shisui's body was found.
It is brought to a kind of morgue by crying Uchihas
At the morgue are Uchiha people (police?) and Danzou, and some Anbu
People say how Itachi wasn't at the meeting last night, and ask Danzou what Itachi has been doing recently in Anbu.
Danzou shown giving orders to Itachi.
Conversation is stopped because Anbu's job is secret
The Uchihas leave for the autopsy starts to investigate the body and get the Sharingan. One Anbu removes his mask, it is Orochimaru.
Tobi watches over Uchihas leaving the building
Sasuke and Karin
Sasuke wakes up and is surprised by where they are
After explanations, he bites Karin to restore himself, and as he's resting, Madara's voice says sorry but he wants some help
Space warps and Sasuke and Karin get out of Madara's face
At that moment, Sakura, Kiba, Raikage, Kakashi and the Sand team
feel Sakura's (mistake? should be Sasuke's) position.
Please DO NOT get confused
PREDICTIONS are different from SPOILERS

by: N.V.O. (Itasuke)

Naruto 476: Reunion! Sakura Approaches!

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Naruto 475: Danzo vs Madara!
Naruto 476: Reunion! Sakura Approaches!
Naruto 477: Darkness Conquers, the Fairy Tale falls apart!
Naruto 478: Tears of the past, the Light in my Heart!

(Team Sakura scene)

Sakura: Are you sure about this, Kiba?
Kiba: Yeah, that's Sasuke's scent, no doubt about it...and plus, my nose never mistake's, same goes for Akamaru, isn't that right boy?
Akamaru: Woof!
Rock Lee: So, what are we waiting for? let's move!
Sakura: Right!
Sai: ...-Closes his eyes-...

(Team Kakashi scene)
Kakashi: So, as I said, leave it all to me, get it Naruto?
Naruto: Mm...Alrig--
Sai (The ink clone): -Opens his eyes- We found Sasuke.
Naruto, Kakashi, and Yamato: ..?!
Yamato: What?!
Kakashi: ...are you sure?
Naruto: ...Uh...please answer the question Sai! are you sure?!
Sai: Yes, we are sure. Kiba said so, and he also said that their noses never mistake's, and that there's no doubt about it, that the scent belonged to Sasuke. He also has one person with him.
Naruto: One person or a thousand! Lead the way, Sai!
Sai: ...Right.
-They start rushing to Sakura and the others-
Naruto: ...(Just don't do anything stupid, Sakura!)

(Anko scene)
Anko: No...way...what have you done to yourself, Kabuto?!
Kabuto: -Looks 75% like Orochimaru- Hehehe...Hahahaha! Kabuto no longer exits, I'm someone far beyond that normal person...I am, "the" Serpent! known as...Kabutomaru!
Anko: What...? Grr...-grabs a kunai- Ninja Art: Striking Shadow Snakes! -Snakes dashes towards Kabutomaru-
Kabutomaru: Ninja Art: Dashing Wrapping Snakes! -the snakes that Kabutomaru unleashed countered those of Anko's-
Anko: Wah?! -Another snake of Kabutomaru dashes towards Anko and wrapes her up-
Anko: Gah...You! *pointing on Terai* we are from the same village! won't you help me?!
Terai: Heh, actually, I was ordered to kill you, if you did not accept to retreat from this mission.
Anko: What?! You fools...
Terai: I'll gladly take my time helping him to finish you off.
Anko: -Gets really mad-...You...I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU! -Breaks off from the snake- I'll kill you BOTH! -Claps both hands together releasing big amount of chakra- HAAA!!!
Kabutomaru: Oh? such power...Hehehe..Hahhaha! That won't change a thing! you'll still DIE!
Anko: We'll see about that! I'll kill you both you maggots! -She rushes towards them-

(Danzo and Madara scene)
Danzo: I'll get serious now, you two just stay behind me.
Madara: Ooh? Hm, you really don't want me to get serious, Danzo. I'm here to talk.
Danzo: I, Danzo of the Leaf, would never unite with the likes of you! as the 6th Hokage, I'll finish you off, right here.
Madara: ...Ahahahahahaha! don't make me laugh! Don't go all "innocent" on me, now now, you don't really believe that you're the confirmed 6th Hokage, do you? they're gonna stand against you.
Danzo: -Staring at Madara-.
Madara: As I said, I'm here to talk, so just listen to me.

