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Naruto 474 RAW Spoilers and Predictions

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Naruto 474: Prepared to Act as Hokage
Scanlation by: Mangastream

Read Naruto 475 Predictions

Read Naruto 475 Predictions

Read Naruto 475 Predictions

Read Naruto 475 Predictions

Read Naruto 475 Predictions

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Read Naruto 475 Predictions

Read Naruto 475 Predictions

Read Naruto 475 Predictions

Naruto 474: Full Summary

Sai discloses Sakura's true feelings...!!

Kakashi: I thought something was up but..
Yamato: What's the meaning of this Sai?
Naruto: ...
Sai: Sakura didn't come here to confess... she came because it was decided amongst the rest of members of our class...
Naruto: ... I thought it was fishy...of course she was hiding something.

Chapter 474: A Hokage's Resolution...!!

Sai: The feelings Sakura could not express to you... even I can understand.
Naruto: Sai... tell me.
Kakashi, Yamato are listening quietly.

Sai: Sasuke will be dealt with by Konoha, and the rest of the members in our class intend on doing just that.

Naruto's face becomes pale.
Yamato and Kakashi are also surprised.

Naruto, gripping Sai's shoulders: ...Sakura-chan she...she really agreed to something like that!? Sakura is in love with Sasuke!! And even so--

Sai: Sasuke is helping this world come into darkness. If we let Sasuke live as he is now, he will just be adding fire to the war with the other countries. He's a criminal. And Konoha, having just been attacked by Akatsuki, the Konoha ninja can not approve of Sasuke cooperating with them. Sakura's no idiot, she's not some child that doesn't understand the different stances and circumstances surround this situation. That's why I came all the way here to try and tell you this.

Kakashi: ...
Naruto: ...Ku...Why the hell couldn't I have just been told this from the beginning then!?
Kakashi: ...Because it's not something that could have easily been said right. I understand that it's tormenting you.
Naruto: But that's why...
Sai: Sakura has given up on Sasuke. By confessing to you, she wanted to release of the burden of that promise. Even so you still want to help Sasuke. That's why I think it was hard to tell the truth. She was thinking of your feelings. Moreover...perhaps you already knew that.
Naruto, recalling Sakura's confession: ...

Sai: In truth, it was Sakura who told us not to tell you what was going on. I myself, in some way or another wanted to tell was my business to tell you.
Yamato: But if she knew Naruto's reaction...and wasn't intending on telling the truth right? What then is she thinking of doing?
Sai: I can only imagine what she'd do from here, but...perhaps Sakura is-
Naruto: ?

Kakashi: ...planning to kill Sasuke alone isn't she.
Naruto: !!?
Yamato: Is that true? Sai!
Sai: ...probably.

Sai reminisces about after the members of their class talked about Sasuke.
Sakura, squatting.
Sai: ...Please don't take this upon yourself. I'm also a member of Team 7. And there's also, everyone else..
Sakura, faking a smile: Ah...yeah...thank you Sai...I also agree with them...

Sai: Sakura smiled and told everyone she would cooperate but this time I could tell it was a fake smile...[in reference to earlier on when she fooled him and punched him]
Naruto: No way...Sakura-chan do that with Sasuke?!

Sai interrupting: It's because she's in love- At this rate, Sasuke is being thrust into wickedness, and I don't think she can stand to leave him like that. I think it's because she loves him that she wants to save him from this path of evil. To her, to deal with, and kill the person she cares about, she feels like she must do it herself. The girl that's fallen for Sasuke-- that's her resolution, I feel. And with that...Naruto...she's prepared to deal with your resentment.

Naruto: !?
Sai: I think that she wants to make up for all that burden you've had to carry yourself. Sakura has relied on you too much up until now...and because of that, she wants to take care of everything herself.
Naruto: did you tell me this?
Sai: ...
Sai, recalls his exchange with Sakura.
Sai: Naruto is being tormented by Sasuke but...aren't you doing the same?

Sai: I could say it's because it was my will to...but it could also be my fault that Sakura is dealing with it the way she is. And so that's why I told you...and also because we can't leave Sakura be I feel...because I too am a member of Team 7.

Naruto lying face down: I see...

Kakashi: (Knowing this now is probably giving Naruto conflicting now?)
Naruto remembering many things, starts to cry: ...!

Temari: You guys, there is something you must hear. It's about what happened at the Kage summit.

A kunai is stuck in a tree.
From an elevated place, Madara: It's been a while, Danzou...since that Uchiha matter huh?

Yamato: I seems like it was a rocky meeting thought, Danzou...

Kakashi: ...Me as the hokage, I can't say that I'm eager to do it...but as things are, there may be no choice...after returning to Konoha we should ask of everyone's opinions.
Temari: Madara's declared that he's waging war. We can't just take our time.
Yamato: I'm pretty sure we will probably get everyone's approval...let us talk them into promoting Kakashi-senpai to Hokage. With our reaction behind, if we make the first move and strike Akatsuki and Madara, it would be bad for us as our positions will change. (not sure about this)
Kakashi: ...well, if that happens...