(Sasuke and Karin scene)
-They are both walking-
Karin: Where will we be going now?
Sasuke: ...
Karin: What about Suigetsu and Jugo?!
Sasuke: ...
Karin: (You've completly changed...Sasuke...I--! what is this?! 4 strong chakras! they're from the Leaf!) Sasuke! we've got company!
Sasuke: ...! Who are they?
Karin: Leaf Ninjas!
Sasuke: Hmph, just ignore them.
-Fang over Fang! it aims on Sasuke and Karin -- Sasuke slides to the left direction as Karin slides back to the right direction-
Karin: What was that?!
Sasuke: ...Same old Kiba.

Kiba: Heh, aren't you happy to see us?
Sasuke: Us?
-Rock Lee & Sai appear-
Sasuke: you've came too huh? I won't come back, I have no business with you guys anymore, just go away. -turns around and starts walking while Karin is still standing-
Kiba: We didn't come to take you back, actually.
-Sasuke stops-
Sakura: Long time no see, Sasuke.(Sasuke...look at you, you're all messed up...I can see darkness in your eyes...)
Sasuke: -Turns around-...Well, well,If it isn't Sakura.
Karin: Who's she?! (I won't make her take my Sasuke if that's what she wants!)
Sakura: -Opens the button of her cloak- We came, to put an end to you. -throws her cloak away-...
Sasuke: ...-Faces them- Are you guys serious? you are no match for me.
Sakura: Sasuke, you know nothing about me...I'm not the same old Sakura.
-Sakura punches the ground breaking it all apart as the ground under Sasuke and Karin breaks apart too, Sasuke Jumps, and so does Karin-
Karin: (W-what?! such insane power?!)
Sasuke: (What the...? since when does she have this kind of strength?)
-They both land on the ground, Karin lands 7 meters away from Sasuke-
Sasuke: ...
Kiba: (Oh man, she is getting serious, it's best if we stay behind and back her up if anybody tries to attack her.)
Karin: Sasuke! Just kill her already! she's a--
-Sakura appears infront of Karin preparing for a punch-
Karin: What the?!
Sasuke: Karin! get away! -rushes towards Karin- (She won't be able to survive that...)
-Sakura punches Karin away as she falls on the ground bleeding,Unconscious, Sakura lands sliding as Sasuke grabs his sword aiming at Sakura-
Sakura: -Faces Sasuke- , Punches the ground making Sasuke unable to come any closer as he back flips and lands backwards-
Sakura: ...This time...(I will protect you, Sasuke! I'll protect you from the dark!)...I won't hold back like the last time!
Kiba: Woah!
Sasuke: Heh, I heared you took down one of the Akatsuki, that Sasori of the sand, I couldn't believe it at first, but it's clear to me that it's possible.
Sakura: ...
Rock Lee: One is down!
Sasuke: Don't...make me...get serious...-Activates Sharingan-
Sai: (This is bad, we don't stand a chance against the Mangekyo Sharingan.) -closes his eyes-

(Team Kakashi scene)
-Leaping from tree to tree-
Sai (The Ink clone): -Opens his eyes- Sakura is fighting Sasuke, we are backing her up, she defeated the person that was with Sasuke, Sasuke seems to be getting serious now.
Naruto: *Is so shocked* W...what?! we gotta get there now! -moves faster-
Kakashi: (Sasuke getting serious...there's no telling what he might do...this is bad...)
Yamato: Oh boy, at least Sakura did us a favor and got rid of Sasuke's subordinate.
Kakashi: Yeah...Sai, keep being up-to-date.
Sai: Right.
Naruto: (Sakura...she's in danger!)