Everyone looks at Naruto.
Yamato: ...that and Sasuke go as far as to attack the meeting place.
Gaara: Naruto...I'm telling you now, this war is about protecting the Hachibi and short, yourself. And for the sake of the ninja world...As the Kazekage, I would put my life on the line to protect you. If any of Akatsuki, including Sasuke, get in the way of the shinobi alliance, I won't show mercy.

Naruto listens silently.
Everyone looks toward Naruto.

Gaara recalls his conversation with Sasuke.
Gaara: Sasuke, you are like me...someone who's walked in the darkness of this world...because of that there should be even a little hope left in your eyes. From before...and even now.
Sasuke: My eye's have already closed... my purpose is in the darkness.

Gaara: Sasuke isn't looking to you. He is looking to the darkness.
Naruto: ...!
Gaara: were the one that said, "I'm going to become Hokage" didn't you...I've become the Kazekage.
Naruto: ...
Gaara, putting his hands on Naruto's shoulders: I've made the resolution that is the burden of a kage. As Sasuke's friend, do what really must be done.
Naruto: ...

Fu and Torune return fire.
Madara: !
Danzou bringing out his right hand from his mantle: Fu, Torune, cover me. I'm going to release the seal on my right arm.

Madara VS Danzou!?

The end.

by: vered-NF

Sai tells Naruto about Sakura's intentions. Sai and Kakashi thinks Sakura plans to kill Sasuke by herself. They then discuss more about her feelings on Sasuke.
After the dicussion, the sand siblings appeared before them, told them that Madara came to the summit and plans to start a world war.
Gaara told Naruto that he will protect him no matter what. They then talk about Sasuke

Danzou and his men finally met Madara. and a battle is about to happen
Sai starts talking to Naruto about Sakura's true feelings
What Sakura hid away from him was that: "Konoha will deal with Sasuke" and, "All the members of our class plan to act."
Sai and Kakashi figure that it seems like Sakura plans on killing Sasuke herself

It's because she loves Sasuke that she can't just leave him pursuing his evil ends like this; even if it turns out that she has to kill a person she loves with her own hands, Sasuke whom she had fallen in love with, that is what Sakura is ready to do

The Kazekage, Kankurou, and Temari make an appearance when they're done talking. They speak of the developments of what happened at the Five Kage meeting

Around that time, Madara (Tobi) appears where Danzou and his posse are

Also at that time, the Kazekage finishes talking to Naruto and co. about what went on at the Kage meeting, about the Great Shinobi War

The Kazekage says, "This is a war to protect the Eight-Tails and Nine-Tails. As the Kazekage, I'll risk my life to protect you. I won't put up with it if Uchiha Sasuke were to stand in my way as one of the Akatsuki"

" once told me 'I'm the man who'll be Hokage'. Well I've become Kazekage. If you decided on carrying the burden of the Kage title, then as Sasuke's friend, do what truly needs to be done"

And while that's happening, Danzou and his posse begin fighting Madara
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Readers' corner

Special conversation between Togashi-sensei and Kishimoto-sensei
by: N.V.O (Itasuke)

Naruto 474: Truth!

(Sai & Team Kakashi scene)
Kakashi: ...
Naruto: *Turns around facing Sai* Um what is it, Sai?
Sai: Sakura, lied about saying that she "Loves" you..
Naruto: *Looks down* I knew that was all a waste of time hu--
Sai: No.
Naruto: ..What?
Sai: She wasn't just bluffing, she was planning to make let go of that promise you made, so that you won't have to bring Sasuke anymore.

Naruto: What?! why...Sakura why have you changed all the sudden..after all we went through to bring back Sasuke...after all we've gone through to save Sasuke! she can't let that all be for nothing! not after all this time...we can't let go of him NOW!

Kakashi: old story) um Naruto, it's better to listen to what Sai is going to say, don't you agree?
Naruto: ...Yeah.
Sai: searching for Sasuke in the meantime.
Naruto - Kakashi - Yamato: ..?!
Naruto: Alone?!
Sai: No, with us, Kiba, Rock Lee and myself.
Yamato: That's crazy! that kid is dangerous! from what I've seen before, he was amazingly strong, going after him now will onl--
Kakashi: Easy..Tenzo.
Yamato: ...Senpai...
Kakashi: They know what they're doing, let them do what they're planning to do.
Yamato: But! if they encounter him, they might--
Kakashi: Tenzo, *Kakashi puts his cloak on* I didn't say we're not going to follow them, did I?