(Team Sakura and Sasuke scene)
Sakura: Sasuke, give it your best shot! (I'll fight you, even if it means my death...I'll put "My" life on the line!)
Sasuke: Sakura, I would hate to fight you seriously, but I won't allow anybody to stand in my way, be ready for what's coming.
Sakura: I'm Ready.
Sakura fights Sasuke at last? now that Sasuke is getting serious, does Sakura stand a chance? Sasuke might even unleash his Mangekyo powers, what will Sakura do? how will Naruto react when he reach them?
Naruto 477: Darkness Conquers, the Fairy Tale falls apart!

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Naruto 475: Danzo vs Madara!
Naruto 476: Reunion! Sakura Approaches!
Naruto 477: Darkness Conquers, the Fairy Tale falls apart!
Naruto 478: Tears of the past, the Light in my Heart!

by: woo

Naruto 476: Confrontation!

In the Forest

Kiba – Fang Over Fang!
Lee - What do I do?
Sakura – HAAAAAA AHHHH (smashes the ground)
Sai – Ninja Art – Ink Bomb!
Sasuke – Hmph! Fire Style – Great Fire Ball Jutsu!
Karin – Why such a weak jutsu, Sasuke?
Sasuke – I'm saving my chakra.
Sakura – SASUKE! I know you well enough to know you didn't do that on purpose, you hesitated....
Karin – (Thinking) Who's this pink haired skank? Wait didn't I see her before?
Lee – Leaf Whirlwind!

Karin – Ahhhhhhh! (Thud) slams into a rock.
Sasuke – Hmm, fast as always huh Lee.
Sakura – Sasuke... Give yourself up now... Because I don't want to force you too.
Sasuke – Hmph! (He appears behind her with his blade unsheathed) Force me?
Sai, Lee, Kiba – Sakura!
Akamaru – Woof!

Flying Platform Over The Forest

Sai – They engaged in battle! Naruto?
Naruto – Almost there... NOW!

They all jumped off from the platform, The sand goes back into the gourd, the rest of the sand falls and glitters.

Naruto sees Sakura with Sasuke's blade to her neck – SASUKE!
Sasuke – Naruto... Hmph! (He strikes her neck)
Kakashi – Got her!
Sakura was saved by Kakashi.
Naruto – Thank you Sensei. Sakura, why? Sasuke How could you be so cold now, what have you become?
Sasuke – Do you still intend on bringing me back to Konoha? Naruto.
Naruto – Alive or Dead (Kyuubi eyes)
Sasuke - Really? (Sharingan)
Gaara puts up a sand shield around everyone including Karin, except for Naruto and Sasuke.
Kakashi – Sasuke... Naruto...

Madara & Danzous' Scene
Madara – Hohoho, seems like Fire and Wind have found each other. But forget about them for now
Danzou lying on the ground – What do you want with me?

Madara – I want... You to go back to Konoha, and kill Tsunade and Bring me the armor of the Third.
Danzou – Why do you want her dead and the armor for?
Madara – She is Hashirama's granddaughter.
Danzou – Doesn't tell much....
Madara – She possesses the ability to control the bijous. But she can not use it. It is written on her body in old tongue and she cannot read it.

Danzou – Why does she have this? And why do you want the armor.
Madara – Hokages are giving this seal to protect it. And I want it. As for the armor, I think I would look dashing in it.

Danzou – So I take it you can read it, and what is the armor really for?
Madara – (shakes his head) Danzou you old fool, You think I didn't notice you trying to sue shisuis' ability on me. (He reaches and pulls out the Sharingan). You have no use for this... at the moment. Kill tsunada, bring me her body and the armor and you will get this back.

Danzou – (bleeding) Yes.
Madara swirls away.
Danzou – Hmph....

The Forest
Naruto and Sasuke are clashing with each other, tree are seen on the ground. Not one of them have a scratch.

Kakashi – Barely any chakra has been used.... by both of them.... Incredible.
Yamato – Incredible. What strength between these two.
Kankuro – I change my mind, I never want to spar with Naruto...
Lee – Oh what strength Naruto.
Kiba – Naruto, Is your fart as strong as you? I hope not.
Gaara – The makings of another true ninja.
Sakura – Naruto, I'm Sorry (Cries).