Naruto - Yamato: ...!
Yamato: So, we're going after them?
Kakashi: Joining them, more likely.
Naruto: Alright! so this is going to be like old days missions huh? searching for Sasuke and trying to bring him back Hehe -smiles-.
Kakashi: Hm,Yeah..(I hope so, Sakura seems to be not thinking that way, she...might go with "that") Alright, let's move out!
Sai: ...There's only one thing, that I need to tell you, Naruto, Captain-Yamato, Kakashi-Sensei.
Kakashi: ...Hm?
Sai: The *Truth* is...

(Raikage & co. scene)
Raikage: Now Bee, joking time is over, the 4th Ninja War was declared on us!
Kirabi & Sabu: What?!
Sabu: N-N-No no way!
Kirabi: Yo Brother! you're kiddin' me right?!
Raikage: No, I'm not.
Shii: We're not bluffing, the 4th-Great-Ninja-World-War was declared on us.
Kirabi: So, what's the plan? how're we gonna prepare?
Raikage: Look, we made an alliance, the 5 great villages will join forces to fight the enemy.
Kirabi: How did that go?
Raikage: It went well, but we needed to choose someone to lead the alliance.
Kirabi: And who that might be?
Raikage: Kakashi Hatake, The copy Ninja.
Kirabi: That guy?! where are we gonna find him?!
Raikage: We detected their place, and I've asked the Sand siblings, including the Kazekage to go and tell them what happened and what have we decided to do.
Kirabi: Well then, let's move!
Raikage: We must get back to the village first, to discuss and make up strategies.
Shii: Right.
Darui: Let's go then.

(Danzo & co. scene)
Danzo: No matter, we don't need that byakugan, we'll kill him if we encounter him later, even if it means that I'll have to fight him myself, in the meantime, we'll have to get back to the village before news about what happened in the summit reaches them, therefor I'll tell you two about my plans.
Torune - Fuu: ...Right.

(Mizukage & co. scene)
Mizukage: Alright, let's set out now.
Ao: Where are we going?
Mizukage: We're going to see Kakashi Hatake, lead us Ao.
Ao: Hm, right! (did I miss something back in the summit?)..*Tracked him, he's with three people one appears to be a clone, and 3 are approaching them as well.
Mizukage: That must be the Kazekage and his siblings, let's move.

(Anko scene)
Anko: -Behind a tree- (So, he's there..)
-Kunai knives are thrown towards Anko- Anko: What the..!? -backflips dodging as she lands- Who is it?!
-Terai appears- *Terai is the guy that Danzo sent to track Anko before he left to the Kage Summit*
Terai: I've been ordered by the Hokage, to tell you that your mission ends here.
Anko: What..and that was your way of telling me?!
Terai: If you won't apply, I must use force.
Anko: What the..I know Lady Tsunade is not the one who sent you...speak up you maggot! who did?!
Terai: Tsunade? Ahaha...don't make me laugh, our new Hokage is Danzo.
Anko: New...Hokage?! no way, what happened to Tsunade?!
Terai: It's a long story, but now you'll have to follow the orders of the new Hokage.
Anko: Sorry to break it down to ya, but I won't follow the orders of that Hokage of yours, I bet Jonins of the leaf still haven't voted am I right? so he's what I call "Fake Hokage"! tell you what, I'll fight for my Hokage, and you fight for yours -grabs a kunai knife- Heh..let's see who's Will-of-Fire is stronger..
Terai: You sure are stubborn as they say, fine. -grabs a kunai knife-
-Terai throws his kunai knife towards Anko as Anko throws her kunai knife on his, both kunais falls on the ground, Anko rushes towards Terai-
Anko: -Striking Shadow Snakes!- *Snakes dashes towards Terai wrapping him up*
Terai: Gah! (she can use snakes too..? how?!)
Anko: You looks surprised heh, just because the curse mark is gone, it doesn't mean I Lost..-Grabs him near her while he's still wrapped by the snakes- MY ABILITIES! Hyaaaaa!! -Punches his face making him fall- Now then.......Ram-Ox-Boar-Ox-Serpent! -Ninja Art: Fallen Snakes! -huge amount of snakes goes out of Anko and are thrown towards the sky, going to fall on Terai-

Terai: Oh no...-He tries to run but Anko wraps him by two of her snakes-

Anko: I won't let you GO! -the snakes fall on Terai as he got some wounds because of their heavy weight- How do you like that?!

Terai: -Back flips and slides back- *Pant*...*Pant*...So, you're tough aren't you? well...-throws his cloak and removes his mask- I'll get serious now.

Anko: Bring on your best shot, that won't change a thing.

???: Well well well, what do we have here a party? and I'm not invited? how rude..Hehehe...

Anko: Tsk..-turns around-

Terai: Who is it..?

???: -Appears in the shadows--...It's me...Kabuto...

Kabuto: Kabuto Yakushi..HeheheheheHahahaha!

Anko: No way..what have you..become?!

Kabuto appears in the shadows of darkness at last! what will happen next?

Next time: The Rebirth of the Serpent!
by: The Special One

Naruto 474: True Motives

(The Scene switches to Sakura’s team, who is rushing through the Land of Iron.)

Sakura: But that’s where the Kage Summit was said to have been.

Lee: What could Sasuke want with them, they’re after him right?

Kiba: Hey, that’s his last scent trail, so you can’t deny it. But Sakura, once we get there, and if Akamaru and I can somehow trace it back to Sasuke like before when he used a space-time transfer to escape from that one explosive Akatuski’s jutsu, what do you suppose we do?


Sakura: Just worry about tracing Sasuke’s scent, we’ll worry about the here and now once we get to that point.

(Lee goes into a deep thought.)

Lee: That’s not like Sakura at all. (Lee shakes his head as this signals the end of his thought.)

Kiba: I sure hope you know what you’re getting yourself into. (Kiba goes into deep thought and pictures Naruto’s face in regards to Sakura’s confession.) Whose side should I really be on? (End of Kiba’s thought. The Scene switches over to Juugo and Suigetsu’s location. Now, they are completely surrounded by Samurai.)

Commander (assumed): Surrender at once and take your punishments willingly, or be contained forcefully!

Juugo: What should we do?

Suigetsu: Kill em obviously! (The Samurai pull out their blades and channels Raiton conduction. The samurai are slowly closing in.) I’m weak against Lightning. Juugo, remove their helmets, I have a plan. (Suigetsu liquefies as the Samurai rushes at them. Juugo goes into his initial cursed activation. The Scene switches to Raikage and Killer Bee’s location. Shii is checking out the corpse of Kisame by scanning its left arm using medical ninjutsu chakra.)

Raikage: So how about it?

Shii: His body hasn’t been dead for too long, and the chakra network that is wired throughout his body is strong. The transplant should be sufficient, though in order to match the muscle tissues and skin fibers of your body, I’ll have to spend more time gathering more material to work with.

Killer Bee: Yo bro, some pro you are, one handed bandit, ah yeah!

Darui: Geeze… (Samehada’s hilt wraps around Killer Bee’s arm. Raikage snickers.)

Raikage: It was that Uchiha brat. Runt was more than I thought. You should know Bee… And certain circumstances is calling you back, you running away really put us in a jam, lucky I don’t just Iron Claw your ass. (From a short distance, Sabu can be seen hiding behind a tree. Sabu goes into deep thought.)

Sabu: If the Raikage finds out that I escaped with him here to avoid the shinobi, he’ll beat me with passion…(End of Sabu’s thought. Scene switches back to Raikage’s group.)

Shii: Sabu, you can come out. (Sabu vanishes into the forest. From a very far distance, beyond Shii’s chakra sensing abilities. Dark Zetsu is slowly submerging into the ground.)

Dark Zetsu: Zu, zu, zu, zu, zu. (Scene switches to the Cabin where Sai’s responses get everyone riled up.)

Naruto: You got to be freaking kidding me! (Naruto has a distraught face. Naruto then closes his eyes and bends his head down in assumed disappointment; surprisingly he keeps his eyes closed.)

Kakashi: So, it was a ploy after all.

Yamato: Of all the-… She’s going to get herself and the others killed!

Sai: I told her your feelings, but I didn’t think she’d use them to do this.

Kakashi: Sai, you-…

Yamato: First Sakura, now you? What the hell is going on around here? Talking about such things behind other’s backs? That’s not how teams are supposed to function. Why I oughta-…

(Yamato walks forward however, Kakashi puts his hand in front, stopping him.)

Kakashi: It’s just a clone relaying a message, chill… (Kakashi goes into a deep thought.) Naruto… (End of Kakashi’s thought as Naruto reveals his face as he opens his eyes. Naruto is now in Sage Mode, much to everyone’s shock.)

Naruto: Just sitting and mulling over it won’t solve anything.

Next Time: Setting out
by: jeanericuser

Naruto 474: The Great Ninja War Begins

Deep below the ground, Madara is standing on a podium before an army of shinobi in akatsuki robes. He slowly removes his mask as he stands before them but the darkness of the chambers only allows his eyes to be visable within the darkness. Madara claps his hands together creating a loud clap that silences everyone in the room.
Madara: "Several hours from now, you shall be arriving at your first target. Your mission is to eliminate all resistance whether it be man, woman, or child. You are to leave no enemy targets alive. Is that understood?"
Shinobi as one: "YES SIR!!"
The Images of Naruto and Killer Bee appears behind madara in large form.
Madara: "Good. While on your mission if you encounter either of these targets you are to take them prisoner as soon as possible and have them sent to here immediately. If they resist you are allowed to use any force you deem necessary but they must be delivered to here alive. Is that clear?"
Shinobi: "YES SIR!!"
Madara: "I expect the best results from all of you. That is all. Forward company move out! The rest of you get ready to march! You leave in 3 hours!"