Back to the fight.

The both fight and as they fight they are jumping through the forest.
Naruto – Sasuke! (Prepares a Rasengan)
Sasuke – Fool. (Charges a Chidori)
by: MinatoTheUltiVillain



Sakura “ Kiba , anything yet ??.. “

Kiba “ There is a very faint scent of them but it seems they were here a long time ago , it looks like its going in that direction…” points towards the building of kage summit.

Lee “ Sakura-chan ! Is it safe to go there , we don’t have any authorization from the land of the iron or any of the kages , if we’re caught , we’ll be dealt with seriously !! “

Sai “ Don’t worry lee , I have send out many ink-animals , if any one comes in our way we’ll know before-hand”

Sakura “ Then lets go everyone !! “


Ino “ Shikamaru , tell me it’s a lie …….. everything is just a dream”

Shikamaru “ I am afraid I can’t Ino-san , I wish I could , but this is the reality . Sasuke has to be finished off , we can’t let him hurt anyone now , sakura-chan , naruto and you. It can’t go on anymore”

“ We’re waiting for Team Sakura’s report and we’ll start our action soon…”


Danzou “ What do u want now ……………… Madara??”

Madara “ Oh my , come on now……izuna , why so upset with me ?? After all I did leave one of your eyes with you !! You should be grateful !!”


Madara “ I cant go on like this…………..i want to see the world again !!! I am sorry little brother”

Izuna “ Nooooo………” ……….Madara takes out idoshen’s right eye.

Madara “ don’t worry , I won’t take both of your eyes , I just need one “

Izuna “ U bastard………….arrghhhhhh” ,his face is seen with blood trickling down from his right eye through the face and falling on the ground.

(Scene changes to an unknown time ahead in the future)

Izuna’s head is wrapped in bandages especially on the right side .

He is lying alone in the room , recalling the past events…………..

Izuna shouting “ Madara , I want my eye back ……….”

He lunges towards madara with his arms outstretched . He simply passes through madara .

Madara “ Haha ! I have the EMS now little brother , you can’t even touch me now “

Izuna shouting “ u rascal , you’ll pay for what you have done to me.” And activates his mangekyo sharingan in the left eye.

Madara “ you just don’t get it do you ? The jutsus you could perform with your right eye are gone now , you have become less than half of what you once were.”

“ I’ll show u how weak u have become. Hahaha ! “ and he suddenly disappears.

Izuna thinking “ where the hell did he go ?? “

Madara appearing right in front of him with a kunai in his hand whispering in his ear “ This is to for reminding you always of this day and of how weak you are now compared to me “

He slashes izuna’s face in the chin area and blood splurges all around.

(Present Day)

Danzou “ Even if you took 1 eye of mine my chakra reserves are as much as you madara …. “

“ I am going to ask you 1 last time , what do you want from me madara ? “

Madara “ let’s just say I am here to make a deal with you idoshen !! “

Danzo “ First I am not idoshen anymore , I left that name the day u gave me these scars “ pointing at his chin . “ And 2nd I have no intention of working with a traiter who betrayed his own brother “

Madara “ Look at yourself now idoshen , do u realize the position you are in ? You cant think of going back to konoha , you will be traeated like a traiter “

Madara “ why are you so upset with me , I just betrayed you and you , you betrayed the entire clan. Or have you already forgotten ? “

“ Well , like I said you the last time we met , let us forget about the past idoshen , after all I did let you have shisui’s eye , You haven’t forgotten that , have you ? “

Danzou “ hmmphh …….. what do you want to say now ? “

Madara “ Well ,I have been watching the progress and the power you have gained idoshen and your subordinates Fuu and Torune too ,I am here to invite you , Fuu and Torune to join akatsuki “

Fuu and Torune had been listening to this conversation.

Fuu “ Danzou-sama , we and the root is with you whatever decision you may take “

Madara “ I will give you some time to think little brother ……. “ Madara disappears.

Itachi vs Orochimaru
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