Madara slowly vanishes from the podium as the shinobi march out of the chamber en mass. Madara is then shown watching the army as it heads out of the village from high atop a balcony. Zetsu appears and stands next to Madara. Zetsu looks down and his jaw drops as he watches them head out.
Zetsu: "How many are there heading out to battle?"
Madara: "Thousands."
Zetsu is shocked and leans his head forward to look down at the passing shinobi."
Zetsu: "Thousands?! How can this village produce that many shinobi."
Madara: "It hasn't. All of these shinobi are ones that akatsuki has manipulated through years of braindwashing and torture. Their minds which once favored their families or villages, now serve as fodder for this war. It will be by their manpower that we shall strangle the ninja world and destroy those who shall refuse to serve us."
Zetsu watches as the shinobi head out by the thousands. The very street hidden under their massive numbers.

Killer Bee is running through the forest with raikage, shii, and darui. At the same time Killer Bee is with the hachibi evaluating the situation.
Hachibi: "So there is a ninja war incoming? Interesting. Its been a long time since something like this happened."
Killer Bee: "I remember the last one. It was somewhat fun albiet short since my bro rarely ever allowed me to leave the village."
Hachibi: "The difference is this time we have to deal with someone that makes hanzo seem like a genin."
Killer Bee: "I know the stories of his shear strength not to mention the immortality are a little frightening but at least we don't have to deal with him right away."
Hachibi: "Speaking of which I can't help but notice we have some incoming company."
Killer Bee opens his eyes and stops at a branch. Raikage and the others notice and come back to where killer bee is standing.
Raikage: "Don't tell me you think you forgot a sword? We are not heading back to there and thats final."
Killer Bee: "Easy bro. We have some shinobi incoming."
Raikage turns to look at shii. Shii kind of gets concerned and closes his eyes then reopens them.
Shii: "He is right boss. There is at least 20 individuals incoming."
Darui: "The other villages mobilized their armies this quickly?"
Raikage: "No. Its way to soon for any of them to have set their forces in motion this soon but lets check who they are anyways."
Killer Bee: "If their hostile let me take a shot at em. I would like to see what I can do with this samehada sword."
Raikage: "That is a cursed blade. Its best to destroy it. There is no telling if akatsuki has any kind of booby traps on that blade."
The group of shinobi start moving down below them. One of them looks up and suddenly they all as one look up and toss shirokens and kunai at the group.
Killer Bee thinking: "Lets do it!"
Hachibi: "This should be interesting."
The ninjas below look up to suddenly see a figure come jumping down from out of the trees towards them. The figure gives off an unnatural scream as it races towards them from high above.
Raikage: "Damn it! Shii! Darui! Keep an eye on him. Make sure he doesn't try to run away again."

Sai's clone is standing with Naruto, Kakashi, and Yamoto outside in the snow. Naruto has an extremely angry look on his face while Kakashi looks concerned and Yamoto looks angry as well.
Sai: "And that is what they are planning."
Naruto: "I knew sakura was foolish to use false love as a means to get me to head home but this is just plain crazy."
Kakashi: "What in the hell is shikimaru thinking?! He knows that the rookie nine together stand no chance against sasuke."
Yamoto: "One of us had best return to the village and stop this foolish idea fast."
Sai: "Its too late for that. Sakura is already trying to track down sasuke with kiba, myself, and lee."
Naruto: "I think we had best split up and deal with this situation before it becomes a complete disaster."
Kakashi and Yamoto: "Agreed."
Kakashi: "I will stay with naruto and use the tracking hounds to locate sakura's group. Yamoto you head back to konoha and inform the jonin of this foolish plot."
Yamoto: "I will also see how things are doing back at the village. I know they needed my help to rebuild more of the village before we left."
Naruto: "Sai. We will get this done I promise. You can disperse now."
Sai smiles and the clone disentigrates into ink that blackens the snow.
At the same time, on the roof of the house a puppet looks down as it finishes listening to the conversation. It then jump behind the house and runs back to its master, kankuro. Garaa is sitting in hiding with temari as they watch yamoto, kakashi, and naruto in the distance.
Kankuro: "It seems there is some problems in the leaf village as well. Some of the rookie nin are going after sasuke."
Temari: "We should just grab naruto, tell kakashi the news, and go. Im freezing out here."
Garaa: "Patience Temari. This information is important too and besides we should at least allow naruto to do this one task."
Temari: "But why not help them directly? At the very least yamoto could carry the information back to konoha."
Garaa: "Its best we not ruin their plans right now by informing them of the situation. For now we will just watch them and keep an eye out on what they are gonna do."
Unknown to Temari, Kankuro, and Garaa a clone of naruto is standing on a tree high above watching them. The clone smiles and looks off to see yamoto in the distance running in the direction of konoha while Kakashi is with several ninja dogs who are listening to naruto talk in a muffled tone.

Killer Bee is standing in the forest as the last shinobi stands looking in terror at Killer Bee. The shinobi raises his kunai and attemps to make a hand sign but his whole body is shaking in terror.
Shinobi thinking: "What are you? I must tell Madara about this immediately!"
Raikage looks down with Shii and Darui at the scene of killer bee facing the shinobi. The shinobi raises his blade and attempts to perform a hand sign. Raikage watches with shocked curiousity while the shinobi slowly tries to move away. Killer Bee pulls out samehada which slowly begins to transform into its full form. The shinobi looks horrified and lets out a scream as Killer Bee finishes him off with one slash. Raikage smiles and slowly jumps down along with Shii and Darui.
Raikage: "If this was home I would have you slapped in irons for a month for doing something reckless like that."
Raikage examines the dead shinobi and notices several different village headbands including that of the cloud village.
Raikage: "This does not make sense. These shinobi seem to be from several different villages. Here is one from the leaf. One from the sound. There is even one here from the sand village."
Darui looks down at one ninja and suddenly he recognizes the face of the shinobi.
Darui: "Boss! One of these shinobi is from our village. I recognize him as one of our people sent out to look for killer bee."
Raikage is examining them but then notices that one of them is alive. Raikage moves over to the shinobi's side and notices the shinobi is about to die.
Raikage: "Who do you serve? Where were you headed?!"
The shinobi coughs up blood but then smiles.
Shinobi: "I serve my master, Madara."
Raikage is about ready to kill him but then stops. Raikage instead gets on his knees next to the body of the shinobi.
Raikage: "Where were you headed? Tell me and I may let you live."
The shinobi lunges forward and whispers something in Raikage's ear. Raikage's eyes widen in shock and he immediately looks at the other with a nervous expression.
Darui: "So where were they headed boss?"
Raikage stumbles to his feet. He looks at Killer Bee. The shinobi starts to laugh but then his head falls to his side and he dies as blood trickles from his mouth.
Raikage: "Our home. Akatsuki has decided to launch their first offensive by attacking our village."

475: Preparations for the Siege

Naruto Chapter. 474: True Motives!

(Naruto scene)
Sai: And that's what Sakura is going to do.
Naruto: Damnit!I would've expected this from Sakura,but Kiba and Lee too,why!
Kakashi: Naruto,calm down.Let's track them down first,and then we'll find out why.
Yamato: Sai,where are you now?
Sai: We're heading to the kage summit.Kiba said that that's where Sasuke's scent was last reachable.
Kakashi: Aren't the kages there now?I don't think they'll let you in.
Naruto: Let's try to catch up to them before they reach.
(Everyone heads out to the summit's area.Sai's clone dissapears)

(Raikage scene)
Raikage: I'll deal with you later Bee,but for now we have to head out to the village,we have some preparing to do.
Bee: Preparing?.....For what?
Darui: The 4th great ninja world war!
Bee: What,another one!?Who declared it?
Raikage: It was Uchiha Madara!
Bee: Madara!..You gotta be kidding me,the guys dead for what now,a 100 years or so,there's no way that that's possible.
Shii: He's very alive indeed,we talked to him at the Kage summit.
Bee: There was a Kage summit.Oh man,how much do i have to miss?..Any way why did he declare the war,it's not like it was just for no reason!?
Raikage: He declared it because me and the other Kages refused to cooperate with him,in terms of handing you,and the Kyuubi over to him.
Bee: What.Why in the hell did he want me for!?
Raikage: Now that's another story,i'll tell you when we get to the village,for now we have to move quickly.
Bee: Whatever.
(They head out to the village)

(Sakura scene)
Lee: How much longer till we get to the summit,Kiba?
Kiba: It's right up ahead.
(Sakura thinking): I'am sorry,Naruto.Please forgive me.
Sai: Sakura-Chan.
Sakura: Yes,Sai?
Sai: Can we really go up to Sasuke?
Sakura: What do you mean?
Sai: I mean we're not pushovers or anything,but Sasuke is pretty strong.
Sakura: Just leave it up to..........
(Sakura is interrupted by Naruto from a far)
Naruto: SAKURA!
Kakashi: Oh boy.
(Yamato looks intrigued as for what's to happen)
Sakura: Naruto,what're you doing here!?
Naruto: Why didn't you tell me you were going after Sasuke?
Sakura: Naruto please understand,i did it becau....
(Naruto is angrier now)
Naruto: I don't want to hear anymore lies,i've had enough!
Sakura: .......!?
Kiba: Give her a chance to talk,Naruto.
Naruto: ..............?
(Naruto starts to calm down)
Sakura: I feel like i've thrown a huge burden on you,Naruto.that's why i've decided to take that burden off by going after Sasuke.And i knew that if i told you,you'd react like this.
Naruto: Sakura,i've already told you,there is no burden.And in regards to Sasuke,i'am the only one that can and will bring him back!
Sakura: ............!?
(Kiba catches Sakura's hand)
Sakura: What is it,Kiba!?
Kiba: I sense three individuals heading in this direction!
Naruto: Let's find out who they are.
(Gaara,Kankuro,and Temari arrive at Sakura and co's location)
Gaara: It's good to see you again,Uzumaki Naruto!
(Naruto with a smile on his face): Gaara!
Sakura: What are you all doing here!?
Temari: couldn't you give us a more pleasant welcome.
Sakura: S....sorry.
Kankuro: It's okay,we're in a hurry anyway.
Gaara: Naruto,Kakashi,we have to tell you something!
(Naruto and co. stare in curiosity)

Next Chapter: The Leaf Of Honor!
Naruto 473: Brothers
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by: Numinous

Shark Face (Parody of Poker Face)
Numinous Was Here
Ki ki ki same
Ki ki ki same

I wanna hold my head like they do in Konoha
I let em' hit me like Rocky Balboa,
Samehada ,don’t go with Killer Bee (Damn B*tch)
I thought I had this fight on the bag from the start
But I was lucky that Bee didn’t aim for my heart

Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh, ohh-oh-e-ohh-oh-oh
I was foolish, showing him what I've got
Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh, ohh-oh-e-ohh-oh-oh,
I was foolish, showing him what I've got

Can’t catch my
Can’t catch my
No I can’t catch my shark face
(he’s got the respect of nobody)
Can’t catch my
Can’t catch my
No I can’t catch my shark face
(he’s got the respect of nobody)

Sh-sh-sh-shark face, sh-sh-shark face
(Ki ki ki same)
Sh-sh-sh-shark face, sh-sh-shark face
(Ki ki ki same)

I wanted to show Madara that I captured Killer Bee
But my dear Samehada didn’t stay with me (Damn B*tch)
Being alive is not the same without an head
But since I suffered a Double Lariat I’m dead, dead.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh, ohh-oh-e-ohh-oh-oh
I was foolish, showing him what I've got
Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh, ohh-oh-e-ohh-oh-oh,
I was foolish, showing him what I've got

Can’t catch my
Can’t catch my
No I can’t catch my shark face
(he’s got the respect of nobody)
Can’t catch my
Can’t catch my
No I can’t catch my shark face
(he’s got the respect of nobody)

Sh-sh-sh-shark face, sh-sh-shark face
(Ki ki ki same)
Sh-sh-sh-shark face, sh-sh-shark face
(Ki ki ki same)

Don’t let Suigetsu get my sword
Or I’ll be pretty much ignored,
I ain’t crying as you might be implying,
I'm not lying I'm just dying
With my head vertically flying
Just like an martyr in the battlefield
Take my head before Zetsu catches it
He’ll eat in one piece, one piece
Check my pun, it was my caprice

Can’t catch my
Can’t catch my
No I can’t catch my shark face
(he’s got the respect of nobody)
Can’t catch my
Can’t catch my
No I can’t catch my shark face
(he’s got the respect of nobody)

Can’t catch my
Can’t catch my
No I can’t catch my shark face
(he’s got the respect of nobody)
Can’t catch my
Can’t catch my
No I can’t catch my shark face
(he’s got the respect of nobody)

Can’t catch my
Can’t catch my
No I can’t catch my shark face
(he’s got the respect of nobody)
Can’t catch my
Can’t catch my
No I can’t catch my shark face
(he’s got the respect of nobody)

Sh-sh-sh-shark face, sh-sh-shark face
(Ki ki ki same)
Sh-sh-sh-shark face, sh-sh-shark face
(Ki ki ki same)

Sh-sh-sh-shark face, sh-sh-shark face
(Ki ki ki same)
Sh-sh-sh-shark face, sh-sh-shark face
(Ki ki ki same)

Sh-sh-sh-shark face, sh-sh-shark face
(Ki ki ki same)
Sh-sh-sh-shark face, sh-sh-shark face
(Ki ki ki same)
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Fan Art Prediction by: Hatifnatten
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abridged version by: Numinous
photoshop by: Numinous

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Sasu-Saku and Naru-Hina
by: MinatoTheUltiVillain

Chapter – Grand Finale
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Naruto 474: Grand Finale

P.S. - I was supposed to write a full prediction about bee Vs kisame , but since spoilers will be out soon so , instead I will limit only to the conversation between Kyuubi , Naruto and Jiraya.


Naruto, turning and facing the Kyuubi, “ What do you want to tell me , fox ??!”

Kyuubi ……“ Since past some months , I have been watching you progress boy , your stupidness and dumbness both are decreasing day by day. I must say I am impressed with your progress. Since I have finally come to accept that your survival is my survival. I will tell you something that has been hidden from you and probably wont be told to you by anyone as the only person knowing this is dead “

“Brat , you have a very Advanced Bloodline that is very potent. With it you could learn anything if there is someone to teach you, if you have the time,”

Naruto ….“You mean…? I have a Bloodline Limit! Awesome! Is it better than the Sharingan? Does it look really cool?”

Kyuubi grumbling….“Grr…Brat, don’t ask so many questions at once,”

Kyuubi thinking…………Pfft, humans and their toys. “Fine, yes, no, yes, and no.”

Naruto …….. “Uh…I don’t have a Bloodline?”

Kyuubi grumbling …..“Yes, you have a Bloodline. No, it is not a Limit. Yes, it’s better than the Sharingan. No, it doesn’t look cool in the slightest. Does that answer it all, brat!”

Naruto …….“Err…How can I have a Bloodline without having a Limit?” staring blankly at the fox.

Kyuubi…….“To put it simply, you don’t have a Bloodline Limit,” The demon began. “The ancestor of yours that created your Bloodline called it an Unlimiter.”

Naruto ….“Unlimiter?”

Kyuubi prompting ..“Yes. It differs greatly from all the other Limits. Tell me, what’s one thing every Limit has in common, no matter how bizarre, weird, or powerful they are?”

Naruto screwed his face up in thought, trying to thing hard………………” They are all……… specialized ?? “

“YES ! . Yes boy, all the Limits are specialized and dedicated to a certain concept or area of expertise. That’s their common factor, be it the Sharingan to the Byakugan to those bug people.”

Naruto…..“Okay……So what’s this Unlimitey thing do and how’s it better than the Sharingan?”

“Unlimiter, boy,” The fox correcting. “Hmm, how to explain this. Alright, think of it like this: if every Limit specializes in a certain ability, then the Unlimiter specializes in being unspecialized.”

Naruto…….“You lost me,”

“Hmm……I’ll explain. The Unlimiter was designed to provide the opposite of a specialization. It allows its bearer to be able to become anything or do anything, within human reason. For instance if you wanted to be become a blacksmith, then you would have just as much potential in that field as you would if you had chosen to remain a shinobi. You can master any area of expertise, as long as you have the patience to learn it. Your ancestor wanted all of his descendants to have the freedom to become whatever they wanted, with nothing to tie them down beyond their own goals and dreams. Humans who bear the Limits, on the other paw, must follow a single or select few paths if they want to reach their full potential. Your ancestor observed this and made his Bloodline to avoid that.”

Naruto …..“Wow, that’s pretty good. But…uh, how is that better than the Sharingan? and How does my Bloodline help if I’ve already picked a field?”

Kyuubi……“Ah, that’s linked to how the Unlimiter works and why it allows you to choose any expertise, The Bloodline is a total alteration on your genetic level …….”

Naruto blankly“ ……………………”

Kyuubi growling “ ….it’s the basic foundation of your body. So , as I was saying, Your body, brain, and chakra pathways have all been carefully altered to remove their maximum caps. Basically, there isn’t a limit to how far you can go. You can get as strong as you want, learn as much as you want, or build as much chakra reserves as you want as long as you’re willing to work to achieve it. You still have to train just as hard, but where others begin to slow down, you’ll simply keep on going. This is why your Bloodline is superior to the Sharingan Bloodline Limit. No matter how powerful the Sharingan is or how ingenious its user, they will eventually hit a glass ceiling where they simply can’t get any stronger”

Naruto….. looking amazed … “It’s really that powerful ??!! “

The Kyuubi continuing……., “Why do you think you were chosen to be my vessel? What other newborn infant could withstand the enormous strain on their bodies that comes with being my living prison? Only a child that can endlessly grow could possibly contain the strongest demon of this plane of reality. Your chakra coils can mold to any shape over time, so it would be child’s play for them to adjust to imprisoning me. Even your DNA has altered itself to not only adapt to my presence, but to take advantage of it. Your healing ability is just one example of that. It needs my energy to work, but it was your body that created it.”

Naruto thinking …………….Father , so that’s why you chose me

Kyuubi……. “Yes, that human may have been a disgusting, cowardly little yellow-haired rat, but he was a smart rat. He knew your body would not only adapt to the strain, but take advantage of it.”

Naruto “………………………”

Kyuubi……….. “Anyways, is there anything else you wanted to know about your Bloodline? I’m not a full expert on it, but I did learn a great deal about the Unlimiter over time. I thought it wise to do so, as the only humans with the potential to rival my power were the ones who bore it.”

Naruto frowned………….. “There’s nothing else to it? No flashy ultimate level or anything?”

Kyuubi shook its head…….., “No, but remember that it doesn't mean a lack of power just because you can’t show it off to others. It may seem weak in the short term, but in the long run there isn’t a human alive that you won’t exceed.”

Naruto…………….. “But, can’t the Sharingan do kind of the same thing? I mean, the Uchihas look like they can do anything they want.”

“Hmm, funny you should mention that Bloodline Limit,” The Kyuubi said thoughtfully. “It happens to be directly linked to your Bloodline.”

Naruto ………..“WHAT!”

To be continued………………………

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